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DR K Prabhakar Rao

Some guys blame Marathas for treachery in the slaying of Afzal Khan at Pratapgarh in Maharashtra in the past. Shivaji Maharaj was a great strategist and was very clear what he had to do. He had great forethought and vision unlike our present pseudo leaders and self styled statesmen. Who are leading the nation to inevitable disaster. Shivaji Maharaj Shivaji planned everything very meticulously with utmost precision for his actions against Afzal Khan. He did not fall into a trap laid by Afzal Khan who tried to escalate passions by committing arson and crime in Maharashtra in Shivaji maharajas domains. He even destroyed Tulzapur temple and the idol. Afzal Khan committed great crimes destroying temples, looting the habitations , abducting women and children that was a standard practice for invading Muslim armies in the past. Situations have not changed even today as events in Bangladesh prove. Shivaji knew the weakness and strengths of his enemy. He also knew his own weakness and strengths. He preferred conflict in mountainous area where his soldiers were experts in guerilla war fare .He avoided all type engagements in plains giving out wide front to the enemy. He lured Afzal Khan in to his chosen killing ground. This is the basic tactics in an army operation even today. Literally Afzal khan was lured in to an ambush but not with an intention to kill. But Maharaj made all precautions in case of emergency like any strategist will do.
Shivaji maharaj can not be blamed for the death of Khan. There was no treachery on his part. Maximum writings and narrations indicate that Shivaji was attacked first by the powerful khan who held Maharaj under his grip and stabbed him without success. Shivaji Maharj wore hidden armour under his garment and had steel cap under his turban as a precaution. He with his secret weapon bagh nakh ( Tiger steel claws) tore open the bowels of Khan and stabbed him with his Bichwa. Any guy would this. In war and love all is fair. If Shivaji did not kill Khan, he would have surely killed the maharaj. Afzal Khan deserved death at all costs because he was no divine man and deserved no mercy and had to be killed .In fcat Afzal Khan was responsible for the death of Shivajis elder brother Shambhooji.It is also said that he was also responsible for the death of Shahaji, father of Shivaji Maharaj in an accident. Shivaji Maharj also had divine blessings from Mata Bhavani.. Those were not the days for doing Gandhi Bhajan. Gandhi Bhajan did not work even at the time of partition when populations were exchanged. Ramdhun the popular Gandhi Bhajan would not have worked surely in Shivajis times. Shivaji lived by sword. Shivaji did the same and no tears are required to roll for the cruel and wicked Khan. The aspect of treachery has been negated by all. Afzal khan was very treacherous and cruel and he is credited to have killed his 22 wives (some could be concubines and mistresses) before he embarked on his campaign against Shivaji Maharaj. It is said that his sixth sense warned him of the disaster that was waiting for him. Can you call such a person a human being? He has to be devil and devils are to be destroyed at all costs. Even today, the graves of 22 women can be seen at Afzal pura ( If I am correct about the name of the place) near Bijapur. Many state that all these poor women were killed by strangulating while some state that they were thrown into a well. How could he do that to the women with whom he slept and enjoyed sex? How any sane person can accept him to be human? Afzal Khan needs all condemnation and degradation by all .Shivaji maharaj stands out rightly far above the wretched soul. Those were the days of valor and not todays of indecision and pseudo secularism where dangerous men like Afzal Guru and Kasab are kept in jail and fed and protected spending crores of Rupees that is the hard earned money of tax payers. Our pseudo statesmen are squandering away public money by various scams and ill governing by puppets and with the indecisive policies are leading the nation to ultimate chaos and destruction. What we need to day are the strategies of great Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj and not Gandhi Bhajans and boot licking. Long live Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
It is true that national leaders have died.As stated ,the only surviving leaders of that calibre are Sri LK Advaniji and Atal Bihari Bajpayeji ( He is taking complete rest having done his bit).Sri Advaniji is waging lone battle against the forces that are taking the nation to destruction and Hindu society that si divided on caste, regional, language basis are ignoring his calls for unity in the c ritical hours. Other than these two giants, none else is left. Although Narendra Modi is emerging, he is facing stiff opposition from congress.All efforts are made by his enmies with in Hindu circle to degrade and discredit him. Rajivs son Rahul has least calibre and he is being forced up on the nation in a systematic way as congress is in power.He draws some youth at colleges and much publicised that has no meaning and such things do not turn into votes.He has drawn blank on many issues. He has fared very badly at Bihar and also in recent elections. Bihar was the litmus test for him.Congress lost it's base in Bihar and in UP.It also lost in many states except Assam that makes no differennce in national politics. In UP, he has been eliminated. Eastern states like Arunachal, Assam, Megahalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland and Manipur are only wide mouth clappers and make no sense at national level politics.They are to be kept happy being in sensitive zone. As stated , regional parties are emerging strongly in India.In coming years, they will still become strong and will send shivers to congress party down it's spine. Tamil Nadu has gone out of congress hand long ago and Karnataka is also out. Kerala is in verge and it can turn table at any point of time. In AP, it is a qutstion of time before Congress looses it due its own misdeeds.It has mishandled state very badly.In Maharshtra although Congress is in power, it is shaky. Shiv Sena is a spear in side poking all the time.The sword of Bhavani ( Of Shivaji Mhaarj) stares at them all the time that vanquished Aurangzeb when he was at zenith of power.Thus entire south India will be out of Congress fold.
National leaders are not born just like that.Nehru dynasty members were considered as national leaders everty time. But this has disappeared now. Atalji took many decades to emerge as National leader.Nehruji had a great back ground.He fought along with Gandhiji. Indiraji had become great leader due to circumstances and being Nehrus daughter and our win in 1971 war.Even Nehru in his hey days remarked that Atalji one day would rule india. Rajiv was forced on the nation. He has a short stint and is now forgotten although in AP, every thing is being named after him shamlessly making mockery of governing.Bofors has done graet damge to him although he was not found gulity after his death.Bofors case is not clear and it will always loom over Rajiv although he was cleared. Naming things after a man does not make him a great leader. He becomes a laughing stock soon.The local people consider it as an oppression by the center. Every thing in AP is being named after Nehru family members by the congress leadership and thus more damage is being done by them.
Coming to regional parties, one can not prevent rise of such parties. Why they should not be born?Why such parties are born? They are born when their voices are not heard, when leaders are forced upon by center, Regional leaders are humiliated by central leaders and when due consideration is not given for development, dynastic succession as being practiced now. This has happened in case of sri Anjiah in AP by Rajiv Gandhi who had no offcial position that too in front of every one at Begum pet air port..He exceeded his limits. He was arrogant being the son of a famous mother. Rest is history. NTR cashed on it and Telugu Desam emerged. It sent congress on wild goose chase and camel hunt for next 15 years that it ampy deserved. Congres in fact is scared of Telugu desam and it's leader Chadrababu is more charismatic and popular than the clumsy Aya Ram Gaya Ram congress leaders who are forced on in AP as CMs. They are like puppets doing.. yes yes sir three bags full. They are no match to Naidu.
Crying hoarse that regional parties are emrging means nothing. In democracy this will happen. The only point is that all types of separatism should be stopped. This will happen only when regional parties are not treated as aliens.In India, continuous rule by congress headed by North Indian leaders has sent a wrong message to south Indians.South Indians feel that they would be never able to become a PM in India. Tamil Nadu has cashed on it based on forcing of Hindi. Now Congress at center is always scared of Tamil nadu govt. They use the trump card of sesession when need arises. It was used by Ramaswamy naickar. A country can not be kept together only by Army. People matter. Arms are not the answer. The chance of rise of national leaders is remote and congress alone can not give national leaders as charisma of Nehru dynasty has very much diminished ( rather vansihed except in illterate masses) and soon will fade away.Better live with regional parties.Probably coalition govts are the answer. The moment states were based on linguistic basis, serious damage was done by Nehruji. It is not like USA with vertical and horizontal lines across the nation where every state has mixed people.Better we live with regional parties and learn to survive.We are not that disciplinned and mature as West. We are carried away by caste, creed, dynasty, language, charisma, films,dress, style,mannerisms, breakdances, silly movies and all sort of things when comes to politics.A nation always get that what it deserves. As an indisciplined nation ( Look at the states and center with scams galore and an helpless PM with blank look) we do not deserve good governing and K Prabhakar Rao


DR K Prabhakar Rao
Hindus basically lack will power and are not assertive. They are more considerate, peaceloving, timid, lacking cohesion and unity and adjusting to others.We may even call them cats on wall and they also believe in Karma siddhanta due to continuous brainwashing by scriptures. The same is not the case with others.When we were invaded we lacked unity and were jealous too of each other. Mutual rivalries flourished greatly. Every one wanted to be the king of larger province . Years of preaching of Budhhism and jainism in the subcontinent has sapped all will power and energies in Indian men and psychologically they became weak ( Infact impotent is a very strong word). The same is not the case with Muslims who invaded from west. They were inspired by Sunni and Wahabi philosophy and were inspired by their scriptures to spread their faith by forceful conversion and to destroy Kafirs. Islam is aginst idolatory practices and they made it a point to destroty temples in the vanquished lands and committed all types of crimes of abduction, loot, rapes, killing, extorsion and mass genocide to instill fear in the people and demoralise them. This was unseen by Indians and they surrendered. Afghanistan that was once a Buddhist country became an Islamic country after all the Buddhists were butcherd by invading Islamic bands. These budhhists did not fight and simply offered themselves to be butchered.They were like sheep bowing head infront of a butcher waiting witha knife.Situation has not changed even now. To quote , Mahmud Gawan the much accalaimed and learned PM of Bahmani kingdom in south India in 16 century motivated his sultan Mahmood shah IV to kill Hindu priests with his own hand at Kondapalli ( Nera vijayawada in Krishna duistrict of AP ) after its capture and to assume the title Ghazi ( Protector of faith). Minority appeasement has led to rise of wretched, anti national and notorious Jihadi organizatios such as SIMI, Darhgah E shahdat,Indian Mujahideen, to name few.But for our weakness, these outfits would not have free time in India for long period.Persons like Mulayam Singh Yadav pleads for SIMI. Aligarh Muslim university started by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan ( Much acclaimed) has indulged in many controversial activities actions. Its founder Ahmed Khan is the person who coined the concept of bifurcation of this counry followed by Poet Iqbal.This university even declared a holiday when Pakistan won a cricket match in India against Indian team and there was none to question them. Indian govt had no guts to discipline the Indtitution.Sir syed Ahmed khan is glorified at Hyderabad to day with annual lectures held in his memory at Nampally ( opposite Public garden) at Syed Ahmed Hall. Earlier these lectures were held in memory of Late Mir Osman Ali Khan, the controversial and infamous Nizam 7 of Hyderabad who let loose rapist Razakars on Hindus in the state under the command of Kasim Razvi with sole aim of remaining independent after 1947.He paid prize for it and lost his throne as Nizam.But Indian union had no courage to try him after Police action in 1948 and made him a Rajpramukh of Hyderabad state to appaese his subjects of minority community. A Memorial has been erected in Hyderabd at a traffic island near secretariat for poet Iqbal who is one of the architect of Pakistan. Hyderabadis go around this pylon everyday in traffic. Indian army marches to the tune of poet Iqbals song Sare jahanse Atcha... swinging hands to shoulder height and raising ankles atleast two feet high short of goose stepping of Germans.Poet Iqbal must be having his last laugh in the sky at our foolishness and helplessness. That is the story of this country.Our leaders have no vision, no fore thought and they have no clue about things to come. They lack spine and fall at feet of Pakistan begging them to do some thing against terrorists who are bred in bulk in that country and let loose on us.They have not woken up even when pak bred thugs attacked Bombay walking freely from the shores. All the officials responsible for security of this nation got a clean chit while the PM with timid disposition on TV cried in despair. He could not inspire the nation that felt humiliated at our inability against a determined enemy.It happened once in 1962 at the hands of Late Nehru. It again happened now at Bombay. In both cases, the nation was caught with pants down. So what we can expect from such statesmen who are elected by the nuts of this country who vote based on regionalism, caste , creed, dynastic influences, language etc? So nation sufferes and inches towards destruction every moment.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are walking on a street in heavens. They are also chitchatting and there is no tension in atmosphere. )

