Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy new year

The new year is around the corner
And the guys are waiting to drink and booze
The year would soon pass into past
Our leaders would be ready again with their noose

The happy new year would soon come
The lives of people would no way change
Yet the guys would shout in ecstasy
Hope to get quality of life of better range

In new year too there will be scores
That would sleep on the foot paths
Five star hotels would celebrate the night
On beggars of course they would show their wrath

One need not be a pessimistic in view
and cry in unhappiness and despair
Let us hope some change would be there
And look at future with positive outlook and air

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Congress gets another jolt....

Immediately after the debacle of congress party in Gujrat, it again suffered severe jolt in Himachal Pradesh in North India. Bharateeya Janata Party swept back to power in Himachal Pardesh. It ousted Cangress from the assembly. BJP secured 41seats five short of absolute majority. Congress debacle was also due to influx of Bahujan samj Party that claimed Dalit votes. Prem kumar Dhumal an English professor caused the calamity for congress in the elections. With this, congress is much worried over its future in coming general elections. In fcat BJP gained and routed Congress in Punjab, Uttarkhand, Gujrat and it has gained in Himachal Pradesh. As a matter of fact the bastion of congress is crumbling ( already crumbled). In the last general ,congress came to power by virtue of debacle of Telugu desam in Andhra pradesh. Or else, BJP would have cornered the power at center. The State of congress in AP is in doll drums now. The denand for Telangana state has divided the people and Congress has to face anti establishment vote and congress govt is drowned in neck deep charges from opposition parties and the writing on the wall is already there. The morale of BJP is very high and it is very confident of ousting Congress party at center in next general elections. Best of Luck to them. With Chiranjeevi the noted film artist entering politics, the fate of congress party would be sealed. Telugudesam too would suffer if Chiranjeevi forms another party. India is drowned in caste politics. No one can save it from getting drowned into anarchy and chaos. The short sighted political leaders using caste card are doing greatest damage to the nation and only time would teach them the lesson and by that time the country would have perished.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, December 29, 2007

PJR the senior MLA is no more..

P Janardhan Reddy the senior MLA from Khiratabad constituency suddenly passed away due to heart attack.All secttions are much grieved at his suden passing away.He represented working class all these years and earned name as the spokesman of down trodden. After T Anjiah PJR was filling the void in Hyderabad. He was simple and critical of government failures on various isues. He along with Marri Sasidhar Reddy formed the group of Hyderabad brothers who were considered dissidents in AP congress party. On various occasions, the matters even went up to Delahi high command. Sadly PJR wsa not given any ministerial post considering his seniority and standing in the party. His criticism of the governmnet and its policies and failures cost him the oppertunity in this direction. There is hardly any leader of his stature in his constituency to take his place. Already there are voices being heard that his son would probably be given ticket to contest the bye election if held. This is a usual practice in Indian , rather AP politics. Indians are used to dynastic succession and are given to sentiments.If a minister or MLA dies while in position his wife or son or daugher is given the position to appease the section. Already there are ministers and MLAs in the State who came to positions accordingly. Probably this is the culture of congress. It started with Indira Gandhi on whose death Rajiv gandhi was made prime minister. On death of Madhav Rao Sindhia, his son became the MP. When Mr Anjiah died his wife became a MP. Death of Indra Reddy in AP resulted in elevation of his wife who became a minister. There are many examples to cite the practice and there is long list of such MLA or MP who came into position due the the deaths of their spouses or fathers or mothers. The latest example is that of Sunil Dutt whose daugher became a MP. Thus there is a growth of dynastic succession and Indians are very proud and comfortable with this practice in Indian type democracy ( If we choose to call it a democracy in real). However in present case none can replace PJR who was much popular and respected as the leader of down trodden. He was simple and approachable to people. May his soul rest in peace that was liberated from the dirty politics in the state.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, December 28, 2007


Corrupt in the state are so many
Who swindle the nation a sweet honey
Common man is lost in this dirty world today
While all are eating grass and hay.

