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                      Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Dil me hokar aankhse d.oor
Too majboor aur mai majboor
Hai mai majboor
Dil me hokar aankhse d.oor
Too majboor aur mai majboor
Hai mai majboor

Guzre zamaane yaad aayen
 yaad aaye yaad aayen
aaankhme aansu bhar bhar layen
aaankhme aansu bhar bhar layen
Too majboor aur main majboor
Dil me hokar aankhse d.oor
Too majaboor aur mai majboor
Hai mai majboor

Dil chahe phir   dinwo aaye.
dinwo aaye. dinwo aaye
Dil chahe phir   dinwo aaye.
Bichde hue do dil  mil jaaye
Bichde hue do dil     mil jaaye
Par too majboor mai majboor
Dil me hokar aankhse d.oor
Too majboor aur mai majboor
Hai mai majboor

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao


Scores of wonderful temples were constructed in ancient India throughout the length and breadth of the land and foreign visitors were wonderstruck at their sight. Temples were constructed by Rashtrakoota kings carving out the rocky mountains such as in Ajanta and Ellora in Maharshtra. Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in south India has many magnificent temples constructed by the Pandyan and Chola and Hoyasala rulers and Badami Chalukyas. In Andhra Pradesh most of the famous temples were constructed by the Eastern, and Kalyani Chaulkya kings and Kakateeya kings and Naika kings. In Kalinga famous temples were constructed at Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark. Chandela Rajput kings built famous Khajuraho temples.At Mount Abu jain temples stand gloriously. All these temples are architectural marvels. These temples stand even today inspite of determined and sustained vandalism by the Muslim rulers throughout their rule. In all these temples we find idols with broken limbs, damaged faces, severed breasts and elephants sculptures with severed tusks and nostrils.

Islam abhors idol worship and prescribes that all infidels are dwellers of hell and should be put to sword or converted.. Islam invaded India by the sword and hardy warriors of Islam determined to spread their faith conquered all Middle East countries and eradicated the existing societies in such lands and Islam flourished in all such places. Afghnaistan was earlier known as Gandhara and was more or less a Buddhist state that preached universal peace and non violence. The Buddhists were massacred to the end and the country turned into an Islamic state soon. Afghanistan too had many Buddhist temples and sculptures which were destroyed and defaced. Bamiyan Buddhas on silk route stand even today that are more than 2000 years old. How saddening it is that these innocent Bamiyan Buddhas were damaged by the Taliban fundamentalists in recent times while in power by firing field guns at them! The evil act was done inspite of condemnation by world leaders. Thus temple destruction by the Islamic rulers in the past thus need no further proof after the recent Bamiyan Buddha destruction at the hands of Taliban which is within every ones memory. However it is worthwhile to record such gory happenings in the past in India. The destruction of temples can be divided between various periods as under. The pseudo secular leaders running Mulsim vote bank ask what can be achieved now by discussing about the past events. Most of these leaders are ignorant of our history and have risen to higher positions through criminalized politics. Destruction of Hindu temples can be grouped during various periods as under :-

a. Destruction during Invasion of Mohammed Ghaznavi

b. Destruction during invasion of Mohammed Ghori

c. Destruction by Slave sultans

d. Destruction by sultans of Khilji dynasty

e. Destruction by sultans of dynasty of Tughlaqs.

f. Destruction by the sultans of Sayyad and Lodi dynasty

g. Destruction by Baber during invasion

h. Destruction by Mughal rulers up to Aurangzeb

i. Destruction by provincial rulers at Ahmedabad in Gujrat

j. Destruction by provincial Khilji rulers at Mandoo ( Malwa)

k. Destruction by Bengal Nawabs in Orissa

l. Destruction by Bhamani sultans ( Gulbarga and Bidar) in South India

m. Destruction by Deccani sultans at Bijapur, Golconda, Berar, Ahmednagar and Bidar individually

n. Destruction by Combined armies of Deccani sultans at Vijaynagar and Hampi

o. Destruction by Hyder Ali and his successors ruling at Mysore

p. Destruction by Karnatic Nawabs

q. Destruction by Asifjahis

r. Destruction by Razakars.1948


Although Mohd Bin Kasim invaded Sindh provinces in 707, there was some respite till the arrival of Mohd Ghaznavi who invaded in 11 th century with intention of loot and plunder apart from spreading the faith. The most important Somnath Temple in Gujrat was the richest and holiest Jyothirlinga shrine in India and it’s fame spread everywhere. Obviously the evil eyes of the invader fell on it. However he invaded other provinces let loosing destruction of smaller temples before arriving at Somnath temple. Hindus put up stiff resistance to protect Somanth, but were defeated. They even pleaded with Ghaznavi not destroy the idol and could take any amount of gold. But Ghaznavi said that he would not like to go down in history as idol bargainer and would prefer to be idol destroyer. He broke the Linga into many pieces and took the stones away to Kabul where he spread these stones on the steps of a mosque where everyday thousands would be stepping on them and feeling elated. The evil acts have been recorded by his secretary Utbi in his Tarikh-i-Yamini (1 ).

Some foolish Hindus thought that Lord Shiva would destroy the Mlechas by opening his third eye and nothing of that sort happened. Lord Shiva looked on helplessly while the Linga was made to pulp. In Kaliyuga still many years are left and divine intervention can not take place now for ultimate destruction of the wicked. Fact remained that Somanath became the victim several times. Every time it was rebuilt it was destroyed by Muslim rulers. Aurangzeb destroyed it for the last time and it remained in ruins till Sardar Patelji got it reconstructed after independence much against the will of his colleague Jawaharlal Nehru the PM of the country and it was also inaugurated by Babu Dr Rajendra Prasad to the much displeasure of Nehruji. But for Patelji this shrine would have still remained in ruins mocking at us. It is also a fact that Nehruji gave a clean chit to Ghaznavi in his book “Discovery of India” in which he strangely discovered that looter and abductor and killer Mahmood Ghaznavi came to India only to loot and plunder, and he was not communal and a fundamentalist. Mohd Ghaznavi carried away tonnes of gold and valuables over camels to Kabul leaving trail of death, shame and misery. As usual , women were carried away, raped, men were slaughtered and scores of women and children were taken away as slaves to be sold in Arab countries and to satisfy lust of the devils. One should realize that Somnatha temple was repeatedly destroyed by various sultans. Whenever it was destroyed Hindus rebuilt it and soon sultans destroyed it with vengeance. It continued several times till the rule of Aurangzeb of Mughal empire and it remained in ruins till India gained independence. This goes to prove that there was no religious tolerance although pseudo secular writers claim that all was well and Muslim sultans were mostly tolerant. But no one explains why this temple was repeatedly destroyed by them.


