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                                                INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN...311
                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are  strolling in Hyderabad  . They are on King Koti road. The entire space is occupied by Motor cycles displayed for sale,, tire repair shops, Mechanic shops, Tea vendors, car sales etc.On the left side ,the Old palace of  Nizam 7 is standing with faded walls and  with very poor look. There is a huge canvas gate called Parda gate,An air ofdejection, negligience and poverty looms there.
Gandhi. How sad to look at this gate that was once a royal gate.. I heard during those days traffic on this road was curtailed. Only Nizam could travel.Armed guards were posted everywhere.

Patel . Razakars also roamed at will. Bapu. Things have changed . Nizam is buried at a small mosque in the palace.

Gandhi. The poor guy has been forgotten.

Patel. Long ago bapu. How many Indians remember you? Indians remember  film actor Amitabh bachan more than you. After few years they will forget him too.

Gandhi. True. I feel bad.

Patel. Why?

Gandhi. I am father of nation. My memory must be essential and eternal.

Patel. Peoples memory is   short. More over you were a controversial figure due to Partition of India although you struggled for independence.Though you are fatherof nation people are critical of your role. So Godse shot you dead.

Gandhi. It happens. Pch..pchh.. Patel , look at that large poster. How it   is being pulled down? Last week we came here. It was  being garlanded then.

Patel. Bapu. After Telangana state was formed, thousands of posters of K Chandrasekhar Rao the first CM were put up thorough out city.  The Euphoria is over. Realities are  slowly dawning. The posters were mounted spending lakhs of Rupees  and are of no value now. They are stale now. These posters are defaced and torn. These locations are leased y private parties for an attractive sum. Once time is over, they pull it down with least respect. Due to wind the posters are also torn. Some urchins also purposely cut them with blade.

Gandhi. Look, How shabbily they have thrown the portrait flexy of KCR in dust bin.

( The pulled down poster a huge one is  thrown into a roadside dust bin where pigs and dogs are quarreling..
 A bystander slowly walks to that place ,looks right and left and empties his bladder)

Patel. Haa..haa. See the fate of leaders bapu. This is the fact of life. Rest is illusion.

( In the distance a song is heard )

Oonchi neechi.. oonchi dagar jeevan ki ( The life is full of ups and downs )

Chalana sambhal ke pyare sambhal ke chalna ( Walk carefully dear)

Manzil tho hai Badi dhoor ( Destination is far away)

Manzil tho hai badi dhoor ,,Sambhal ke chalna ( Destination is far away, Walk carefully)

Manzil tho hai badi dhoor( Destination is very far away)

Tumhi safar mein lako chor milenge tho bhi( You may come across scores of thieves enroute)

Karni Karnee hai zaroor.. ( Yet you do your job)

Dharm karamki Jholi kahape gawayi tone( Where did you loose the sack of  your good deeds and actions ?)

Poochenge tere Huzoor, Sambhal ke cahlna  ( this will be asked surelydear)

Manzil tho hai badi dhoor   ( Destination is far dear)                               (  CH Atma..Bilwamangal       )

Gandhi. Patel, Have you heard the song? How true he is .  These politics are dirty. A sane person should not join.

Patel. True Bapu,

Gandhi. Poor KCR  ! As the days pass realities are dawning on him. The euphoria is over.  The usual punches in his speeches are lost. He reads prepared speeches.  He has become sober.  His promices made during agitation are getting scary.Polavaram issue is a great challenge.His promice to waive off loans of farmers is very challenging. Fees reimbursement is great head ache

Nehru. When head is there aches will be there.

Patel. Should we laugh jawaharlala.?

Gandhi. He almost made a family rule along with some floor crossers.Metro rail hasbecome big controversy. He wants the metro  to go under near assembly and sultan bazaar and heritagesites..

Patel. Are these heritage sites Bapu? I doubt. These are not like  charminar. Or Mecca Maszid.

Gandhi. At Nirmal town when the highway to Nagpur was made the govt demolished historical fort walls and entrance gates.To day only one  Bastion with Chain and pulley is there, Was it not an historical site built by French engineers during the rule of Nirmal kings. The fort is much older than the assembly.

Patel. Bapu. It is the convenience. KCR during the agitation also said that he would destroy Metro if required. He also promised two bed room house to the poor.  Just go to Singareni colony near Saroor nagar and see the shit place with govt flats  given to poor. It is an auto colony with all rubbish and shit. Half of the road has been encroached. Donkeys, Cattle, fowls, pigsand donkeys have a nice time. In the midst of shit we can see Hanuman temple and a church. 

Gandhi We have to wait, watch and see. But KCRs rule is not going to be easy. I am sure he can not meet his own promises.

Patel. True.

( The conversation is heard by few guys  standing near them. They are Sunder, Chengiah and ellaiah) 

Ellaih. Ye. Kya baat karta be. KCR emi cheyyaleda. ( What are you talking? Can’tKCR do any thing?)

Chengiah. Emaukuntunnav.( What do you think). KCR nu emanna ante tholu valusta( I shall skin you if you criticize KCR )

Gandhi. Look brother. We are not interested in KCR. We only said that his tasks are very difficult.

( seeing the commotion a constable arrives)

Constable. What is the problem? You guys, why are you  troubling these old men )

Chengiah. We are from TRS. These old men were criticizing KCR

Constable. So what? Did they abuse.? I heard from a distance. You guys appear to be ruffians. Come to police station.

Chengiah. Maaf karo Bhai. ( Please excuse us )

Constable.Off you guys.

Gandhi. Thanks  Constable for your help.

Constable. It is OK. Please go ahead.

                                           CURTAIN FALLS

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