Gandhi. Patel. I am much relaxed to day after last weeks trip to Delhi and meeting with Anna Hazare. Some how, nothing is happening correct in that country. Some thing or other tension is there in India. Not a single day passes calmly. Every one is aiming at goofing up the things.

Patel. Bapu. This is modern age. Life is like that. We left in most appropriate time. But Jawaharlal hanged around for 16 long years to goof up things. I think he has done well.

Nehru. Why do you say like that? Do you think I al goofed up things? Why don’t you see the positive aspects of my rule? I initiated five years plans. I started IITs in the country. I reorganized states based on languages. Why do you see only negative aspects of things? You are surely a person with negative perspective.

Patel. This you can not decide friend. People of India are the judges. They are very clear about every one. Only your party beats drums about your deeds and achievements if any. Rest is known to all. Every one feels that but for me all princes in India would have remained independent after 1947.

Nehru. Entire credit you can not get. I had great image in India. Most of the Maharajas would have fallen in line at my call. If you are so great why I was made PM by Bapu.

Bapu. Looks otherway and acts as if he has not heard any thing.

Patel. Hee..hee..haaa ( He throws hands in air and does slow jig and sings)

Look oh foolish friend Mr. Jawaharlal
Do not live in some foolish and false dream
None would have listened to you at any stage
And you would have licked thumb with a coat of bitter lime

Which foolish guy will loose power and prestige?
What they needed was some fear of a stick
Have you not seen what Nizam has done at Hyderabad?
He bowed like a sheep only when his army was given a mighty kick

Gandhi. I agree to what Patel said. No one will give up power easily. Look! What is happening in India now?

Nehru. What is that Bapu?

Gandhi. The government at center is trying its best to scuttle efforts of Anna Hazare who is fighting against corruption. They are also up against Ramdev. They already spoiled his attempts by breaking up fast Delhi.

Patel. I agree.

Gandhi. They say normal civilians have nothing to do with administration. They are not the people to decide what is to be done against corruption. It is the rulers and elected members of parliament to do things.

Patel. That means no one can raise finger against corruption. How can corrupt men frame rules against their interests?

Gandhi. That’s what they want. They want all citizens keep looking at them while they swindle the nation for full 5 years. They make money left and right, top to bottom and store cash in foreign banks so that their next 100 generations live happily like kings.

Patel. Otherwise why they should enter politics? It is the last resort of s….. as per George Bernard Shaw, the great writer.

Nehru. Come on guys. Please do not generalize things. We all lived through politics.

Patel. Those days were different.

Gandhi. What Patel said is hundred percent true. But there are some good people in politics. Iam much pained at the way the govt is trying to delay Lok Pal bill doing all tricks. They want to make two drafts and they will only accept the bill which they would make. Then why to hold discussions? Hee..Hee.. It is all fooling Hazare and people of India. Poor old guy.

Patel. What Hazare can do? Every now and then, he threatens that he would fast again to death.

Gandhi. This time the Govt will say, “Go ahead with your fast. We are least bothered. Keep seeing till our patience is out? Better watch out. We know what to do. We are mighty powerful. We were considerate to you seeing past and merit of your past deeds.

Patel. That means Anna is in real danger.

Gandhi. I think he is least bothered. He is also saying that.

Patel. Bapu. Will this bill really work?

Gandhi. If you ask me, I doubt sincerely. How many guys Lok Pal will try in courts? Many people say this will be a blackmail bill. In India, no case can be decided so easily particularly when big guys are involved. They will dilly dally the issue, delay things greatly, do some time pass raising thousand doubts. Ohfo, The guys in government are strange men. They are experts in delay tactics.

Patel. True Bapu, What you said is true. When I wanted to take action against Hyderabad Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan in 1948 when he un leashed Razakars on Hindu population in state, Jawaharlal never agreed. I had to act without his knowledge. We hammered Razakars and Hyderabad army.

Gandhi. I knew it, But that was a bold action. But by that time, I was already killed by Godse at Delhi. So I can not say much about it. I am literally ignorant about it.

Patel. Bapu, Govt will never take bold decisions. All problems regarding security in the country today are due to indecisiveness of govt. Take case of Afzal Guru who has been sentenced to death by the courts and is still enjoying in jails getting VIP security. Why his case can not be decided. What prevents the President to decide? Is she so indecisive and lacks skills? Some people are not happy if his case is decided. They want to keep problem alive. How abut Kasab? The govt has spent already few crores of rupees on this wretched 26/11 guy who should have faced firing squad after capture. Instead they tried him so long, spent millions of rupees and could not extract anything worthwhile from him.

Gandhi. What to do? People elect such funny nuts who are of no use to this nation. So they also get govt what they deserve,. Hee. Hee,

Patel. Bapu. You are words are worth billions of US dollars for each alphabet.

Gandhi. Why you are not saying in rupees.

Patel. Every guy in this country is after US dollars including the followers of Marx and Lenin in this country.

Gandhi. Is it so?

Patel. Yeah. The children of these so called Marxists live in US and earn dollars. These guys also run to US on pleasure trips and spend dollars there. There is nothing new. After all they are also human beings. Marx is out dated now.

Nehru. Can you guys discuss some other issues?

Patel. What issue can be discussed. In India everything spins around corruption. You think of Puttaparthi of Satya sai baba, it is engulfed in sordid drama. Crores of Rupees and gold are found in Babas private room. No one wants to question. Cat is out of bag now. You discuss about govt it is full of scams. You discuss about foreign relations, you will find everything in shambles. You discuss about State politics, it is all shit in each state. ( sings and does fast jig)

In this nation all is cock and bull
While all nuts sing in chorus to their throats full
The nation is made a laughing stock
While the country is about to burn like a hay stock.

You and me keep watching with dismay
The leaders will swindle come what may
Those who raise voice like Baba are dealt in dead night
And the govt thinks that they are only right

Gandhi. Hear. Hear.. Very well sung and worded.

Patel. Thanks Bapu.

(In the mean time, a Sadhu maharaj approaches the trio and introduces himself)

Sadhu. I am a Sadhu from Hardwar. I am Nigamanand

Gandhi. Nice to see you sir. We are happy to see you. But we are also not happy that you came here when you were young.

Patel. I learnt that you fasted for nearly four months and then left your body.

Sadhu. That is all gods wish.

Gandhi. You fasted for saving Ganga. But no one bothered for you.

Sadhu. I did my Karma and I did not run for fruits thereof.

Patel. True sir. You are very wise.

Gandhi. To day fasting has become a joke. Most of the political leaders go on fast to death . They do this Tamasha for some time and will end fast under fanfare and end the fast when some fool gives lemon juice to them. Most of these leaders want some publicity. They want their photographs to appear in news papers and in TV. All this tamasha is repeated now and then.

Patel. Baba Ramdev is an exception. He is very sincere.

Gandhi. I am not saying of Baba Ramdev. I am saying about the normal thick skinned leaders from political parties.

Nehru. You guys are talking all trash.

Gandhi. How do you say that. Are you only the wise guy here?

Nehru. I never said that.

Gandhi. OK. It is up to you. If you do not like our talk better stay at your room. Please do not expect that we shall sing praise of your family always.

Nehru. Are we so bad?

Gandhi. I did not say that. But you do not want any criticism> Most of the time you guys only ruled and brought nation to today’s pass.

Nehru. Bapu. Iam fed up. I am going.

Patel. Please do it fast.

( Nehru walks away)

Gandhi. Look. This person can not stand any criticism.

Patel. That every one knows.

Gandhi. May god bless him, sorry his soul.

Patel. (Bapu. It is already late. It is lunch time. Let us go)

Gandhi. Ok. Let us go.