You look at me for a while
You are sure to give me a smile
World is full of asses
Just like a pot of molasses

Dr.Prabhakar Rao

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Indian cinema down the drain.. Part IV

Mewing, snarling, bleats, crowing and swoons
Yelling, braying, barking, neighing and groans
All are fit for today’s song
And the lyric is fitted to the tune with a bang

Some cranks gyrate to the tunes in a night club
Their parents have failed to give them a good snub
They shake their limbs in the wildest way
While innocent girls in pubs fall a prey

Police in movies are shown as comic figures
To the story value they are just outriggers
The police land up after the final fight
To show that the law is finally of great might

Criminals and the police are shown hand in glove
And they burn the dames in a roadside stove
The films have done greatest damage to the police force
While censor board is found to be without remorse

Army guys are shown to die in the first scene
Rest of the movie the lady burns her spleen
Retired colonels are depicted in joker’s roles
And they keep blowing through their twelve bore gun holes

Army guys in movies fight unknown enemy
Songs on the battle field are also many
Absurd stories are the order of the day
Watching these movies leads to our faculties to decay

Society is corrupted by the present cinema
And those who are genuine are in great dilemma
Directors lack basic ethics towards Indian culture
While in Indian values they made great rupture

Movies today are curse on the culture
Where people are bled by the cinema vultures
There is some truth in Middle East way
Where people are prevented from going astray


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Assassination of Benazir Bhutto will upset Pakistan


Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Pakistan has been undergoing great turmoil for the last few years (1). President Musharraf finally shed his uniform recently after great international pressure and assumed the role of civilian President. The emergency has been lifted that was a marshal law in fact. Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sheriff, both former Prime Ministers were in the arena of elections that are to be held shortly in January. Recently Nawaz Sheriff has been barred from contesting elections and as far elections are concerned his fate has been sealed to return to power. Benazir Bhutto who was prime minister twice was for all purposes were destined to become PM again after the elections. In fact Musharraf came to some understanding of power sharing with her before he shed his uniform. Musharraf has pardoned her off the court cases against her. He made sure that after shedding uniform he was safe from any Government actions against him.
Infact Benazir Bhutto faced severe threats from her critics. Immediately after her return to Pakistan her welcome rally was bombed on October 18, 2007 at Karachi by the terrorists and nearly 140 people were killed in the gruesome act. She escaped unhurt. This it was an indication that her life was in danger. Her critics and opponents openly threatened that they would kill her. Finally the killers could do their job effectively. The attacker struck just minutes after Bhutto addressed thousands of supporters in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, 8 miles south of Islamabad at Liaqat Ali Park on Thursday December 26, 2007. She was shot in the neck and chest by the attacker, who then blew himself up, said Rehman Malik, Bhutto's security adviser. Nearly 20 more were killed in the blast and many more were injured in the explosion. President Pervez Musharraf and his government called on people to remain calm so that the "nefarious designs of terrorists can be defeated." President Pervez Musharraf and his government called on people to remain calm so that the "nefarious designs of terrorists can be defeated."
No one claimed responsibility for the attack. But some of Bhutto's supporters at the hospital began chanting, "Killer, Killer, Musharraf," referring to Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, Bhutto's main political opponent. A few began stoning cars outside. "We repeatedly informed the government to provide her proper security and appropriate equipment including jammers, but they paid no heed to our requests," Malik said (2). It was claimed that sufficient security was not provided by the government in view of grave threat to the leader and Government however claims that it was not true. But an old friend of Ms Bhutto, Salman Tassir, told the BBC World Service he did not think criticism should be directed at the government.
"There have been suicide attacks on Gen Musharraf also," he told Newshour.
"... I mean it is extremism and the fanatics who are to blame.
Nawaz Sharif, also a former prime minister and a political rival, said her death was a tragedy for "the entire nation". (3)
"It is not a sad day, it is [the] darkest, gloomiest day in the history of this country," he said, speaking at the hospital where she was taken. UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said he was "deeply shocked" by Ms Bhutto's death and said "extremist groups... [could] not and must not succeed,
Expressing shock at the assassination of Pakistan’s former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said that Benazir Bhutto's contribution towards restoration democracy in Pakistan was commendable. “Benazir was committed towards restoration of normalcy in Pakistan” the foreign minister said (4)
Bhutto's death will leave a void at the top of her party, the largest political group in the country, as it heads into the parliamentary elections. It also fueled fears that the crucial vote could descend into violence.. In fact every one expected her to sweep polls and there was world wide speculation that Pakistan would soon step into the shoes of democracy. In Washington, the State Department condemned the attack
"It demonstrates that there are still those in Pakistan who want to subvert reconciliation and efforts to advance democracy," deputy spokesman Tom Casey said.
Assassination of Benazir Bhutto will create a great void in her political party and there is none immediately who could match her stature as a charismatic leader. The relations between the president and Bhutto were also highly strained. The process of restoring democracy in the country has been badly affected. Ms Bhutto poses as a modernizing, pro-Western, secular leader devoted to building a democratic Pakistan and helping the rural poor. Critics say that she believes in nothing but winning power’s Bhutto has gone out of her way to assure the West that she can deal with Pakistan's terrorist threat. In particular, she has pledged to drive al-Qaeda’s core leadership from the tribal areas lining the north-west frontier. Obviously the terrorist outfits such as AlQaeda and Taliban would be craving to eliminate her. With her removal stability of Pakistan is in question now. It is all the more complex as Pakistan has nuclear weapons and Terrorists are aiming to seize them at any cost. The situation has to be carefully watched by international community.

1. Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao, Pakistan back to square one, Will it ever reach democracy?, November 05, 2007, 09:54

2. Sadaqat Jan and Zarar Khan, Associated Press Writers, Pakistan’s Bhutto assassinated at Rally, Yahoo news,

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Indian cinema down the drain... Part III

In the name of dance obscenely gyrate some lasses
Viewers are thrilled and they clap like asses
The dance movements are given high rating
However they are short of showing human mating

Filth and trash is passed as Indian cinema
Some sane persons after seeing need quick enema
Youngsters are however happy at this bullshit
And feel that for the present lot it is highly fit

Values in society have come down
It is reflected in films for elders frown
Cinema is purely now a commercial venture
And they are eating the society as dirty vulture

To the tune of beats actors shake their hips
Giving youngsters lessons and sex tips
Clowns move their groins while gyrating
And they simulate the acts of human mating

Idiots watching shout with ecstasy
And they go into a world of mere fantasy
Their blood pressure reaches to a top
What we need is to put this nonsense to a stop

At times the females appear in a transparent bra
With passion they act like a hissing cobra
Viewers derive immense pleasure and thrills
And these scenes in movies are regular drills

In a song sequence males and females roll
Taking care not fall in a roadside hole
their clothes however remain neat and clean
While sane viewers are sure to damage their spleen

Saigal , Surendra, Sanyal and Atma faded away
Leaving the field to singers to loudly bray
Talat, Mukesh, Rafi and Kishore are over and out
The present brayers gaily are getting very stout

The immortal songs of the golden era
Stir up the emotions in one's viscera
The cacophony of noise claimed as music today
Will gather asses around happily to bray

To be continued

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Indian Cinema down the drain.. Part II

A hero looking like fly acts as phantom
He smacks many villains although he is only a bantam
Thee guy can jump hundred feet in one go
And good old cinema has died long time ago.

Filthy dialogues are liked by viewers
Their skulls are sick with brain fevers
Censor board is grossly found inefficient
With whom the intelligence is found deficient

Quality of viewers is very poor at present
I can only feel sorry for them and lament
Females are ready to bare and show
In one pays them to full without any row

Crime, kidnaps, rape, arson and loot
Form the themes for the movies to boot
Good old cinema vanished many years ago
Present guys produce nonsense and trash to satisfy their ego

Choicest ways of torture are shown by them
While noble viewers swallow their own flam
Moviegoers have no other choice
And also are scared to raise their voice

In all this trash group dances are must
And in such dances males display their lust
In the name of the dance they shake their limbs
However In old age of course their limbs would get numb

Watching the trash the guys enjoy and clap
What they need is a mighty powerful slap
The shit and nonsense goes on for three hours long
And there will be many cockeyed and foolish songs

Dr K Prabhakar Rao To be continued

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Congress humiliated in Gujrat

Congress party received severe beating in Gujrat elections. It made Modi as the prime target and unleashed a series of attcks by propaganda. Sonia Gandhi in her campaign called Modi as the arbitrators of death or in similar words. This has boomranged. BJP is now in great spirits and hopes to sweep polls soon for gaining power at center. The much projected Rahul Gandhi as the future Prime minister and the hope of India did not work. The entire party has been bowled out lock stock and barrel.Lesson to be laernt is that people are no longer fooled by empty talk and hate campaign. They are able to see things in true perspective. On the otherfront, the appeasement policies of the congress party are being realised by the people. In the land of Gandhi, much aclaimed as apostle of peace and toleration, congress party could not impress electorate with its policies and governing. The election result in Gujarat is a lesson and also a warning to Congress party and it is most unlikely that it would return to power in the coming elections. They have to be prepared to seat at the back bench and sulk in dispair. Gurat elections shall have great influence in the country and also would affect the future general elections.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Indian cinema...down the drain........Part I

