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How long the appeasement of Muslims would go on

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hospital services in Hyderabad were adversely affected by the strike of Government doctors some time ago. The government hospitals in the city that cater for the poor mostly faced serious problems with the doctors resorting to strike protesting against assaults by goons of patients including members of legislature on them and the patients were turned away. This resulted in untold Dr K Prabhakar raosuffering to humanity in the city where majority are poor and depend on the services of Government hospitals. Private hospitals and nursing homes are very expensive and beyond reach of a common man.
What went wrong actually? Why the men and women from the most noble profession and seen as saviors (In fact Gods) are on the war path? They went to the extent of demanding of Arms licenses to protect themselves from the goons. What made them to demand arms to protect themselves? How the government that is responsible to protect its people failed to protect its own citizens and employees discharging duties? Hyderabad was internationally recognized IT center and enjoyed great reputation among world cities. However with the episode of Ramalinga Raju of former Satyam computers, the prestige nose dived. Now no one in west believes a Hyderabadi. They think all Hyderabadis are scamsters. Raju has done greatest damage to Indias reputation since 1947 even much more than the political leaders who brought shame to India in Chinese war in 1962.. Why it is getting into trouble? These are some of the questions need answering. Is the problem result of politics and politicking as usual? Why doctors need hand guns while on duty in particular? Are they so highly threatened? Has police failed utterly to protect people from hoodlums and goons. Are we soon going to see the white apron clad doctors with a stethoscope in the hand or neck or side pocket with a loaded pistol or revolver at the belt on side or kept in the hand bags of lady doctors? What a change? The whole thing finally turned to appeasement of a section of people as usual and culprits got free from law (1).

On December 02, 2007, a patient died at Niloufar Hospital that takes care of children health. On hearing the news, local Members of Legislature Afsar Khan ( formerly also he was the MLA) from the All IndiaMajlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen ( AIMIM ) reached the hospital along with some of his supporters. There were arguments over the death of the patient and some junior doctors were beaten by the supporters of the MLA and he was also reportedly involved in the incident. This has resulted in the lightening strike by the doctors of the hospital and there was wide support among medical fraternity in the state. On 15 December 2007, a doctor Dr Narsimha Rao was beaten up at Employees State Insurance Hospital (ESI) in Hyderabad by the relatives of a patient Ram Naik injured in a mishap. The doctor reportedly refused to refer him to Nizam Institute of Mediccal sciences (2). Consequently Indian Medical Association that represents Doctors from Government and private Hospitals called for a statewide strike on 16 December 2007. In the latest incident junior doctors at Niloufer Maternity Hospital at Naya Pul in Hyderabad were attacked by a mob on December 14, 2007 in which a lady junior doctor was badly beaten indiscriminately when a woman patient died at the hospital. The junior doctors of the Niloufer hospital immediately went on strike suspending services.
The AP Government Doctors association (APGDA) stated that it would boycott all services including emergency services at Nayapul hospital and would attend to emergency services at Osmania, Gandhi, Niloufer and ESI Hospitals from December 17 onwards. Worried over the attacks and inability of the Government to take effective action in controlling this menace the junior doctors at Gandhi and Osmania Hospitals left their quarters and went home.Obvioulsy there were differences over the mode of agitation. Thus the medical services in government hospitals have been very badly affected and resulted in the deaths of infants allegedly due to non availability of services (3). As per the reports the number of infant deaths at Nilofer Hospital increased to 23.

The striking doctors have been agitating for the arrest of the concerned MLAs Afsar Khan and Qadri Pasha who allegedly led that attacks apart from the demand of providing protection at the hospitals. They have also demanded issue of an ordinance that would make the offence as non bailable. The Government reportedly believed to be ready with such provisions for providing security at Government hospitals (4). The government was caught between the strike of doctors and the political situation in the state. It did not want to hurt the Muslim legislators due to the vote bank politics.
In fact the attacks on doctors are not isolated case. Such attacks have been going on at hospitals particularly in the city over the years and state has not taken much notice of such incidents. Few years ago, the students of a local Private Engineering college attacked a Government Hospital at Musheerabad in Hyderabad city and ransacked the premises and man handled the staff following the treatment to a student who was injured in an accident. It was a major incident. At private nursing homes too, such attacks by the relatives of patients who died undergoing treatment took place in past. In fact such types of attacks were causing anxiety to the doctors and members of the medical profession.
On the otherside the leadership of AIMIM party said Afsar Khan the MLA from MIM had not committed any offense. This was stated by Legislator Akbaruddin the leader of MIM in the legislature. He said, “Infact the doctors had to pay apologies to the poor in the state. He also stated that AIMIM would organize free treatment to the needy at Owaisi Hospital to the suffering patients at the Niloufer and other government hospitals.” (5).
The courts in the city were at grips with the problem that is tormenting the city in particular. The highest court also reprimanded the students for holding the society to ransom and said it does not go well with their profession. At one of the hearings at the highest court the student doctors present clapped and applauded the speech given by the leader of its association. The court had reacted sharply to this and said the type of behaviors amounted to contempt of court and they could face arrest and detention. Their admissions also could be cancelled. The junior doctors on the other front are adamant about the failure of government in arresting the MLAs from AIMIM.
The most important aspect and the worrying aspect is that the junior doctors asked for issue of gun licenses to them to protect themselves from the attackers as Government has failed to protect them. This of course was turned down by the government. Under any case it was most unlikely that such large number of junior doctors would be given arm licenses. But the projection of such requirement to the government itself is a matter of serious concern and has to be seen as a serious government failure in governing. This shows that the section of people have lost confidence in the ability of the government to protect them. The situation is very tricky indeed. There is also logic that when government can not protect some one he has to protect himself from attackers. Will Gandhian policy of showing second cheek work with the goons? Gandhian policies no more work now. It is a changed scenario. Can government deny this fact?
AIMIM party dominates the Muslim community in Hyderabad. Earlier it was also involved in the attack on Tasleema Nasreen the Bangladeshi writer at Hyderabad. The concerned legislators who threatened her and organized attack are free and no action was taken by the law (6). Even if some cases were booked these are not pursued and would die natural death. In the present case too inability of the government in taking action against the concerned MsLA is out of fear of alienating AIMIM from the ruling party. In fact the appeasement policy of the government has sent wrong notes across and there is a general feeling that they are above law and can get away easily. This is the usual feeling among them. This shows the weakness of the ruling party who are more interested in clinging to their seats than do proper governing. Culprits should be taken to task irrespective of the political affiliation. That should be the motto of the government and should abide by it if it has to get admiration of people as a true government. But present situation appears different. The doctors demanded weapon licenses to protect themselves that were however denied. They also knew that they will not get. This is not America where bearing a weapon is their constitutional right. In India getting beaten( Or even killed) appears to be the right of individuals.This also shows that they are prepared to go to such extent of arming themselves to deal with their attackers in future if required. This also represents the incompetence of government. This should be seen as a lesson to the government and it should not rub it off as a silly matter by the aggrieved youngsters. This could be the signal for the type of things to come soon in the society. There is also a chance of twisting the entire situation in communal color. MIM sources have alleged that the doctors have not agitated at the incident of ESI hospital where attackers were Hindus while the doctors have went on agitation where MIM was involved. It also asked for the withdrawal of the ordinance on non bailable arrests. The government should take all steps to prevent twisting the situations into communal problem by the vested interests and should curb it initially. Those who are involved in the attacks should be punished as per the law irrespective of party affiliations and standing in the society.
Strikes automatically lower standards at teaching hospitals that are most important. Government should not consider the present problem as a law and order alone. It has wide revivifications in the society and national well being. Pseudo secular policies must stop and no one is above law and such people must be punished if found guilty. It is very tragic that right from the days of independence Muslim appeasement is going on and it is driving the country into disaster ( Rather already driven into disaster). The rise of various Islamic outfits preaching sedition in the country and abetting Jihad is the direct result of such policies.

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Hyderabad the nerve center of mischief... Thanks to pseudo secularism


Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Hyderabad city, the capital of Andhra Pradesh State was founded nearly 400 years ago by the Kutubshahi poet King Mohammed Kuli Kutubshah (1580-1611) who ruled at impregnable fort Golconda fort that is just few kilometers from the city. The city earlier named by the king as Bhagyanagar was named- after his wife Hydermahal who was earlier was known as Bhagmati, a Hindu village girl. The city has seen many ups and downs. Golconda and the Hyderabad city were invaded by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 17 th century and the reigning popular king Abul Hassan Kutubshah ( 1672-1687) was defeated by treachery that was the hall mark of personality of religious bigot and fundamentalist Aurangzeb. The fort was captured on 21 September 1687 by treason committed by Abdullah Pani, a low level commander of Army. The fort was over run and kingdom was annexed to Mughal provinces and the king Abul Hassan Tanasha Kutubshah was exiled and pensioned off to Daulatabad fort now in Maharshtra State where he died in a course of time in captivity (1). The city remained under Mughal rule under a Deccan Subedar (Governor) Chin Qiliz khan. In subsequent years, the governor declared independence in 1724, once the central rule at Delhi became weak and the Mughal rulers became pleasure seeking debauches, worthless, weak, spineless and powerless. He assumed title as Nizam- ul- mulk Asif Jah.
In subsequent years, Hyderabad State was ruled by seven rulers of this Asafjahi dynasty from 18 th century till 1948 when the State was annexed by the Indian Union after a Police action ( Infact Indian Army invaded Hyderabad) when the last ruler Nizam 7, Mir Osman Ali Khan Asif Jah Bahadur, (Brave), Fateh Jung( victor of battles) refused to integrate with India and was perpetuating crimes on local Hindu subjects wrongly advised by his cabinet by unleashing armed Razakar (Volunteers) force with the aim of Islamizing the State and remaining an independent and sovereign ruler in the heart of India duly abetted by Pakistan (2).
The princely State was subsequently trifurcated and Andhra Pradesh was formed merging Telangana areas of the princely State with coastal and other Royalaseema areas of former Andhra State. The city of Hyderabad is cosmopolitan and represents rich culture and tradition and now it has become a popular IT hub competing with Bangalore. It has obtained international recognition due to IT activities. There are many software professionals from Hyderabad working in USA and also sizeable number of students pursuing studies at US universities. Yet, it has become the hub of criminal activities, distinguished itself as the most polluted city and nerve center for all types of crimes, scams and mischief. You name any mischief in India; the origins are always traced to Hyderabad. This is something disgraceful and shameful to the distinguished city of international repute (3).
After merger of princely State Hyderabad with Indian Union, the local Muslims have lost the power as rulers in Deccan and could not reconcile to the new situation till date. Unable to digest the fact of living side by side with Hindus in Hindu dominated India (Although all are equal), they withdrew from main stream of the society and mostly limited themselves to the old city and formed rather ghettos. Religion and hatred plays dominant factor at these places. Poverty and lack of education among people dominates the scene. Most of the people live by small time business and odd jobs, as auto rickshaw drivers, rickshaw pullers, dealers of old news papers, auto mechanics, street vendors, scarp dealers, car mechanics, welders, painters, artisans, fruit vendors, tea shop owners and push cart vendors. Automatically they become victims of criminal influence out of deep frustration due to inability to rise in the life.
Hyderabad was the center stage for communal flare ups in India from time to time and earned disrepute in this category. Whenever Israel and Palestine clashed with each other results were also felt in Hyderabad. Hindu temples and properties were attacked. Pro- Pakistani sentiments, sympathy to Taliban and anti Indian feelings thrive and ISI of Pakistan has found a gold mine in Hyderabad as a place for recruitment for their agents for carrying out all nefarious activities against the State. An Al Qaeda unit stationed in Bangladesh that is fast turning into a terrorist haven has close connection with terrorist network stationed at Hyderabad. A portion of population is pro Pakistan, pro Saddam Hussein during his life time and even display the emblem of Saudi Arabia on their vehicles and roams around. When Saddam was hanged there were protests too. Some of these Muslims take more pride in identifying themselves with Arab cause than India’s well being where they live, eat, breed without control and die and get buried ultimately. National spirit is found missing with such characters and they become easy victims to the agents of foreign powers for destabilizing India (4).Arab sheikhs dupe innocent young Muslim brides in the city and it has become a more social problem. Now other terrorist out fits such as Lashkar e Toiba, Student Islamic Movement of India, Dargahs e Shahdat, Jaish e Mohammed, Harkat ul Mujahedin, Deendar e Anzuman and many other anti people Islamic outfits thrive in Hyderabad.The congested lanes of old city are haven for criminals and anti social elements. This is over and above the Naxalites, Armed communists of Communist party of India ( Marxist and Leninist) (CPI ML) who are creating great disorder in Andhra Pradesh by their continued armed rebellion against the State who are committed to the Maoist ideology to establish a communist State in India (5). They believe in the outmoded Mao’s slogan of Power flowing through barrel of a gun. Clandestine gun running is very common now a day and country made single shot/ double shot smooth bore pistols and revolvers find their way from northern States such as Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in to Hyderabad. Even standard brand revolvers and magazine pistols are allegedly freely available for reasonable price in under world. The youth take pride in possessing these weapons and the crime in real estate has helped this business to grow (6).

With expansion of IT business in the city and new International air port and new modern western type facilities coming up at outskirts, real estate business has reached sky high and with this, crimes have also sky rocketed. At some places, an acre of land that was available for few thousands of rupees has now gone up to a Rs a crore per acre. The explosions of 2006 in trains in Mumbai have origin in Hyderabad as the culprit Naveed linked to the terror act has planned the act at Hyderabad. Gulam Yagnani who was shot dead in an encounter at Delhi is a Hyderabadi. The local criminals have been linked to the murder of Minister Haren Pandya of Gujarat few years ago. Naseeruddin a local criminal is under custody for the offence. Hyderabad is also famous for the nationally famous scam involving the forged Stamps for land registration documents running into crores of rupees. The culprits are Hyderabad based and one of them disgracefully was also a member of State legislature. They were tried in Maharshtra State. Hyderabad has also become the nerve center for pass port racket to carry out human trafficking involving legislators and members of parliament.. This has sullied the image of the nation internationally. Rashid a key offender in the pass port racket is local and even legislators are involved in this scam. With growth in real estate business, rivalries also are growing and kidnappings and revengeful murders due to land disputes are most common. Notorious race horse owner involved in great scams is an Hyderabadi and thus the list is endless bringing disgrace to the city. Murders involving sexual offences, extra marital relationships, rapes of minors and dowry harassments and murders under the guise of fabricated suicides are regular features in Hyderabad. Co Operative banks in the city have mastered the art of hoodwinking the government and the investors and in the past few years many of these Banks have closed their shutters and the Directors of these Banks have vanished into thin air there by duping crores of rupees from the gullible investors. Now no one really believes a co operative bank in Hyderabad. The government has lost credibility in controlling these scams. Similarly, there are many Chit fund business ( A typical financial business peculiar to India) companies who duped investors to a tune of Crores of rupees. Thus Hyderabad has gained distinction as the capital for financial mischief and as a den of scamsters too (7).
As a highlight, recently Gujarat police has arrested few of their very senior police officers for committing murder of Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausar Bee (Murdered to erase evidence) as encounter on the suspicion of being a terrorist. It is also linked that the AP State police personnel were part of this act and investigations are going on. What a shame? The highest court in the land is monitoring the investigations. The Supreme Court has directed that the Gujarat State’s Director General of Police has nothing to do with the investigation and the investigating police officer would directly report to the court (8). Thus courts in India by and large have lost the confidence in Police organizations. For this state, many confide that only police has to be blamed.
Hyderabad has witnessed a serious bomb blast few days ago at Mecca Masjid a 400 year old historic mosque in old city. A timed device was planted in the mosque when thousands of devotees were conducting prayers and was exploded with the help of a cell phone. Nearly thirteen people(Muslims) died in the explosion and in the police firing that had to be resorted- to in order to quell the mob that went on rampage and rioting subsequently in the old city(9).
An average person in the city is greatly disturbed at the turn of events and about future situation. Obviously Police force is inadequate to enforce law and order in the city. The growing disorderly traffic has no parallel in the world and narrow roads and old buildings, graves and mosques on the road and religious sentiments are the bottle necks for any stream lining activities for traffic. Muslims are highly allergic to frisking and checking at the mosques when they enter for prayers. This is one of the reasons for dispensing with this practice by police. Remote cameras installed for scanning at mosques were damaged by hoodlums. It is alleged that Police personnel are more busy collecting fines from the vehicle drivers than regulating traffic and controlling crime and disorder. The Muslim leaders and opposition parties shout at pitch of the voice that intelligence has failed and Government was responsible for the failure and also for the excessive use of force by the police who went berserk and shot people indiscriminately. There was news in the press that the post mortem reports have revealed that people were shot in the chest that indicates that police shot indiscriminately without any control. Like any other incident, enquiry would be ordered and it would take years to be finalized and probably nothing concrete would come out of this. No one can prove who died by which bullet and who fired it (10). The matter would gather dust and be forgotten and go into the dark pages of Hyderabad history sullying its glory further. Thus Hyderabd has slipped into dark depths of modern history under the practice of pseudo secularism. Who is to be blamed? Obviously governance, any child would say without any hesitation.


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Dr K Prabhaakr Rao

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Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

The last great wretched Mughal emperor Aurangzeb ( 6 th ruler) ruled at Delhi for nearly half a century between 1658-1707 with iron grip and he died on 03 March 1707. After his death Mughal Empire fell into disarray. Before he died, he willed that the empire be equally divided between his three surviving sons. Is eldest son Mohammed Sultan died in custody earlier. Aurangzeb was highly suspicious of his sons and as brought out in my earlier aticle he played dirty with his sons to keep them off from power. His sons Moazzam, Mohammed Azam and Kambaksh however quarreled tooth and nail for the empire and one of the surviving sons and elder Prince Moazzam became victorious in the war of succession and became emperor titled Bahadur Shah I. Other two died in the wars. He was already very old of 75 years when he ascended the throne and had little energy and time to set order in the troubled great empire. The persecuting and revengeful policies of Auranzeb alienated one and all. He however started the reconciliation with Sikh Guru Gobind Singh and also release Sahu the son of Sambhji Maharaj the Maratha king from detention.. Sikhs were severely persecuted by Mughals. He however died on 27 Feb 1712 after a short span of five years.
Then the musical chair for the throne started. With death of Bahadur Shah I, his sons, Jahandar Shah, Azim us Shan, Jehan Shah and Rafi us Shan quarreled like cats and dogs and Jahandar Shah became victorious and others were killed in the wars. A noble Zulfikhar Khan helped Jahandar Shah in the war of succession and he became Chief minister of Mughal state when Jahandar Shah became emperor.
Jahandar shah was a debauch and greatest womaniser to the core and spent most of his time in drinking, indulging in orgy of sex and merry making. Nautch girls, whores, Prostitutes and all types of singers surrounded him. Dancers and women of ill virtue had a sway and enjoyed royal patronage. The emperor was completely shadowed by a concubine Lal kumari who cast an evil spell on this drunken and morally fallen emperor who neglected all royal duties, responsibilities, commitment to the state, people and administration. This has set the fall of Mughal Empire into rapid rolling. The ball did not stop and went on rolling till the last emperor (Name sake) Bahadur Shah Zafar (A distinguished poet) was arrested, tried at Red fort in Delhi and sent to Rangoon (In Burma now Myanmar) prison for his complicity in waging war against East India Company in 1857 where he died un sung and un heard. With this, the Mughal dynasty disappeared from the political scene in India.
Jahandar Shah tarnished the line of Emperors from Mughal dynasty started by valiant Baber (Of Mongol origin) followed by Humayun, Illustrious ( much glorified by pseudo Indian historians) Jalaluddin Akbar the great, Jehangir ( opium addict ), Great builder Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb. Jahandar Shah was soon deposed and strangled in Delhi fort in 1713 by the followers of Farook Siyar the son of Azim us shah who was brother of Jahandar Shah and killed in the war of succession. Jahandar shah’s head was cut off and presented in a plate for display. Chief Minister Zulfikhar khan was also put to death. With this, the life of a worthless Emperor at Delhi came to an end. There is an interesting evil story involving Jahandar shah and Lal kumari that is presented here in simple English poems.