Mathura is a very pious place for Hindus and is associated with Lord Krishnas life. It is Lord Krishna’s birth place. He was born in a prison where his mother and father were imprisoned by his maternal uncle Kamsa so that he could be killed immediately after his birth. It is on the banks of Yamuna river. Many holy shrines with excellent sculpture are built there and is a renowned pilgrim center. Mahmuds Ghaznavi’s Armies attacked Mathura in 1015and vandalized the place. Beautiful sculptures were defaced and broken and they stare at us today and mock at our inability to protect them. . According to his secretary Utbi, "The Sultan gave orders that all the temples should be burnt with naptha and fire, and levelled with the ground." The pillage of the city continued for 20 days. Mahmud now turned towards Kanauj which had been the seat of several Hindu dynasties (1) Huge quantity of gold, silver and other valuables were looted by the invading thug called Ghaznavi from Kabul.

Utbi continues: "In Kanauj there were nearly ten thousand temples... Many of the inhabitants of the place fled in consequence of witnessing the fate of their deaf and dumb idols. ."


Mahmud was followed by Mohammed Ghori in 12 century.According the Taj-ul-Ma'sir of Hasan Nizami, "While the Sultan Mohammed Ghori remained at Ajmer, he destroyed the pillars and foundations of the idol temples and built in their place mosques and colleges and precepts of Islam, Mohammed Ghori also invaded and damaged temples at Khajuraho in todays Madhya Pradesh built by Chnadela Rajputs. Mohad Ghori left India after handing over the provinces to be ruled by Kutubuddin Aibek his slave General. In 1194AD his governor ( slave) Kutubuddin Aibak destroyed 27 Hindu temples at Delhi and built the Quwwat-ul-lslam mosque with their debris. This can be seen even today. The pillars and lintels are from Hindu temples According to Nizami, Aibak "adorned it with the stones and gold obtained from the temples which had been demolished by elephants".In 1194 he got 1000 temples destroyed in Varanasi. In 1196 AD he advanced against Anahilwar Patan, the capital of Gujarat. Nizami writes that after Raja Karan was defeated and forced to flee, "fifty thousand infidels were dispatched to hell by the sword" and "more than twenty thousand slaves, and cattle beyond all calculation fell into the hands of the victors".

The city was sacked, its temples demolished, and its palaces plundered. On his return to Ajmer, Aibak destroyed the Sanskrit College of Visaladeva, and laid the foundations of a mosque which came to be known as 'Adhai Din ka Jhompada'. A free-lance adventurer, Muhammad Bakhtyar Khalji, was moving further east. In 1200 AD he sacked the undefended university town of Odantpuri in Bihar and massacred the Buddhist monks in the monasteries. In 1202 AD he took Nadiya by surprise. Badauni records in his Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh that "property and booty beyond computation fell into the hands of the Muslims and Muhammad Bakhtyar having destroyed the places of worship and idol temples of the infidels founded mosques and Khanqahs".


Shamsuddin Iltutmish who succeeded Kutubuddin Aibak at Delhi invaded Malwa in 1234 AD. He destroyed an ancient temple at Vidisha. Badauni reports in his 'Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh':

"Having destroyed the idol temple of Ujjain which had been built six hundred years previously, and was called Mahakal ( Jyothirlinga), he levelled it to its foundations, and threw down the image of Rai Vikramajit ( Vikramaditya) from whom the Hindus reckon their era, and brought certain images of cast molten brass and placed them on the ground in front of the doors of mosques of old Delhi, and ordered the people of trample them under foot. Yet Hinduism did not disappear and spirit of Hindus could not be erased..


" Jalaluddin Khalji led an expedition to Ranthambhor in 1291 AD. On the way he destroyed Hindu temples at Chain. The broken idols were sent to Delhi to be spread before the gates of the Jama Masjid. His nephew Alauddin became Sultan in 1296 AD after murdering his uncle and father-in-law, Jalaluddin. In 1298 AD he equipped an expedition to Gujarat under his generals Ulugh Khan and Nusrat Khan. The invaders plundered the ports of Surat and Cambay. The temple of Somnath, which had been rebuilt by the Hindus, was plundered again and the idol taken to Delhi for being trodden upon by the Muslims. Allauddin sent his slave eunuch general Malik kafur to invade south India. He invaded south Indian kingdoms for the first times at Devagiri ( Yadavas) and Warangal ( Kakateeyas) and Dwara Samudram (Hoyasala) in Karnataka territory. He caused immense damage to the temples in South India that can be seen even today. Not a single temple has been left by his armies.


He was followed by Mohd Bin Tughlaq who conquered the south Indian kingdoms and annexed the territories. Entire south India came under his control. He established an Islamic state Mabar in Madura which later became independent. It was however annexed by Vijaynagar later. All temples in south India were pillaged and damaged. Temples at Warangal and in Pandyan territory were vandalized. Similarly temples at Halebid in Dwrasamudram were vandalized., Later Firuz Shah Tughlaq led an expedition to Orissa in 1360 AD. He destroyed the temple of Jagannath at Puri, and desecrated many other Hindu shrines. According to 'Sirat-i-Firoz Shahi' which he himself wrote or dictated ( C),

"Allah who is the only true God and has no other emanation, endowed the king of Islam with the strength to destroy this ancient shrine on the eastern sea-coast and to plunge it into the sea, and after its destruction he ordered the image of Jagannath to be perforated, and disgraced it by casting it down on the ground. They dug out other idols which were worshipped by the polytheists in the kingdom of Jajnagar and overthrew them as they did the image of Jagannath, for being laid in front of the mosques along the path of the Sunnis and the way of the 'musallis' (Muslim congregation for namaz) and stretched them in front of the portals of every mosque, so that the body and sides of the images might be trampled at the time of ascent and descent, entrance and exit, by the shoes on the feet of the Muslims."

Still more horrible scenes were enacted by Firuz Shah Tughlaq at Nagarkot (Kangra) where he sacked the shrine of Jvalamukhi. Firishta records that the Sultan "broke the idols of Jvalamukhi, mixed their fragments with the flesh of cows and hung them in nose bags round the necks of Brahmins. He sent the principal idol as trophy to Medina." Muzzaffar Khan the new Governor of Gujrat became independent after the death of the Delhi Sultan and assumed the title of Muzzaffar Shah in 1392 AD. Next year he led an expedition to Somnath and sacked the temple which the Hindus had built once again. He killed many Hindus to chastise them for this "impudence," and raised a mosque on the site of the ancient temple. The Hindus, however, restarted restoring the temple soon after. In 1401 AD Muzaffar came back with a huge army. He again killed many Hindus, demolished the temple once more, and erected another mosque. These incidents reveal that Somnath temple was the prime target of Muslims as Hindus revered it most. In 1376 Feroz Shah invaded Varanasi and ordered that 100 temples be demolished and it was done promptly by the fundamnetalists.He also carried away great amount of wealth that was looted from the city.

