Monday, June 23, 2014


                                                        INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN.. 314
                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are  at Abids street in Hyderabad. They are  doing  window shopping. They try to cross over the road. Suddenly some police men pounce on them and they are dragged to the foot path)

Gandhi. Eee…eee… who are you guys? Is the way you behave? Have you seen us? Do you know our age?

Constable.Look old man. Yeah..Yeah..Do you wanna   get killed.

Patel. Brother. Constableji, We are in India. What is this yeah..yeah.. and wanna.. Are you in USA?

Constable. Yeah, Wow. You are questioning me. Look man. Now am police sergent. We are no more old Andhra Pradesh police. We are now on the style of USA. Understand, yeah.. Behave. Yeah..Okhe..Okhe.
Gandhi. ( Hold s  his head )What is this trouble in Hyderabad? Where have the earlier police men of Hyderabad have gone.

Patel Bapu,  Few days ago I read in local news paper that KCR the  CM of Telangana  wanted a new police set up.  He wants the police on New York style. Some local constables were sent to a training  school  and were trained in yankee style. I think APPA( Andhra Pradesh Police Academy) has some Yankee instructors.

Gandhi. Oh ! This is the new experiment of KCR.

Nehru. It is not an experiment. It is going to be permanent.

Sergeant. ( Looking at Patel) You guys appears to be  a good guy. You know things, Do not cross road as you feel like. At the junction you have a button at a pole. You  have to press a button and  within few seconds you will be given pass and traffic will be halted

Gandhi. It is OK in USA where people are disciplined. Here in India  every guy is a hero. They will zoom on vehicles even after red lights glow.

Sergent. Such  people will be caught by us
Patel. You can not.The bike heroes are nuisance in India. Auto guys  are the next.These autos are  accurse in Hyderabad. They  will not listen, do not follow rules, drivae as they like. Suddenly take full turn. What can you do sergent… Oh I should not address you as constable.

Pate. Sergent, you have a pistol in your holster. Does it work

Sergeant. Why such doubt. This is a real pistol, It is colt make.  I can use  when I am inneed.

Gandhi. Hope you will not kill us

Sergeant. We shoot in self defense.

Patel.  All encounters in India are claimed to be in self defense’. The tragedy is that some victims had bullet holes in back… Some bullet holes prove that they fired at point blank range…God save this nation.

Sergeant. I can not answer all these questions.

Gandhi. In USA ,police does more of traffic control and less of  troubling people. In India police  concentrate on Challans and fine collection from  travelers and innocents. There are also allegations that challan ( Fine document) books are fake mostly. There is no traffic control.

Patel. Will Americanizing police will improve situation?

 Sergeant. Hope so. We have to start some where. KCR the CM has a brain wave. He started this .

Gandhi. Can we go now sergeant?.

Sergeant. You may go. Better  be careful next time. Now you have to pay 100 dollars.

Patel. Why in dollars?

Sergeant. We are Americanized police.

Patel. We do not deal in dollars in India. We have Rupee system.

Sergeant. I do not know that. You have to come to the station.

Gandhi. OK. We will come. We have no dollars. We have no rupees.

Sergeant. Do you have Identity card.

Gandhi. We have at home. We  do not carry always.

Patel. I have mine. Look at this. OK. This time I am excusing you, You pay  in rupees only.

Gandhi. We can not pay Rs  5000 equal to 100 dollars

. This is purely a loot mar.Are you police or something else. Is Telangana made for these things?

Sergeant. You can not escape .This is law of Telangana.

Gandhi. Will you give receipt?

Sergeant. I can not give,

Patel. So you will pocket it.

Sergeant. That is none of your business.

Gandhi. We shall not pay any thing. Do whatever feel like

Sergeant. So you are acting funny. I shall call police patrol.

(Suddenly at crossing a fast moving car  hits a motorcycle and  great chaos takes place.Sergeant runs to the place.)

Gandhi. Good. Let us run. The joker has gone away. He will try to make more money there.