Jahandar Shah was the worthless Emperor at Delhi
Who came to power in the war of succession
Bahadur shah died leaving the state in disarray
While the empire was already in recession

The war left two sons of emperor dead
While Jahandar shah made to the throne
Zulfikhar khan the noble gave all the help
And all enemies were killed and thrown

The Emperor was lost in drinks and dance
And all types of dancers had a field day
Minstrels, singers, dancers of all types
Enjoyed and were given a permanent stay

Prostitures , pimps and whores had a field day
While the court was swarmed by the evil and lost its fame
Basic decorum too vanished from the royal court
While sex was the most sought out game

Lal kumari was his favorite ladylove
Day and night the emperor was drowned in drink
Orgy of sex and pleasure was his favorite past time
The court soon turned into a place of filth and stink

Once the shah went out in a chariot
Late in the night the horses retraced steps to the palace
Lal kumari vanished into the palace rooms in the night
And there was no trace of Emperor’s worthless face

In chaos and Confusion all ran around for the ruler
No where he was found in the dreadful night
At last he was found lying drunk in the cart
To see the emperor was a miserable sight

On a pleasant evening the shah and Lalkumari were on a stroll
While the wind blew light in whisper
At close by to the fort wall Jamuna River flowed
With flood waters hitting the nearby spur

A boat was carrying many people in the river
Men women and children were huddled in the boat
Lal kumari looked at the boat with interest
And glanced at the emperor who was looking down the moat

“Oh my dear love do you look at the boat nearby
That carries scores of men-children and women?
The boat is ploughing through deep waters in Jamuna
And I am yet to see a boat sink with all children and men”

Lal kumari thus spoke to the shah who looked at the boat
And he atonce ordered his soldiers to sink the boat midstream
They soon ran gaily shouting and waving their spears
And Lal kumari watched to fulfill her cherished dream

The soldiers soon boarded their boat in the river
And rowed soon to the passenger boat full of lives
They sank the boat with all their efforts midstream
While men and children sank along with their wives

Chaos, confusion shouts and shrieks were all over
While Lal kumari clapped in great pleasure watching the scene
Innocent lives vanished into deep blue sky
While her eyes were covered with murderous screen

Jahandar shah could not rule at Delhi for long
He was deposed and strangled at the orders of a rebel cousin
The crown passed to Faukhsiyar the new emperor
While murder and mayhem continued with great sin


( the story reveals how wretched these Mugahl rulers were although they have been displayed by the pseudo historians as most benevolent, tolerant, god fearing and disciplined showing equality to all in their kingdom. Shame indeed)

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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

( It is a street in Teheran ( Iran) and there are large crowds demonstrating on the road. They are shouting down with Dictator.. Death to dictator… Large police force is watching close by and they are armed to the hilt …. The atmosphere is tense…. Few Iranians are also seen talking to each other.. They are Rustom and Sohrab )

Rustom. Look Sohrab. These elections are disgusting and just fraud.

Sohrab. True. Look They have rigged up everything and ensured Ahmed in ejad wins

Rustom. Then what is the use of such elections?

Sohrab. But this is not just accepted. We Iraninas are great nation. We can not accept this nonsense.

Rustom. But look So much police force is there!The mullahs are very cruel. They may launch the revolutionary guards too. During the last 30 years, they have killed countless guys. We are afterall unarmed and simple guys.

Sohrab. Do you know Mr Gandhi of India? He brought freedom to India from the English men by peaceful means.

Rustom. But there was violence too by many. Then there was World War II. It weakened England. However Gandhi was great. Why you suddenly remembered him?

Sohrab. I wish we had a man like Gandhi.

Rustom. True. But Ahmed in Ejad would have killed him by now. Gandhi would have been hanged to a pole by these guys.

(Suddenly there is a flash in the sky and they find an old bald man ill clad in Dhoti with a half naked body with chappals and holding long stick. He is accompanied by two guys. They walk towards Rustom)

Gandhi. Good morning to you. I am Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. In India I am known as Mahatma Gandhi. However I do not claim myself to be a Mahatma.

Sohrab. Very good morning sir We heard about you and your deeds in India and south Africa. Who are these two gentlemen? Sir what do you mean by Mahatma?

Gandhi. Mahatma means great soul. He is Patel, the iron man of India. He was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India and the other guy is Jawaharlaal Nehru, the first PM of India. Although people call me Mahatma, I do not know whether I deserve the title.

Rustom. I see. Good morning to you sir. Sir, You are modest. Welcome to Iran. I am sorry we are in bad situation at present.

Gandhi. I heard some one remembered me here. Therefore I had to be here. What can I do for you? What you expect from me?

Sohrab. Mr Gandhi, This nation is in great turmoil now. We have been suffering rule of cruel fundamentalist Mullahs for the last 30 years. Shah Pehalwi- I was thrown out in 1979 and Ayotullah Khomeini took over. We lost all our basic rights as human beings all these years. How long we would suffer?

Gandhi. Look son. For every thing there has to be an end. Greatest dictators have vanished in to the dust bin of history. Have patience. Solution will be there. Didn’t Hitler, Mussolini, Musharraf, Zia ul Haq, Idi Amin, Ayub Khan, Arshad, Zia Ur Rehman, Stalin vanish from the earth. So would be the case with the Ejad and Mullahs

Sohrab. Sir. You are inspiring confidence in us. Can we be free finally?

Gandhi. Why not ( sings)

Look My dear son from the land of Iran
All this nonsense would finally go
Soon you would become free like a bird
While mullahs would get extinct like Australian bird DODO.

Rustom. Haa. Haa.. That was nice sir.

Patel. India suffered foreign rule for many centuries and finally we became independent.

Sohrab. Sir. In recent elections, everything has been rigged. Ahmed has won. He would be killing many now. Look how strong the protests are?

Gandhi. But I think violence can not be the answer. We must lead peaceful protests as. I did in India.

Sohrab. Sir! Things are different here. You actually fought with Englishmen. Many say that they were gentlemen. Guys here are just fundamentalists and crooks too. They would kill ruthlessly. Probably there will not be any trial. This is an Islamic world. Here Mullahs have tasted power and they will like to leave the seats. They will try their best to cling on ( Sings)

People here are suppressed by the guards
And the rulers are on killing spree
Women are the worst affected lot
And many have been hung to the near by tree

Gandhi. Oh. No. Is it so cruel here? Although I was leading the agitation in India Englishmen did not kill me. They jailed me several times. I was killed finally by an Indian. That too not by a Muslim.

Sohrab. That is the difference sir. Your non violence may not work here successfully. Your tricks may not be successful. But still there can be some hope

Gandhi. You must organize mass peaceful upsurge and peaceful non cooperation at every place. Can they kill all people? They can not. Finally your state troops would revolt after a limit. That is the end of Mullahs.

Sohrab. Good idea sir. That means the protests must go on along wit non co operation at every place
Gandhi. True. International opinion must be built up

Rustum. Already world countries are sympathetic to Iranians and the struggle.

Gandhi. Good. Keep it up

( In the mean time some police guys come close and enquire who the old man is )

Officer. Hoi. Who are you? You do not look like an Iranian. Are you a spy? Where are your travel documents and VISA and pass ports?

Gandhi. We do not have any thing. We are Indians. We are international travelers. We do not need visas or pass ports

Officer. Come on. Do not bluff. How did you arrive into Iran?

Gandhi. We came through sky ( Shows sky with finger). I am Gandhi Father of Indian nation. These are my advisers.

Officer. You have to come to police station. You are arrested for illegal entry into Iran.

Gandhi. We are not bound by your laws. We will not come there.

Officer. ( Looking at constables) Come on guys. Catch these nuts and put them in the truck.

Gandhi. That you can not do. Try to catch me atleast my hand. You shall know.

( The officer tries to catch his hand and fails. He catches only air. He gets puzzled and realizes that Gandhi is a ghost)

Officer. Oh. These are ghosts.. Run ( they run away)

Gandhi. Look friends. Plesae do not give up. Continue struggle of non cooperation and demonstrations. You are sure to win. Your own troops will refuse to kill you finally and that ends the matter. You shall see your Mullahs dumped in Iranian gulf never to rise. Best of luck.. Three cheers

( Gandhi and his friends vanish into sky while the protestors shout death to Ejad and Mullahs and long live Iranian freedom)