Indian cinema today is at the lowest ebb
Fully entangled in many cobwebs
The movies depict illmade themes
While critics waste paper in many reems

Vulgar scenes are the order of the day
Where funny looking creatures are in the fray
The cinema has no message to pass
While obscene gestures are shown by a half clad lass

Crime and arson are the basic stay
To make money all are ready to eat hay
Violence in films has affected all
Those on top however make claims very tall

Some heroes always want to show their bare chests
At slightest hint they remove their vests
They do some obscene twists of the hips
While some lasses are seen to lick thier lips

To be continued

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Only to stay in power being selfish

Gone are the days of truth and wisdom
When leaders fought for national freedom
Killers and villains are in the limelight
While Indians live in disgust and fright

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Kapayya was the true son of Telangana

Kapayya Naika was dynamic ruler who liberated Telangana in Andhra Province from Mohammedan rulers in 14 century.Telangana was ruled by Kakateeya dynasty and the last ruler was Prataparudra II. He valiantly resisted Muslim invasions from Delhi by Allauddin Khilji and from Mohammed bin Tughlaq ( Known as Juna Khan). The relentless campaigns by the Muslims weakened the hindu kingdom and finally Prataparudra was defeated in a battle at Warangal and was captured. He was imprisoned and was being taken to Delhi. However enroute King Pratapardra jumped into river Godavari ( Some say it was Narmada) and committed suicide to escape insult and dishonor. Warangal was kept under a muslim governor and renamed with Islamic name as Sultanpur and was made a central province. The Telugu chieftains of Telangana who were vassals of Prataparudra however raised a banner of revolt in due course. Prolaya nayaka was the leader of this revolt and after his death his nephew Kapayya nayaka became the leader and continued the fight from rekapalli. In a span of ten years he defeated governor Malik Maqbool at Warangal and drove away Muslims from Telangana. Kapayya was accepted as the successor to kakateeya dynasty and the 74 vassals accepted him as the ruler. Kapayya assumed titles as Andhradesadheesa and Andhra Surathrana and ruled with iron grip. Soon fissures developed among some of the chieftains and infact Kapayya delegated great autonomy to the vassals and this resulted in emerging of Velama rulers at Rachakonda under Singamanaika I. Reddy dynasty emerged at Addanki under prolaya vema Reddy. Velama kings joined Bahamni Sultans and reletlessly fought with Kapayya. In fact Kapayya helped Hassan Shah Bahmani in establishing his kingdom at Daulatabad ( Devagiri) by revolting against Tughlaq by sending 1500 cavalry. However soon Bahmani sultan failed to reciprocate the friendship and attacked Kapayyas provinces. Kappaya was killed in a battle at Bheemavaram near Warangal fighting Velam rulers. Kapayyas son Vinayaka deva was earlier killed by Bahmani sultan Mohammed Shah after a battle. With this, the rule of Nayaka dynasty ended at Warangal after 36 years of glorious rule. Kapayya was the true son of the soil and knew the danger of growing Mulsim rule. But the local rulers did not lend an helping hand and betrayed him. Velama kings at Rachakonda and Deverakonda were the betrayers who joined Muslims and fought with Kapayya and the Vijaynagar Kings. Although Velamas had a sway in Telangana for nearly 100 years, they lost the kingdom to Bahmani sultans and at last the velamas had to serve Vijaynagar kings as commanders in the army. They never could establish an independent kingdom later on. They either ruled small principalities or were commanders. Kapayya shines gloriously for his valiant efforts to drive out Muslims from Telangana while velama rulers have gone down the history of letting down the own country by joining Muslim rulers. The caste politics were also responsible for mutual hatred which is no way better even now in Andhra Pradesh politics. The kammas, kapus, velamas, reddys and other lower castes are relentlessly fighting each other even now and ruining the state.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Is Hindu a second rate citizen in India?