Patel. Haaa..haaa.True. Let us vanish,

                                       The trio vanishes from the place


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


                                     INTO  THE PAST WITH PAIN.. 312
                                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru have  been invited for a workshop at  in the heavens  on Importance of history in the growth of a nation. They were well received and were asked to occupy the dais along with the former Vice chancellor, Dean of History and Registrar and Shivaji maharaj. The work shop was a success  and at the end Gandhi was addressing the gathering as Chief guest . The audience has distinguished men such as Malavia, John Kennedy,Washington, W. Churchill, Hitler, Mussolini, Netaji Bose, Bhagat singh. Azad,  Chatrapathi Raja ram maharaj, ChatrapathiSambhaji Maharaj, Aurangzeb, Baber,Mohammed shah rangeela,  Vikramaditya, Harsha, Rani laxmi bai ,Nana sahib, Chandragupta Maurya and many more)

Gandhi. My dear distinguished friends in the audience, most respected Shivaji maharaj and other dignitaries on the dais, I am indebted to you for honoring me on this occasion. History is the soul of the nation. The nation that does not remember its heroes is not a nation. That will perish soon. Every citizen must be proud of its history. Sadly situation is very bad at present. We do not find students to study history in the universities. Neither some one is ready to teach history .

Audience. Hear . hear

Gandhi. In fact , I am the latest historical figure. I died  in 1948 only. Yet, the present generation in India has mostly forgotten me. Our country was enslaved  first by Muslims and then by the Englishmen for many centuries.

Bhagat singh ( Audience ) . Bapuji, You did not die in 1948 naturally. You were killed by Godse.

Gandhi. True. Whatever it may be, I died. But guys in India  at present do not know who I was, some think I was the father of Indira  Gandhi, Uncle of Rajiv Gandhi or grand father of Rahul Gandhi.All types of answers are given by candidates in general knowledge question papers in    examinations
Audience. Shame.. shame.. disgusting.

Netaji Bose ( from audience) Excuse me Mr Gandhi, Sorry for interrupting. Do you know that the govt of India replied to a request by a person seeking information  about me some time ago, that  they do not have  any information about a person named Subhas bose. The request was made under right to information act.

Gandhi. It is possible. They are capable of that.

Audience. Chee..chee..chee. How shameful!.

Gandhi. The fact is that  people are not interested in the past. They state what is the use on  worrying about past. Does it fetch us any money, at least a rupee ? My worry is about our civilization. In the past, great civilizations like Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Egyptian( Pharos), South American  Mayans( Mexixo) flourished and disappeared without a trace. Why it happened? Will the same thing happen to us too?  When  I think ,I get scared. History of any nation is very important and must be recorded analyzed and lessons must be learnt.  On the dais with me is the great Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj who had established Maratha  empire right under the nose of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 17 century. Marathas grew into a powerful state over a period and  Mughal empire was  destroyed in a span of 140 years.The tragedy is that in India  people are being prevented from  glorifying Shivaji  Maharaj acts to appease a section of Indians.

Shivaji Maharaj.  Gandhi sahib, Sorry to  say in between. Emperor Aurangzeb was always against me and called me names like a rat, pig, thief, cunning, cheat etc. It does not matter. It is his view. I know how cruel he was and cunning too. He was bent on Islamizing India. I interfered with all my might.  I am not bothered if preset men forget me. What was required was done by me.

Gandhi. Whole India must be indebted to you. Except Maharashtra, other states are not much glorifying you. They got no time. They are busy in local politics, money making, fooling people through elections,  indulging in scams, running after  women, rapes, abductions etc. I feel pained at this attitude. Same thing must  be happening in other countries too.

Washington. Mr Gandhi. In US things are slightly different.  People in USA  cherish the past and respect past heroes and history. Peoplke are not that selfish,

Kennedy. True in all respects.

Gandhi. If it is so I am very happy. I feel proud about American people.