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Tuesday, June 23, 2009




Prof Dr Colonel ( retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Poverty is very frightening indeed. It has no bounds and encircles all religions and communities. It has seriously affected communities irresptive of religions with respect to marriages of girls. In this respect Muslim community in India has received greater attention by the media than others. Hyderabad as usual has been always in the news for adverse activities. This is probably due to the high strength of Muslims in the twin cities who are greatly concentrated in old city which is their citadel. Old city has been the nerve center for Muslims for the last many centuries and they are more concentrated in this walled city( Walls no more exist now although at some places dilapidated walls and fort gates are still there giving antiquated look ). Although there are rich Muslims in old city, their strength is much less and poor families are sizeable and countless(1)
Partition of India in 1947 has adversely affected Muslims who remained in India after voting for creation of Pakistan based on religion. An air of mistrust has developed between the communities and Muslims have withdrawn from the main stream. Police action on Hyderabad in 1948 added fuel to the fire. The ruling King Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur ( Brave), Fatehjung ( Victor of battles) Nizam ul mulk Asifjah 7 was deposed after the military operation ( Called Police action) by Indian union forces in September 1948. Nizam tried his best to remain independent and toed the line of Pakistan. Kasim Razvi the self styled Field Marshal of Razakar (Volunteers) forces misled the Nizam and the ruler became the puppet in his hands and fully abetted their gruesome activities. The Razakars resorted to most atrocious crimes on Hindu population that can not be even penned. They killed, maimed, raped women in mass, burnt houses , looted houses, trains in Hyderabad state and the Nizam’s Government abetted and boosted his actions by using police and military troops. (2). although Razakars were disbanded later after deposing the king, most of them merged in society while many were killed in action. The local Muslims suffered consequently from inferiority complex in subsequent years and withdrew from society. Educationally they remained backward and education in Madrasa still remained the priority. Urdu had to be learnt to keep their identity and they kept away from modern education. (This is however changing of late).Most of the road side low paid jobs such as welders, Car dent repairers, painters, seat repair mechanics, lathe machine workshop owners, Mechanics, auto drivers, Tonga wallahs (Drivers of horse drawn two wheel carts in bye gone days) Car drivers, plumbers, tin smiths, tire and tube repairers, air inflators for car tires, lock smiths, Rickshaw ( Three wheel cycle carts) pullers, Cycle repairers, Motor cycle mechanics, petty hawkers, scrap dealers, Push car vendors comprise of Muslims who are very poor and uneducated. Added to the misery, multiple marriages as sanctioned by the holy text resulting in more number of children (Family planning neither was nor resorted to) complicated the social problem. The problem has become acute with no solution. As children grew, problems became more intensive and marrying them off became a night mare to the poor parents. The Muslim society in India has been also influenced by Hindu customs and practices due to co existence for centuries. The evil of dowry system that plagues Hindu society has also influenced Islam in India and dowry system has also become part of Mulsim society in India. This has become further burden to poor parents in Hyderabad. With fall of Nizam, the air of superiority among them also vanished and stark naked truths dawned in front of them. The local minority leadership resorted to more of politicking with a view on vote bank and did less to reduce their suffering. Religious passions were stoked by them and divisions further widened in the city and state (3).
Arab sheikhs from alien lands have surely exploited the situation and the middle men made money in the process. There are always sharks that make hay while sun shines. The burden of getting the daughters married off forced the poor parents in to this direction and they fell prey to the lusty old shaggy Arabs who found old city of Hyderabad as a golden mine for helpless girls. The prevailing dowry system in Muslim society has added to the woes and poor parents have become helpless. Instead of paying to the bride groom. Now the parents receive money in exchange for giving the girl in marriage. Some call it selling the girl for money. The entire process is well organized in Hyderabad and it is well entrenched in society. The needs and helplessness of the poor parents are known to the locals and middle men who make contact with parents and exploit them. The Sheikhs who arrive in city stay in local hotels and hunt for girls and soon are contacted by the middle men and a deal is struck. Most of the times paltry sum is paid to the parents and Nikah is arranged. The Kazi ( The Muslim priest) conducts the marriage and documents are prepared. Many times the girl’s age is altered and fake documents showing legal/acceptable age are prepared. Thus they try to escape from law. Parents are happy that the girl is married off to a wealthy sheikh but tragedy awaits them soon. The old Sheikh fit to be a father or grand father to the girl consummates the marriage in some hotel and satisfies his lust. It is also not known how many of these old crooks from Arab lands suffer from HIV and other venereal ailments. In darkness of night they probably pass on the ailments to the unsuspecting brides. There are instances when girls below 13 years are married off to Sheikhs as old as 70 years. However on documents age is shown correct as per provisions. Tragedy unveils on the families when they find that the Sheikh has disappeared all of a sudden leaving the girl to winds. In a recent case that came to light, an impoverished Muslim family married off their daughter to an Arab Sheikh for a meager amount of Rs. 5000 ( US $ 100), offered through a broker.
"He gave Rs. 5000, but it was all taken by the broker. My mother didn''t get anything. I married him wilfully, even though he was 50 years old," said a girl. Her dreams are all shattered as she has been abandoned by him (4).
There would be incidents when the girl becomes pregnant subsequently and there is no trace of the Sheikh who has vanished never to return. Earlier the sheikhs used to take the brides to their countries and invariably the girls suffered as maid servants and subjected to untold miseries , but that stopped when the Gulf nations restricted their citizens from bringing home a foreign bride unless they took prior permission from the authorities. As a result, instances of Arabs flocking to Hyderabad for a young bride continue.
The abandoned girl becomes a further burden to the parents. Such incidents are innumerable and their state is pathetic. Police has been keeping watch in these developments. But the social problem could not be eradicated. Kazis who perform Nikha are escaping the law owing to the provisions of scriptures. This has been a serious social problem in the poor Muslim families in Hyderabad and this can be eradicated only by better education and social unpliftmnet of the poor and family planning that has been a taboo among Muslims. The provisions in the scriptures are misused by unscrupulous elements and poverty abetted by lust has resulted in the most difficult situation among poor Muslims in the state. Although wide publicity was given to such incidents in the past the situation has not improved and the girls continue to suffer mocking at the society.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Islam lags behind west and its backwardness is self doing