It has been learnt from the news papers that in Mumbai VHP has filed a csae against Karunanaidhi the Tamilnadu Chief Minister for insulting Lord Ram by uttering insulting words that he was a drunkard and did not study engineering. The reaction of VHP was luke warm on this issue that was most outrageous. In fact, even in case of persecution of Kanchi Pontiff the reaction of Hindu elements was something down played. this was probably because of the court cases. But, can same thing happen to a Mullah in India and the Religious chief of Jama Maszid of Delhi? Any one will say dare not. During destruction of Bamiyan Buddhas by the mad mullahs of taliban, the respose of religious chief of Jama Maszid in Delhi was seditious when he said. the destruction ws in order and compared it to as a retalliation to babri maszid devastation. He escaped scot free and the central govt ignored him nad in fact had no courage to put him behind bars. Hindus always swallowed all types of insults when we look into pages of history. It was people like Tilak who atleast stood for Hindu faith. With death of Tilak, all types of opposition to MK Gandhi disappeared.The Pseudo secular policies have sold away the nation and even today same situation exists. A Hindu feels second rate citizen in India and some times people even hesitate to be identified with the temples and Hindu religion. Somanth temple was renovated after independence and tragedy is that Pandit Nehru was not happy because Dr Rajendra Prasad the first President of India took part in the inauguration of the most important temple of India that was devasted several times by Mohammed Ghaznavi of Kabul. It was not rebuilt after Aurangzeb destroyed during his reign. Is it wrong to be identified with ones religion by Hindus while Muslims in India can do? Why this discrimination? Karunanidhi being of DMK and being the supporting party to the central govt is being protected even after committing blasphemy. Any other person doing same thing against Islam and Christianity would have been behind bars by this time. This shows that India is based on pseudo secularism that is dividing the nation further. VHP has obviously failed to protect rights of Hindus for which it stands. Ram in his own land has been abused and the insults have been swallowed.How can this VHP build a Ram temple in India at Ayodhya? What a tragedy indeed?

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Is secularism means persecution of Hindus?

Recently Police arested a lecturer from Narayana college in Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad because he has allegedly passed some comments agaisnt Islam there by hurting sentiments of Mussalmans. Earlier, a lady lecturer on similar charge was also harassed by police by arresting her in a college in Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad. It is greatly astonishing to note that Karunananidhi the chief minister of Tamil nadu who spoke that Ram was a druncard and he did not study Engineering in some college are highly insulting and he being a CM has got away without an arrest or even a reprimand from the center. Why police has not arrested him after he hurt sentiments of millions of Hindu? What is the party Vishwa Hindu perishad is doing as an organization to up hold dignity of Hindu faith? Will people will be allowed to say whatever they like while any one saying some thing agaisnt Islam is harassed, and arrested ?Does this mean that Secularism is persecution of Hindus in India? How this is a secular country? It has infact ceased and rather it was never. It was an eye wash. The pseudo secular policies have created Pakistan and now Mulsims ( A part) are trying to again split the country and I am sure they would succeed soon.There is already a craving to Mughalistan and of course Kashmir problem is well known. In some of the southern states Mulsim districts are formed. There was hardly any response from Hindu organizations when Kanchi swamy was arrested in Andhra Prdesh and taken away by Tamil nadu police and confined to jail. The swamy was humiliated by the then AIDMK government. It is high time these organizations such as VHP wind up or show some results on ground.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, December 21, 2007