Mahmud Khalji of Malwa (1436-69 AD) a provincial ruler also destroyed Hindu temples and built mosques on their sites. He heaped many more insults on the Hindus. Ilyas Shah of Bengal (1339-1379 AD) invaded Nepal and destroyed the temple of Svayambhunath at Kathmandu. He also invaded Orissa, demolished many temples, and plundered many places. The Bahmani sultans of Gulbarga and Bidar considered it meritorious to kill a hundred thousand Hindu men, women, and children every year. They demolished and desecrated temples all over South India.

The climax came during the invasion of Timur in 1399 AD. He starts by quoting the Quran in his Tuzk-i-Timuri: "O Prophet, make war upon the infidels and unbelievers, and treat them severely."

He continues: "My great object in invading Hindustan had been to wage a religious war against the infidel Hindus...[so that] the army of Islam might gain something by plundering the wealth and valuables of the Hindus." To start with he stormed the fort of Kator on the border of Kashmir. He ordered his soldiers "to kill all the men, to make prisoners of women and children, and to plunder and lay waste all their property". Next, he "directed towers to be built on the mountain of the skulls of those obstinate unbelievers". Soon after, he laid siege to Bhatnir defended by Rajputs. They surrendered after some fight, and were pardoned. But Islam did not bind Timur to keep his word given to the "unbelievers". His Tuzk-i-Timuri records:

"In a short space of time all the people in the fort were put to the sword, and in the course of one hour the heads of 10,000 infidels were cut off. The sword of Islam was washed in the blood of the infidels, and all the goods and effects, the treasure and the grain which for many a long year had been stored in the fort became the spoil of my soldiers. They set fire to the houses and reduced them to ashes, and they razed the buildings and the fort to the ground."


They were no different and Sikandar Lodi has gone down the history as the most perverted and fundamentalist ruler. He persecuted Hindus and destroyed temples. In 1496 Sikandar lodi ordered that all temples in Varanasi be demolished and mosques be erected and this order was promptly carried out. A grand Temple of Vishnu built in Mathura was destroyed by Sikandar Lodi.(D)


Baber who invaded India at the behest of some of the enemies of Ibrahim Lodi the king at Delhi caused great devastation like mass killings, abductions etc. after every victory. Destruction of Ram Janmabhoomi at Ayodhya ( Near Faizabad) by his General Mir Baqi and construction of a mosque at the same place has been a burning cauldron since those days. Many wars were fought to regain it and many sacrificed their lives too.The dispute is not new. Ayodhya is the most scared center for Hindus as Lord Ram was born there and also ruled there. A court battle is going on from the days of partition from 1949 and the desperate crowds who waited for nearly 44 years managed to destroy the structure built at the site ( No prayers are offered my Muslims at the place) during the times of PV Narsimha Rao as PM. This led to many communal clashes in the country including Godhra Carnage and subsequent retaliation in Gujrat. At Hyderabad AIMIM party has been trying to spearhead the agitation against the incident and conducts annual protest. To keep the fire alive. Archeological survey of India also unearthed ample evidence that the site had an ancient Hindu temple and that it was pulled down before the construction of a mosque there. The demolition of the Babri structure, defunct as a mosque for 60 years, is much publicized as “fascist Hindu act.” But what is not said is that Hindus have been trying to recover Ram janmabhoomi from the day Mir Baqi, a noble of Mughal emperor Babar, imposed a mosque on it in 1528. This mosque was a memorial to humiliate the vanquished Hindus.

Tell-tale evidence excavated from around the disputed site speaks volumes about the Hindu connection. A stone slab of about 5’x2.25’ recovered from the debris on Dec. 6, 1992, records the construction of a magnificent gold-topped temple of Ram during the reign of emperor Govind Gahadwal (1114-1154 A.D.) by king Naya Chandra and Ayush Chandra. This certainly proves the presence of a temple that was demolished to make way for a mosque ( B) by the fundamentalist Baber and his General Bir Baqi in 1527.


Although Emperor Akbar has been hailed as a great ruler, he was not free of blame. It has been recorded in Ain I Akbari that after the fall of Chitthor in Feb 1568, he ordered Mass killings of 30,000 Rajputs and got all temples destroyed. This aspect has been described in Part I of this article. His later reconciliation with Hindus as claimed by pseudo secularists does not absolve him of the sin he committed. He remained a fundamentalist by heart. Akbar was the monarch of India and during his time Kala Pahad general of Bengal nawabs invaded Orissa and caused very great devastation.Orissa has very grand and pious temples. The famous Jagannath temple is at Puri. Famous Sun temple is built at Konark. There are other famous temples such as Lingaraja and RajaRani temples at Bhubaneswar. Kalapahad immensely destroyed temples, broke the images and caused havoc. Probably he has done greatest damage to Konark temple that collapsed subsequently. If Emperor Akbar was a tolerant ruler as claimed by our pseudo historians, this vandalism should not have been allowed. Orissa never recovered from this vandalism and all the sculptures in these temples stand testimony to the intolerant Islamic invaders.



The confederation armies of Deccani sultans of Bidar, Golconda, Bijapur and Ahmednagar fought a Jihad with armies of Vijaynagar. Aliya Ramaraya the defacto emperor of Vijaynagar led the armies in ripe old age and fought the Tallikota battle in 1565. The Mulsim generals Gilani brothers of Vijaynagar army switched over sides with their troops when Hindu army was about to win. Rama Raya was captured and was beheaded by Hussein Nizam shah of Ahmed nagar instantly.Victorious Muslim armies entered the cities of Hampi and vijay nagar and stated there for full 10 months and destroyed all temples, sculptures, idols and edifices. They put the temples to fire after looting the wealth. The destructions was so immense that the cities were abandoned. They never regained their lost glory although efforts were made later . Vijaynagar kings changed capitals to other places and revived the empire that lasted another 100 years. The damages caused at these vandalized cities can be seen even today and no other proof is required for the fundamentalism and hatred of Muslims towards Hindu edifices and temples. This was done while Emperor Akbar was at the helm of affairs at Delhi and probably he turned a Nelsons eye to these happenings. If Akbar was not a fundamentalist as claimed by many historians, why he made no efforts to prevent this jihad in south by Deccani sultans against an Hindu empire as these Sultans were not monarchs and word of Mughals was a dictum everywhere except with Rana Pratap singh of Mewar.


Emperor Jehangir carries the blame of vandalizing the temple of pious Jwalamukhi at Kangra after the capture of Kangra fort in Nov 1620. He also ordered that a bull be slaughtered there there by sullying the sanctity of the Hindu religious place that amply proves his character.. Jehangir also put Guru Arjun dev of Sikhs to death on the pretext of abetting his son Khusro who revolted against him. Shanhjehan was unlike his father and Akbar and was orthodax and he in 1632 issued orders that all newly built temples in his empre be demolished. In Varanasi distrct 64 temple were demolished. Records are not available for other places.