Azad. Gandhi sahib. India  got freedom by non violence as promulgated by you. People of the nation  that gets independence this way will never   respect the past. Freedom won by sacrificing blood has its own glory and it will be cherished.

Bose. I declared  “Give me blood I shall give freedom”
Hitler. Yeah.. Yeah.. You guys said truth. Mr Bose escaped from India  and came to me in Berlin. I gave him recognition as a head of state. He was a great man and leader. If in India people forgot him it is nations misfortune.

Mussolini. I agree with Adolf.

Gandhi. I do not think he is forgotten.

Azad. Gandhi Sahib, Why do you  support the guys and leaders who  undermine legacy of Bose.

Shivaji Maharaj.  Dostho ( Friends) Please  do not make things personal. Every country has internal politics and bickering. India is no different. Between me and Gandhi Sahib centuries elapsed. Values changed. Democracy has come up. Any one can become any thing if  he gets votes. Values have dwindled. Truth is not there. Cheats and scoundrels make to political power. Forgive and forget
Churchill.  Long ago before India was granted freedom,  I declared that India will be handed over to a bunch of scoundrels. It proved correct. I have no regrets having said.

Gandhi. In 1947 scoundrels were probably less. But I agree that as days passed, the system   encouraged growth of scoundrels. Gentlemen,  You will surely agree that history must be respected. Good achievers must be remembered, and glorified. False history should not be  written.This is my message to all. I once again thank every one  for sharing their views with me and I thank the organizers for  giving me an opportunity  to inrteract  with you.I am not biased or against any one. God bless you. Bye

                                                        CURTAIN FALLS


Monday, June 16, 2014


                                                INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN...311
                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are  strolling in Hyderabad  . They are on King Koti road. The entire space is occupied by Motor cycles displayed for sale,, tire repair shops, Mechanic shops, Tea vendors, car sales etc.On the left side ,the Old palace of  Nizam 7 is standing with faded walls and  with very poor look. There is a huge canvas gate called Parda gate,An air ofdejection, negligience and poverty looms there.
Gandhi. How sad to look at this gate that was once a royal gate.. I heard during those days traffic on this road was curtailed. Only Nizam could travel.Armed guards were posted everywhere.

Patel . Razakars also roamed at will. Bapu. Things have changed . Nizam is buried at a small mosque in the palace.

Gandhi. The poor guy has been forgotten.

Patel. Long ago bapu. How many Indians remember you? Indians remember  film actor Amitabh bachan more than you. After few years they will forget him too.

Gandhi. True. I feel bad.

Patel. Why?

Gandhi. I am father of nation. My memory must be essential and eternal.

Patel. Peoples memory is   short. More over you were a controversial figure due to Partition of India although you struggled for independence.Though you are fatherof nation people are critical of your role. So Godse shot you dead.

Gandhi. It happens. Pch..pchh.. Patel , look at that large poster. How it   is being pulled down? Last week we came here. It was  being garlanded then.

Patel. Bapu. After Telangana state was formed, thousands of posters of K Chandrasekhar Rao the first CM were put up thorough out city.  The Euphoria is over. Realities are  slowly dawning. The posters were mounted spending lakhs of Rupees  and are of no value now. They are stale now. These posters are defaced and torn. These locations are leased y private parties for an attractive sum. Once time is over, they pull it down with least respect. Due to wind the posters are also torn. Some urchins also purposely cut them with blade.

Gandhi. Look, How shabbily they have thrown the portrait flexy of KCR in dust bin.

( The pulled down poster a huge one is  thrown into a roadside dust bin where pigs and dogs are quarreling..
 A bystander slowly walks to that place ,looks right and left and empties his bladder)

Patel. Haa..haa. See the fate of leaders bapu. This is the fact of life. Rest is illusion.