Seethapati Raju was agreat hindu revivalist

Sitapati Raju known as Shitab Khan was originally a commander in the service of Kuli kutub shah who ruled at Golconda .However soon he occupied certain areas at Warngal , and Khammam and declared independence.He had control over few Telangana districts such a Waranal , khammam and ruled very efectively in 16 century.The Warnagal fort and temples were renovated by him which were damaged by the invading sultans and mohemmedans .Many reservoirs such as Pakal lake near Warangal were got repaired by him.His palace shitab khan mahal is still there in Warangal fort which now houses the sculptures recovered at the fort.He kept muslims away from the Warangal areas and ruled with lot of vigor .After the fall of Kakateeya empire in 13 century,Kapayya Nayaka ruled at Warangal for 36 years and kept telugu flag high .In those days ,velama kings at Rachkonda betrayed telugu cause and colluded with Bahmni sultans and hindus suffered greatly . Finally velma kings perished . Men like Kapayya Nayaka resisted Muslim invasions and held Telugu flag high. But Kapayya suffered due to betrayal of fellow local rulers such as Rachakonda velama kings. Sitapti rose in the years when Krishna Deva raya was in full power at Vijaynagar .He was a vassal king to Gajapathis of Orissa . He also crossed swords with Raya's army during his expedition as a representative of Gajapathis .Sitapati fought many battles with muslims and protected Telugu people from the cruelties of muslim invaders.However ,in one of the battles he was killed and the Warangal fort was occupied by muslims again who did lot of damage to the sculpture , women and children at Warangal .Although Sitapati Raju has faded in to pages of history, he shines bright as the protector of Hindu heritage in the medieval times .Sitapati Raju was great hero and fought sultans who made untold efforts to eradicate hinduism from this land .

Sitapati Raju was agreat Hindu revivalist
Although our pseudo books do not speak much of him
Doubtful history is pushed down the children's throtas
While his name in history never goes dim

Prof Dr Col ( Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Caste can never be abolished in India

The Hindu society at present is bitterly divided on caste basis. Thanks to the politicians and mishandling and ill concieved plans by our government. recent caste war in Rajasthan over issue of Gujjars is shameful and exposed how bitter it can be. The people have clashed with others and police wielding fire arms and other weapons. Wjat else prrof is rquired for the bitterness and prove that all is not well in the society. Can the government abolish reservations now. Never. Reservations for tickets for MLA and MP apart from in professional cxolleges will never allow it. India should have reservations based on economic considerations. This would unfortunately involve many IAS and IPS officers too, and political leaders whop are at the higher ladder of stature financially and they would never allow. It is like a devil created by one devouring its master. The caste of devil created by the Indian governmnet is devouring thenation, Winston Churchill truly commented at the prospect of independence to this nation that this poor nation would be left in the hands of unscrupulous and selfish men ( the word rascals owuld be too harsh) where even a glass of water and a loaf of bread would be taxed. His profecy has come true. The political system in India is in the hands of criminlas, goons, cheats and even killers who can get elected to the office and hood wink the judiciary by prolonging the judicial process that has lost its teeth.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Caste is acurse in India and is exploited by politicians

Caste is hated and the Indian Government from time to time has been harping that caste should be destroyed and the pep talk continues. Stalwarts like Mahatma Phule, Ambedkar, MK Gandhi and many more struggled agaisnt the caste system and its evils. But none could succeed. With passing of every day the system is growing stronger and stronger and caste system in Hindu society is flourishing gloriously. The Government is responsible for promoting it further by its lack luster policies and short sighted plans. Though caste is to be left behind, it is the first one at the fore front in all walks of life. The caste system has also infiltrated Islam and Christianity although these religions in fact are agaisnt any such discrimination. But centuries of interaction have done the damage in India and with the benefits in jobs and admissions in Colleges, there is a craving in the followers in these religion. The reservation policies that are going- on extended without time limit has further strengthened the caste system. The people have developed vested interests in these castes and politicians who are misguiding the nation for their personal vote banks are the culprits for the present caste war in the country.In states such as Bihar and Jharkhand caste wars are regular affairs. Rajasthan too has joined thewar now.In Tamil nadu Ayyars and Ayyangars have been bitterly hated and persecuted and they have almost left the State. They have been severely persecuted by lower castes after independence. In fact no political party or leader wants to destroy caste and they find benefits by stoking the fires of caste war from time to time. The reservation policies that are going on extended without time limit has further strengthened the caste system. The people have developed vested interests in these castes and politicians who are misguiding the nation for their personal vote banks are the culprits for the present caste war in the country. There is no doubt that India faces self destruction in caste war and it would be impossible to stop it. The deep fissures and hatred developed after Mandal comission report are the indicators. More damage to the society has been done by the politicians and the government than the scriptures. It will not be Pakistan or China that would destroy India, But the caste war would destroy the nation finally and the credit would go to the politicians in India who are continuously meddling in this dangerous social problem and promoting caste war.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fall of Kalyani