( The duo walks away)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)
Although India is a secular country, all efforts are being done to appease minorities by various means there by throwing the safety and honor of the nation to winds by our Pseudo leaders who are masquerading as patriots. Right from the days of Independence, the story is same and systematically the major community is being humiliated at every instant. Breaking up of Baba Ramdev’s protest fast at Delhi is the latest event in this direction. Probably, Anna Hazare is on cards. Time only will reveal soon. The major community is seen with suspicion and dubbed as s nationalists while some other people who are damaging national interests are being considered as patriots. How do you differentiate nationalists from patriots? In fact, nationalism means patriotism. It can not be taken as fundamentalism. In India, infact nationalists are being considered as fundamentalists ., The parties such as RSS, VHP, Bajrandal, Shiv Sena who are struggling for the identity of Hindus in mismanaged land with vote based politics and minority appeasement are being dubbed as fundamentalists while those who are preaching sedition, taking up conversions, another partition of the country are being glorified. Mulayam singh Yadav Samjwadi Party politician of national stature and an aspiring candidate for PM’s post of this country has gone on record that banning SIMI was not correct. He is sympathetic to SIMI and its activities. How disgraceful it is!
The present problem of terrorism in the country by a section of Muslims is being considered as the result of demolition of Babri Masjid. Infact Babri Masjid was the structure glorifying Muslim domination of India and humiliation meted out to Hindus, the natives of this land. In the past too, many wars were fought by the Hindu princes for the control over Ram Janmastan and the court case is eternally going on and it will be never solved in India. It is a policy management by the rulers. There is a saying that the problem would die on its own if kept neglected and pending. But this is not true in this case. The problem persisted and assumed major dimensions of mammoth proportions. At last, the anger gushed out and the structure that was no more a mosque was demolished. It is a past event now. At some stage, this would have happened. It is a known fact that Babri Masjid was built by General of Baber Mir Baqi in 16 century after demolishing existing Ram Temple. It was very common in those days to demolish Hindu temples and construct Mosques. Islam is against idolatry practices and it was the practice of Islamic invaders to demolish religious shrines of other faiths in all countries. It also happened in Spain and it reciprocated when they regained control throwing out Moors in the past. Killing women, men and children was a normal thing for the invaders. Raping women after victories by the invaders must have been a past time for them. It had happened after all invasions and during the Razakar times in Hyderabad state in 1948.It is well within memory of many senior citizens. However Marxist and Pseudo Historians in India who fall for few coppers and awards from government act as if nothing of that sort happened in India. Destruction of Hindu temples has happened in the days of Delhi sultanate in all glory. Visit any South or North Indian temple and you would see the madness of invading Muslim armies. Not a single temple and sculpture has escaped their madness, The disfigured idols and sculptures mock at Hindus and laugh at their inability to protect their faith and women and children. The Quwwatul mosque at Kutub Minar was raised after demolishing the Jain and Hindu temples that existed there. The marauders used temple materials in the construction and these materials like pillars , cross beams and lintels can be seen even today displaying Hindu architecture. No one questioned when scores of Hindu temples were destroyed in Kashmir by the fundamentalists and Pandits were driven out. The same is the case with Bangladesh incidents.
It is learnt that the Muslims in Kashmir were about 30-40 percent some years ago and today they are almost more than 90 percent. This has been achieved by driving Hindus from the valley and by producing unaccounted number of children through plural marriages. The guaranteed rules for Kashmir does not allow other Indians to purchase land and settle in Kashmir while the Kashmiris can purchase land and settle any where in the country. The special provisions given to J and K state are absolutely nonsense and this has prevented in amalgamating of Kashmir with the rest of the country. To day if Plebiscite is held in Kashmir surely, it would be negative to India. This is our self doing. The pseudo patriots who ruled our country after independence systematically ensured that Kashmir is made a burning problem appeasing Muslims. The result is what we are seeing today. Think of what Late Mr. Nehru did to Kashmir. Indian army in 1948 was on the verge of victory and regaining entire Kashmir and Lo, the great patriot and statesman called for cease fire and referred the matter to UNO. He has created an Achilles heel by his actions. India has fought four wars over Kashmir with Pakistan and yet there is no solution. Every time India won, it has made mockery of victory and handed over all the captured lands to Pak on silver plate. One Lakh Pak army captured personnel were handed over back in 1971 after the war without negotiating any thing. That was the right moment to bargain Kashmir once for all. But the leaders thought otherwise hoping to get appreciation from the world leaders and probably aiming at Nobel Prize for Mrs. Gandhi. The prize however never came their way which she never however deserved. India has been fighting the Jihadis in Kashmir and the army personnel are fighting with hands tied. As the days pass, another partition is appearing a reality.
Some time ago the youthful and sibling CM of Kashmir demanded that army’s special powers be withdrawn. Has Kashmir become a safe place? No. It is as bad as it was some years ago. It is worthwhile recalling an incident that happened with me in 1972. I was in Khannabal near Srinagar and was having a cup of tea at a roadside stall after stopping my Jeep. I saw an passenger air craft slowly lowering itself from the mountains of Banihal tunnel and was obviously was approaching the Srinagar airport. Two Kashmiri males looked at the air craft and remarked “ Hindustan ka jahaz araha hai…( Indian air craft is coming)”. I asked them, “What is this? Why are you calling it Hindustan ka Jahaz.? Are you not Hindusthani ( Indians)? ”. One of the guy remarked? “We are Kashmiri and not Indians.”. My head spun and I walked off from there after telling them curtly that they were Indians first and Kashmiris later and that Kashmir was part of India and not a separate country. They gave me a very vicious and dirty look at me, but kept mum after seeing the 0.38 Webley and Scot long barrel Pistol-revolver in my holster at my belt and seeing a section of uniformed escort soldiers with 7.62 SLRs ( self loading Rifles) ready for action. To day, situation is no different and has worsened greatly. All is our self doing and mismanagement. Leaders have failed to lead. They played dirty politics than guiding the nation correctly. In fact they let down the people of this great nation. Iqbal the Muslim poet spoke of a separate Muslim country and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founder of Aligarh Mulsim university also coined the argument earlier. In Hyderabad Sir Syed Ahmed Khan memorial lectures are conducted regularly at Nampally at a hall at Madina education centre. Earlier Mir Osman ali Khan Nizam 7 memorial lectures were conducted and after some objections these were changed to the present one. Nizam 7 became very unpopular owing to his Razakar actions in 1947-48. Why lectures in the name of Abul Kalam Azad can not be conducted who was more patriot than these guys. Turrebaz Khan a commander in Hyderabad army in 1857 revolted against Nizam and even attacked the residency. He was persecuted and hanged later on. He is forgotten. The Kothi Road in Hyderabad was named after him and now no board is seen. In India patriots are forgotten and pseudo patriots are glorified.
Is there any memorial for Ram Prasad bismil, Chadrasekhar Azad, Rani of Jhansi, Kunwar singh. Tantya Tope, Nana Saheb, Sambhaji Maharaj, Krishna Deva Raya,Shivaji Maharaj, Baji Prabhu, Tanaji Malsure, Renigunta RamiReddy, Sarvai Papadu,Rana Pratap, Durga das Rathod, Mahadaji sindhia, Baji rao, Ahalya Bai, Durgavathi, Kapayya Naika, Sitapathi alias Shitab Khan in Telugu land. We find statues of stray and corrupt political leaders who played mere dirty politics in the state and did less for the state.
While the leaders of this nation are busy letting down the nation, enemies of this land are silently planning to carve our Moghalstan by breaking up this country. The notorious ISI of Pakistan and Moghalistan research Institution ( MRI) of Jehangir University in Bangladesh are clandestinely planning for creation of Moghalistan. They are aiming at Islamizing Eastern states by border crossings, conversions and influencing areas in Haryana and Rajasthan where sizeable Muslim population exists. Outfits such as SIMI will surely abet this activity while we keep looking at them like fools.
The country is drifting away with Muslim and Christian appeasement towards the dooms day and it is time for all right thinking men to rise and arrest this phenomenon. Time and tide wait for no man. God helps only those who help themselves. It is time for all the Hindus to unite and assert. It has to be do or die. Otherwise there is no salvation.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Student Islamic movement of India(SIMI) is a notorious and extremely dangerous outfit of Islamic fundamentalists in India which aims to Islamize India and establish rule of Shariat. The members of this outfit are home bred duly brainwashed by external agencies and influenced by criminals and Jihadis such as Bin Laden and are inspired by their nefarious activities.Originally it was inspired by Inspired by the ideology for Islamic revival movements launched by Darul Uloom Deoband and Maulana Maudoodi, the founder of Jamaat-e-Islami, SIMI still stands for major and radical change in the socio-political character of Muslims in India. It supports the jehadi interpretation of Islamic scriptures and has assisted various Islamist terrorist groups to create chaos and to destabilize the country. The trouble- some neighbor of India that is Pakistan has only one aim in it’s life. That is to see India destroyed and disintegrated at all costs. Pakistan is a failed state in all respects as its activities prove.. It is not self dependent in any aspect and it has become haven for all types of mischief makers in the world such as criminals, Jihadis, sadists, terrorists, gangsters, underworld Dons, Crooks, dacoits, suicide bombers, Mujahids, arsonists, kidnappers, pirates, fundamentalist Mullahs and many more. All these men fitting into various outfits are abetted by the Jihadi inspired Pakistani ISI and Pak army apart from its pseudo democratic Government as a policy of destabilization all non Islamic governments including west. The role of Pakistan in terrorist activities is amply proved after Bin Ladens killing by American commandos near Pak capital. Pak was thoroughly exposed of its dual talk and had to bite dust in most shameful manner. SIMI has been duly banned in India owing to its outlook and anti national activities.
SIMI was established on April 25, 1977 at Aligarh by Mohammed Ahnedullah Siddiqi. This organization has been knocking at the doors of courts in India to get the ban lifted to enable to continue its nefarious activities. . SIMI had 400 cadres and 20000 members when it was banned. It is believed that SIMI has entrenched itself in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Delhi. This organization has now spread throughout India and has attracted educated youth too at educational Institutions in all probabilities. They are identified with India- hate campaign and propagate that India was ruled by Muslims in the past and therefore is a Muslim land. They claim that it is under the occupation and rule of Hindus who are now in majority and therefore it needs to be made into Dar- Ul- Islam at all costs. They claim that as per the Holy Scripture Quran, conducting Jihad that is a rightful act and must liberate the lands belonging to Muslims that are under occupation more so because it was a pious religious activity sanctioned by the scripture (1). Thus Jihad by SIMI was the rightful activity as claimed by them who are no doubt are misguided. What a fallacy indeed? Critics of Islam quote following in their support (2):-

“ Kill idolaters (Mushrikee Meccans declared war against Mohammed and his community) wherever you find them and capture them and blockade them and watch for them at every lookout (9:5)”

“There is immunity from God and message of God for those polytheists (Mushrikeen) with whom you have made treaties, so travel the earth for four months and know that you can not elude God and that it is God who brings disgrace upon all who refuse to acknowledge the truth” (Sura 9:1-2).

“When the sacred months are past, kill idolaters wherever you find them, watch them at every lookout. But if they repent and practice prayer and give alms, then let them go their own way, for God is most forgiving, most merciful”(9:4).

“And let them not think, those are bent on denying the truth (non believer)-that they shall escape (God); behold they can never frustrate (His purpose). Hence, make ready against them whatever force and war mounts you are able to muster, so that you might deter, thereby enemies of God, who are your enemies as well and others beside them of whom God is aware., and whatever you may expand in cause shall be repaid to you in full and you shall not be wronged”. (8:59-60)

“As for those you have made a covenant and there upon break their covenant on every occasion, not being conscious of god if you find them at war (with you), make of them a fearsome example for those who follow them, so that they might take it to heart, or if you have reason to fear treachery for people (with whom you have made a covenant) cast it back at them in an equitable manner for verily, God does not love the treacherous” (8:50-59)

Above verses from Holy Qoran are quoted by people who criticize that Islam propagates Jihad. The above verses are misunderstood by a section of believers and Muslim scholars do not approve wanton acts of Jihad as claimed by the fundamentalists. In fact Islam means peace. How can such a religion preach violence as a scriptural doctrine?, they argue. It is believed that Prophet Mohammed ( PBUH) ordered action against those men who broke the treaties made with him and tormented him and his followers and these were not for general actions against non-believers. But mischief-makers took advantage of the Suras and interpreted to their advantage and for waging jihad. This has been probably so in the past and in present too (3).