Prof Dr Colonel ( Retired)K Prabhakar Rao
Only one Muslim country, the Turkish republic has formally separated religion from State as law. It’s founder Mustafa Kamal (Ata Turk) has enacted the removal of Islam from the constitution and abrogation of Shariat, which ceased to be a part of the law of the land. Several Muslim States restricted Shariat to marriage, divorce and inheritance and adopted Western laws in other matters. There has been some move like this in ‘Bath’ party that once ruled Iraq and is in now strong in Syria. However, Saddam Hussein, former President of Iraq has been dethroned after military action by US led coalition forces (1). Pakistan reeled under the dictatorships of army generals and General Parvez Musharraf who was the last British styled aristocrat in Pakistan with some modernity and vision for his country also stepped out. He harbored the hope of being a legendary Mustafa Kamal (Ata Turk) of Turkey for his feud- torn country. But the Military Fundamentalist Junta that engineered the coup for him against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sheriff had engulfed him while in power. He had precarious existence and If he deviated from the anti Indian and fundamentalist path, the Junta was capable of repeating a coup. He was therefore forced to do a great tight rope-balancing act in his country keeping the Junta happy till he was eased out (2).
Islamic demonology in anti secular writings includes names such as former legendary Presidents Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Saadat of Egypt, Shah Pehalwi of Iran, Afiz Al Assad of Syria, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Mustafa Kamal of Turkey, King Farukh and Kings of Arabia. All these men who had some modern and forward thinking lumped together as one mass are considered as great betrayers of Islam and as inside enemies who wear Muslim face, bear Muslim name, and is therefore much deadlier than the open enemies from outside (3). Thus for Muslims, Islam is not merely a system of belief and worship, a compartment of life so to speak distinct from other compartments which are the concern of non religious authorities administering non religious laws. It is rather whole of life and its rules include civil, criminal and even what we would call constitutional law (4). Democracy and modernity appear to be at the infinity in Muslim world ( Turkey is an exception) and everything centers around the scripture. Recent chaos in Iran is the glaring example of pseudo democracy in Iran where elections are conducted where results are predetermined.
The center of problem facing Arab Muslims and indeed all Muslims today worldwide is to find a new way of life-Islamic in character, which will be halfway between the West and East that will provide internal stability necessary to enable Muslims to face their problems independently. The Arab world can borrow technology from the west, but it must find the answers to it’s deeper problems within itself. As per Abdullah Ai Al Qasimi in his book “These are the chains”, he stands out with a frank observation that, “ignorance based on religious doctrine has tied our people with knot upon knot”, and proceeds to analyses causes for backwardness among Muslims (5).
The low state of Islam in every field of human endeavor as stated by him compared to west carries over into the depressed situation of the individual Muslims as compared to the individual Christian in whichever country the two groups are living side by side. Al Qasimi admits that Muslim Arab’s Cultural immobility can’t be overcome, except to the extent to which foreign (That is Western, meaning Christian) influence and training are accepted. Arab humanity belongs to “abject frustrated, ignorant, weak” type and not to the other type of humanity, which is progress minded, successful, knowledgeable and strong that is found in West (6). Man has been created for future greatness and East and West have recognized this fact.
East has neglected and gone to slumber while West has realized its material and intellectual possibilities. Hindus claim and beat their chests loudly that all the modern science and inventions were already known to their past spiritual masters and are hidden in Vedas the ancient scriptures. You name any thing they would link it to Vedas. Nuclera weapons are compared to Brahmastra that was wielded by accomplished sages and kings with divine blessings. But who prevented them from exploiting them and Yet, India has remained technologically and scientifically very much backward for centuries. In fact English rule in India was a blessing in disguise. The Indian princes and chieftains whiled away their time mostly in dance, theology, poetry, drama, music, literature, paintings,sculpture except science and technology and remained backward from West. They claim their backwardness to be the result of Islamic occupation and exploitation by the Englishmen in subsequent years. There is no doubt that Western countries gave the breakthrough in the modern science and industrial technology, the benefits of which every one is reaping now. Most of the backward countries want all help from West. But they hate West and attribute all reasons to them for their backwardness. Arabs and Muslims have chosen to be weak in body and mind and lagged far behind the West that galloped towards modernity. By engineering 9/11, 2001 attack on USA by the Islamic terrorists, the Muslim world has finally cut it’s own feet towards prosperity and dug it’s own grave by refusing to modernize and adopt modern governance. For all the ills in Arab and Muslim world West is blamed. The interesting part is that every guy ifrom third world country whether it is Muslim or Non Mulsim country wants to land up in USA or UK.
In the words of Omar A Farukh in his book “ Arab Genius in Science and Philosophy”, great contributions were made by Muslim scholars in the past in the field of theology, mathematics and natural science, but such scholars ceased to exist after 14 th century. He has attributed Arab and Muslim backwardness to concentration on traditional, linguistic and theological studies in contrast to technological advances of Europe. Arabs by and large failed to make use of the scientific and technological knowledge that the West has gained so that they could compete in the narrow world, both in the material and in spiritual struggle (7). Arab institutions in Arab States kept themselves away from more profitable areas of science and technology and wasted their precious time on fruitless pursuits such as theological works (8). A civilization cannot flourish by glorifying past and thumping chests on past laurels, achievements and greatness. It has to keep abreast with change of time and the requirements of modern age. God only helps those who struggle and work hard and help themselves. It must perform continuously towards growth. Otherwise, others would overtake them. Muslim world lacked exactly in this aspect and as a consequence badly suffered.
On the other hand, Muslim women remained isolated from modern education and were confined to the houses rearing the children and satisfying their husbands. Their world revolved around household works, pleasing their husbands, religion and other related restrictions. The children in such societies tend to become arrogant and fundamentalist devoid of urge for modern and scientific temperament. Even today numerous honor killings are carried out in Islamic nations and women are suppressed and exploited (9). In cities like Hyderabad in India poor Muslims sell their daughters to the lusty old Arabs ( Of Grand fathers age) from Middle East. The provisions in the scripture are misused by the middle men and mullahs. These young girls once taken out of the country land up in dire straits and god only knows their fate. Women like Irshad Manji (10), Ayaan Hirsi Ali (11) and Taslima Nasreen (12) who raised voice in protest against suppression and asked for reformations in faith have been condemned, persecuted and threatened with death. The Madrasas spend maximum time in grinding the students on scriptures and scientific education is rather absent in these societies. Talibans were direct products of Madrasas in Pakistan who banished all education for women in Afghanistan. Societies in which women are suppressed and exploited would always remain backward. Now Taliban is knocking at the seat of power in Pakistan and they already destroyed girls- schools in the area of their influence. Pakistan although is keeping Taliban at bay by severe fighting its success is doubtful.
Muslims also allege that the West had purposely denied scientific know how to them. In the words of Dr Mohammed Kamal Ayyad, a teacher of philosophy at Higher Teachers College, Damascus and author of several studies on Arab Political and cultural problems, The West was interested in keeping orient and especially Arab and Muslim world in a state of spiritual and outwardly matters so that they had neither energy nor interest left to learn from West. The western nations did not want technology, science, industry and organization to be learnt by Arabs and Muslims nations. It is claimed that West was willing to support only those Muslim Institutions, which studied cultural heritage, mysticism, and rhetoric and grammar etc. They did not help other Muslim and Arab Institutions in acquiring scientific equipments, up- gradation of laboratories, promoting acquisition of technology and establishing chairs for comparative literature (13). What Arabs and Muslims particularly resent is the rich array of external manifestations of Western superiority in all the material, economical, technological and organizational fields. These attainments are constantly exhibited, rather flaunted by West and these endorse superiority of West. Muslims consider Western permissiveness, style of living, freedom to women as debauchery, sinful and immoral. They feel that the Muslim society is being corrupted by the Western influences. They hate west, but at the same time cannot avoid contact with them, they need them, as they are completely dependent on West for technology, modern education, industry and exploration and organization. Muslim students run to West to study at the Universities, employment and are influenced by the freedom in the society. They feel liberated. Back at home, the Mullahs cry hoarse that their culture, youth and way of life is being corrupted by the western civilization and mode of life. Arabs feel Western life to be against the morality of their religion in which they sincerely believe and thus West is seen inferior to Arabs. Arabs and other Muslims thus soon developed cultural inferiority complex (14).
Ottoman Empire that ruled over all Middle East countries collapsed after World War I (1915-1918) and the Middle East Muslim nations were colonized by European nations for a long time. This also has helped in building resentment among them. Although they became independent later, they were completely dependent upon West for all matters. These States soon came under the grip of fundamentalist and medieval Mullahs and blood thirsty dictators. Religion has been used to mesmerize the crowds in the name of scriptures and God.
It is a strange fact that Muslims by and large hate west. It is also a fact that Ottomans (Turks) dominated Arabs and they cruelly suppressed Arabs. When 9/11 took place some sections in India and Pakistan danced on streets singing that America was doomed. Arabs had to serve in the armies and fight wars for Ottomans and yet hatred towards Turks was not high. One of the reasons was commonality of religion and Turkey enjoyed the position of Caliphate, the religious supreme for Sunni Muslims who represent 90 % of the Muslim population in the world. Japan was occupied by USA for very long time after World War II. More over, Americans dropped Atom Bomb over Japan in 1945 causing large numbers of deaths. Yet, the hatred towards West is not found in Japan. Similarly, Muslims and British occupied India and it suffered greatly under the Muslim invasions and rule. Yet, there is no hatred towards Muslims and the British in India. Hindus have not declared war against the Muslims and the British. Arabs and other Muslims can’t completely detach themselves from traditional culture unlike British educated Indians. Neither can they keep away like Japan’s Zen Roshi. Their marginality causes discomfort leading to hatred. As summarized by scholor J Desparmet in 1932, the ultimate basis of all allegations to the West is the religious fervor or jealousy which fires Muslims and Arabs from which he derives or deduces all kinds of other objections (15). Their backwardness is due to the inability to change with the time and see reason that has conflicting requirements with the religion and hang on to the dogmas and scriptures. Unless the fundamental approach is changed, backwardness in Arab and Muslim States would continue and grow and there is no escape. Where Women are suppressed and not treated equal such societies sooner or later would disintegrate and disappear. Muslim States have to adopt democracy, modernity and scientific temperament keeping religion aside for spiritual pursuits, if they have to compete with West and survive to be precise..

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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Saturday, June 20, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel ( retired)K Prabhakar Rao
Abdul Muzaffar Muhiuddin Muhammad Aurangzeb Bahadur Alamgir I, Padshah Ghazi aka Aurangzeb was the greatest and 6 th Mughal Emperor of all the time but only after the Akbar the great as claimed to the accompanying of drums by the pseudo secular Indian historians. He ruled from 1658 to 1707. Although he was a great winner throughout his wretched life he was a bad and notorious emperor apart from being a religious bigot who set destruction of his own empire and illustrious dynasty into motion by his ill conceived policies. Although he was claimed to be a pious and holy Qoran bound Mussalman and lived pious life as stated by the guided Indian historians, he was full of all negative qualities and he was the manifestation of religious intolerance that finally resulted in destruction of Mughal Empire. To some extent, Mir Osman Ali Khan, the Nizam 7 of Hyderabad state could be compared to him in the matters of simplicity of dress and persecution of Hindus through Razakars during 1947-48 till he was deposed by police action. Although he was a great achiever by no mean standards as claimed by historians, the way he ruled was most outrageous and unworthy of an emperor. He alienated every one probably except sadistic fundamentalist Mullahs who failed to convert India into Dar ul Islam. Some of Aurangzeb’s shameful deeds are :
1.Aurangazeb‘s act of pseudo greatness began in 1644 when Aurangzeb's sister Jahanara Begum was accidentally burned in Agra. This event precipitated a family crisis which had political consequences. Aurangzeb suffered his father's displeasure when he returned to Agra three weeks after the event, instead of immediately on hearing of the accident.

2. In 1652, Aurangzeb was re-appointed governor of the Deccan. The Deccan produced poor tax revenue for the Mughals. In his previous term, Aurangzeb ignored the problem, allowing state-sanctioned corruption and extortion to grow. This time Aurangzeb set about reforming the system, but his efforts often placed additional burdens on the locals and were poorly received.

3. It was during this second governorship that Aurangzeb first recounts destroying a Hindu temple.

4.. Dara shikoh true successor of Shah Jahan was illegally dethroned by Aurangazeb. With the help of his younger brother Murad, Aurangzeb attacked Dara shikoh and defeated him and he declared Dara shikoh was no longer a Muslim. Dara shikoh was betrayed by an Afghan Chief to the Mughals and brought to Delhi on 23 August 1659.. Dar Shikoh was the most learned man of Hindu scriptures and wrote translations of some Upanishads. He was great Sufi in fact. Before Dara was killed, he was paraded on a dirty elephant on the streets so that people saw him and understood that their most liked prince was no more in reckoning. Dara was executed on 30 August 1659.

5) After getting rid of Dara by engineering death sentence through the Mullahs, Aurangzeb betrayed his younger brother Murad by arresting him after intoxicating him and later executed his own brother on 4 December 1661 on a frivolous murder charge of elimination Diwan Al Naqwi.

6. Sulaiman Shikoh the eldest son of Dara shukoh was also captured after betrayal by a provincial king and he was administered slow poison and he died in May 1662.

7) He executed Dara Shikoh in Delhi on 30 August 1659 and sent Dara’s severed head to Shah Jahan who was under house arrest.

8) He brought prohibitions against building new Hindu temples, and protection tax on non Muslims. He destroyed most precious Hindu temples at Gujarat, Kashi and Mathura. Probably breaking Hindu temples was his best hobby.

9) Aurangzeb began to enact and enforce a series of edicts with punishments. Most significantly, Aurangzeb initiated laws which interfered with non-Muslim worship. These included the destruction of several temples (mostly Hindu), a prohibition of certain religious gatherings, collection of the jizya tax, the closing of non-Islamic religious schools, and prohibition of practices deemed immoral by him, such as temple dances
10)He executed Guru Tegh bahadur in 1675, one of the most revered among Sikhs by framing false charges. ( He was the father of last Guru Gobind Singh who converted Sikhs into a martial race). He brought untold miseries on Guru Gobind Singh where sons of Sikh guru Guru Gobind Singh were killed. Two sons of him died in war while fighting along with his father and two were bricked alive most cruelly at Sirhind by Governor Wazir Khan of Sirhind.

11) In economic and political terms, Aurangzeb's rule significantly favored Muslims over non-Muslims:” In many disputed successions for hereditary local office Aurangzeb chose candidates who had converted to Islam over their rivals. Pargana headmen and quangos or record keepers were targeted especially for pressure to convert. The message was very clear for all concerned. Shared political community must also be sharing religious belief."

