Saturday, October 17, 2009



Prof Dr ( Colonel ) K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

Rosiah sat in the CM.’s seat
He would have not dreamt in dreams too.
The guy is now with the silver spoon
Although the work goes on without a clue

When YSR died he got life’s chance
And being the old horse got the plum post
Others were doing shaky break dance
Although he was hounded by the smiling ghost

Rosiah is known to be an angry man
And also could loose cool very soon
History is replete in its pages
And his past also could peep over the moon

Once Rosiah shouted amidst the legislators
That he would tear off the arm one of them
He fumes and fretted loosing all his cool
Finally he felt sorry and swallowed his own flum

Loosing cool is his trait and displays often
This time he lost during a tour after floods for a time brief
In royal entourage he traveled to the struggling victims
While the wretched souls cried for relief

This was the time when he was to display his wisdom
He had to remain cool and not treat them as fool
People no doubt expect great assurance from him
Alas Rosiah was found loosing his cool

At some place he faced the wrath of people
They shouted slogans denouncing him
This made him loose his balance
Slowly his long experience appeared very dim

He assured he would give kerosene to people
And a woman soon was worked up and was angry as a cub
Should I pour it on my head she shouted in anger
And Rosiah was soon high in anger and got up with a club

Either you take it or go. Get lost he shouted in despair
Years of experience was of no use to the old man
He soon left the place in a huff fuming and fretting
Soon only to turn to the city as a peter pan

One must be happy that Rosiah did not threaten
That he would take away her arm
Thank god he only shouted and fumed in anger
God save this state from many inevitable harms.

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