Friday, June 6, 2014


                                              INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…309
                                                          Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Telangana state is born. Lot of  hoo haa has been there on roads and at important placers in city. Fire works are displayed. At these places. Police is seen  . All are happy or atleast pretending to be happy. Gandhi. Patel and Nehru are seen sleeping on  benches in a park  near tank bund the prominent place in Hyderabad. A police constable approaches them )

Constable. You  swine! Get up .. Who are you? Is this place to sleep?

Gandhi. Bhai. Kindly speak slowly. What crime we have done? You are calling us  swines.

Nehru. Do you know  the meaning of a swine?

Constables.  Swine is a pig

Gandhi. Are we looking like pigs?

Constable. Is this the place to sleep? Get up and go away. New state Telangana is born. Merry making is going on every where. booze is flowing 
Patel. Brother. It is OK Telangana is born. What change has come in our life.?We are like that only, what we were yesterday, we remained same. You are also like that what you were yesterday. Today and yesterdays are same and today and tomorrow also would be same. All days would be same.

Constable (Scratches head)  True. What you said is true. But it is too early to expect immediate changes. It would take time.

Gandhi. By that time your service will be over. By the by, are you Telanganite or Andhrite

Constable. My dad is  from Andhra and I am Telanganite
Patel. So your father should go back to Andhra and you can stay here.

Constable. How it is possible? He is  very  old now.

Patel. Govt will not be bothered. How many kids you have?

Constable. I have a son and daughter. My son is born in Guntur and daughter at Karimnagar

Patel. So your son will be Andhrite and daughter a Telanganite.

Constable. It will be too difficult for me. It would be difficult to get them married. Of course they are young now.

Patel. Do not worry. By the time they grow Telangana and Andhra  also may unite.
Constable. Is it possible?

Gandhi. Everything is possible. Has anyone thought that Pakistan  will be created.? Even Bangladesh was born. India may break into pieces. Tamil nadu may become greater eelam one day. Nothing is impossible. Punjab may be separated Moghalistan is on cards. Assam could go to China along with Arunachal. How can you predict that same will remain forever.Even Telangana  could break into Northern and southern Telangana.

Constable. True. Look brothers. I forgot my job talking to you. You guys should go from here.Or else I shall lose my job.

Patel. Bhai. Why now?. New  state is born. Allow us to enjoy. Why make it unpleasant?

Constable. Then OK. But do not drink or smoke.

Gandhi. Chee..chee. We are  non drinkers and non smokers
Patel. Bapu. Jawahar smokes at times
Nehru. That was long ago.

(Constable goes away)

Patel. The guy has gone at last. Great relief indeed. Bapu, do you feel Telangana  can prosper with TRS guys in posts,

Gandhi. I have reservations. The ministers lack experience. Look at them. We  do not build confidence looking at them. It is OK some guys were Ms LA  earlier. Some are floor crossers and opportunists to the core.. Most of the success depends on officers working under them. Same officers worked earlier too  in the state and goofed up.. You know how many scams were there. You also know how many leaders went to Chanchalguda  jail after CBI probes. The cases are not yet settled. Success depends on scam free  governance.

Patel. Hope it will be. Or else it  will go along YSR way.

Nehru. I am sure the two states will keep fighting each other and no development would be possible. Naidu and KCR are at logger heads. They abused each other in choicest terms during polls. They are already fighting on polavaram issue.

Gandhi. That will be a good past time.

( The trio gets up from the benches and walk towards a  road junction. There they find a statue of a woman.)

Patel. Bapu, Look statue of Sonia is here.

Gandhi, Look carefully. It is not Sonia. It is just a woman.

Patel. There was an euphoria earlier that  Sonia  was the goddess who gave the new state. Jana Reddy of congress stated that all congress offices in state would be named after her. Poor guy is sucking thumb now.

Gandhi. This statue is telangana Talli.

Patel. Bapu, There is a crank called Sankar Rao former MLA who got a  Telangana  Talli ( Mother of Telangana) statue made with sonias face. He built a temple. Poor guy was not given ticket in polls. He is involved  in some court cases too.

Gandhi.. Good. Haaa..haaaa. The congress MLA from Telangana over estimated themselves  and are road rolled. Everyone thought he would become the CM  including V Hanmant Rao. It is a good lesson that they are screwed up. That too well.

Patel. Haa..haa..heee..heee They deserved it.

Bapu. Shall we go..

Patel .Sure..sure. There is nothing here.

(The trio shouts  Jai Telangana .. and walk away)

                                                                       CURTAIN FALLS

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