The Fatwah Issued by Osama bin Laden said (4)

“The ruling of killing Americans and their allies whether civilians or military is incumbent on every Muslim who is able to and in whichever country is easier for him in order to liberate the Mosque of Al Aqsa and Mosque (Mecca) from their grip and control, their armies leave the lands of Islam, punished according to law broken and unable to threaten any Muslim. This is in accordance with the word of Allah.

“ Fight them until there is no sedition (temptation) and the religion becomes that of Allah.(2:193) and his word. And why don’t you fight for the cause of Allah and for the downtrodden men, women and children who say “Lord bring us out of this city whose inhabitants are unjust and grant us from you a protector and grant us from you a supporter (4:75)”

SIMI planned to take revenge against those who perpetuated crime against Muslims in Gujarat and Mumbai riots and those who engineered Babri Maszid demolition. It is learnt that the outfits of SIMI led by Shibli, Hafz, Kamruddin, Ikrar sheikh, ans Shahwaz were being trained in the jungles of Simrol ( MP ) Hubli, , Ujjain ( Madhya Pradesh) and Mumbai ( Maharashtra)( 5). The important point to note is that certain political parties such as Samajwadi party (SP) concentrated in Uttar Pradesh is hob knobbing with SIMI and reportedly trying to squash cases against the members of SIMI. This is surely a dangerous trend. SIMI no doubt has dangerous agenda on its cards and serious charges are pending against the members. This is shameful that some political parties are trying to gain Muslim sympathy by abetting these dangerous men.

SIMI has strong base in Uttar Pradesh and Azamagarh province and police claim that nearly 80 activists have been identified who matter for regrouping of SIMI. They also claim that many of them have moved to Kerala and Karnataka that have sizeable Muslim influence and that Indian Mujahideen cadres in all probabilities would be joining the SIMI and merging with them . After all they are the birds of same feather being notorious outfits with sole aim of Islamizing India that earlier Sultans and Mughals failed to do inspite of years of intimidation and Oppressive and obnoxious rule.
SIMI is suspected to conduct its nefarious activities under the cover of nearly 12 different outfits in Kerala. Intelligence believe that Iqbal Bhatkal, Asadullah Akthar, Abdul Kareem, Karman, Akthar Kareem Amil Parwai, Alla Baksh, Sageer, Mohamad Sadiq, Irshad Khan, Sadiq Anwar and Hafiz Asif are among the individuals who could play a vital role in the regrouping of SIMI-IM cadres. They also believe Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kondotty near Mallapuram are hubs of SIMI activity. Mallapuram is a Muslim district in Kerala that was named a Muslim district. Friday has been declared as holiday in this district and creation of a Muslim district is a serious blunder by the Kerala state. People state that it is almost like creating a micro Pakistan in Indian-peninsula.
SIMI conducts its activities under the cover of nearly 12 different outfits in Kerala.SIMI that has fractured organization operates with two pronged attack. Safdar Nagori group that broke away from SIMI conducts Jihad while the other one fights govt to get the ban lifted (6).
Against this background of ideological underpinnings and activities of SIMI, with trans-border overtones, the fundamnetalist and radical organization with defiant posture of the students' body acquires significance today. An insight into SIMI's mind-set was evident during the Ikhwan Conferences organised by it in late 1999. The slogan of the Conferences, 'Allah Ki Jamaat He Ghalib Rahne Wali Hai' (Allah's Party Shall Indeed Triumph) had set the tone for the proceedings. The logo of the Conferences depicted a Quran with a hand holding a gun against a globe, encapsulating SIMI's philosophy of militant Islam. The keynote was struck by Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, 'HAMAS' leader, whose message in Arabic broadcast during the Conferences was in the nature of an exhortation for 'jehad' in defence of Islam. Even the certificates issued to the participants included the declarations ' Quran is our constitution' 'jehad is our path', and 'shahadat is our desire', reflecting SIMI's lack of commitment to the Indian Constitution. This organization is anti national, against peace and stability of the nation, pro Laden and therefore is very dangerous to the nation. Its regrouping at otherstates should be curbed with iron hand.At all costs this organization must be wiped out without mercy. (7).


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen walking on Delhi’s old market behind Red fort on Sunday. There are many things kept on road and are being sold. At one place a vendor is seen playing an old HMV Gramophone of spring winding type with 78 RPM records. The song blares out from trumpet cone.)

Iss Duniya mein hai sab chor chor

Koyi anda chor Koyee Murgee chor

Iss Duniya mein hai sab chor chor

Haa Duniya mein sab chor chor

Gandhi. Look Patel, What that singer says in this witty song

Patel. Mere Bapu. What he said is true

Gandhi. That implies to us also.

Patel. What can I say? You know it better.

Gandhi. I may not agree to it fully. There are so many Mahatmas born in this land. Sankaracharya, Buddha, Ram, various saints, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Ramdass, Ramananda, Dayananda,…. The list is long. How about them? The singer is not fair surely.

Patel. Bapu. That is a comic song. Please do not take it to heart. Our heart should be clear. Chor does not mean a thief who robs some one off his money. Krishna was a Makhan chor. Many songs were composed with word Makhan chor. Are we not worshipping him as God?

Gandhi. True.

( The trio goes to the vendor and Nehru purchases the record )

Patel. What will you do with this. Purchase Gramophone alos.

Nehru. Bapu has one in his room. Keep seeing now

( Nehru tries to break the record and patel prevents him

Patel. Come on Jawaharlal, Why are you breaking? What will you gain?

Nehru. I shall break this and get rid off this shitty song. He says every one is a thief. Am I a thief? What shit he is singing?

Patel. How many records can you break?. This song is now available on some CD and cassettes also. Haa..haaa…

Gandhi. What Patel says is true. Plesae cool down Jawaharlal.

( Nehru keeps the record with him)

Gandhi. I accept that this was a comic song and can not be accepted as universal truth.

Patel. I agree Bapu. There are many good people also in this world. I shall modify this song ( sings)

Iss Duniya mein bahuth chor chor
Koi anda chor Koyee Murgee chor

Gandhi. That is good. This is moderate and fine too. It is not offensive now.

Patel. Bapu. In present political system in India this song in original version is more relevant.

Gandhi. I agree. Now I shall modify this song. Listen ( sings)

Iss duniyan mein kuch ache log.
Kuch ache log bahut bure log… suno
Iss duniyan mein kuch ache log

Patel. Hera.. Hera.. Great Bapu. Great.

Gandhi. Thanks dear.

Patel. Look Bapu. Now the political system is so bad. Look at the govt. There are neck deep in scams. They are struggling like fish out of water and making all efforts in convincing people that they are at fighting corruption.

Gandhi. I know that. But this is all politics. Opposition tries to corner govt always. When BJP was in power congress also raised hue and cry. Once Mukherjee shouted that BJP had no face to point at Congress as they were tarnished with Tehelca.

Patel. But it can not take away right for pointing out corruption. Aim is to cleanse the system.

Gandhi. Do you believe they can do it?

Patel. Let us hope. By the time the investigations make some progress next elections will be due and all will be forgotten. In politics no one is a permanent foe and permanent friend.

Gandhi. Haa..Haaa.

Nehru. Do you guys have any thing else to talk here.

Patel. What else can be there? This is politics. Aim is to destabilize the other guy and throw mud as much as possible. ( sings)

There is plenty of mud everywhere
All this at others is thrown
The guys are kept on toes
Common man in despair is found to moan

Gandhi. Well said. I am proud of you. You are appropriate to the occasion. None cares for a common man. They are like gun fodder and chicken at butchers shop ( Now stylishly called Chicken centre)

Patel. Bapu. Let us move from here. We spent lot of time discussing this and that.

Gandhi. Let us go.

( The trio walks away singing Ramdhun)




Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are near Jantar mantar in Delhi that was earlier the place of protest by Anna Hazare )

Gandhi. Patel, I came to know that there will be some trouble here soon.

Patel. What can be it Bapu. Plesae tell us.

Gandhi. You know Hazare.

Patel Who does not know him? He is as great as you now in india. Govt is scared of him

Gandhi. Is it so. But I do not think so.

Patel. Why Bapu?

Gandhi. Hazare has been fighting for few months for the LOK pal bill and Govt is buying time and dilly dallying the issue.

Patel. Govt is always like that. It does not take quick and timely decision. If it takes quickly then it can not be called a govt.

Gandhi. Haaa..haaa.. Hee..hee, Patel you are humorous .

Patel. That I am Bapu. Without humor a man is as good as dead. Look , this Jawaharlal is anti humor. I never saw him cutting jokes and laughing.

Gandhi. That’s fine. Every guy has his own personality. We can not change some guys. They will be like that with constipated look.

Nehru. Bapu. This is a bit too much.

Patel. Look Jawaharlal, Bapu did not mention your name. Why are you worked up. Better take things easy.

Gandhi. we were discussing Hazare.

Patel. True. We deviated. All these days govt played great tricks with Hazare. Now it is stubborn that PM and CJ should be out of this. They also do not want MP in this bill

Gandhi. Govt will always do this. They do not want their feet to be cut.

Patel. Hazareji wants to go on Fast again.

Gandhi. Do you know? Mr Digvijay singh who happens to be the mouth piece of the party talks said that Hazareji will meet the fate of Baba. In fact it is a direct threat from top. That means govt would arrest Hazare

Patel. True. But that guy has now changed plate as usual. He said press has twisted his words.These leaders words are like Gramophone records of 78 RPM type. One side they will have what they said Otherside it will be no I never said. Press has twisted my words. Haa..haa..hee..hee.

Gandhi. What else he can say? They are comic figures in politics.

Pate; Hazareji is no less. He said he is prepared to give up life and asked police to shoot him,

Gandhi. Will police be that bold? Even if they fire rubber bullets, it will be over.

Patel. We can not say anything now. Any thing is possible. Let Hazareji start the fast.

Gandhi. Look Patel. I think Hazareji has arrived here to go on fast.

Patel. Hello Hazareji. Namasthe.

Hazare. Namste Patel sahib. Namste Bapu. Iam feeling very happy to see you here. I seek your blessings. I am getting inspired much.

Gandhi. My blessings are there always for good cause.

Hazare. Is my work not good?

Gandhi. It is very good. No one has done it after I was killed by Nathuram Godse.

Hazare. Bapu. I am struggling against corruption while the govt is trying to shield corrupt guys, not only now, but also for future.

Gandhi. Hazareji. This is a murky set up. . All old leaders vanished who had great integrity. You know how democracy in India has been working although we intended for a best set up. It is not new. It promotes corruption. The guys are habituated. They have become thick skinned and insensitive. To come to political power in India one has to spend tons of money. A poor man can never win elections. He will remain only a flag bearer. The leaders who matter now and in power are feeling very uncomfortable when you started your fight against the evil. The entire set up has become murky. How do you expect to clean this shit? Will Lok pal bill solve it? You are unable to get your suggestions passed as a bill and there is no guarantee that it will come through. Can Lok pal solve hundreds of corruption cases? It is humanly not possible. These are not summary trials by Lok pal. Their findings will be challenged in High courts, supreme courts, full benches etc. How many decades the tamasha will go on? Did you atleast think over this?