( In the distance a song is heard )

Oonchi neechi.. oonchi dagar jeevan ki ( The life is full of ups and downs )

Chalana sambhal ke pyare sambhal ke chalna ( Walk carefully dear)

Manzil tho hai Badi dhoor ( Destination is far away)

Manzil tho hai badi dhoor ,,Sambhal ke chalna ( Destination is far away, Walk carefully)

Manzil tho hai badi dhoor( Destination is very far away)

Tumhi safar mein lako chor milenge tho bhi( You may come across scores of thieves enroute)

Karni Karnee hai zaroor.. ( Yet you do your job)

Dharm karamki Jholi kahape gawayi tone( Where did you loose the sack of  your good deeds and actions ?)

Poochenge tere Huzoor, Sambhal ke cahlna  ( this will be asked surelydear)

Manzil tho hai badi dhoor   ( Destination is far dear)                               (  CH Atma..Bilwamangal       )

Gandhi. Patel, Have you heard the song? How true he is .  These politics are dirty. A sane person should not join.

Patel. True Bapu,

Gandhi. Poor KCR  ! As the days pass realities are dawning on him. The euphoria is over.  The usual punches in his speeches are lost. He reads prepared speeches.  He has become sober.  His promices made during agitation are getting scary.Polavaram issue is a great challenge.His promice to waive off loans of farmers is very challenging. Fees reimbursement is great head ache

Nehru. When head is there aches will be there.

Patel. Should we laugh jawaharlala.?

Gandhi. He almost made a family rule along with some floor crossers.Metro rail hasbecome big controversy. He wants the metro  to go under near assembly and sultan bazaar and heritagesites..

Patel. Are these heritage sites Bapu? I doubt. These are not like  charminar. Or Mecca Maszid.

Gandhi. At Nirmal town when the highway to Nagpur was made the govt demolished historical fort walls and entrance gates.To day only one  Bastion with Chain and pulley is there, Was it not an historical site built by French engineers during the rule of Nirmal kings. The fort is much older than the assembly.

Patel. Bapu. It is the convenience. KCR during the agitation also said that he would destroy Metro if required. He also promised two bed room house to the poor.  Just go to Singareni colony near Saroor nagar and see the shit place with govt flats  given to poor. It is an auto colony with all rubbish and shit. Half of the road has been encroached. Donkeys, Cattle, fowls, pigsand donkeys have a nice time. In the midst of shit we can see Hanuman temple and a church. 

Gandhi We have to wait, watch and see. But KCRs rule is not going to be easy. I am sure he can not meet his own promises.

Patel. True.

( The conversation is heard by few guys  standing near them. They are Sunder, Chengiah and ellaiah) 

Ellaih. Ye. Kya baat karta be. KCR emi cheyyaleda. ( What are you talking? Can’tKCR do any thing?)

Chengiah. Emaukuntunnav.( What do you think). KCR nu emanna ante tholu valusta( I shall skin you if you criticize KCR )

Gandhi. Look brother. We are not interested in KCR. We only said that his tasks are very difficult.

( seeing the commotion a constable arrives)

Constable. What is the problem? You guys, why are you  troubling these old men )

Chengiah. We are from TRS. These old men were criticizing KCR

Constable. So what? Did they abuse.? I heard from a distance. You guys appear to be ruffians. Come to police station.

Chengiah. Maaf karo Bhai. ( Please excuse us )

Constable.Off you guys.

Gandhi. Thanks  Constable for your help.

Constable. It is OK. Please go ahead.

                                           CURTAIN FALLS

Friday, June 13, 2014


                                                 INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…310
                                                          Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru  are the members of an interview board  at Institution of   scams and mismanagement at Delhi. They are in lobby seated in comfortable sofas.)

Gandhi. These chairs are very cozy and comfortable.

Patel. Bapu they are sofas and not chairs.

Gandhi,  How  it differs?

( After some time a person  comes near them. He is  Chalu singh)

Chalu singh. Dear gentlemen, the interviews are likely to commence. The chairman has invited  you into board room where the interviews will be held.