No Mughal emperor has done such great damage to Hindu temples than Aurangzeb who is remembered for his anti Hindu disposition and shady character unbecoming of an emperor. His policies resulted in destruction of his empire soon after his end. He was a staunch Sunni religious bigot and wanted to run everything as per Islamic doctrine. His orders and actions for destruction of Hindu temples are well documented. He got Somnath temple, Kashi Vishwanth temple and Mathura Krishna Temple destroyed and at Mathura and Kashi mosques have been erected at the places.

1. "Mir'at-i-Alam" by Bakhtawar Khan

Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (1658-1707) General Order

" ...Hindu writers have been entirely excluded from holding public offices, and ALL THE WORSHIPPING PLACES OF THE INFIDELS AND GREAT TEMPLES of these infamous people HAVE BEEN THROWN DOWN AND DESTROYED in a manner which excites astonishment at the successful completion of so difficult a task. His Majesty personally teaches the sacred kalima to many infidels with success. ... All mosques in the empire are repaired at public expens

"Alamgir-Nama" by Mirza Muhammad Kazim

This work, written in AD 1688 contains a history of the first ten years of Aurangzeb's reign.


Muhiyu'd-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb 'Alamgir Padshah Ghazi (1658-1707) Palamau (Bihar)

" ...In 1661 Aurangzeb in his zeal to uphold the law of Islam sent orders to his viceroy in Bihar, Daud Khan, to conquer Palamau. In the military operations that followed MANY TEMPLES WERE DESTROYED..."

Koch Bihar (Bengal)

" ...Towards the end of the same year when Mir Jumla made a war on the Raja of Kuch Bihar, the MUGHALS DESTROYED MANY TEMPLES during the course of their operations. IDOLS WERE BROKEN AND SOME TEMPLES WERE CONVERTED INTO MOSQUES. ..."

It is claimed that nearly 60000 to 80000 Hindu temples were destroyed by Aurangzeb in his life time. However some contest this claim and put the figure merely to 60 or 70. However these are the efforts by them to give a clean chit to the destroyer of temples. It is also claimed that he destroyed only newly built temples. But whenever he faced opposition from Hindus he destroyed an old temple to inculcate fear in them. Fact however remains that he destroyed temples and the truth is nakedly visible to the eyes. Aurangzeb who ordered that mosques be built at Kashi and Mathura by demolishing the age old shrines conclusively proves that he was after temples and their destruction in his false myth that Islam was the only religion that should stay and flourish and he was the god sent man to uphold Islam. Sadly he failed in his efforts. Although he destroyed temples to his utter satisfaction he could not kill spirit of Hindus and erase Hinduism. Shivaji Maharaj in Deccan and Guru Gobind Singh in Punjab put up very severe and stiff fight against Aurangzeb and succeeded in their mission. At last finally the Emperor died exhausted, broken, shattered, sick, pale and glaring at his failures. This is evident from his letter to his son written from his deathbed. Due to his crazy disposition and short sighted and ill conceived policies he laid firm foundation for destruction of his empire. Nobles who stood trembling in Mughal courts became king makers immediately after death of Bahadursha I and produced most incompetent rulers one after the other till the 1857 war.

Muslim invaders not only destroyed temples but also put to fire the Hindu Institutions of learning. Anything connected to Hindu faith was to be destroyed.

Indian Universities Destroyed by Muslims in Past

• Nalanda University - Buddhist learning Centre in India (4th AD to 12th AD)

• Vickramasila - Buddhist University, 800 A.C

• Odantapuri - Considered the second oldest of India's universities

• Somapura University, India

• Jagaddala University, India

• Vallabhi University, India

Colleges destroyed by Muslims

• Sanskrit College of Visaladeva in India


Muslim rule in India ensured destruction of Hindu temples, sculptures and religious and academic Institutions. Right from the days of Mohammed Ghaznavi to Aurangzeb the Mughal emperor the Indian history makes a sad reading of persecution of Hindus everywhere. There were very few exceptions at times and these were short lived. Such destructions took place not only by the Mughals, Delhi sultans , but also by the provincial rulers at various places throughout India. On the whole Islamic rulers were tolerant to Hindu temples. There could be some exceptions. By and large they destroyed Hindu edifices as it was prescribed in Islamic scriptures.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao



India before the advent of Islamic imperialism was not exactly a zone of peace. There were plenty of wars fought by Hindu princes among themselves. But in all their wars, the Hindus had observed some time-honoured conventions sanctioned by the Sastras and ethical code of conduct. The Brahmins and the Bhikshus ( Buddhist) were never molested. The cows were never killed. The temples were never touched. The chastity of women was never violated. The non-combatants were never killed or captured. A human habitation was never attacked unless it was a fort. The civil population was never plundered. War booty was an unknown item in the calculations of conquerors. The martial classes who clashed, mostly in open spaces, had a code of honor. Sacrifice of honor for victory or material gain was deemed as worse than death ( 1). Invading Muslim armies on all occasions practiced the inhuman and barbaric acts in India that were unknown in the country. The behavior was alien. Right from the days of Mohd Bin Kasim who invaded Punjab and Sind provinces in 707, history makes a blood boiling and very sad reading indeed. Disgustingly our pseudo Marxist bred historians act as if nothing of that sort happened and put a smiling face.Some misguided pseudo secularist politicians of today preach sermons that nothing would be achieved by digging old graves. Some also argue that there is no written record of such events of past. They are blind in this aspect. They do not mind saying that it was the practice in those bye gone days. Does it mean that such things were accepted practices in those days? If we refer back to our scriptures, demons and Rashasas resorted to evil practices such as abducting women. Ravana abducted Sita the wife of Lord Rama and of course he had to pay for it by his life and destruction of his associates and capital.. Narakasura abducted thousands of maidens who were freed by Lord Krishna after slaying Narakasura. It is said that he married these Gopikas ( Maidens ). Mahabharatha war was the result of insult meted out to Draupadi the Pandava queen in the court of Dhritharashtra under the orders of his son Duryodhana the evil Kuru prince duly abetted by Anga Raja Karna and PrinceDuhssasana uncle Sakuni. Women are always considered as the prized possessions in the society and enemies saw pleasure in causing them insult to humiliate the vanquished men. This was the practice and now too. However in Indian wars within the land between Hindu kings, there are no records of such inhuman acts and mass rapes at every level. When Muslims invaded India, Hindus were completely taken aback by the devilish practice of abduction of women in very large numbers. This was something strange to them. It was as if hell was let loose on them.