Hazare. Bapu. I think I am getting de-motivated by your talk. I am not getting inspired. Is it good for you, the father of nation.

Gandhi. Look Hazareji. I am not de-motivating you. You are doing a good job. But you have taken up this in fag end of your life. How much time you have to see this through? You are also a sick person and can not undertake serious fasts repeatedly. You may collapse too. Then police is already there to interfere and break things. Iam not sure whether entire nation will stand behind you I case of any emergency. There was no major up rise when Baba Ramdev’s fast was broken and he was whisked away. The poor guy went to some other place of Sadhus at Haridwar and took up a fast and that too he closed up soon under medical advise. I am not sure that you will succeed. Odds are against you.

Hazare. But Bapu, some one has to fight this. After you vanished, there were no major protests against corruption.

Patel. Hazareji, in which world you are living? Corruption is a part of life and world phenomenon. Madam Indira Gandhi said this long ago and certified that this was OK. After we belong to third world. We are not still considered as developed nation. Guys have taken cue from this and minted crores of rupees and deposited in Swiss banks. I am hundred percent sure that most of the important guys in political parties are now involved in Swiss bank accounts. They will never allow the accounts to be disclosed. It will happen only when Swiss govt discloses the information to world. It is doubtful this will happen. After all they have to do this murky business.

Hazare. One day things have to come out.

Patel. When it will come out? Is it after all evidence is destroyed? Probably all such guys must be planning against this.

Hazare. Bapu. What should I do now? I am already in this.

Bapu. What can I say? You are very wise and accomplished too. Make efforts. Lord Krishna said in Gita,

"Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani"

(You have a right to perform your prescribed action, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results your activities, and never be associated to not doing your duty)

Patel. Hazareji. Please do your bit. Please do not worry about the result. Do your karma.

Hazare. I am doing that. I shall also do fast if the govt acts funny delaying the issue and creating hurdles and does not accept our demands.

Bapu. Such things will be always there, The path is not smooth and it is full of thorns. ( sings)

Unchi nichi unchi nichi
Dagar jeevan ki
Chalana sambhalke pyare
Sambhalke chalna
Manjail tho hai badee dhoor
Manzil tho hai badee dhootr
Sambhal ke chalna..
Manzil tho hai badee dhoor

Thmhee safar mein tho bhi
Chor milenge tho bhi
Karnee karnee hai zaroor
Dhram karam kee jholi
Kahanpe gawaayi toone
Poochenge tere Huzur
Sambhalke Chalna
Manzil tho hai badee dhoor.
Unchi,,nichi… (The great singer Ch Atma from old film Bhakta Kabir )

(The path of life is uneven
Tread it with care, Oh dear
Know the destination is very far
While to you things are also not very clear

On the way down your path
You may find thieves, cheats and crooks
And there will be also many scoundrels and rogues
Yet carry on with your task with bright looks

On the way your path
You might loose your noble aim
Remember, and this will be asked at the end
So tread your path with care and get no blame)

Patel. Great Bapu. What a song at appropriate moment! On the way, oh, Mr Hazareji, you shall find many cheats and crooks and rogues, mischief makers, and scoundrels to misguide you, to turn your attention, to lure you, to defame you, to threaten you, to hoodwink you, to misguide you so that you are aim is defeated.

Gandhi. You are going through this phase now exactly. Your patience is being tested in your fight and waiting for an opportunity to trap you when you commit any mistake and say something in that direction. Then there are any number of laws in country to put you behind bars and break your will and the same laws are ineffective against corrupt guys.
For quick justice.

Patel. This is the normal practice in all governments.

Hazare. I am aware of such dangers. I am clear and I am not scared of anything including death. Even if police shoot at me , I am not scared. I am sure thousand Hazares will rise from my ashes.

Bapu. That is a great commitment. But I am not sure of your expectations. In this country, people have no such time to rise and demonstrate. They are timid and . Elections to parliament are still far away. Even if govt acts very strongly against your , as they have done to Baba Ramdev Maharaj, the memories will be short lived. Guys will forget things by the time elections arrive and they will be as clueless as before.

Patel. But Mr Hazareji. Please do your Karma. Rest is your Kharma

Hazare. What is this Karma and Kharma.

Patel. Hazareji. I stayed in AP for long and travelled widely and picked up Telugu words too. Karma is the Sanskrit word meaning action that one must do without expecting any thing in return. Kharma means ones misfortune to be closer to meaning.

Hazare. So I have to be prepared for everything. That under any case I am.

Bapu. That is very good. Go ahead.

Patel. Bapu. It is already getting late. It is better to be away from these places. Any thing can happen any moment. Similar thing happened to Baba Ramdevji Maharaj. Let us not get caught in such tamasha here.We have many better things to do and monitor.

Bapu. That is OK . Let us go. Jawaharlal . let us go.

Nehru. Fine, to days tamasha is over. I am happy now.

(The trio says bye to Hazare and walk away rapidly into distance while Hazare looks at sky in great hopes. In distance KL Saigal is heard singing

Panchi re…
Panchee…. kahe hoth Uddas
Panchee..eee..eee…eeee… kahe hoth udas
Thoo Thodna mun ki aas panchee
Too todna mankee… aas
Panchee… Kahe hoth uddas…) (Great actor singer KL Saigal)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are at Rajghat park in Delhi and are seen sitting on cement benches. They appear to be in good mood. Ata distance flame flickers on Gandhi Samadhi)

Gandhi. Patel. How is everything around? It appears all is quiet everywhere.

Patel. Bapu. It is not that quiet Bapu as we think.

Gandhi. What is the matter? Where is the trouble now?

Patel. Bapu. The latest Tamasha is now happening in Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh.

Gandhi. Oh! There! What can be problem there. Poor Baba has died and is no more there

Patel. True. He is no more three.

Gandhi. Then where is the problem. He had lot of trouble in his last days. You remember we went there to see his mortal remains after he passed away.

Patel. Yeah. I know that. We faced lathi charge also. We could not see his body and had to return.

Nehru. I also remember that fiasco. There was mad rush there. It was foolish to go there at that time. We were old also and could not push through.

Gandhi. Poor soul must be happy now in heavens

Patel. How do you know he is happy?

Gandhi. After all he is dead now and no more living in India that too in AP state. He has to be happy.

Nehru. Is AP state that bad?

Gandhi. Surely. There is great chaos there with Telangana stir. Then there is Jagans problem who wants to become CM. On top of it Naidu is becoming very active. He does not like shadow of Jagan. All these guys have made AP a murky shit pot. I doubt some administration goes on there. How bad it is!

Patel. Bapu, In Puttaparthi also there is lot of trouble

Gandhi. Now what happened there? Has Baba returned alive? I was told that he predicted that he would live for atlesat 87 years.

Patel. Bapu. How any one can predict his life span? There is nothing in our hands.

Gandhi. I agree with you.

Nehru. Bapu. You have to agree with Patel. After all he claps for everything you say.

Gandhi. No one prevented you.

Nehru. Iam not like Patel. I am made of different stuff.

Gandhi. What exactly happened there?

Patel. Recently the locked private room where Baba used to live was opened infront of many guys including trust members. Ohfo, What to say!

Gandhi. Tell me what happened there?

Patel. They found heaps of currency and many kilos of gold. It was reported in news papers that more than 30 crores currency and 98 Kilos of Gold was there.

Gandhi. Bapre Baap. So much gold and money!

Patel. I think these figures came in news papers. In actual, there could be much more.

Gandhi. This is very bad. Why so much wealth aws stored in Babas room. I am sure he knew everything about this.

Patel. Surely. Why not. Actually no one is allowed into that room, except Baba and one close associate of Baba.

Gandhi. All this look fishy. Why Baba should collect so much wealth in his room and why it was not deposited in Banks and not reported.

Patel. Every one is much upset about it.

Gandhi. Baba called himself God. Why a God should do these things? Where was the necessity for him. After all he has no attachment with this world. He claimed himself as Baba that too Satya Sai baba.

Patel. Bapu. There is one more Tamasha now. A van was caught by police in which 30 Lakh rupees were being taken away and trust of sai Baba says it is not their money. Police suspect fishy dealings in trust and issue notices to trust members. I am also sure that great mischief might have happened.

Gandhi. Time only will tell you.

Nehru. Do you suspect Baba?

Gandhi. Iam not saying anything. The wealth only will tell. Why Baba should store so much money in his room. In India IT guys are after poor salaried classes for every rupee. But see now. Influential guys are doing all sorts of things and people are worshipping them like mad people. There sis something basically wrong with our nation. People are crazy and mad too.

Patel. I fully agree with you. ( sings and does jig)

Some Babas are found to do some good job
While poor and hungry are found to sob
But such men are very few
As few droplets of morning dew

In an age of science and reason
Our men are tricked in all seasons
Age old traditions force us to these pseudo sages
And many have vanished into history’s pages

Gandhi. Very good Patel. ( Sings and does jig)

Running towards sages is our leaders rage
In political rise it is a must at every stage
India is a funny and typical land
Where people can be tricked into Baba’s band

Once The Prime minister of the land called India
Fell flat at the feet of the Baba in front of media
Such is the fad among the funny Indian race
While the militants want to erase us from the earths face

Why don’t the Baba’s claiming mystic powers
Set our enemies right sitting on the tower
From their hands can they take out a tank and a gun
Idiotic Indians are subjected to ridiculous fun

Patel. That is very fine Bapu ( sings and does jig)

Can these Babas create tons of gold
And India would be richest and bold
Why our people can not see reason and refrain
And they run to Babas without healthy brain

It is only in India these Babas flourish
And all the Babas are found well nourished
Truth is difficult to digest and swallow
While all the claims made are only hollow

India is full of Babas and Swamis
Many have met at Babas hands their nemesis
Many of them can not be trusted with women
They do all type of things in their den

Nehru. All Babas are not bad.

Gandhi. Did I say Babas are all bad. We only said there are many tricksters in this game. Some tricksters are exploiting Indian sentiments. Indians like fools fall at fet of any one who puts on saffron robes, with beads, kamandal, Trishul and long hair. We really do not know who is fake and who is real. This is a murky game.

Patel Look, Shirdi sai was real Fakir. There are many who say that he did not do any miracles. Ok . But he was not after money. He did not collect gold and cash in tons in his room. He died a beggar and throughout life lived as a beggar. How can we compare Shirdi sai with any of dhongi Babas.

Gandhi. Very true. But it looks that whole story is being unfolded slowly. Let us see what happens after few days.

Patel. True Bapu. Let us wait and see the tamasha.

