Monday, June 23, 2014


                                                        INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN.. 314
                                                   Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are  at Abids street in Hyderabad. They are  doing  window shopping. They try to cross over the road. Suddenly some police men pounce on them and they are dragged to the foot path)

Gandhi. Eee…eee… who are you guys? Is the way you behave? Have you seen us? Do you know our age?

Constable.Look old man. Yeah..Yeah..Do you wanna   get killed.

Patel. Brother. Constableji, We are in India. What is this yeah..yeah.. and wanna.. Are you in USA?

Constable. Yeah, Wow. You are questioning me. Look man. Now am police sergent. We are no more old Andhra Pradesh police. We are now on the style of USA. Understand, yeah.. Behave. Yeah..Okhe..Okhe.
Gandhi. ( Hold s  his head )What is this trouble in Hyderabad? Where have the earlier police men of Hyderabad have gone.

Patel Bapu,  Few days ago I read in local news paper that KCR the  CM of Telangana  wanted a new police set up.  He wants the police on New York style. Some local constables were sent to a training  school  and were trained in yankee style. I think APPA( Andhra Pradesh Police Academy) has some Yankee instructors.

Gandhi. Oh ! This is the new experiment of KCR.

Nehru. It is not an experiment. It is going to be permanent.

Sergeant. ( Looking at Patel) You guys appears to be  a good guy. You know things, Do not cross road as you feel like. At the junction you have a button at a pole. You  have to press a button and  within few seconds you will be given pass and traffic will be halted

Gandhi. It is OK in USA where people are disciplined. Here in India  every guy is a hero. They will zoom on vehicles even after red lights glow.

Sergent. Such  people will be caught by us
Patel. You can not.The bike heroes are nuisance in India. Auto guys  are the next.These autos are  accurse in Hyderabad. They  will not listen, do not follow rules, drivae as they like. Suddenly take full turn. What can you do sergent… Oh I should not address you as constable.

Pate. Sergent, you have a pistol in your holster. Does it work

Sergeant. Why such doubt. This is a real pistol, It is colt make.  I can use  when I am inneed.

Gandhi. Hope you will not kill us

Sergeant. We shoot in self defense.

Patel.  All encounters in India are claimed to be in self defense’. The tragedy is that some victims had bullet holes in back… Some bullet holes prove that they fired at point blank range…God save this nation.

Sergeant. I can not answer all these questions.

Gandhi. In USA ,police does more of traffic control and less of  troubling people. In India police  concentrate on Challans and fine collection from  travelers and innocents. There are also allegations that challan ( Fine document) books are fake mostly. There is no traffic control.

Patel. Will Americanizing police will improve situation?

 Sergeant. Hope so. We have to start some where. KCR the CM has a brain wave. He started this .

Gandhi. Can we go now sergeant?.

Sergeant. You may go. Better  be careful next time. Now you have to pay 100 dollars.

Patel. Why in dollars?

Sergeant. We are Americanized police.

Patel. We do not deal in dollars in India. We have Rupee system.

Sergeant. I do not know that. You have to come to the station.

Gandhi. OK. We will come. We have no dollars. We have no rupees.

Sergeant. Do you have Identity card.

Gandhi. We have at home. We  do not carry always.

Patel. I have mine. Look at this. OK. This time I am excusing you, You pay  in rupees only.

Gandhi. We can not pay Rs  5000 equal to 100 dollars

. This is purely a loot mar.Are you police or something else. Is Telangana made for these things?

Sergeant. You can not escape .This is law of Telangana.

Gandhi. Will you give receipt?

Sergeant. I can not give,

Patel. So you will pocket it.

Sergeant. That is none of your business.

Gandhi. We shall not pay any thing. Do whatever feel like

Sergeant. So you are acting funny. I shall call police patrol.

(Suddenly at crossing a fast moving car  hits a motorcycle and  great chaos takes place.Sergeant runs to the place.)

Gandhi. Good. Let us run. The joker has gone away. He will try to make more money there.

Patel. Haaa..haaa.True. Let us vanish,

                                       The trio vanishes from the place


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