12) The Pashtun revolted against Aurangzeb in 1672 that was triggered when soldiers under the orders of the Mughal Governor Amir Khan attempted to molest women of the Safi tribe. The policies of Governors can not be different from that of the emperor.

13) He alienated many of his children and wives, driving some into exile and imprisoning others. When his son Akbar revolted against him in 1681 while fighting against the Rajputs during the war of succession after the death of Rana Jaswant Singh of Marwar on 10 December,1678, Aurangzeb played most dirty by writing a letter and ensuring that it fell into the hands of Rajputs thus driving a wedge between his son and Rajputs. This was the dirtiest act. Akbar finally left India and stayed in Persia fearing his father where he subsequently died unsung and unheard in 1704.

14. Aurangzeb also imprisoned his eldest son Mohammed Sultan to whom the princes of Golconda was married. The poor prince died in captivity in 1676. He thought his sons were danger to his power. He was the most cruel and treacherous father infact.

15. He conquered Golconda kingdom in Deccan ( South India) in 1687. Abdullah Pani a small time fort commander opened a small gate at fort wall in the early hours of 21 September 1687 after getting bribed and the fort soon fell.

16. After the fall of Golconda kingdom in Deccan, its king Sultan Abul Hasan Kutubshah ( 1672-1687) was imprisoned at Kaula Mahal in Daulatabad ( Maharashtra State) fort and was pensioned off. During his captivity, it is learnt that his wife gave birth to a son and this boy was subsequently taken to Delhi where he was taken care of. Abul Hassan Kutub Shaha died in 1699-1700. Many Kutubshai nobles took service in Mughal court and whenever the Deccani Prince entered the court, the nobles rose and paid respects. This however annoyed the emperor. To ensure that there was no chance for revival of Kutubshahi kingdom at a later stage, he sent the prince to Gwalior where he was administered opium regularly as a slow poison and the poor prince died in oblivion. The prince was called Bandi ( Prisoner) Sultan. ( There is no written proof available for this and is based on a popular belief and probably could be true considering the qualities of the emperor)

17. He invited the great Shivaji Maharaja to the court in May 1666 and insulted him and later imprisoned him at Agra. It is a different thing that Shivaji cleverly escaped from the house arrest at Agra and reached his capital on 30 November 1666 and led a crusade against Mughal in subsequent years.

18. He got killed Sambhaji Maharaja the Maratha King ( Son of Shivaji Maharaja) most inhumanly after capturing him on 11 February 1689.. He forced him to convert to Islam and Sambhaji preferred death than to shed his faith.He was put to death on 16 March 1689 in a most gruesome way. He kept Sahu, Sambhajis son as captive at his palace. Sahu was released only after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707 by the next emperor ( Muazzam) Bahadurshah I as an act of reconciliation with Marathas and to divide the Marathas in the war of succession in their kingdom.

19. He dismissed court singers and painters and artists.

20 . He got white washed most precious and great paintings in the palace of Bijapur ( Now in state of Karnataka) in Deccan after its capture and deposing the ruler Sikander Adil Shah in September 1688.All such great art was lost forever.

On death bed, he wrote to his son, fully exhausted, "I came alone and I go as a stranger. I do not know who I am, nor what I have been doing," the dying old man confessed to his son in Feb 1707. "I have sinned terribly, and I do not know what punishment awaits me." At the ebb of his life, he expressed his loneliness and perhaps a regret for his militant intolerant rule. His personal piety is undeniable. Unlike the often alcohol- and women-absorbed personal lives of his predecessors, he led an extremely simple and pious life. He followed Muslim precepts with his typical determination, and even memorized the entire Qur'an. He knitted haj caps and copied out the Qur'an throughout his life and sold these anonymously. He used only the proceeds from these to fund his modest resting place. He died in Ahmednagar on Friday, February 20 1707 at the age of 88, having outlived many of his children. His modest open-air grave in Khuldabad in Aurangabad expresses his strict and deep interpretation of Islamic beliefs.
Repentance in the end does not change history. It may draw sympathy from the almighty as per scriptures. In practical life, such repentance has no meaning when he inflicted such damage on the people and nation particularly Hindus. The later Mughals were wretched incompetent and worthless womanizers, morally corrupt debauches, sexual perverts and drunkards. It is most astonishing to note that in a span of 150 years after death of Aurangzeb in 1707 Mughal dynasty could not produce a single competent and worthy ruler who could restore the Mughal power. Was it a curse from the Allah who desired destruction of the dynasty and empire too? Naturally such rulers have no place. None should feel sorry for their tragic end. They surely deserved such fate.
Some one said the grave of Aurangzeb at Khuldabad in Aurangabad (Maharashtra State) is the most deserted and haunting one and any one visiting the site would suffer heart pain, headache and nausea and discomfort even to day after the death of the tyrant in 1707. This may be exaggerated. The soul of emperor who played tricks and dirty politics all his life and killed his own brothers and ill-treated his father for the kingship cannot rest in peace. Many saw him as manifestation of Satan although Indian bogus historians praise him as a Raja yogi ( Saint King) and true Muslim to appease the Muslims in India with eye on vote bank of Muslims. The Indian history books hide all his atrocities on his subjects particularly Hindus by direction and to earn awards from the pseudo secularists. His life was tarnished by scores of Brahmins killed by him. He was probably the biggest and cruelest Sunni Wahhabi on the earth although Wahabism was found later on. He was against all Kafirs and destroyed temples and deserves severe condemnation in the view of most of the people. His deeds have naturally led to fall of his own dynasty. Just note the fate of his worthless descendents. Is it an act of punishment by God?But Indian Historians look other way and clap that al was well with him. Shame indeed.


1. Muazzam titled Bahadur shah I( 1707-1712) I his son and who became emperor died with in 5 years of his rule. He killed his brother in the war of succession…… 5 years

2. Moizuddin Zahandarshah ( 1712-1713) son of Bahadur Shah I a debauch and was the most incompetent man to rule. He was overwhelmed by a concubine Lal kumari. His brothers were also slain in the war of succession. He was strangled after he was deposed within one year of rule by Farukhsiyar and his head was cut off and sent for display….. 1 year rule

3. Muhammed Farukhsiyar ( 1713- 1719) a great grand son of Aurangzeb ( Son of Azimus shan, brother of Zahandar shah) became emperor. He was deposed and blinded and imprisoned. He was killed in the most cruelest manner by the Sayyad brothers, the king makers. 6 years ruled.

4. Rafi ud Darjat (1719) son of Rafis us shan brother of Jahandar Shah who was killed in war of succession. He died in the same year of accession 1719 ( obviously murdered).. with in year

5. Rafi ud Ddaula ( Shah jehan II) ( 1719) son of Rafis us shan brother of Jahandar Shah who was killed in war of succession. He died in the same year of accession i.e 1719( Obviously murdered)… within year same year as above

6. Mohd Ibrahim (1720) son of Rafiq us shan. Died soon

6. Muhammed Shah Rangeela ( pleasure seeker) ( 1719-1748) ( Roshan Akhtar) son of Jahan shah the brother of Jahander shah the biggest pleasure seeker and womanizer .He died of cirrhosis of liver and also syphilis.. Nadir Shah the Persian king invaded Delhi during his time. 29 years rule

7. Ahmed Shah (1748- 1754) was blinded by his wazir Ghaziuddin in 1754… 6 years

8.. Azizuddin Alamgir II (1754 -- 1759) son of Jahander shah was assassinated by Gaziuddin.. 5 years

9. Shah Jehan III (1960), grandson of Kambaksh the son of Aurangzeb. Three months

10.Mirza Abdullah Shah Alam II also known as Ali Gauhar ( 1759-1806) was blinded in 1788 by Afgahn Rohilla chieftain and the staunch enemy of Mughals after having failed to find Mughal treasures and Shah Alam II lived pathetic life and died ( Although a nominal emperor..47 years

11. Bidar Bakht ( 1788).

12.Akbar II son of Shah Alam II ( 1806 --1837) nominal emperor remained in Delhi unsung and un heard…31 years

13,Bahadur Shah II ( zafar) ( 1836-1858) was deposed by East India Company in 1858 after the Sepoy mutiny. He was sent to Rangoon prison where he died in 1862……...22 years rule

Above list does not reflect well for the dynasty of brave Baber. The untold crimes committed by Aurangzeb on humanity, other religions and on his own brothers and father during his long reign have not gone down well with the unknown power called the God and his successors paid heavy price in course of time. There have been dynasties earlier that vanished after wars. But later Mughals no doubt suffered continuously and as said earlier, it could not produce even one able ruler to turn the tide. It has to be seen as the curse of humanity (Particularly Hindus?) in India on the Mughal dynasty during rule of Aurangzeb.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, June 15, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

( The elections in Andhra Pradesh are over and Congress has formed the government. It emerged as the single largest party in the assembly. Oath taking ceremony is over and the ministers and MsLA go to the assembly gate where Gandhi’s statue is there. The statue has been washed recently and the statue is not the usual Gandhi statue in standing pose. It is in sitting pose doing meditation. There are many police men around and security is very tight. Some light machine guns are also seen mounted at important places over the building.)

Inspector. (Addressing members of public). Look, You. Please stay way from here. You are not allowed to get in

Ashok. I am not hey. My name is Ashok. I have to see the function. Please know that these people come to power because of us. We must be allowed to see the things

Inspector. Yeah. I agree to what you say. But how many can we allow? There is security problem. Please understand our limitations.

Ashok. OK Inspector. I shall co operate. I see from a distance.

( In the mean time a batch of MsLA reach the premises. All are clad in spotless whites. Some are chewing pan. Every one has a cell phone with him. Many have gold bracelets around their wrists)

MLA 1. It is nice the elections are over and we have won. It was hectic time for the last few months. Yar, how much time this function is going to take?

MLA 2. I do not know. It could be at least an hour. Many are still to come.

MLA3. I have been seeing this statue since long. Now it is looking clean. Otherwise it used to be very shabby.

MLA2. As it is the statue is black. I do not know who made and approved this one. Some times I get scared when I look at it.

MLA1. I do not know why the statue is made to look down. Some how it is not appealing

MLA3. Most of the times, I have seen crows sitting on the head. At times I saw four to five crows sitting and fighting too.

( Suddenly Gandhi opens eyes and looks at the MsLA. He laughs.heee..heee)

MLA.1 Look, I see the statue opening the eyes

MLA2. I heard it laughing too

MLA3. Are you mad? How can it be?

MLA1. Let us go from here. I am scared.

( At the gate there is commotion. Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen at the gate and they are stopped by the Police.

Gandhi. Look Inspector, I am Bapu, Your Bapu, Nation's Bapu, Father of nation. Have to go inside.

Patel. We are Nehru and Patel. We have come to see the proceedings.

Inspector. We can not allow you inside. This is a high security area. You have names of past leaders. That is OK. But that does not make you eligible to get inside.

Gandhi. We are real Gandhi, Nehru and Patel. These are our real names and we are real.( Sings)

Look Oh the police man
We are in fact real men
You may doubt us as imposters
Our deeds were already written by pen

We are really they
And they are no doubt we
Please harbor no doubt about us
Gandhi is none other than me

Inspector. Ohfo. What a guy! I already told you that you can be allowed inside.

Patel. Inspector . This is not fair. We may have to do Dharna now.

( In the mean time many people gather at the gate and watch the arguments. Inspector speaks to security. Soon the LMG posts become active and they aim the weapons at Gandhi and Nehru and Patel… There is great commotion)

Patel. Down with police .. down with high handedness.. Look Bapu ! They are aiming LMG at us

Nehru.. Mahatma Gandhi ki Jai… Bolo.. Gandhiji jai…

Patel. Nothing will happen to us. But I am worried about other common men here.

Patel. We can not trust the guys manning the LMG. They are shaky guys with some obsolete old weapons. I know some cases when the moving parts in the gun suddenly slipped from cocking position and fire was opened resulting in deaths. The police men have no proper training.

Gandhi. Patel Your knowledge about weapons is good.

Patel. I am known for that.

( Listening to the commotion, some MLA reach the gate to enquire)

MLA1. Inspector. What is happening?

MLA2. Who are these guys dressed like Nehru, Gandhi and Patel?

MLA 3. They may have dressed up like this. Must be daily begging in these areas

Gandhi. Come on sir. You can not talk like this. You have just now become MLA. You must learn to respect elders and your past leaders. Please do not insult others.

MLA3. So do you claim yourself as real Gandhi?

Gandhi. Yes I am real Gandhi.

MLA2. But you were shot dead long ago. You were also cremated to ashes too. How can you be alive?

Patel. That is the mystery. Great men do not die. They are eternal. You shall not understand.

MLA 2. Do we also become like that when we are no more?

Patel. I am sure you will not. Most of you may turn to bhoots ( ghosts). How can you compare yourself to Gandhi and his friends? Just look into your own hearts and your lives. You will know the answer.


( Inspector closes the gates and gives dirty look at the crowd)

Inspector. Ohfo. It is a great headache to be on Badobust duty.

( A constable approaches Inspector and salutes)

Constable. Sir . Look that side. Those three guys are within the gate.

Inspector. Did you open the Gate?..

Constable. Sir! The keys are with you. How can I open?

Inspector. How it is possible? They were outside when I closed the gate. Let me see outside.

(He goes to the gate and sees that Gandhi and his two friends are outside)

Inspector. Ohfo. Some illusion must be. Thank God the guys are outside.

( He returns to the MsLA and finds Gandhi and Nehru and Patel along with MsLA. He pulls his hair puzzled. He rubs eyes. In the mean time all the legislators assemble, queue up and one by one go to the statue to offer flowers)

MLA1. ( Offers flowers and sees that the statue is scratching his bald head and winking at him. He gets upset. He goes back quickly)

MLA2. ( offers flowers) He bows to the statue and Gandhi comes alive and gives a strong nudge on his head. ( MLA looks up and sees Gandhi alive)

Gandhi. Look son. Behave in the assembly hall. Conduct with decorum. Do not shriek and shout. Do not use abusive words, tear papers although you are experts at the art.)

( Gandhi ( Black) now gets up from the sitting position while the Gandhi who came from outside in white clothes merges with the black Gandhi. Nehru and Patel are standing next to Gandhi. Gandhi addresses the legislators. He keeps his arms over Nehru and Patel).

Gandhi. Look! Oh, the newly elected members of legislature. I congratulate you on your success. Is this the real success? You will know yourself. I know you guys spent crores of rupees to win this election. . You may deny this. But fact every one knows. I also learnt that Police guys caught lot of money while checking vehicles. But that is only a smallest fraction. Yet every one knows how money changed hands. It is ok; now a days in war , love and politics everything is fair. To win is the main thing. How you win is immaterial. This is life’s ambition.

MSLA.heee..heeee..haa…haaa… Well said sir.

Gandhi. But having spent so much money I also know that you will try to make up at the earliest. There will not be selfless service. I learnt about previous assembly proceedings. I also know that many legislators were experts in abusive language and also in shouting. They run to the well and disrupt speaker. They make gestures at the speaker and wave hands threateningly. One senior minister also shouted, “ Why are you waiving your hand. I shall remove your hand”.haa…haaa. I sat in the gallery and saw proceedings. What a shabby scenes I watched. They were telecast alive. It was mockery of legislature. Many members were behaving like street dadas. I felt ashamed and left the hall never to return. My statue has been fixed here. But some one correctly decided on the type of statue. They wanted my statue to look down and close eyes. True. I am not supposed to look up. In shame at the way you guys conduct I look down never to look up. My statue is painted dark jet black. Why not? Looking at the dark conduct and deeds my statue naturally has to be black. So guys at least try to learn some thing better and conduct yourself. Serve people with dedication and selflessness. You may go down well with people. This is my advice. Coming here and offering flowers to me has no meaning. I also know that you will never come here again except on my death day or birth day.Plesae make sure that my statue is removed from here and dump in Hussein sagar lake that is close by. I do not want to be here. It is shameful to be here. Good bye friends. Learn to live and serve. History shall not spare you. Bye..

(Gandhi again sits down and becomes a statue. The other Gandhi emerges out and walks with Nehru and Patel)

Inspector. You guys . Where were you hiding? I shall teach you a lesson. You are tricksters, may be even terrorists.. Constables catch these guys.

( Constables fall on the trio and can not catch them. They all fall one another. He sees Patel standing near the black statue. Inspector runs to him and falls flat on Patel. But he falls on the statue and breaks his nose and arm too. He shrieks loudly.aa..aaa…margaya…oh. Gandhi , Nehru and Patel hold hands and slowly walk off singing Ramdhun)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Friday, June 12, 2009


Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

( Lord Vishnu in heavens is seen resting on a serpent bed in reclining pose while his consort Laxmi is sitting next to him and pressing his tired legs. Close to them Tumbura is seen playing veena and Narada is seen singing hymns in praise of the lord. Narada approaches the lord..)

Narada. My dear lord Vishnu! Oh the greatest of all in the three worlds, why you always rest on this serpent with tired legs? This is the most common pose printed on all calendars on the earth.

Vishnu. Look Narad. What to do! I have to take care of whole world. Naturally I feel tired. I am ageless. But I also have limitations.

Narad. Lord I had been to earth and in one of the exhibitions I saw a gadget to soothe tired legs. It has a small machine with a wide opening and one has to put his feet into it and switch it on and some artificial arms start pressing our feet. Oh it is so good. I put my feet on trial. What a comfort I had ! Great it was indeed. Better you get one for you. Madam will be relieved much.

Vishnu. But nothing like the feet being pressed by wife

Narad. Sir. You know I am a bachelor boy and what can I say?

Vishnu. ( Laughs).haa…haaa

Laxmi. Narad, better get one fast. I am tired

Vishnu. Human beings expect money for everything.

Narad. Yes Lord. It costs about 3200 rupees.

Vishnu. What is this rupee?

Narad. We have to see every thing in terms of gold. A very small amount of gold is enough. Sir Indians are very crazy of gold.

Vishnu. Get me one and one for you also because you keep roaming every where. I pay for you also. Get one for Lord Shiva. He dances much on top of hills.

Narad. Thanks Lord. I am obliged..

( Narad goes away from there saying Narayan….Narayan.. and lands up in Hyderabad city. He is at Nizam college grounds. There is an exhibition organized there. He goes to the entrance along with his veena in his usual dress . At the gate he is stopped)

Sentry. O Bahia. Who are you? Do you have ticket? What is this strange dress you adorn? Are you from a drama company? This is not the place for you. Please go to a temple where you may get some coppers.This is not a place to beg

Narad. Do I look like a beggar. I am great sage. I can curse if I get annoyed

Sentry. Look bhai. You can not go without ticket. What else can be a bigger curse than living in India? Can you make it worst. That you can not make. Am sure.

Narad. Look. I am sage Narad. I have come from Vaikunth. I want to see the exhibition. What is this you call ticket?

Sentry. You pay Rs 25 at the entrance they will give you a slip and that is the ticket. Please change your dress too. You will be the odd man out here.

Narad That I will see. But what is this money? Any how I shall find out.

Sentry. Ohfo. What a guy?

( In the mean time Gandhi, Nehru and Patel also arrive in their usual dress. They have tickets and show to the sentry and he is impressed. In the mean time Narad arrives with a ticket. They enter the exhibition. At the entrance, they find many looking queerly at them)

Official. Welcome sir. It is great you have come in fancy dress. This is a great attraction for every one.