( In the mean time a guard arrives)

Guard. Look friends. Time is up. Please leave this place.

Patel. Why Bhai. Can’t we stay here for some more time?

Guard. No. Plesae go from here. Or I shall loose my job.

Gandhi, Bhai. This is a place where I was buried. This place belongs to me.

Guard. What are you talking. If are buried here how are you talking. You are alive now.

Patel. Bapu. He does not understand reality.

Gandhi. Look Bhai, I am actually dead, But you can hear me and see me , but can not touch me

Guard. Please do not joke with me sir. Please go.

Gandhi. OK Come with me to Gandhi Samadhi.

Guard. OK. Let me see it. You can not fool me.

(The trio and guard go to the Samadhi and while Guard looks at them Gandhi enters his Samadhi and vanishes. Guard is awe struck. He starts perspiring and collapses with a loud shriek)

Patel. Hee..hee.. Poor guy. He will be alright to morrow. Let us go from here.

( Patel and Nehru starts walking away and Gandhi quickly joins them)


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
Behind the chaotic political happenings enemies of India are busy planning for destruction of Hindu majority India and aim at it’s Balkanization. India faces the serious threat of Islamic jihad first aimed at secession of Jammu and Kashmir that has majority Muslims in Kashmir region as a first step. In this direction, the separatists ensured that Hindu temples in Kashmir valley were destroyed systematically and Kashmiri Pundits were driven out from their home land. Many atrocities like abduction and rapes were committed by them on Hindus in Kashmir causing fear and alarm It was a policy of terrorization. Till now, the Kashmiri pundits have not returned to Kashmir as they have no safety there. An undeclared war is going on in Kashmir ever since from 1947. Three major wars have already been fought with Pakistan in 1948, 1965, 1971 and an undeclared Kargil war too. As a consequence of 1971 war, Bangladesh emerged as sovereign nation with the sacrifice of lives and blood of Indian soldiers only to be frittered way soon. Bangladesh soon landed into clutches of dictatorship that is too common in Islamic countries. The tiny state turned its guns to its liberator and preferred to share the bed of its former tormentor i.e. Pakistan. Now India has two enemies one on each side. The prophecy of Late Raja Gopalachari , the first Governor General Of India became true. For the last two decades, Indian Army has been fighting Pak terrorists with hands tied behind in Kashmir and the valley is still normal. Although some form of government is in Kashmir, the state faces serious threat from Terrorists and Pakistan. Terrorist organization such as Lashkar e toiba the dreaded outfit is based in Pakistan and receives all types of support from the state ( 1). They are housed, quartered, armed, trained and guided to destabilize India from time to time. Aim of the outfit is to bleed India continuously and prevent it from settling down in Kashmir in particular. Apart from the activities in J and K, the LET plans and conducts and abets various other operations throughout India to spread fear, instability and confusion. Their role in 26/11 attack on Bombay is very clear. This has been going on since long and former Pak President Zia ul Haq is credited with the idea of plans for balkanization of India. He unleashed the demon of Terrorists from his country and as seen today the demon is devouring its master. Pakistan is facing serious threat from its own terrorists who arte trying to take control of the nation. The very existence of Pakistan is at stake now.
Isalmists have never reconciled to the loss of their hold in sub continent. Once Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated and killed after battle of Train in…….., Muslims established their control in India and soon spread their control over south India. Allauddin Khilji and Mohammed Bin Tughlaq were the two rulers who concentrated on the conquest of south India that was more peaceful and was flourishing. Although Indian princes fought between themselves to spread their influence from time to time, the areas and provinces did not were subjected to devastation by the victors. With the arrival of Muslims in India, situation changed. The invading Islamic tribes from west were ruthless and people were subjected to atrocities, abduction, rapes, murder, killings etc. Temple were destroyed systematically and mosques were built over them often using same materials. This was a regular affair. This was something very new to Indians and this happened for next few centuries whenever Muslim armies invaded provinces in India. This culture continued from the days of Mohammed Ghaznavi to Aurangzeb till he died in 1707. After the death of Aurangzeb, Mughal power declined very rapidly and Maraths gained supremacy. Sikhs rose in Punjab under Ranjit singh. But the Englishmen captured political power by systematically interfering in politics and soon became masters of India. Muslim power declined to very great extent although they were provincial rulers under the Englishmen. With partition of India in 1 947, most of the Muslims remaining in India became a frustrated lot and withdrew from the main stream. They could not migrate to Pakistan. And they could not reconcile to the prevailing system under which they could not become masters of the country. Many of them who stayed back in India after voting for Muslim league taking advantage of Indian policy, still never considered themselves belonging to the nation and harbored deep ill will. Over the years this bad blood degenerated towards hatred and the jihadi outfits surfaced. There are many Indian jihadi outfits that work behind the scene for Islamization of India. SIMI ( Student Islamic movement of India) made no bones about its intentions and declared that India was ruled by Muslims and thus this has to be Islamized ( 2). Wahhabi thought has gone to such an extent that this organization was considered very threatening and was banned promptly. SIMI also declared that they would not rest till Islamization was achieved and that they would establish Khilaphat. Waging Jihad against Established Indian Constitution, government, system, Revival of Caliphate and Ummah are the key aims of SIMI. It is a different matte whether they would succeed or not. There is a need to crush this organization immediately and root it out from its deep roots (3). There is a saying that even a small snake has to be hammered and killed with stout stick.
Indian Mujahidden are growing and becoming dangerous too( 5). Mohammad Ghori and Mahmud Ghaznawi as their role-models. They refer to Hindu blood as “blood to be the cheapest of all mankind” and taunt Hindus that their “[Hindu] history is full of subjugation, humiliation, and insult at the hands of Islamic conquerors “
The Indian Mujahideen’s emails warn the Hindus to “Accept Islam and save yourselves” and or else face a horrible fate: – “Hindus! O disbelieving faithless Indians! Haven’t you still realized that the falsehood of your 33 Cr dirty mud idols and the blasphemy of your deaf, dumb, mute and naked idols of Ram, Krishna and Hanuman are not at all going to save your necks, Insha-Allah, from being slaughtered by our [Muslim] hands?” ( 4)

While the notorious criminals in India work openly in India against it, Silent conspirators are busy in Pakistan and Bangladesh to carve out greater Islamic land for Muslims that was once in power and now has lost it. A plan for creation of Mughalstan is being systematically worked in both these countries of course with the support of Indian sympathizers. Mughals ruled India after Baber established his control in Delhi in 1526 by defeating Ibrahim Lodi at Panipat war I in 1526. The rule lasted effectively till the Englishmen took control over India. The later Mughals after Aurangzeb turned to be ineffective and incompetent womanizers who could not re establish their control. Emperor Sham alam was the last ruler who raised sword against the Englishmen and after him all the Mughal rulers were pensioners and their authority was limited to Delhi only.

Pakistans Punjabi dominated ISI Mughalistan research Institue ( MRI) in Bangladesh under Jehangir University are the two agencies that re working on the plan. They plan to change demography of the states particularly in East such as West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland. On the western front they are concentrating on Haryana, and Rajasthan where Muslim majority regions exist. There is an active movement to raise as many as children in Muslim families to increase the strength. Family planning has no meaning to them, .


1.Dr K Prabhakar Rao, . Lashkar- e- Toiba is as dangerous as Al- Qaida,, January 01, 2009, 02:27, Published also on Progressive, December 31, 2008*

2 Dr K Prabhakar Rao, SIMI is dangerous to India’s existence, August 11, 2008, 11:16

3 Dr K Prabhakar Rao, .SIMI on rise again, spreading fast and is a serious threat to India, April 14, 2008, 11:31*

4.Syed Mahmood, Great Game for Balkanization of India,, 19 Aug 2009

5. Dr K Prabhakar Rao, . Has India turned into an unsafe country as terrorists have free time?, September 30, 2008, 23:54 (Actually appeared on site on 3 October 2008)*

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


DR K Prabhakar Rao
Hindus are divided. What happened to Ramdev Baba at Delhi at the hands of officialdom is the reflection of disunity.There are numerous examples to prove disunity among Hindus.
1.This happened when Prithviraj Chauhan fought Shahbuddin Mohd Ghori of Kabul in 12 century. India became a slave to Islamic rule for next 600 years.
2.This happened when Mohammed Ghaznavi of Kabul invaded India and Somanth in particular.
3. This happened when YadavaKings of Devagiri did not come to rescue of Kakateeya King Prataparudra II of Warangal against Allauddin Khilji and Mohd Bin Tughlaq in 14 century. Warangal and Devagiri both were conquered by Muslims.
4.This happened when Rana Sangram singh ( Sanga) fought Baber the marauder at Battle of Kanawha.
5.This happened when Maha Rana Pratap Singh fought Akbar all his life.
6.This happened when Sri Ranga Rayalu III of Vijaya nagar was betrayed by his Naikars and empire vanished.
7.This happened when Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj fought Aurangzeb.Raja Jai singh did not heed to Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj’s request to fight Mughals united.
8.This happened when Chatarpathi Sambhaji Maharj was betrayed to Mughals.
9. This happened when Chatrapathi Sahu Maharaj fought Tara bai after his release from Mughal's captivity.
10.This happened when Marathas fought Ahmed shah Abdali at Panipat.
11.This happened when Maharaja Ranjit singh was betrayed in Anglo Sikh wars.
12. This happened when Raghunath Rao peshwa colluded with company causing quicker down fall of Maratha empire
13.This happened when Tantya Tope,Nana Sahib,RaniLaxmi bai and Kunwar singh and rani of Tulsipur fought East India Company troops in 1857.
14.This happened when Bobbili king Raja Veera Gopala Krishna Ranga Rao in AP fought the French army and army of Raja of Vizianagaram and Hyder jung of Hyderabad Nizam in 1757.
15.This happened when sri Atal Bihari Bajpaiji was defeated by one vote in recent times.
16. This happened when Lord Rama was insulted by Karunannidhi and central govt filed a petition in Hon. Supreme court stating that Lord Rama was not a historical figure. This was great insult to Hindu belief.This was because DMK party does not believe in Lord Rama.On Dassera festival, they celebrates Rama Dahana ( Burning) instead of Ravana dahana.
17. This happened when Kanchi seer was arrested in AP at midnight and flown to Chennai and refused even bail.
18. This happened when in AP attempts were made to build churches on the hills of Lord Balaji destroying it's sanctity.
19.This happened when 1000 (medieval) pillar Mandapam was demoilished at Tirupathi and attempts were made to build pillars with Cross symbols.
20. This happenend whenever Media denigrated Hindu pontiffs on slightest pretext that dare not do for similar cases in repect of minorities.
21.This happened when Temples in Bangladesh were destroyed. No murmur was heard in India.
22. This happened when temples were destroyed in Kashmir by minorities and Pundits were driven out from there.
23.This happened when Swami ( Is he really a swami?)Agnivesh passed insulting comments on Amarnath yatra and holy ( Ice) shiva lingam. He was ofcourse was slapped once.
24.This happened when Haj Bhavans are being built extending all faciilities and financial help to minorities while Hindus are left in lurch.
Hindus have been thus betraying their own cause from time immemorial. They have not learnt from History. This is not something new. Minorities unite at call of religion. They go berserk and take to streets violently too most of the time. They feel proud in doing it. Hindus have no such sentiment. They are like a cat on wall. A naked truth it is .So they suffer humiliation and are severely exploited from many years. Political parties divide them and rule. Like fools Hindus fall a prey.