Gandhi. Sure , sure. We are itching

Chalu ram. Sir do you want some  medicine for the problem. I shall call our medical man,

Patel. No. No . you misunderstood

( The trio enters the board room and are seated in chairs. After few minutes the chairman of the committee arrives. All stand up and greet him .)

Chairman. Good morning  everybody. This is Herapheri Chamanlal. I am the director of this Institute.

All. Good morning sir

Chaman laal. Please be seated. Before we  get onto our business I want to say few words. This Institution was  established last year after many scams were unearthed during UPA govt tenure. The number of scams and their intensity  was so much that all were worried. Therefore they established this Institute. Unless we know  thoroughly about committing scams we can not develop preventive systems. Same is the case with management.

All. You are correct sir( They clap)

Chamanlal.  We have to interview and select  some  candidates for the posts for  teaching certain management subjects, operation research, risk analysis, decision making,  financial accounting, audit etc. Now shall we start our job?

All. Fine sir.

( Chairman  presses a buzzer and his secretary  turns in. He asks  her to send candidate one by one as per list. He  gives each member a list  of candidates. After some time a candidate walks in)

Candidate. Good morning sir. I am  Lalu ram.

Chairman. Please be comfortable and be seated( He shows the chair )

(Candidate sits in the chair and leans very comfortably shaking his legs)

Chairman. Kindly tell  about yourself.

Lalu ram.  I am lalu ram. I stay at Banjara hills, Rd no 3, I am  born on 25 Oct 1793.

Patel. Ohfo no! Are you  more than two hundred years old?

Lauram.  Am  I looking like that ?

Patel. You only said you were born in 1793

Laluram. By mistake I might have told.

Gandhi. What are your qualifications.?

Lalu ram.  I have done MBA  from GL and LL Institute of Management studies

Chairman. What is the full form of the college

Lalu ram. Sir. It is called Go less and learn less Institute of management studies.

Patel. Haa..haa…  very good

Chairaman. OK. we shall let you know. Thanks for coming… Next

( Laluram goesaway)_( Another candidate walks in  and sits in the chair earmarked)

Candidate. Good morning everybody.

Chairman. Good morning. Please tell about yourself.

Candidate. I am  Sateesh. I have done B Tech from  Jeevanlal Technical University ( Real name is hidden )  in 2013 in Electrical Engineering and I obtained  I class.

Patel. That is good. Can I see your  memos

Sateesh. Sure sir. ( Hands over memos)

Patel. Look Mr Sateesh. You passed B Tech with I class. But you have been awarded the degree although   you could not clear two subjects. You gave me nearly 30 memos

Sateesh. There is a rule in the university that  a student  could be awarded degree   even if he failed to clear two subjects in the total subjects.

Patel. But you failed to clear Electromanetic theory and instrumentation. These are the two core subjects in your  field.

Satesh. True sir.

Gandhi. Then how you can be a good Electrical engineer? How  bad it is?

Chairman. What use is of this degree? I am sorry.I can not accept ypu as electrical engineer.

Sateesh. That is the university rule.It is upto you.

Chairman, But university did not force you to drop these subjects. This  is an option for some nuts , clowns and useless guys who otherwise would never pass engg in eight years.

Gandhi. I do not know why such rule should be  introduced. Most probably some VIPs son or daughter must have got stuck in course some time ago. May be some Vice chancellors  kid too.To help  her or him they must have introduced this. Any how it is very bad.

Chairman. I agree with you sir. Mr sateesh, I am sorry we can not take you.

Sateesh. It is OK sir. World is very big. My destiny does not end here. Thank you sir for calling.

( Sateesh goes away. Chairman and others look  at each other in confused state aghast at his  departing remarks.)

Chairman. Next. Please send Abdul rehman 
(  Abdul Rehman walks in  and sits in the chair)

 Rehman. Salam walekum. Salam walekum ( salutations. Salutations)
                 Anta bagunnara.. Meeranta bagunnara ( Hope all of you are fine)
                 Kallapaginchi choostarem ( Why look at me with wide open eyes?)
                 Ne NeNeNe Bhai saab.  ( It is me brothers)                    ( Laila majnu 1948 by Siva Rao)

Gandhi. Walekussalam. Well sung. You appear to be jovial. I like it.

