Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

In a dark and filthy cell in Mughal camp
Sambhaji lay tied with chains and ropes
His minister Kavi Kulash was a few cells away
While the Maratha hero looked into distance with some hopes
The day broke to the neighing of horses
The sun rose into the sky as done every day
Emperor Alamgir was seated on a throne in the camp
Sambhaji was brought before him as he had his own way

Alamgir was sitting high on the throne
While Sambhaji was brought into the court
The Maratha lion was in chains and fetters
While a trumpet blew over the Mughal fort
Alamgir looked at Sambhaji with contempt and ridicule
And laughed at him for his miserable state
“Where do you stand now Oh! Maratha pseudo king?
In my hand now is hanging your fate”

“ I can cut your head at this instant
And throw your body to crows and dogs on the street
You claim yourself as the bravest of brave”
Laughed the emperor while Sambhaji stood firm on his feet.
“ You gave asylum to my rebel son Prince Akbar
Who raised his arms against the throne
Prince Akbar has committed a treason
I hold you guilty”, screamed the emperor with a face of stone.

“Your son rebelled as you were no father
Cheated your own son with fake letters
What else you hope him to do for your wretched actions”
Thus spoke Sambhaji tied in iron fetters
“To give asylum is the duty of Kshatriya king practiced from yore
I have done nothing wrong by protecting him under my arms in my state
Know !Sambhaji is a sovereign needing no sanctions”
Thus spoke Sambhaji with an air of ceremonial gait

“You are not a king but a mere rebel and cheat like your father
The rat that escaped from my hold at Agra jail
At last I have laid my hands on you, beware
Although your father escaped, I shall kill you surely without fail”
The emperor screamed in rage fuming and fretting
While Sambhaji was clam and very cool
There was not a moment of fear on his face
Although he knew that he soon had to float in a blood- pool.

Sambhaji spoke“You are a no king having destroyed our temples
Let loose murder, loot and rape against Hindu religion
A king has to be fair to all his subjects
While you let loose on them your Muslim legions
God shall not spare you for misdeeds as a ruler
While you have sinned greatly on this earth
You killed your brothers to usurp the Mughal throne
All the sins shall stare at you while you die miserable death”

Aurangzeb was listening calm as Sambhaji spoke in defiance and spirits
He soon ordered that Sambhaji’s tongue be cutoff
The tongue was cut instantly by the devils
As Sambhaji stood like a rock of which he was made of
Emperor said he would spare the life of Maratha
Provided he embraced Islam and discard acts of revenge
A slate was brought with a writing pen
And Sambhaji was asked to write if he agreed for religious change

Sambhaji wrote that he shall not be a Muslim
Even if Emperor offered his daughter in marriage
Changing the religion is the greatest sin on this earth
And whatever be the result he shall not change
Sambhaji stood like lion although he was badly tortured
Blood flowed like fountains from his wounds
Death stared at him at very close range
Yet Sambhaji was brave and his bravery had no bounds.

Emperor’s anger grew no bounds and the devil took over
The Satan in him screamed that Sambhaji be put to death before lights are lit
The Maratha however was tortured for three days
While his flesh was cut slowly bit by bit
The flesh was thrown to crows and dogs on the streets
He was tortured in most inhuman way
Sambhaji yet stood ground like a stone brave and unperturbed
Faith in his religion was his vital and main stay.

Sambhaji raje was hanged on a scaffold
And his head was cut off by the devils
It was put on a public show and display
While destiny on the day sided with the devil
The brave Maratha King kept his head high
Although death was staring at him through the cage
He laid down the life for the Hindu faith
That Hindus live in honor at a later time and age.

Cranks to appease Muslims degrade Sambhaji as of low virtue
Devoid of moral values, cruel and being naïve
Indian crooked pseudo secularists are unfair to him
While Sambhaji no doubt was the bravest of brave
Sambhaji although in youth could be out of way
As a king he upheld the Hindu faith and grace
Tooth and nail he fought the devilish Mughals
It is time we give him all the due and his scared place

The land of Marathas has given India greatest sons
Shivaji, Tilak, Gokhle, Baji Prabhu, Tanaji, Mahdaji to name a few
Nanasaheb, Tantia, Baji Rao did not crave for their lives in the struggle
Sambhaji raje shines brilliant as a sun in the sky in the morning dew
As terrorists in India are at the nation’s throats
A day does not pass with out an event of mayhem and murder
Sambhaji inspires us to stand up to the pseudo secularists
While athey are damaging the nation more than with greatest disorder.



Dr K PrabhakarRao said...

Dear friends

Earlier I wrote an article on this blog glorifying Sambhaji titled as "Sambhaji was the bravest of brave". This is a poem on Sambhaji's glory and Martyrdom.

VHP today os organising various functions as shivajis coronation, Krishnadeva Rayas coronation, 150 years of 1857 war and many more. I think martyrdom of Sambhaji Maharaj must be observed and his memory has to be glorified.
To quote an example Sikandar shah who ruled at Madhura in tamil nadu in the 14 century was defeated by Kumara Kampana the prince and commander of Vijaynagar empire. Madhura was the Muslim kingdom in the heart of Tamil nadu. Sikandar Shah asked Kamapana for a duel after defeat and in the due Kampana cut off the head of Sikandar Shah and his grave exists even to day. Muslims consider him as peer and celebrate URS at his grave every year as they claim that he laid down his life for Islam. Sambhaji too laid down his life for Himnduism and His day of Martyrdom must be observed and his birth day should be celebrated as we do for Shivaji maharaj.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Dr K PrabhakarRao said...

Dear friends.

There was a request from a gentleman reader to write about Chatrapathi Sahu maharaj who succeeded Rajaram as chatrapathi.I shall do it soon.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Dr K PrabhakarRao said...

The rule and times of Chatrapathi Sahu maharaj was described in detail in the posts on sanghparivar.org by me in my 7 serial articles under Title Why Maraths did not establish Padpadshahi at delhi although they were capable?

Dr K Prabhakar Rao