25.This also happened when Velama kings in Telangana at Racha konda and Devarakonda betrayed ruler great Kapayya Naika of Warangal and joined Bahmani sultans of Gulbaraga( Later Bidar) aginst him and Vijay nagar kings.An exhausted Kapayya was killed by deceipt by ruler Anapothanaika of Rachakonda at Bheemavaram in a battle. Their betrayal resulted in occupation of Telangana by Bahmani sultans.They had no national outlook.
26.This also happened when few scions of Telangana ( Amba deva) revolted against Rani Rudrama devi of Kaakteeya dynasty ( Daughter of Ganpathideva) being a lady at Warangal in 13 century. She was very valiant and crushed them mercilessly.
27. This happened When brother of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Venkoji at Tanjavur did not cooperate with Shivaji Maharaj and raised arms against him. He was disciplined by Chatrapathi.
28.This happened when marauder and evil Bijapur General Afzal Khan was protected by some Hindu warriors against Shivaji Maharaj who raised sword against him after Shivaji Maharaj knifed Afzal khan in the tent in self defense. Shivaji killed secretary of Afzal Khan on the spot.
29.This happened when in 1947 when Pakistan was created when congress was leading the freedom movement. They were in hurry to capture political power.
30. This happened when Bhagat singh and his associated were hanged by Britshers. Apparently no united efforts were made to save them.
31.This happened when Rani Chinnamma of Kittur was betrayed by one of her chieftain who ensured that cannon powder in the fort was wetted thus making guns ineffective against the troops of Collector Thackeray of Dharwar in the battle of Kittur in 19 century.He was crushed under elepphant legs. But Rani lost the war and was imprisoned.
32.This happened when some traitors handed over Veera Pandya Katta Bommana the palegar of Panchala kurichhin Tamil nadu to East India Company. He revolted against the East India Company. He was hanged along with his associates and his fort was razed to ground. .
33. This happened when some traitors gave information about Velu Thambi the Dewan of Maharaja Balarama Verma of Travancore Cochin who revolted against Company in 19 century. He committed suicide when he was surrounded at Malladi in Kerala..
34. This happened when Sarvai Papadu (Papanna) the dare devil ruler of Telangana province in 18 century was betrayed by some of his selfish associates to Mughal troops while he was asleep ( This reportedly happened at Khila Shahpur area near Jangaon in Telangana). He committed suicide to avoid capture, torture and humiliation.
35. This happened when Renigunta Rami Reddy, the valiant fighter of Telangana was betrayed to Razakars in 1948 and he was killed in the shoot out in deceitful manner when the Tehasildar reportedly shot him from behind hiding in a tree..
36. This happened when selfish Velama rulers at Rachakonda and Deverakonda in Telangana colluded with Bahmani sultans of Gulbarga in 15 century and fought relentlessly against Reddy kings of Kondaveedu (Formerly at Addanki) in Coastal Andhra Pradesh. This seriously weakened Hindu revival in AP and finally Muslims captured the areas.
37. This happened when King Prataparudra Deva II of Warangal lost great battle with Mohammed Bin Tughlaq in 14 century at Warangal and was captured on battle field due to differences between his Velama and Reddy Chieftains on the battle field . A section of Chieftains kept looking on battle field while other section was fighting along with the king. By the time they reacted seeing the emergency, it was too late and the king was captured. Kakateeya empire in AP collapsed with death of Prataparudra deva II on his way to Delhi when he committed suicide by jumping into Godavari river (Some say it was Narmada).Some ballads say that Prataparudra was rescued from Delhi by his minister Yougandhrayana and was restored. But the empire did not last long and the king abdicated and left into oblivion. It is also said that his successors migrated to Jagdalpur in MP and established a dynasty and ruled right into 20 century. Raja Bhanja deo ( Dev) was the last ruler who revolted against Indian govt and was killed in police firing. Loss of Kakateeya kingdom major setback to Hindus in south India.
38. This happened when Jagga Raya a chieftain put Sri Ranga Raya II emperor of Vijaynagar in prison with family and finally killed him along with entire family at Chenji fort and this resulted in the great Thopur battle in 17 century on the banks of river Kaveri in which Velama Chieftain Yachama Naika accompanied by many associates loyal to the slain emperor crossed swords with Jagga Raya and his army. Jagga Raya was slain in the battle. Rama deva Raya the only surviving son of Sri Ranga Raya II was crowned as emperor. But serious damage was already done to the empire and in course of time, it collapsed due to disunity among Hindu Chieftains( 1646). Muslims occupied entire south India. It was very great set back for Hindus.
39. This happened very long ago when Alexander invaded India. King Porus (Puroshotthama) of Takshasila was betrayed by Ambhi a local ruler who colluded with Alexander. King Porus was defeated in Battle although he had great military strength.
40. This happened during the reign of Sri Krishna deva Raya the great emperor of Vijay nagar who ruled in 16 century. The Naikars of Tamil region lime Madhura and , Chenji, never reconciled to the domination of Vijaynagar and often revolted and were subdued from time to time. These naikars ensured finally that the empire vanished when it became weak during the time of Sri Ranga III in 1646. Hindus were enemies of Hindus.
41. This happened when Rani Abbakka of Ullal in Karnataka was betrayed by her own husband to Portuguese. She waged wars against the Portuguese invaders much before Chinnamma fought against East India Company.

Hindus have been thus betraying their own cause from time immemorial. They have not learnt from History. This is not something new. Minorities unite at call of religion. They go berserk and take to streets violently too most of the time. They feel proud in doing it. Hindus have no such sentiment. They are like a cat on wall. A naked truth it is although it will be disliked. Therefore they suffer humiliation and are severely exploited from many years. Political parties know this very well and divide them and rule. Like fools, Hindus fall a prey.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Vemulakonda is a small village now and is located at 13.1 KM from Valikonda,a small town and Mandal Head Quarters in Nalgonda district in AP State. Valikonda is located on the road connecting Bhongir and Chityal another important place in Nalgonda district. Valikonda is at a distance of 30 Km from Bhongir. Bhongir is at a distance of 43 KM from Hyderabad.Chityal is located on National Highway connecting Hyderabad and Vijaywada. Valikonda also can be reached from Hyderabad along the above national highway by travelling up to Chautuppal that is at a distance of 51 KM from Hyderabad and then taking a diversion to Valikonda that is at a distance of 18 KN from Chautuppal. Vemulakonda isa distance of 13.1 KM from Valikonda

Vemulakonda is famous for its Matsya Narsimha swamy temple that is located on top of a great Granite hill that is called Vemulakonda. The temple is very ancient and at temple office on the hill sthalapuranam is not available. The Pujaris claim that it is very ancient. Vemulakonda is also famous as a place of historical importance as one of the important forts of Sarvai Papanna who ruled Telangana defying Mughal subedars of Mughal emperors during the end of 1 8 century. Sarvai Papanna was contemporary of Aurangzeab and flourished during the last years of Aurangzebs reign. He defied Bahadur shah I the Mughal emperor at Delhi who became emperor after Aurangzeb's death in 1707. Papanna conquered vast areas in Karimnagar, Nalgonda, Warangal and Nizamabad areas and built forts at Shah Puram ( Jangaon), Cherial, Tatikonda, Sarvai Peta, Husnabad and , Vemulakonda. He conquered Bhongir, Warangal and even Golconda forts. He was a popular ruler and cared for poor. He rose from the family of a Toddy Tapper to be the ruler of larger province in Telangana when all Hindu kingdoms were conquered by Muslims. He was a night mare to Mughal army in Deccan. He defeated Fauzdar of kolanupaka near Bhongir and killed some of the Mughal commanders. All good things finally come to an end. Papanna was betrayed by some of his followers while he was asleep and he committed suicide to avoid capture and insult and humiliation.His enemies claim that he was captured nad his head was cut off and hung to the fort gate. His forts most of which are now in bad state stand testimony to his valor and memory.

Vemulakonda is a very large Granite Hill looking a like an inverted cup and next to it there are two very large Hills very closely located. This hill is about 600 ft high. From a distance the side hills appear to be huge cones with Vemulakonda located in between. The hill is impregnable and can not be scaled from three sides. The slopes are almost vertical and smooth and can not be scaled by any means . However on the fourth side, the hill has a difficult approach and at present a road is being laid to the top of the hill. The dusty track from the village at the bottom of the hill is being repaired and the site is full of bushes and boulders that have been kept to the side. However vehicles can go slowly over it. Once the dusty track ends an asphalt road is available that has been built to go over to the hill. The road is well laid and vehicles can ply. However the road ends before reaching top of the hill as the final stage is under construction. This final stage is almost two hundred yards long and very steep and a side of the granite hill is being dug to make way for the curved road. At present one has to walk over to the top during thus final stage.
On can find the old fort walls, damaged bastions, dilapilated entrance with flight of steps and series of rough fort granite walls at vulnerable points. Most of the slopes are not scalable. Most of the high walls have collapsed over a period of time. The top of the mountain is nearly flat with granite stones spread every where.Plenty of breeze and gusty winds blow over the hill. An old ancient temple is located on one side over the hill facing North. There is no idol in this Stone temple. The temple appears to be a Vishnu temple as images of Garuda and Hanuman facing each other are carved at the entrance pillars. The temple is built by chiseled stone beams and there are no fine carvings in the temple on pillars or beams. It is in neglected state. One of the ancient structure is a strong room built with chiselled stone beams and is now being used by a vendor and Temple administration. Apart from these two there is no ancient worthwhile construction on the hill. The Matsya Narsimha Swamy temple is built on the hill near the Koneru ( pond) that is always full of water. The temple is of simple construction and images of Matsya Narsimha swamya re worshipped. The temple is under Endowments dept of AP state govt and regular pooja is performed. Temple committee is available and is notified. Lot of mprovemnet is required to be done at temple building various facilities for visitors. The koneru ( gundam) has fish that are believed to have marking on the fore head similar to Narsimha. Swamy. The gundam water is considered very pious and is believed to have magical powers to cure ailments.. Fort walls are not visible from top of the mountains and they can be seen only when one is at the approach road. Fort walls exist over the mountain at most of the places around the granite hill , but these are much deteriorated due to negligence.Some of the forts wallas can be seen while approaching the hill froma distance.
It is believed that Sarvai Papanna used to take rest at this fort in the stone shelter now available particularly at nights as this fort was impregnable and invincible to the enemy. Vemulakonda Fort needs preservation of whatever is left for posterity and the temple is required to be developed to attract more visitors that can bring in revenue. More research is required to be done on the fort and temple.The satue of Saravi Papanna is required to be erected at the fort entrance to commemmorate his memory.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, June 10, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen walking on Parliament street in Delhi. They are dressed in their usual attire and conversing too. They see an old man cycling in front of them. He is looking down and pedaling with much effort. He has tied a heavy gunny bag on the carrier at the rear of the bicycle. He is seen perspiring)

Gandhi. Bhai. You appear to be much tired. Shall we push you up the slope?