Kalyani now is a small town in Karnataka near Bidar.In medieval times, it was the capital of Chalukya dynasty which had a large sway over Telangana, Karnataka and many other areas.They were contemporaries of Vengi chalukyas ruling at coastal Andhra and fought with them In the later years of their rule,they were thrown out briefly and commander Bijjala Kalachoorya userped the throne and became the king.He was the contemporary of Brahamanaidu, the prime Minister of Nalagamaraja of palanadu in 1180.Bijjala was a jain by faith and his prime minister Basaveswar was a shivite.Bijjala married sister of Basaveswara.,Basaveswara was the founder of militant veerasaiva sect and they were known as Lingayats .He used Govt funds to spread his faith and also used his official position to spread the new found faith mercilessly among masses.The king did not approve this and differences developed.The followers of Basaveswara murdered the king in his palace.This triggered a severe civil war betwen Lingayats and jains in which thousands were killed .Entire population including women and children took part in this mayhem and Kalyani became a burial groundBasaveswara earlier escaped from Kalyani before the murder and finally believed to have died at Srisailam or at a near by place .Basaveswara played great role in the spreading of Veera saiva sect which had no caste basis.However ,the militancy advocated by him created great religious disturbances in Andhra Pradesh in medieval times.There were many clashes between Vaishnavites and shivites.Kakateeya kings who ruled at Warangal till 13 century adapted shivism and Battle of Palandu fought during 11183-87 was the outcome of these religious rivalries. King Rudradeva of Warangal sent sizeable cavalry in support of Nalagmaraja.
Jainism which was a major religion in Telangana disappered almost completely and this is the reason forcomin up of scores of siva temples in Telangana and other Andhra areas.Even fall of Kakateeya rule was partly due to the outcome of conspiracies of jains who suffered during the later years of their rule.Unfortunately Telugu peole wasted their vauable time in these conspiracies of religion and brought doom to their state which was soon over run by mussalmans from North. When Prataparudra II of Kakateeya dynasty was attacked by forces of Tughlaq,he had no friends to support to fight aginst a common enemy ,The Yadavs from Devagiri were jubiliant and conspired with enemies from North and this resulted in the fall of Warangal.Even the Kapu ,Kamma and Velama and Reddy commanders of Prataparudra played great politics even on the battle fields and resulted in the capture of their kingPrataparudra to Tughlaq's forces. Even today politics in Andhra Pradesh is a shit pot wirh Kamma, kapu, Reddy , velama and all other lower castes undermining each other to drown others and capture political power.
Kalyani town which is religious town in Karnataka now near Bidar has lost all its glory during the religious battles and it is believed that Aurangzeb during his capaign in South destroyed the town fully. It is a center for Ligayats taht has major following in Karnataka.

Dr.Prabhakar Rao

Vandalisation of Hampi Vijaynagar was most unwanted in Indian History


Hampi and vijayanagar stand testimony even today
Wanton acts stare at us done by the Muslim kings
Linger fresh in the minds of all
As muslim kings in Deccan formed an evil ring
Belur and Halebid temples mock at us
With defaced idols and broken statues
Hindu culture stands vitiated to the core
While pseudo secularists lack basic virtues

Looking back at these temples across our land
That lay scattered across our nation
Idols and sculptures stare with broken limbs
And my heart aches with sorrow and pain
Solid granite was sculptured as if by the gods
While Indian sculptors struggled day and nights
Wanton acts of invading blockheads
Have done untold harm in the useless fights

Scores of Hindu gods and SivaLingas
And the gracefully sitting stone bulls
All are put to fire and hammer
Damage has been done by the clouded and dull
Ghazni broke the Linga into pulp and dust
Took away the stones to his kingdom
Alas!the stones were spread on stairs at a mosque
While lakhs of Indians met their martyrdom

Pseudo secularism is the order of the dayTo appease some the leaders are ready to eat grass
Our history books are filled with distorted versions
And the nation has been brought to a pathetic pass
It is high time the things are set right
And children are taught truthful things of past
Pseudo secularists be floored on the mat at once
Only then the truth would eternally last

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Hampi and Vijaynagar was the capital of Vijaynagar kings in14 to 16 centuries which was vandalized and destroyed by muslim armies of Deccan after Tallikota battle fought in 16 century fought between Aliya Ramaraya and the combined armies of Bijapur Ahmednagar , Golconda , and Bidar .Rama Raya was betrayed by his muslim generals and their troops on the battle field which led to his capture and subsequent killing at the hands of Hussain Nizam Shah of Ahmed nagar who held a personal grudge against him .The shamless acts of destruction as a result of Hindu hatred can be seen even today which our pseudo historians try to hide to appease a section of people ,else their sentiments would be adversely affected in secular India.What a tragedy indeed ? It is time to show the pseudo secularists the door so that the country is saved from disaster and doom which is lurking around the corner .)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slipping down of army status