Rehaman. Thanks, you did not  call me a joker. Sir One has to be happy and jovial. This world is an illusion. All of us  are mere travelers and guests for few  days.

 Zameen chal rahee aasman chalraha hai..
Zameen chal rahee aasman chalraha hai..
Ye kiskeishare jahan chal raha hai
Zamee chal rahee aasman chalraha hai..        ( Hemant Kumar in Pehli Jhalak..1953 )

Chairman. Fine  dear. You have come for an interview.

Gandhi.Look Mr Rehaman, You are graduate in Management.  From where you have  done your MBA.

Rehman. From Hyderabad itself.

Chairman.Yes I know. Is it distance mode or regular.

Rehman. Althoug it is reguar it is as good as distance mode. It is regularly distant
Chairman. I can understand. Can you define what is management?

Rehaman. Management means managing guys and getting work done from mothers.

 Nehru. Come on. Say others  and not mothers

Rehaman. Sorry sir.

Patel. You are some how nearly true.  Give a proper definition.

Nehru. Please  define what is WWW

Rehman.  Wealth, Woman and Wine

Chairman. How these are relevant in management?.

Rehman. Sir. These are highly relevant in every day life. What for we all are working?.Whenever some foreign contract is to be finalized for a big sum, all these factors are used effectively. Many fall for these. All go together,Managers must be effective in exploiting these resources particularly in publicity, marketing fields.

Gandhi. I am free from these.

Patel. Our days are over Bapu.

Chairman. Very good. You are selected as Asst Manager with a salary of Rs15000/ pm  along with perks.

Rehman. Thank you sir. May god bless you. Khuda hafeez.

                                   CURTAIN FALLS

Thursday, June 12, 2014


                                                          CONTROVERSIAL GENERAL
                                                              Dr K Prabhakar Rao

              General VK Singh ( Retd ) and former COAS   and now minister of state with independent charge commented that next COAS designate Lt Gen suhag  is unfit to be the COAS as he protected criminals under his command who committed even dacoity.. This   has stirred Hornets nest and Congress demanded his resignation. In fact Gen VK Singh Retd)  did not recommned  the new incumbent for promotion. Congress party however in their final stages designated him as the next COAS before it breathed its last
                 Gen VK Singh is now a  central ministerand should not have crossed the barrier. He is outspoken no doubt, But his comments caused unnecessary  discomfort to Modis govt. Arun Jetly the in charge MOD declared that appointmnet of Gen suhag is final. Gen VK Singh struggled to get his date of birth  changed  and finally went to Highest court against the govt and failed to get it done. He had to retire.  For nearly 40 years he could not get his date of birth changed  inspite of occupying very high positions. What  magic can be expected from him as minister of state in Eastern sector. He had poor relations  with senior staff of army. He being in govt  must be very careful in airing his views. Now having aired the views, the govt also can not ignore the charges. Why  appoint a tainted soldier as COAS? The charges by VK Singh are critical. Moreover the Gen  Suhag wasnot recommended  for promotion.  The congress giovt inhurry nominated him. The previous govt was anti VK Singh. So they had to nominate one who was against VK Singh.The plan is
thus clear.  The govt does not want to blow up the issue. But govt must set aside appointment of Suhag as next COAS and search for some other non controversial and efficient General. Slowly army is getting politicized.It is inevitable with misgovernance.Thailand is a live example.

Friday, June 6, 2014


                                              INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…309
                                                          Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Telangana state is born. Lot of  hoo haa has been there on roads and at important placers in city. Fire works are displayed. At these places. Police is seen  . All are happy or atleast pretending to be happy. Gandhi. Patel and Nehru are seen sleeping on  benches in a park  near tank bund the prominent place in Hyderabad. A police constable approaches them )

Constable. You  swine! Get up .. Who are you? Is this place to sleep?

Gandhi. Bhai. Kindly speak slowly. What crime we have done? You are calling us  swines.

Nehru. Do you know  the meaning of a swine?

Constables.  Swine is a pig

Gandhi. Are we looking like pigs?

Constable. Is this the place to sleep? Get up and go away. New state Telangana is born. Merry making is going on every where. booze is flowing 
Patel. Brother. It is OK Telangana is born. What change has come in our life.?We are like that only, what we were yesterday, we remained same. You are also like that what you were yesterday. Today and yesterdays are same and today and tomorrow also would be same. All days would be same.

Constable (Scratches head)  True. What you said is true. But it is too early to expect immediate changes. It would take time.

Gandhi. By that time your service will be over. By the by, are you Telanganite or Andhrite

Constable. My dad is  from Andhra and I am Telanganite
Patel. So your father should go back to Andhra and you can stay here.

Constable. How it is possible? He is  very  old now.

Patel. Govt will not be bothered. How many kids you have?

Constable. I have a son and daughter. My son is born in Guntur and daughter at Karimnagar

Patel. So your son will be Andhrite and daughter a Telanganite.

Constable. It will be too difficult for me. It would be difficult to get them married. Of course they are young now.

Patel. Do not worry. By the time they grow Telangana and Andhra  also may unite.
Constable. Is it possible?

Gandhi. Everything is possible. Has anyone thought that Pakistan  will be created.? Even Bangladesh was born. India may break into pieces. Tamil nadu may become greater eelam one day. Nothing is impossible. Punjab may be separated Moghalistan is on cards. Assam could go to China along with Arunachal. How can you predict that same will remain forever.Even Telangana  could break into Northern and southern Telangana.

Constable. True. Look brothers. I forgot my job talking to you. You guys should go from here.Or else I shall lose my job.

Patel. Bhai. Why now?. New  state is born. Allow us to enjoy. Why make it unpleasant?

Constable. Then OK. But do not drink or smoke.

Gandhi. Chee..chee. We are  non drinkers and non smokers
Patel. Bapu. Jawahar smokes at times
Nehru. That was long ago.

(Constable goes away)

Patel. The guy has gone at last. Great relief indeed. Bapu, do you feel Telangana  can prosper with TRS guys in posts,

Gandhi. I have reservations. The ministers lack experience. Look at them. We  do not build confidence looking at them. It is OK some guys were Ms LA  earlier. Some are floor crossers and opportunists to the core.. Most of the success depends on officers working under them. Same officers worked earlier too  in the state and goofed up.. You know how many scams were there. You also know how many leaders went to Chanchalguda  jail after CBI probes. The cases are not yet settled. Success depends on scam free  governance.

Patel. Hope it will be. Or else it  will go along YSR way.

Nehru. I am sure the two states will keep fighting each other and no development would be possible. Naidu and KCR are at logger heads. They abused each other in choicest terms during polls. They are already fighting on polavaram issue.

Gandhi. That will be a good past time.

( The trio gets up from the benches and walk towards a  road junction. There they find a statue of a woman.)

Patel. Bapu, Look statue of Sonia is here.

Gandhi, Look carefully. It is not Sonia. It is just a woman.

Patel. There was an euphoria earlier that  Sonia  was the goddess who gave the new state. Jana Reddy of congress stated that all congress offices in state would be named after her. Poor guy is sucking thumb now.

Gandhi. This statue is telangana Talli.

Patel. Bapu, There is a crank called Sankar Rao former MLA who got a  Telangana  Talli ( Mother of Telangana) statue made with sonias face. He built a temple. Poor guy was not given ticket in polls. He is involved  in some court cases too.

Gandhi.. Good. Haaa..haaaa. The congress MLA from Telangana over estimated themselves  and are road rolled. Everyone thought he would become the CM  including V Hanmant Rao. It is a good lesson that they are screwed up. That too well.

Patel. Haa..haa..heee..heee They deserved it.