Stranger. No Thanks. I shall carry on.

Patel. Please do not hesitate. We really want to help you. He goes behind the bicycle and pushes him up the slope.

Stranger. (Gets down) Tanks Bhai. Iam much obliged.

Patel. (Looks at him closely) I think you appear familiar. Have we met earlier?

Stranger. Many times sir.

(In the meantime Gandhi and Nehru also gather)

Gandhi. Hey. I think I have seen you earlier.

Nehru. Are you not Nanda, Gulzarilal Nanda?

Stranger. Sir. I am Nanda. The same Gulzarilal Nanda. The same guy chewed like a beetle nut and spitted out on Delhi Roads. The exploited Nanda. You recognized me well.

Patel. What is this? Why are struggling like this? Where is your car and driver?

Nanda. They have gone long ago.

Nehru. So sad to see you in this state.

Nanda. I am happy like this sir.

Patel. I know that you were made acting PM after Nehru died suddenly.. You were again made acting PM when Shastriji died suddenly at Tashkent. Why are you in this pathetic state?

Nanda. It is all fate sirs. I was an temporary hero and was never was a real hero. Honesty has no place in this world. Guys ensured that Nehru family ruled India. I was honest throughout my life and this is the result.

Gandhi. Are you feeling bad for being honest?

Nanda. Never sir. To be honest is very difficult and to be dishonest is very easy. I have the satisfaction that I was honest and truthful and Gandhian. I do not care for this suffering. Life is not eternal. To day, we all remember Raja Harschandra for his truthfulness.

Nehru. Are you equal to that Raja?

Nanda. I never said that.

Patel. That is fine.

( In the mean time, a luxury car comes close and honks at them. All stare at the car. From the car a burly looking man over fed clad in all whites gets down. He is Aya Ram. He has golden chain in the neck and around wrist. )

Aya Ram. Hey. You jokers. Why are you wasting time on this road? Why are you blocking traffic? Get out, you clowns?

Patel. Bhai. Look at us. We are very old people and famished. Please try to learn to respect elders. Is this way you address elderly men?

Aya Ram. What the hell you are speaking. Why should I learn any thing. I know everything. Iam born wise man,. You know who I am? I am member of a political party that too from the ruling one. I shall skin you alive. Badmash kainka ( you rascal) Kutta kainaka( you dog. )

Patel. Oh , no. Should we get scared? Hee..hee..haa..aa What a threat! Haa,,haa

Gandhi. look Mr Leader sahib. Kindly do not loose temper. This road belongs to all. We are not blocking the road. This old guy was having problem riding the cycle. We only helped him. In what way it is inconvenient to you. There are plenty of wide roads next to us. No one gets scared by your words. We know how to deal with guys like you.

Aya Ram. My driver is habituated to ride on free roads.

Nehru. Is he an army driver? Does this mean that no one should be there on roads?

Aya Ram. Shut up. Do not argue. You do not know me.

Patel. We are not interested to know either. Sir Please go and do not pick up fight unnecessarily.

Aya Ram. (Looks at Nanda) You.. You are again here.

Nehru. Do you know him?

Aya Ram. I saw him several times on cycle around.

Patel. Do you know who he is?

Aya Ram. People say he was former leader in congress. I thought he was beggar.

Patel. He was a great leader before you started to know walking. Be ashamed of yourself.

Aya Ram. Then he is on cycle.

Patel. How he should be then ?

Aya Ram. Look at me. I am no minister at present. I lost previous election. Now I do only social work. But look at me. Am I suffering in any way? Look at my car. It costs 18 lakh Rupees. Look at my shoes. The pair cists Rs 5000./ . I made sufficient money for next ten generations of mine. It does not make difference even if do not win elections in future.

Gandhi. That’s why country is like this. When you die no one will shed tears for you. You will be forgotten in just few seconds. People like Nanda will remain in golden pages of India history.

Aya Ram. Why are you so harsh? Am I that bad? What happened to the country now? All are fine.

Nanda. Bhai. Iam getting late. I have to go and cook food at home. Kindly allow me to go.

Gandhi. OK Nanda sahib. We are happy to meet you, but very unhappy to see you struggling in old age.

Nanda. That is fine. (Sings)

Doosro kaa dukhda dhoor karne wale
Tere dukh dhoor karenge raam
Kiya ja tu jag mein bhalayi ka kam
Tere dukh dhoor karenge Ram.

( Gandhi, Patel and Nehru clap with dedication and sing in chorus while Aya Ram slips away slowly from the place)

Nanda. Bapu, I shall take leave.

Gandhi. Please take care of yourself. This is a cruel world. Iam very unhappy that your party never bothered for you. They used you, exploited you, rubbed you down and did not recognize your services. In fact you should have been given Bharat Ratna. When all nuts and bolts are awarded Bharat Ratna, why not you? Their ways are funny. ( Sings and does jig)

This nation has rather gone to rabid dogs
In every corner we find many dirtiest hogs
The nations is now like a rotten leaf at dust bin
And is struggling like a fish devoid of its fin

Guys have tons of money and stored in Swiss banks
And those who demand truth are considered as mere cranks
The nations is on a shameful crash course
While those on top have no remorse

Patel (Claps) Bapu. You told truth. You are great

Gandhi. Thanks dear to be with me. Jawaharlal, Are you not happy?

Nehru. My being happy or unhappy has no meaning in fact.

Gandhi. Why are you so cut up?

Nehru. There is nothing. Patel as usual is at the old game.

Gandhi. Take it sportively dear.

Patel. Bapu. Forget him. We can not change some people. We have to leave them.

Gandhi. So be it, Patel. I am much cut up after meeting Nanda.. I also feel the same. Look at him. How famished he is. There is none with him in this old age. Look at todays politicians who are making fortune even if they have become minister once in their life time. Their sons, daughters or wives and even aunts succeed them one after the other. We have many examples right from the MLAs to MP and even PMs. When we brought freedom I never thought India would be like this.

Patel. It was better you died soon.

Gandhi. True. Patel. Is there no way out from this?

Patel Looks so. Evil has lodged itself very strongly in official circles and politicians.

Gandhi. What happens if opposition comes to power?

Patel. Opposition was also in power earlier. But they have not brought black money from Swiss banks. Their time was soon over and now they again became opposition.

Gandhi. I see. I think whoever is in power makes all efforts not to disclose names of the crooks.

Patel True. If I am correct Swiss Banks did not cooperate when opposition was in power.

Gandhi. God bless them. But now the Banks are ready to disclose

Patel. But these guys do not want them to be reveal the names. They caught one fish and making an example . But why not do same to all.

Patel. Bapu. Once the cat is out of bag who can control it? The country would catch fire. Many heads would roll. Entire country could get destabilized. But tragedy is that it is only Baba and Hazare are after corruption and are with hammer and tongs against the rulers. But the real political parties are lying low and watching tamasha. They are not leading from front. Neither they have joined agitation. Only few days ago BJP reacted.

Gandhi. All have some fears about the list of names. All can not be from same party. Surely they will be many from other parties too. That is the worrying factor.

Patel. Bapu. What an assessment you made ! You are great indeed.

Gandhi. That is why I am mahatma.

Nehru. Please know Patel, He has not been given title Mahatma for this.

Patel. Better relax Jawaharlal, you have no case. Take care of your interests. You also ruled this nation for 16 long years. Is it without blemish?

Nehru. I never said the rule was free of all misdeeds. Mistakes do occur. Afterall it was a infant democracy. I led it.

Patel. Not for sixteen years.

Nehru. Personally I am free from this.

Patel. I know that. You were very honest as person. But you wanted to rule always. You did not even resign after 1962 when nation was dishonored, got beating from Chinese being a foreign policy failure.

Nehru, I also feel sad about it. I also died aster it soon.

Patel. We know that But you did not heed to advise. You saw only personal glory in your actions.

Nehru. I never sought any thing personal.

Patel We know that, You were honest, but your policies were bad. You sought glory.

Gandhi. Patel. Plesae leave him. Why discuss past things now. It is a long forgotten story.

Patel. Bapu. It is not forgotten. We suffered humiliation and lost territory to a tune of Lakhs of sq KM .

Nehru. What I should do ?

Patel. Now what you can do. Damage has been done already. It is a history now.

Gandhi, Better we discuss something. Jawaharlal is getting upset much.

Patel. OK Bapu.

(Suddenly some police guys appear there and confront the trio)

Inspector. Hey. Who are you guys? Are you from Babas gang? Better leave this place. Or else you will be in trouble. You know what happened to Baba.

Patel. We belong to no gang. We are simple old guys having evening walk. What happened to Baba is a part of game. He was prepared for it. Ultimate victory will be his.

Inspector. This is no place for walk. This is not a free zone. Better get lost.

Patel. Sir, Can’t you be polite?

Inspector. We are trained like this. How do you expect police to speak? Say all nice things to you. If we are nice who will listen to us?

Patel. Did I say that?

Inspector. We are from Delhi police. You know what happened to Baba at Ramlila Maidan some days ago. Better know it. Disappear from here.

Gandhi. Wisdom lies in going from here. There is no point fighting guys who see no reason.

Inspector. Hey old man, you appear to be wise.

Patel. He was always wise and needs no certification.

Inspector. You appear to be a trouble some. Better you guys move from here.

Gandhi. Is this India we dreamt for?

Patel. Surely not.

Gandhi.. Where is Ram raj?

Patel. There is only Ravana raj here. Who was Ram ?

Inspector. You guys. I am giving 10 minutes to move from here. I am going to a place to do lathi charge. I shall come back and if you are still there I shall take care of you. I shall chew your …b…

Patel. Better do that.

(Inspector goes away)

Gandhi. Look patel. Better we leave from here. There is no point fighting with guys devoid of upper story. They think less and act foolishly. Jesus said, “Oh father forget these, They do not know what they are doing”.

Patel. Fine Bapu. As you say we do. There is no point blaming them either. They are trained like that. In all countries they are like that.

Nehru. Let us go.

(The trio disappears suddenly to the music of Ramdhun)