When India was granted independence status of army was very high. Commander chief enjoyed grade next only to the prime minister. Over the years and every war fought the status of army chief has been downgraded . In a democracy army is at back benches under civil control. But not under control of civil servents. The clash with IAS, IPS over the equivalence and other aspects are well known. There were clashes with police in cities such as Agra, amritsar, Hyderabad etc. Cadre review in Army has done very great damage to the status of army. Batallion commanders are now Colonels while earlier they were of the rank of Lt Col. Thus the rank of Colonel was down graded. The crest on the caps of Colonels was changed to regimntal badges in 1985 and it was highly disliked by Colonels. But what to do? They swallowed as bitter pill. Some time ago the cap of Head constable in AP Police was similar to that of a Colonel. . Finally the police chaged it.Army uniforms are copied in all security services. The Darwans at five star hotels wear armr type ceremonial uniforms and open doors and also ask for tips. What a shame ?
The state of affairs can be judged by the agitation by ex servicemen in Hyderabad few months ago, where thy were lathi charged by police. Where are things heading? Now no bright yougster wants to take up commission in army. Even third rate stuff knocks at the doors of Indian Militay academy. Few days ago there was a photograph of newly commissioned oficers at IMA throwing their peak caps into sky as celebrations after the passing out parade. What culture is this? This type of antics are seen at USuniversities where the newly graduated guys celebrate in this way. The dignity of uniform probably has gone into wild. God bless Indian army.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Turkey continues to attack Kurds

Turkey continues to attack Kurds in Iraq although USA and Russia advised Turkey to desist from carrying out any invasion of northern Iraq to eliminate rebel Kurdish positions. However it has recently sent its combat air craft to bomb rebel position in mountainous areas in Northern Iraq. Use of air force is important. Earlier it used helicopter gunships and long range artillery. US is worried that the peaceful northern Iraq would be disturbed by Turkish attacks. It earlier got into an agreement to share intelligence on the rebels. Turkey has been fighting Kurdish rebels in its own country since 1984 at southern province which is adjascent to Iraq. Turkey -Kurd problem could become another Kashmir issue boiling like cauldron eternally.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Medical Services in Hyderabad mishandled

Doctors in hyderabad are on war path since 15 days. The doctors have gone on strike after patient's relatives supported by goons, anti social elements and Legislators from Majlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen party ( MIM) attacked doctors at some of the governmnet hospitals ( These are teaching hospitals also) when patients died. Obviously the attackers claimed that they died due to negligience of doctors. Senior doctors and Junior doctors ( House surgeons) went on strike parlysing the services. There was great human suffering where poor people were badly affected. more than 23 kids died due to non availablity of services. The Governmnet is caught between the appaesement tactics to wards MIM party and the doctors. Government does not want to antagonise Muslims by arresting the MLAs who were responsible for these attacks. The MIM party however denies the allegations and claims that their MLAs were not responsible for such attacks. The students want a non bailable arrest to be made mandatory against such attacks and Governmnet has come with an orinance. This act was greatly condemned by MIM. The junior doctors want the MLAs to be arrested and booked accordingly. The senior doctors however withdrew the strike after the act was issued. Juniors are however adamant. They even demaded gun licenses to protect themselves as Govt has failed utterly to protect them from the ruffians and goons. The attacks on the doctors at hospitals have become regular affair and this was due to lack lustre policy of the government. The Government hospitals lack cleanliness, medicines and facilities and infact are apologies for medical care. Yet the student doctors play great role in providing the services to scores of patients. The attacks have alienated them,. Parents of the doctors are highly agitated at the attitude of govt and are not in position to allow their children to work at these unsafe places where goondas have come to rule around. The entire thing is shameful to the civilized society. These acts should be condemned by all and doctors should be protected from the goons in the city and offenders should be punished irrespective of their political stabding and position. Pseudo secularism and appeasement policies will not work very long and yougsters have come to realise this.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao