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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

No doubt Gandhi MK sacrificed a portion of his life for the nation. But he no doubt very much sought self glorification. He wanted to remain at center stage, any one opposing him was hounded out. People allege that he did not respond to Bhagat singhs death sentence. Every now and then he went on fast to death to force his way. Why he did not go on fast to death to get Bhagat Singh released? This no one answers. Gandhi MK believed in non violence that was seen mostly as cowardice to some extent. Bhagat Singh was a real martyr. He embraced gallows most willingly with a smile. But Gandhi MK failed to get justice to Bhagat Singh. This will always remain as a blot. But who bothers? Young Bhagat Singh vanished into history. Gandhi MK lives even after death as father of nation with statues everywhere although they are dwindling now. Gandhi MK must be appreciated for his achievements. But weakness must also be accepted. This side of story is white washed by our pseudo leaders.

Gandhi needs recognition. But not that much as is being done. It is projected that he only got us freedom that is a lie infact. Memories of Stalwarts such as Tilak, Netaji, Savarkar, Bhagat singh, Azad and many are trampled down.Gopal Krishna Gokhle wwho was the political Guru of Gandhi MK is completely forgotten. Congress party has become the family party of Nehru and country is being driven to another few partitions. In fact the word father of nation is debatable. India already existed even before gaining independence. It is there since Emperor Bharatha. Our country is known as Bharat after him. There is no question of fathering one by another one. It is bogus indeed. At best he was a leader who motivated people to some extent. Glory must be given to that extent. Not more. Real deserving men should be brought up. Pseudo history written by Marxist historians should be re written and scrapped.

As long as Congress remains in India no adverse comments and sincere criticism about Gandhi MK will be allowed. No research is done on the failures of Gandhiji. Most of the ills India is suffering are no doubt his boon. He could not prevent creation of Pakistan. Yet he is glorified because without him Congress has no future in this country. If they drop the name of Gandhi MK they can never attain power. No one will vote for them. Not even their neighbors would vote. The bifurcation of this beleaguered nation has done more damage than attaining independence. A permanent wedge has been driven between Muslims and Hindus. The country is struggling to keep itself afloat all these years fighting wars with Pakistan. Probably we would have been happy under the British government than the present black sheep and turn coats who are ruling us year after year taking part in the bogus elections with money power and promoting dynastic succession.

The dynastic succession is almost getting legitimate in India. Dynastic rule is Gandhi''s gift to India that is unable to come out of this Cess pool. India has been engulfed in shit pot politics of dynastic succession and recently AP statae has witnessed this drama after YSRs death. One will not be surprised at some point of time a constitutional amendment also would be made accordingly. It has become almost sure that legislators and ministers when die open the gate to their sons, wives, daughters and even aunts and uncles. Innumerable examples can be quoted in each and every state.In AP Stat glaring examples are there. Shady characters with criminal records have won elections after fathers death based on sentiments on party’s ticket. As you sow so you reap. The people of the country get government what they deserve. No regrets.

Gandhi although deserves some credit for mobilizing public opinion for freedom , can’t be given full credit for independence. Netaji Subhas Chadra Bose is the person who really deserved the credit. He was potent and a man of action. The secrets of politics played at the time of partition are not revealed and any discussioin on Gandhi’s debatable role is a taboo now. The myth will be blown out once a person reads Nathuram''s statement that was banned for several years and still continues to be suppressed in disguise. Play My Nathuram bolto in Maharashtra was banned some years ago even after 60 years of independence Gandhi literally blackmailed the Govt to dish-out Rs 55 Crore to Pakistan in 1948 and at last this resulted in his being gunned down by Godse in coldblood with out any hesitation.He went to extremes of appeasement of Muslims
India is in the grip of misrule by selfish parties who treat the nation as a real estate. People lack national spirit and run after family name like sheep. It is a real shame and getting some name in IT sector is not the end by itself. Even with episode of Ramalinga Raju of Satyam computers, this vanity has been blown and Indian soft ware professionals and companies are seen as suspect and we have lost the ground. Raju no doubt has done greatest damage to the national prestige and this crime is no less than treason if looked upon in realities.

Men like Netaji, Udham singh, Azad, Ramprasad Bismil and Bhagat Singh were the real sons of India and they are completely forgotten. Gandhi although was a crowd puller, played politics to suit his position. The present chaos in the country is the gift of Gandhi to this land. Pseudo secularism has landed the country in dire straits. Yet he is the father of nation and a vote catching icon for congress.
History books in India glorify Gandhi and its is pushed down the throat of young minds. Tragedy is that Gandhian policy and actions resulted in partition of this country and scores were killed, raped, looted and wiped out. Yet Gandhi failed to see reason. At last he was eliminated by his own country man. The country is inching towards disaster day after day with continued policy and appeasement of Muslims. India faces biggest threat internally and from external Muslim terrorism. Yet the rulers have not become wise. For them catching votes is the main past time. God save India from calamity and disasters of further partitions.

Most of the people believe that Gandhi brought freedom to India. Infact INA actions and World war II were the deciding factors. Hindu Muslim..Bhai..Bhai shoulder rubbing went for six once Muslim league secured 97 % votes and Pakistan became a reality. Many Muslims having thus voted stayed in India and many are trying to wreck this country. Patel’s fears came out true and a section of Muslims are craving for another partition. Gandhi’s policies have ruined the nation . Gandhi’s policy miserably failed and India faces dooms day around the corner. Pseudo secularism has put India in eternal troubles from which it can not come out. Another partition stares at us. It is a Gandhian gift to this land. We lack courage to stand up and history is a testimony to this. Gandhi should be given a portion of credit, but not entire thing as done now.

Gandhi although sacrificed for the country in his own way, did not like any opposition and ensured that all those who disagreed with him were hounded out. Subhas Bose was the most important victim. He almost ensured that Subhas resigned as Congress Prsident. Finally Subhas organized forward block. His pseudo policies and self glorification resulted in partition of India that was the greatest disaster in Indian History. Of course he paid the price for it. But damage was already done. Gandhi is made a God by grace of Congress Govt that can not survive without his name. Gandhi ensured Nehru succeeded him at center neglecting Patel who was more dynamic and man of action. That did not suit Gandhi. They have no identity without him. If Gandhi’s name is removed from the party congress will be wiped out . The real drama of partition is never revealed to public. People are kept in dark even after 50 years of independence .. A great tragedy for a country with great past. Probably soul of Gandhi MK would preside over destruction of this nation.

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