Mohd Bin Kasim the Emir of Al Hajjaj ibn Yusuf Governor to the Umayyad Caliph Al-Walid I invaded Sindh in 707 and he was met by Raja Dehir of Sindh province. Raja Dehir's armies being prepared on the other side of the Indus were yet to be fought. In preparation to meet them, Muhammad bin Qasim moved back to Nerun to resupply and receive reinforcements sent by Hajjaj. Camped on the east bank of the Indus, Qasim sent emissaries and bargained with the river Jats and boatmen. Upon securing the aid of Mokah Basayah, "the King of the island of Bet", Muhammad bin Qasim crossed over the river where he was joined by the forces of the Thakore of Bhatta and the western Jats.

At Ar-rur (Rohri) he was met by Dahir's forces and the eastern Jats in battle. Dahir died in the battle, his forces were defeated and a triumphant Muhammad bin Qasim took control of Sind . In the wake of the battle enemy soldiers were put to death - but not artisans, merchants or farmers - and Dahir and his chiefs, the "daughters of princes" and the usual fifth of the booty and slaves was sent on to Hajjaj. Soon the capitals of the other provinces, Brahmanabad, Alor (Aror) and Multan, were captured alongside other in-between towns with only light Muslim casualties. Usually after a siege of a few weeks or months the Arabs gained a city through the intervention of heads of mercantile houses with whom subsequent treaties and agreements would be settled After battles all fighting men were executed and their wives and children enslaved in considerable numbers and the usual fifth of the booty and slaves were sent to Hajjaj. It was a set practice in Islamic military conquests to kill the vanquished and capture women alive and enslave them. Invariably the chiefs shared the slaves after sending many to their King or governor. One can expect what would be their fate in the hands of such devils. The helpless women had to loose their honor at the hands of these thugs. Therefore in most of the cases in Indian wras beween Hindu kings and Muslim armies women committed Johar ( Self immolation) to save themselves. In case of Bin Kasim the two sisters who were daughters of king Deher were sent to Harem of Hajjaj the governor and these women stated that were already violated by Bin Kasim. The enraged Hajjaj ordered that Bin Kasim be stitched alive in skins of oxen and be sent to him. It was done and bin kasim died on the way due to suffocation (2). It is also believed that the sisters lied to the governor to take revenge against the death of their father. Hajjaj having learnt the truth repented and got the women bricked alive. It is not known whether this version is true. In all probablilities the sisters were surely violated by the youthful Kasim who was only 20 years old with all powers at his hand. The entire episode proves the point that women were dishonored after capture and also abducted and sent to harems. No doubt exists on this issue.

After Bin Qasim Mohd, Ghaznavi invaded India and sacked many cities. Mathura and Munj were attacked and inhabitants were killed to last man. Shrawa, the next important place to be invaded, met the same fate. According to Tarikh-i-Yamini of Utbi, Mahmud's secretary, Utbi concludes (3):
"The Muslims paid no regard to the booty till they had satiated themselves with the slaughter of the infidels and worshipers of sun and fire. The friends of Allah searched the bodies of the slain for three days in order to obtain booty...The booty amounted in gold and silver, rubies and pearls nearly to three hundred thousand dirhams, and the number of prisoners may be conceived from the fact that each was sold for two to ten dirhams. These were afterwards taken to Ghazni and merchants came from distant cities to purchase them, so that the countries of Mawaraun-Nahr, Iraq and Khurasan were filled with them, and the fair and the dark, the rich and the poor, were commingled in one common slavery.",

Mahmud's son Masud tried to follow in the footsteps of his father. In 1037 AD he succeeded in sacking the fort of Hansi which was defended very bravely by the Hindus. The Tarikh-us-Subuktigin records: "The Brahmins and other high ranking men were slain, and their women and children were carried away captive, and all the treasure which was found was distributed among the army."
Mahmood Ghaznavi was followed by Mohd Ghori another plunderer and . rapist to the core. He defeated Prithwiraj Chauhan at the battle of Tarain in 1120 and enslaved his wives. It is also claimed that royal women were violated by Ghori who later committed suicide. According the Taj-ul-Ma'sir of Hasan Nizami, "While the Sultan remained at Ajmer, he destroyed the pillars and foundations of the idol temples and built in their stead mosques and colleges and precepts of Islam, and the customs of the law were divulged and established." ( 3)

Next year he defeated Jayachandra of Kanauj. A general massacre, rapine, and pillage followed. The Gahadvad treasuries at Asni and Varanasi were plundered. Hasan Nizami rejoices that "in Benares which is the centre of the country of Hind, they destroyed one thousand temples and raised mosques on their foundations".

According to Kamil-ut-Tawarikh of Ibn Asir, "The slaughter of Hindus (at Varanasi) was immense; none were spared except women and children, and the carnage of men went on until the earth was weary."
The women and children were spared so that they could be enslaved and sold all over the Islamic world. One can always guess what happens to these helpless women. It may be added that the Buddhist complex at Sarnath was sacked at this time, and the Bhikshus were slaughtered. These incidents prove conclusively that women were the main targets after victories and tools for satisfying lust of these devils.
Babers invasion in 1527 caused great distress to people of India and women were abducted in large numbers after every victory at Panipat and Agra, and GuruNanak dev the first Guru of Sikhs was the witness to these atrocities and he was much pained.

Gondwana was invaded during the rule of Emperor Akbar and after many wars, Durgawati the widowed queen of Dalpat shah at Gondwana was defeated and she committed suicide after receiving a fatal arrow in her side of the face. Kamalavati her sister and a daughter in law of the queen were captured and sent to Harem at Delhi. One can guess what happened to them.

Provincial kingdoms were no different.At Golconda in Deccan during the seize of Aurangzeb in 1686, Prime minister Madanna and his brother General Akkanna were waylaid in the fort and killed by conspirators. Their bodies were dragged on the streets and their heads were cut off and sent to Aurangzeb. Hindu families in the fort were attacked and most of the men were slain and women abducted and raped. May women committed suicide by jumping into wells to escape dishonor. Some claim hand of Sultan Abul Hasan in the incident and is a matter of doubt. However queens at Harem were no doubt wee involved in the massacre. Golconda fort fell in 1687 to Aurnagzeb armies after betrayal. It became a province in Mughal empire (4).
Thus we see that Muslim invaders were practicing abduction of captured women and took them as slaves. In most of the cases men were put to sword. The women were raped too as a right. A great controversy exists on the aspect of rape of captured women by Muslims as a policy and as a sanctioned act. In this connection following are relevant and quoted by the scholars (5);

Surah 4:24. “Also forbidden for you are married women except those who have fallen into your hands as Prisoners of war?

“ And all married women ( are forbidden unto you) save those ( captives who your right hand possess ( It is a degree of Allah for you )

Obviously the women who became captives during invasions and battles the men having been vanquished, become the property of the victor or capturer. Their husbands may be alive, yet she becomes a trophy of war. Their marriages automatically get annulled once she is captured. She becomes a slave. The moment she becomes a captive she becomes the PW. These revelations are enough for the victors who practiced the evil acts of rape on captured women. In view of the above, Muslim armies resorted to the evil practice in all their campaigns. Right from the days of Mohd Bin Kasim to the evil Razakar times Kasim Razvi of 1948 in Hyderabad the evil practice was predominant whenever Hindus were subjugated by war and violent acts. What goes on in Bagladesh to day is also an ample proof for these gory acts. On the other hand look at the Conduct of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj during all his campaigns. Women were strictly not touched. Once a royal women fell into the hands of Maratha soldiers after a victory and she was brought to the court as an offer and ShivajiMaharaj bowed to her and ordered that she be immediately sent to her husband with all resects duly escorted. In fact, in all wars in every country certain criminal acts by soldiers are committed and rape is one among them. As per law it is a war crime today. But Muslim armies practiced it as it was sanctioned by the authority..


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4.Dr K Prabhakar Rao, Strategic studies into Muslim fundamentalism, Ph D thesis in Strategic studies , TIU, USA.

5.Taufiq Zia Khan,


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

India witnessed notorious rule under Muslim occupation eversince they occupied most parts of India right from the days of Mohammed Ghori. Prior to him the invasions were meant to loot and plunder than occupying the land. Mohd Ghaznavi although successfully destroyed native armies went back with tons of wealth and did not leave any governor in India to rule on his behalf. However occupation started with Mohammed Ghori in 12 century. The domination of Muslim rulers weakened after the rise of Marathas and later by the Englishmen. India went through many successive dynasties right from slave sultanate at Delhi to Mughal rule as central power apart from provincial Islamic rulers such as Asafjahis at Hyderabad. The story was same right from 12 century to 1948 when Hyderabad was forcefully occupied by Indian army. Most of the Muslim rulers identified themselves as alien to the land and arranged reading Kutba in the name of Persian king or Khahlifa . Every Islamic ruler believed that he was the personification of the almighty and believed that no one should exist in the world except Mulsims. They were equally vehement about subsects of Islam and otherfaiths of course. What we see today in Pakistan about Shia and Sunni fights is the glaring testomny of the intolerance in them about others who do not subscribe to their views.Wahabis emerged at a later date crossing all limits and brought chaos with in their own religion. When Saudi Arabia was occupied by the ancestors of present kings they destroyed a most of the graves too. Some of the rulers even called themselves as the representative of Khalifa or the Persian emperor. They have not merged with society in which they were living and called themselves as Ghazi or the protector of faith ( Islam ). To achieve the title of Ghazi, they had to commit mayhem and murder of Hindus whom they called infidels. They personally killed infidels ( as per them) with their own hands by stabbing or beheading with a sword. Beheading with a sword was considered as a glorious act than by shooting the helpless victim. The recent beheading of two Indian soldiers by Pakistani thugs proves the point. Controversy has been raging about Aurangzebs rule and his conduct with his brothers, father and general population. Many scholars tried to give him a clean chit stating that he was only trying to run the show as per Islamic traditions and law and some even went to the extent of calling him as a Zinda peer meaning living saint. Some even said that he was destroying temples where anti government actions were taking place. They quote certain actions to prove their point. The most important point by them is the cruelty in dealing with own brothers and kith and kin during the wars of succession even among Hindu nobility. Usually the actions of Emperor Ashoka are quoted. Certain isolated incidents can not absolve these Islamic barbaric fundamentalists off their misconduct and crimes. The most important acts committed by these rulers can be grouped as under:

a. Ordering and enforcing Katle aam ( Mass murders ) after victories
b. Abduction of women after victories
c. Rape of conquered women after victories
d. Forcible conversions to Islam
e. Destruction of temples of other faiths
f. Capturing men, children and women after victories to be sold as slaves
g. Forcing defeated kings to give their daughters or sisters in marriage
h. Destruction of sculpture, art and books of other faiths
i. Castration of captured attractive males to be used as eunuchs in harems and for Homosexual practices
k .Excessive and discretionary taxation for non Muslims.
l.. Imposition of Zizia tax
m..Construction of mosques at the same site after destroying temples
n.. Looting and plunder of people after victories
o..Imposing discriminatory rules for non Muslims
p.. Committing cow slaughter in temples usually after victories
q. Ensuring that people of other faiths are reduced to penury.
Indian history makes an interesting reading about all the above stated practices throughout the Islamic rule without any exception at one time or other. No one appears to be an exception in these gory acts. These aspects are examined in depth.

After every victory people of the area were slaughtered as a policy or on slightest pretext. Instances can be quoted authentically from the Indian history.There are ample number of examples as Indian history is replete with these mass killings by the thugs who have been glorified in Indian history.
The earliest acts of aggression were committed by the Moslim invaders in 712 A.D by Mohad Kasim (1). They were carried out on orders by the governor of a province (now in Iraq) called Hajjaj. The leaders of the invaders were asked to carry out ruthless acts of aggression which involved destruction of sculptures, palaces, temples etc along with the mass killing of men and women ! The invaders were largely unsuccessful in capturing much.

 Qasim, at one time, was quite benevolent towards the victims. However, on hearing this, Hajjaj wrote to him, "It appears from your letter that all the rules made by you for the comfort and convenience of your men are strictly in accordance with religious law. But the way of granting pardon prescribed by the law is different from the one adopted by you, for you go on giving pardon to everybody, high or low, without any discretion between a friend and a foe. The great God says in the Koran [47.4]: "O True believers, when you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads." The above command of the Great God is a great command and must be respected and followed. You should not be so fond of showing mercy, as to nullify the virtue of the act. Henceforth grant pardon to no one of the enemy and spare none of them, or else all will consider you a weak-minded man."

      Kasim however was got killed by the master later on learning that he was cheated by Kasim who sent him few women who were already violated by him.
The first successful attack on Indian soil was carried out by this invader, a ruthless tyrant at best. More than upholding Islamic principles, he was more concerned with plundering and pillaging various palaces, temples etc. Much of the information regarding his activities came from Aarikh-i-Yamini of Utbi - a close confidant of this invader. Name this invader. He was Mohammed Ghaznavi, An excerpt from the diaries of Yamini read, "The blood of the infidels flowed so copiously at Thanesar that the stream was discolored, not withstanding its purity, and people were unable to drink it. The Sultan returned with plunder which is impossible to count. Praise be to Allah for the honor he bestows on Islam and Muslims."

Emperor Jalaluddin Akbar of Mughal dynasty is much hailed as a most benevolent ruler in Indian history after Ashoka by the Marxist Indian historians and this aspect is thrust down the throats of innocent kids at schools in India. The gruesome fact of Katle aam ( Mass killings) ordered by him by a Fatehnama ( Order of victory) after victory over Chitthorgarh fort is well documented. Thousands of women in the fort committed johar as they wanted to escape insult and dishonor at the hands of the invading Mulsims. 30000 innocent Rajputs of Chittorgarh were slaughtered in the mayhem. Akbar then ordered the heads of his enemies to be displayed upon towers erected throughout the region, in order to demonstrate his authority. How this aspect can be ignored by the Indian historians who give a clean chit to him . Akbar declared this in his Fateh nama as recorded by his close aid and associate Abul Fazal (2) (3) :-

“I am in no mood to listen to the sound of good words.My ears are at present attuned to enjoy the clang of sword. Leave me alone. I am in communication with Amir ( Timur). Send me a good reciter. Let him read to me in oud voice chapters seven to twelve of shahnama… Blood, not nectar, holds the key to the success of a sovereign. Give me war. Peace is of no avail to me….”

“The omnipotent one who enjoined the task of destroying the wicked infidels on the dutiful mujahids through the blows of their thunder like scimitars laid down…. Fight them, Allah will chastise them at your hands and he will lay them low and give you victory over them….”

“We spend our precious time to the best of our ability in war and jihad and with the the help of allah.. we are busy in subjugating the localities, habitations, forts, and towns, which are under the possession of infidels. May eternalAllah forsake and annihilate all of them, and thus raising the standard of Islam everywhere and removing the darkness of polytheism. by the use of sword. We destroy the places of worship of idols in those places and other parts of India….”

In fact Abul Fazal and Faizi were more moderate in their views than Al Badayieni. The very fact that eminent noble of the court Abul Fazal recorded the happenings in his book speaks very low of the emperor Akbar who ordered massacre of 30000 innocents as if they were mere carrots. The question arises why he is being glorified by our pseudo secularists if not but for handful of votes and to capture political power in ill practiced democracy?

Nadirsha’s invasion of Delhi in 1739 left very sad memories to natives of Delhi. Mughal power greatly weakened by this time and the empire was crumbling. Mohammed shah ( Rangila) was the emperor and he was easily defeated by Nadirshah who invaded India on a small pretext that some of his enemies were sheltered by Mughals. When a rumour spread that Nadir had been assassinated by a female guard at the Red Fort, some Indians attacked and killed Persian troops during the riots that broke out on the night of 21 March. Nadir, furious at the killings, retaliated by ordering his soldiers to carry out the notorious qatl-e-aam (qatl = killing mercilessly, aam = publicly, in open) of Delhi. On the morning of 22 March, the Shah rode out in full armour and took a seat at the Sunehri Masjid of Roshan-ud-dowla near the Kotwali Chabutra in the middle of Chandni Chowk. He then, to the accompaniment of the rolling of drums and the blaring of trumpets, unsheathed his great battle sword in a grand flourish to the great and loud acclaim and wild cheers of the Persian troops present. This was the signal to start the onslaught and carnage. Almost immediately, the fully armed Persian army of occupation turned their swords and guns on to the unarmed and defenceless civilians in the city. The Persian soldiers were given full licence to do as they pleased and promised a share of the booty as the city was plundered (4).

All across the city, gunshots were heard, explosions were set off, shops were looted and houses were set on fire. Clouds and plumes of fire and smoke were soon seen in every part of the city. Persian troops stood outside the burning buildings and then slaughtered the Indians as they made their way out, trying to escape from the fire, smoke and flames. Men were chased down alleyways and killed. Women were assaulted, raped and abducted, some had their breasts hacked off whilst others chose to commit suicide. Children had their bellies ripped open whilst babies were torn from their mothers' arms, swung by their ankles and had their heads smashed against walls. The cries, shrieks and screams of those being killed, chilled everyone who heard them. All across the city, gunshots were heard, explosions were set off, shops were looted and houses were set on fire. Clouds and plumes of fire and smoke were soon seen in every part of the city. Persian troops stood outside the burning buildings and then slaughtered the Indians as they made their way out, trying to escape from the fire, smoke and flames. Men were chased down alleyways and killed. Women were assaulted, raped and abducted, some had their breasts hacked off whilst others chose to commit suicide. Children had their bellies ripped open whilst babies were torn from their mothers' arms, swung by their ankles and had their heads smashed against walls. The cries, shrieks and screams of those being killed, chilled everyone who heard them. The massacre was stopped only after repeated pleadings by the emperor who kneeled in front of the Shah and placed his crown at his feet. Although emperor Muhammed shah is not to be blamed for the incident the aspect of mass murders and killings by the invaders on slightest pretext of Islamists is no doubt stands proved. Savagery runs in them.

Baber the founder of Mughal empire in India was no exception during his invasion in 1527.After victories he killed vanquished without mercy.He built towers of skulls after victories and sat over them. A tower can not be built out of few heads of dead men or women. They have to be in thousands. Obviously he resorted to mass killings of people to build towers of skulls. He has been glorified by our pseudo historians as a great emperor, strategist, hardened warrior and man of reason. How this aspect can be missed by them? Can we say that in war and love all is fine? How shameful indeed! A Telugu cinema was produced in 1966 in which Baber was portrayed as man of humility and reason and was kind hearted. The movies name was Tenali Ramakrishna starring great actors such as NT Rama Rao ( Emperor Sri Krishna Deva Raya of Vijay nagar), A Nageswar Rao ( Tenali Rama), V Nagiah ( Appaji), Bhanumati ( Mulit talented woman ) and Mikkilineni( Agents of Bahmani sultans). The movie was no doubt a great hit, however reflecting our poor historical persepective. Bahmani sultans declare war against Vijaynagar. Tenali Rama all the way travels to Delhi and meets Baber after many dramatic events and convinces him to withdraw his Elephant army that was sent to assist Bahmani sultans against Vijaynagar.In the end Vijanagar army becomes victorious and all ends well and evil is destroyed. Fact is that poor kids and masses believe that it was true and our history books are also true. The movie was mockery of Indian history resorted to make some quick copper from masses. But the damage done to young and ignorant minds can not be estimated.

To be Continued


1.From Ghazni to Godhra ,
2. Dr K Prabhakar Rao, Jalaluddin Akbar the erstwhile Mughal emperor has been included in the list of great men of political abilites.. strange and funny too
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ek roopvati sati ban me khadi
sarso se saji gajro se jadi
kali jispe padi kaliyo ki ladi
jise chede latao ki chal chadi
tikhe nain uske chitwan thi khadi
tikhe nain uske chitwan thi khadi
jis or padi jhakjhor padi
ek roopvati sati ban me khadi
sarso se saji gajro se jadi
lagi ankhiyan se aasuwan ki jhadi
lagi ankhiyan se aasuwan ki jhadi
tapowan meshakunta pukare khadi
tapowan meshakunta pukare khadi
dushant piya dushant piya
mujh birhan ka kya ant piya



               DR K Prabahakar Rao  
Ek roopvati sati ban me khadi
sarso se saji gajro se jadi
kali jispe padi kaliyo ki ladi
jise chede latao ki chal chadi
tikhe nain uske chitwan thi khadi
tikhe nain uske chitwan thi khadi
jis or padi jhakjhor padi
ek roopvati sati ban me khadi
sarso se saji gajro se jadi
lagi ankhiyan se aasuwan ki jhadi
lagi ankhiyan se aasuwan ki jhadi
tapowan meshakunta pukare khadi
tapowan meshakunta pukare khadi
dushant piya dushant piya
mujh birhan ka kya ant piya
mujh birhan ka kya ant piya
dhushan piya dushant piya
lagi ankhiyan se aaswan ki jhadi
tapowan meshakunta pukare khadi

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                                                      FROM KARNATAKA

                                           Dr K Prabhakar Rao
                                   Kittur is now a small sleepy town in Karnataka located on Bangalore Dharwar route (Bangalore Pune highway). Once it was the capital city of Rani Chinnama (1778-1829) in the early years of19 century that ruled with authority the surrounding areas and was a small kingdom. She has gone down the history of India as a valiant queen who refused to hand over her kingdom to the East India Company as a result of doctrine of lapse that was proclaimed by the English Governor General warren Hastings. She took up arms against the much superior army of Englishmen much before the brave queen Laxmi Bai of Jhansi came on the scene in 1857. She defeated and killed collector Thankeray of Dhrawar ina battle in front of her fort. Some other Englsih officers were also killed.Her name is written in golden pages of Indian history. However she was defeated at the end by the much superior and mightier forces of the company and also bt treachery by some of her naiks and she was imprisoned in Bailhongal fort in Belgaum. She passed away in captivity in course of time. She however never gave up her dream of reclaiming her kingdom till her death. As usual, our pseudo Marxist Government inspired and guided historians running around for decorations, awards, titles and few coppers have been busy glorifying religious bigots such as Mughals, Homo sexual Delhi sultans, Invaders like Ghaznavi, Ghori and other cranky, cruel, eccentric desperadoes, sadists and rapists, abducters, kidnappers from various dynasties as great rulers and achievers of our land and the valor of Rani Chinnamma is limited to few sentences or some abstract reference that goes un noticed. In many books, she does not even figure out. But people of Karnataka are very proud of her achievements and remember her with great passion and reverence. Kittur ceremony is performed every year.


                         NATION TAKEN FOR A RIDE
                                Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Delhi is a city of lawlessness
Where girls get raped day and night
The gory happenings are soon forgotten
While the criminals roam free looking bright
Corruption and scams rose sky high
While some veterans took up the fight
The nation woke up for a while
And again went to sleep overnight
Hazare was seen as a savior
And the youth litup candles everywhere
Alas! The thieves and crooks proved stronger
While those in power danced naked and bare
Hazare is no more in lime light now
And the Baba of yoga is not heard these days
All the cheats are happy at last
While entire world laughs at our ways
Some guys bark hatred at others
While the rulers mostly looked other way
Such guys grew much bolder now
And at last the guys are being asked to pay
The bells for elections are heard at distance
And the heartbeat of the leaders has gone up
The rulers feel that Indians would vote like asses
Having forgotten the scams over tea cups


                                   HINDUS ARE DIVIDED .. PART IX
                                                Dr K Prabhakar Rao

148.The present youth in India are mostly ignorant of our great past rulers and martyrs who fought tooth and nail against invaders to maintain our identity. In fact in Universities one hardly find students who study history courses. They say '"where are the jObs?" This has resulted in depleting of national spirit among youth. There is a need to build up youth in this direction. most of the Muslims pay great attention to study of Qoran and they are sent to religious schools too while Hindus hardly study their religious scriptures and is limited to few among Brahmins. Unless all sections are aware of their religion present suffering would continue. This is not fundamentalism and is the sacred duty of every Hindu.

149. During the last couple of years, a section of Hindus celebrated Narakasura Jayanathi on Diwali day at Hyderabad. In fcat Narakasura was a demon and was destroyed by Lord Krishna and the day of his destruction is celebrated as Diwali. Caste divisions and perverted thoughts in Hinduism is leading to such ways. In Tamilnadu a section celebrate Rama Dahana on Dassera day. No one questions them. What an apathy among Hindus. Enemy is taking advantage of such divisions.

150. A section of Hindus ( Dalits)in Hyderabad are glorifying Rakshasas of our scriptures and claim that the Aryans who dominated India condemned the native Dravidian kings and heroes as demons and Rakshasas and Ravana is also one among them. They also hold conclaves and misguide their followers. No one has spoken against them for the fear of antagonizing Dalits. Society is thus is split to attain nefarious ends of few individuals.What solidarity Hindus thus can develop and other sections of society make mockery of Hindu gods and goddesses as it happened recently with Akbaruddin Owaissi who mocked at Bhagyalxmi of Charminar.

151.Velama kings of Rachakonda fought Reddy and Raju rulers of Andhra desa in 4 century bitterly due to mutual hatred. Many leaders lost lives. Entire Telangana area became a biter battle ground in which Muslim sultans of Bahmani kingdom were benefited to maximum extent. Velamas lost the power and beacame small time chiefs and soldiers etc and they never became kings later.They had narrow vision too although they were very brave. As you sow so you reap.

152. In Tamil nadu one does not find any sign board in Hindi. They also tarnish all English sign boards on national highways. No one speaks to strangers in any language other than tamil. At one point of time Rama swami naikar also threatened that Tamils would demand secession from India if Hindi is imposed on them. There weere riots too. Lal Bhadur shastri was sent by Nehruji to settle the issue. If this is the spirit in India what can we expect. If people are pulling in all directions there is no end except disaster.

153. Akbaruddin Owaissi has been out on bail from Adilabad jail. He was given a rousing reception by his followers in old city and sweets were distributed too. He was hailed as a Tiger by tyhe crowd. Why the a Swamiji is being still held for hate speech? Law has to be equal to all.

154. Why there are no memorials for Paramveer chakra awardees of Indian defence forces who laid down lives for this country. Even silly leaders have their statues erected in large numbers. Maywati erected her statues in thousands while still alive and in power. Do these military men do not deserve honors and memorials. Why these political leaders do not demand such thins. Of course they are always busy fighting with each other and making money and swindling money.Mother is remembered in pain and a soldier in war.

155. A leader of AIMIM in Hyderabad ( While Akbaruddin was behind bars) insulted Father of nation MKG by stating that why his statue should be erected in Assembly area while the building was constructed by the Nizam 7. Why that person was not put behind bars immediately?

156. India Home minister shri shinde sahib stated that Hindu organizations such as RSS etc are terror organization and to that effect. How sad! Later he expressed regret. It does not go well with him. Obviously he is trying to sell himself for some favours from his party top guys. It speaks poor of him.