Thursday, June 12, 2014


                                                          CONTROVERSIAL GENERAL
                                                              Dr K Prabhakar Rao

              General VK Singh ( Retd ) and former COAS   and now minister of state with independent charge commented that next COAS designate Lt Gen suhag  is unfit to be the COAS as he protected criminals under his command who committed even dacoity.. This   has stirred Hornets nest and Congress demanded his resignation. In fact Gen VK Singh Retd)  did not recommned  the new incumbent for promotion. Congress party however in their final stages designated him as the next COAS before it breathed its last
                 Gen VK Singh is now a  central ministerand should not have crossed the barrier. He is outspoken no doubt, But his comments caused unnecessary  discomfort to Modis govt. Arun Jetly the in charge MOD declared that appointmnet of Gen suhag is final. Gen VK Singh struggled to get his date of birth  changed  and finally went to Highest court against the govt and failed to get it done. He had to retire.  For nearly 40 years he could not get his date of birth changed  inspite of occupying very high positions. What  magic can be expected from him as minister of state in Eastern sector. He had poor relations  with senior staff of army. He being in govt  must be very careful in airing his views. Now having aired the views, the govt also can not ignore the charges. Why  appoint a tainted soldier as COAS? The charges by VK Singh are critical. Moreover the Gen  Suhag wasnot recommended  for promotion.  The congress giovt inhurry nominated him. The previous govt was anti VK Singh. So they had to nominate one who was against VK Singh.The plan is
thus clear.  The govt does not want to blow up the issue. But govt must set aside appointment of Suhag as next COAS and search for some other non controversial and efficient General. Slowly army is getting politicized.It is inevitable with misgovernance.Thailand is a live example.

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