Bapu. Shall we go..

Patel .Sure..sure. There is nothing here.

(The trio shouts  Jai Telangana .. and walk away)

                                                                       CURTAIN FALLS

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


                                                       INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…308
                                                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(Telangana and Andhra states are formed. Modiji became PM. Hyderabad is the common capital for next 10 years. Gandhi is seated in a chair in his room in heavens  while Patel and Nehru are standing n front of him. Nehru is gazing through the window.)

Gandhi. Bhai  Jawaharlal, What happened to congress party?

Nehru. Why do you ask me? You know it.

Gandhi. I am not mocking at you. Such a great party has been destroyed. Are you not feeling bad?

Nehru. I do. But what can I do.?

Gandhi. Were you not part of the game?

Nehru. How bapu?

Gandhi. You inducted your daughter as President of congress in your time. Was it a correct thing to do. When I was alive where were my sons? Did they get any posts. After my death  did they get any post?

Nehru. Am I responsible for these things. It is democracy. Any one can become any thing.

Gandhi. So , Finally democracy has been understood this way. How bad ..

Nehru. Did Indira become PM after my death?

Gandhi. It was on cards. But there as some discipline and Shastriji was elevated. Poor guy died within two years.

Nehru. Who is to be blamed for this?

Gandhi. People are still not satisfied with the  enquiry committee reports on shastris death. They suspect foul play. A large section of Indians believe that it was  foul play in a distant land. Indira was elevated soon. Your dynasty started running the nation. Indira ruled. Then her son ruled,Then  rajivs wife ruled as high command. She tried her best to make her so Raul as PM.

Nehru.Inpolitics one has to hold the grip firmly.

Gandhi. That means there are no ethics.

Nehru. What are you talking bapu. World has changed a lot. Your ethics no more hold now. Make hay while sun shines.

Patel. Bapu. What jawahar said is true.Your values are dead long ago.You are still hanging over to dead wood.

Gandhi. Pch..pch.. what  adownfall? My original congress was reasonably good. We had stalwarts. Indira destroyed it. Now Sonia has completely destroyed it.

Patel.Her over ambitions and love for son did the damage. Raul had no capabilities. Yet he was projected as the PM. Man mohan singh was a silent movie actor. He became a cartoon figure.

Gandhi. Now what will congress do.

Patel. What they can do? Keep mouths shut. It is good if Sonia retires from politics. Let Raul go to school.

Gandhi. Now Modi is in chair of PM and he has already ordered for an enquiry for digging out black money from Swiss banks.

Patel. True. If the list is revealed  one day heavens will fall.

Gandhi. Some guys must be already trying to flee the country.

Patel. Not so early I am sure.

Gandhi. Can you expect some big names in the list?

Patel. Surely. They have to be. During the last 10 years so many scams took place in India.Where the money would go? It is any ones guess. Many fingers point in certain directions.

Gandhi. Be clear

Patel. Not now.

Gandhi.  Are you scared?

Patel. Not that way. It is premature.

Gandhi . Then let time come. Vomiting and delivery after pregnancy will not stop for  any one
Nehru. How crude you are bapu!

Gandhi. What is wrong in it? I tell frankly. Congress collapsed and got destroyed by its own folly.This happened as there was no inner party democracy. For everything high command hadto be consulted. Even if a dog in congress party  has to wag its tail, it must be referred to high command and permission taken. Haa..haaaa.heeee..heeee

Nehru. Bapu. Do not exaggerate.

Gandhi. Please accept realities. lump it down your throat. The real congress party of mine died long ago. What existed now is a  murky party using  the past name without any virtues. The party has a symbol of hand. Giving a hand in reality means cheating in daily parlor. Naturally people  threw it in a dust bin.

Patel. Bapu. It is getting late.We shall discuss again. Asit is Jawahar is getting upset.

Gandhi. OK ,Fine. Let us go to bed

Nehru and Patel. Bye

                                                                                   CURTAIN  FALLS