Gandhi. What do you mean? Is this fancy dress? This is normal dress for us. We are real Gandhi, Nehru and Patel. ( Sings doing jig)

Look Oh the odd man here
Know I am Gandhi, father of nation
Please know these are Nehru and Patel
Ignorance looks like todays fashion

Guys can not recognize us
That is their own fault
We are the real heroes of past
Who led the strike and made salt

Official. Oh I see. ( He looks at his friend )poor guys , ( In hush hush) Appear to be in other world .May need some counseling and treatment too at Erragadda hospital.

( Narad and the trio get into the exhibition and start seeing things. Many people are gazing at them. Narad starts playing his Veena Mahati. He is occasionally saying Narayan.. Narayan…… Gandhi, Nehru and Patel sing Ramdhun while going around. People gather around them and listen to them. While going around, they see the physical fitness stall. They see many items displayed)

Shop keeper. Sir please come here. Here is the machine that keeps your blood pressure low. Here is the machine that checks blood pressure. You have to insert your arm in the sling and press button. The band will tighten and BP is seen on the screen. (Looking at Gandhi) Please try sir. You look weak and need BP check.

( Gandhi sits on chair and inserts his arm and presses the button. The band tightens more and more. Gandhi cries in pain. He struggles like a lizard caught in a snakes mouth.)

Gandhi..eee…eee/…waa…waaaa…aah..aahh.. save me. My arm is getting crushed. ( He struggles to pull out arm and it further tightens. Shop keeper is helpless)

Patel. Wait Bapu. please sing ramdhun. It will be allright.

Gandhi. Ramdhun will not work for me. I can preach only to others.

Patel. OK Bapu, I shall take of care of this.

( He picks up stick of Gandhi and hammers the BP machine. It immediately loosens grip and entire machine is shattered to pieces. Shop keeper cries loud)

Shop keeper. You… You broke the machine..eee..eeee..aaa…aaaa

Patel. What can I do? My friend was about to die. What type of machine you sell? I may have to report to police

Shop keeper. Police..no….no. Plesae leave sir

(Gandhi and his friends get up and run away from the shop. Narad also runs after them holding Veena. Narad tumbles on a fat woman and both fall down. She starts abusing Narad)

Woman. You silly fellow. Are you blind? Why are you running around? Why are you holding sitar in hand. Why these drama company guys are here? ( she walks away limping)

( Soon they are at another shop displaying various gadgets for comfort)

Shop keeper. Please come sir. I have a machine that soothes your tired feet. Please try sir. Trying is free

( Gandhi and friends enter the shop and are made to sit on chairs)

Shop keeper. Sir! Why don’t you try this? ( Gandhi looks at Narad who is still playing Veena and singing Narayan…Narayan

Narad. OK I shall try. This is the one I was looking for. I recommended this Lord Vishnu

Gandhi. Vishnu?

( Narad inserts his both feet in the gadget sitting on chair. The shop keeper switches on the power supply. Narad feels the comfort and enjoys it. He feels excited and closes eyes with pleasure)

Narad. How much this machine cost sir?

Shop keeper. Just Rs 2500 only. Life time guarantee. That is your life time sir.

Narad. OK..OK This is really good. I shall take three of these.

( In the mean time the feet of Narad are pressed more vigorously with steel grip and Narad struggles to remove his feet. More he does the feet are held further tight. Narad struggles like a rat in cage held by clamp. He throws down his Veena and cries.)

Narad.. Narayan….eeee…eeee.. Narayana… eeee… save…aaahh

( Patel rushes to Narad and tries to pull out the machine from the feet. He fails , Narad cries loud)

Gandhi Patel.. Do some thing . Apply formula number one .

( Patel grabs Gandhi’s stick and hammers the machine and it breaks into pieces and . Nehru holds Narad tight and comforts him. Narad is freed. His feet are swollen red. He cries loudly)

Gandhi. Shall we see some more machines in other shops?

Narad. No.. Bapu. Let us run from here. I have to tell Lord Vishnu that it is dangerous to purchases these machines.

( All of them vanish from there soon. Narad is seen crying in pain and cursing the shop keeper and machine. Occasionally he says Narayan…Narayan)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Monday, June 8, 2009



Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen triple riding on a motor cycle on the streets of Hyderabad. It is like Pulsar Bajaj 150 cc bike and Gandhi is seen driving while Nehru and Patel are pillion riders. They are at Bashir Bagh cross roads and they want to go towards Tank bund)

Patel. Bapu. Be careful. Red light is about to come

Gandhi. Ok Thanks. I shall take care

( In the mean time red light glows and Gandhi applies brakes and the bike stops with a jerk. Nehru is holding Gandhi’s stick cross wise and it hits another bike standing next to them. The other bike is driven by Mujahid )

Mujahid. Hey old man. Is this the way you drive bike on the roads?

Gandhi. What is wrong in this? How one rides?

Mujahid. Why are you carrying such a long stick and you are three on the bike

( Nehru finds that Mujahid is carrying a goat on his back between him and pillion rider Ghouse)

Nehru. Hey ! Behave. Is this the way you carry a goat on your bike ? Why are you trying to teach to others?

( Other guy now keeps quiet after giving a dirty look to Patel. The crowd builds up and many vehicles stand near Gandhi, every one blowing horn. There is some delay in signal. In the mean time some beggars pester Gandhi who is trying to balance the bike)

Gandhi. Oh Bhai. Is this the place to beg? How can I give some thing even if I want to give?

Beggar. Sir ! I shall wait

Gandhi. Look Patel. Give him a rupee

( In the mean time the signal turns green and all vehicles are trying to go forward. Gandhi is till trying to find a rupee from Patel and people from behind are cursing him. In desperation Gandhi accelerates bike and it jumps up and front wheel lift off. Patel cries and holds Nehru precariously. Bike goes forward for some time and becomes normal. The bike races towards Tank bund. Police man at the crossing blows whistle loud while Patel and Nehru hold on to Gandhi precariously balancing the stick . On lookers laugh loudly)

Gandhi. Ohfo. What a place to drive. Crazy place indeed.

Patel. Bapu. You are great really. Bapu. To day we are lucky . The signals are functioning. Most of the times they do not perform well. Some times all signals show green at one time and there is great confusion. There will be great traffic jam.Every one wants to go every where.

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. There is a guy riding a camel in this traffic. Ohfo. You can also see another guy on a horse

Patel. Bapu. He is taking the horse for a marriage function. Bapu. The bride groom in normal times can not even sit on a goat and the guy wants to ride a horse for the event. He also holds a sword as if he is a warrior..heee..hee

Nehru.. hooo…hooo…haaa

Gandhi.. Au..auu..auuu

( Suddenly a traffic police man stops the bike of Gandhi at Tank bund crossing)

Constable. Please get down from Bike ( He takes away the key). Come to police SI

( Gandhi and Nehru and Patel go to SI)

SI. Why are you three sitting on one bike? Where are your vehicle papers and why you guys are not wearing helmets?

Gandhi. All of us have to go together. So we have to sit together at one place. I have vehicle papers , but do not know where they are. We do not have helmets because we are already more than 70 years old and more so because we are already dead. We can die again if we fall from bike.

SI( gets worked up), Shut up. How can be dead people when you are driving and talking too ?.

Gandhi.heee..heee.. That is the mystery you shall not understand.

Patel. Look Mr SI. If you want you can challan us, but do not abuse us It does not go well for you.

SI. What shall you do buddhe ( old man)

Constable. You guys behave. You do not know our SI Sahib.

Patel. We are only telling him to behave properly

SI. OK Take this challan.Your bike will be with us till you get papers.

Gandhi. What will you do with our bike. Do you make spare parts out of it?

Patel . Probably. Bapu. These guys take away bikes and are kept Goshamahal for may months. Slowly parts vanish from them. When finally one gets it nothing will be left from them. Only fame will be there

Gandhi. Is it so? That is bad. Look Inspector. You can not take away our bike.

SI. Can you stop. Show us.

( Bapu , Nehru and Patel sit on vehicle. Suddenly the bike rises in to air and flies like a chopper while the police guys keep watching astonished. It keeps circling around the police guys. By standers look with wonder and laugh. The police guys keep hopping to catch the vehicle. The SI manages to catch apportion of the bike and he is also lifted off into air. The bike rises 50 feet high and the SI looses hold and falls with a thud and falls into a truck carrying some cows. The cows get scared and trample him. One of the cows gets angry and bites off the ear of SI. Whole ear is lost and cow swallows it and laughs at him. SI cries loudly . Bacho.. bacho..Margaya….eeeee…aaaa..waaaa. The constables run after the van and rescue the SI who is very badly shaken up with torn dress. He takes his mobile and rings up Police Head Quarters. In the Mean time Gandhi and others vanish with bike. Some papers fall from the bike and these are taken by the constables and they hand over to the inured SI.

SI. Hello. This is SI Zalim Singh from Taffic. Sir I am injured trying to catch a strange guy violating traffic laws. Just now I got the vehicle papers.

DG. I know. I came to know about it. Other constables gave a compete picture of your valor. Some time ago I spoke to Home Minstry and they have awarded Ashok Chakra to you for outstanding bravery in peace time after taking OK from the President.. Well done my son. Our Department is proud of you.

SI. Thank you sir. In future I shall become more Zalim ( Cries in pain.. aa…aaaa..waaa)

DG. Keep it up.

SI. Let me see what is there is these papers ( He reads them).. MK Gandhi is the vehicle owner. Bike number is VAIKUNTA 0 /2354/ ZAWRSTKBEDSR---! IIWEDSREDF/RTEDERSAERD..2335/ ADEREDRESDER/ 12341321341514131213114151
Capacity 15000000000 cc, Mode of action… Helicopter mode on request. Fuel type.. air only, Seating capacity.. any number, Make is Pushpak, Address.. MK Gandhi.. C/o 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1—1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-ooooooooooooooooooo…….Nandeeswara marg, Hanuman lane, Oposite to Hayagreeva towers, Next to Narada enclave, Vaikuntaha, Celestial State.. District Narayan pur, State Gobind nagar, Heavens( ( Cries) eeee….eeeee… shit really…( His head reels and falls down while all constables pour some water on him)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao