Wednesday, June 18, 2014


                                     INTO  THE PAST WITH PAIN.. 312
                                             Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru have  been invited for a workshop at  in the heavens  on Importance of history in the growth of a nation. They were well received and were asked to occupy the dais along with the former Vice chancellor, Dean of History and Registrar and Shivaji maharaj. The work shop was a success  and at the end Gandhi was addressing the gathering as Chief guest . The audience has distinguished men such as Malavia, John Kennedy,Washington, W. Churchill, Hitler, Mussolini, Netaji Bose, Bhagat singh. Azad,  Chatrapathi Raja ram maharaj, ChatrapathiSambhaji Maharaj, Aurangzeb, Baber,Mohammed shah rangeela,  Vikramaditya, Harsha, Rani laxmi bai ,Nana sahib, Chandragupta Maurya and many more)

Gandhi. My dear distinguished friends in the audience, most respected Shivaji maharaj and other dignitaries on the dais, I am indebted to you for honoring me on this occasion. History is the soul of the nation. The nation that does not remember its heroes is not a nation. That will perish soon. Every citizen must be proud of its history. Sadly situation is very bad at present. We do not find students to study history in the universities. Neither some one is ready to teach history .

Audience. Hear . hear

Gandhi. In fact , I am the latest historical figure. I died  in 1948 only. Yet, the present generation in India has mostly forgotten me. Our country was enslaved  first by Muslims and then by the Englishmen for many centuries.

Bhagat singh ( Audience ) . Bapuji, You did not die in 1948 naturally. You were killed by Godse.

Gandhi. True. Whatever it may be, I died. But guys in India  at present do not know who I was, some think I was the father of Indira  Gandhi, Uncle of Rajiv Gandhi or grand father of Rahul Gandhi.All types of answers are given by candidates in general knowledge question papers in    examinations
Audience. Shame.. shame.. disgusting.

Netaji Bose ( from audience) Excuse me Mr Gandhi, Sorry for interrupting. Do you know that the govt of India replied to a request by a person seeking information  about me some time ago, that  they do not have  any information about a person named Subhas bose. The request was made under right to information act.

Gandhi. It is possible. They are capable of that.

Audience. Chee..chee..chee. How shameful!.

Gandhi. The fact is that  people are not interested in the past. They state what is the use on  worrying about past. Does it fetch us any money, at least a rupee ? My worry is about our civilization. In the past, great civilizations like Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Egyptian( Pharos), South American  Mayans( Mexixo) flourished and disappeared without a trace. Why it happened? Will the same thing happen to us too?  When  I think ,I get scared. History of any nation is very important and must be recorded analyzed and lessons must be learnt.  On the dais with me is the great Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj who had established Maratha  empire right under the nose of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 17 century. Marathas grew into a powerful state over a period and  Mughal empire was  destroyed in a span of 140 years.The tragedy is that in India  people are being prevented from  glorifying Shivaji  Maharaj acts to appease a section of Indians.

Shivaji Maharaj.  Gandhi sahib, Sorry to  say in between. Emperor Aurangzeb was always against me and called me names like a rat, pig, thief, cunning, cheat etc. It does not matter. It is his view. I know how cruel he was and cunning too. He was bent on Islamizing India. I interfered with all my might.  I am not bothered if preset men forget me. What was required was done by me.

Gandhi. Whole India must be indebted to you. Except Maharashtra, other states are not much glorifying you. They got no time. They are busy in local politics, money making, fooling people through elections,  indulging in scams, running after  women, rapes, abductions etc. I feel pained at this attitude. Same thing must  be happening in other countries too.

Washington. Mr Gandhi. In US things are slightly different.  People in USA  cherish the past and respect past heroes and history. Peoplke are not that selfish,

Kennedy. True in all respects.

Gandhi. If it is so I am very happy. I feel proud about American people.

Azad. Gandhi sahib. India  got freedom by non violence as promulgated by you. People of the nation  that gets independence this way will never   respect the past. Freedom won by sacrificing blood has its own glory and it will be cherished.

Bose. I declared  “Give me blood I shall give freedom”
Hitler. Yeah.. Yeah.. You guys said truth. Mr Bose escaped from India  and came to me in Berlin. I gave him recognition as a head of state. He was a great man and leader. If in India people forgot him it is nations misfortune.

Mussolini. I agree with Adolf.

Gandhi. I do not think he is forgotten.

Azad. Gandhi Sahib, Why do you  support the guys and leaders who  undermine legacy of Bose.

Shivaji Maharaj.  Dostho ( Friends) Please  do not make things personal. Every country has internal politics and bickering. India is no different. Between me and Gandhi Sahib centuries elapsed. Values changed. Democracy has come up. Any one can become any thing if  he gets votes. Values have dwindled. Truth is not there. Cheats and scoundrels make to political power. Forgive and forget
Churchill.  Long ago before India was granted freedom,  I declared that India will be handed over to a bunch of scoundrels. It proved correct. I have no regrets having said.

Gandhi. In 1947 scoundrels were probably less. But I agree that as days passed, the system   encouraged growth of scoundrels. Gentlemen,  You will surely agree that history must be respected. Good achievers must be remembered, and glorified. False history should not be  written.This is my message to all. I once again thank every one  for sharing their views with me and I thank the organizers for  giving me an opportunity  to inrteract  with you.I am not biased or against any one. God bless you. Bye

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