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Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

The last great wretched Mughal emperor Aurangzeb ( 6 th ruler) ruled at Delhi for nearly half a century between 1658-1707 with iron grip and he died on 03 March 1707. After his death Mughal Empire fell into disarray. Before he died, he willed that the empire be equally divided between his three surviving sons. Is eldest son Mohammed Sultan died in custody earlier. Aurangzeb was highly suspicious of his sons and as brought out in my earlier aticle he played dirty with his sons to keep them off from power. His sons Moazzam, Mohammed Azam and Kambaksh however quarreled tooth and nail for the empire and one of the surviving sons and elder Prince Moazzam became victorious in the war of succession and became emperor titled Bahadur Shah I. Other two died in the wars. He was already very old of 75 years when he ascended the throne and had little energy and time to set order in the troubled great empire. The persecuting and revengeful policies of Auranzeb alienated one and all. He however started the reconciliation with Sikh Guru Gobind Singh and also release Sahu the son of Sambhji Maharaj the Maratha king from detention.. Sikhs were severely persecuted by Mughals. He however died on 27 Feb 1712 after a short span of five years.
Then the musical chair for the throne started. With death of Bahadur Shah I, his sons, Jahandar Shah, Azim us Shan, Jehan Shah and Rafi us Shan quarreled like cats and dogs and Jahandar Shah became victorious and others were killed in the wars. A noble Zulfikhar Khan helped Jahandar Shah in the war of succession and he became Chief minister of Mughal state when Jahandar Shah became emperor.
Jahandar shah was a debauch and greatest womaniser to the core and spent most of his time in drinking, indulging in orgy of sex and merry making. Nautch girls, whores, Prostitutes and all types of singers surrounded him. Dancers and women of ill virtue had a sway and enjoyed royal patronage. The emperor was completely shadowed by a concubine Lal kumari who cast an evil spell on this drunken and morally fallen emperor who neglected all royal duties, responsibilities, commitment to the state, people and administration. This has set the fall of Mughal Empire into rapid rolling. The ball did not stop and went on rolling till the last emperor (Name sake) Bahadur Shah Zafar (A distinguished poet) was arrested, tried at Red fort in Delhi and sent to Rangoon (In Burma now Myanmar) prison for his complicity in waging war against East India Company in 1857 where he died un sung and un heard. With this, the Mughal dynasty disappeared from the political scene in India.
Jahandar Shah tarnished the line of Emperors from Mughal dynasty started by valiant Baber (Of Mongol origin) followed by Humayun, Illustrious ( much glorified by pseudo Indian historians) Jalaluddin Akbar the great, Jehangir ( opium addict ), Great builder Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb. Jahandar Shah was soon deposed and strangled in Delhi fort in 1713 by the followers of Farook Siyar the son of Azim us shah who was brother of Jahandar Shah and killed in the war of succession. Jahandar shah’s head was cut off and presented in a plate for display. Chief Minister Zulfikhar khan was also put to death. With this, the life of a worthless Emperor at Delhi came to an end. There is an interesting evil story involving Jahandar shah and Lal kumari that is presented here in simple English poems.

Jahandar Shah was the worthless Emperor at Delhi
Who came to power in the war of succession
Bahadur shah died leaving the state in disarray
While the empire was already in recession

The war left two sons of emperor dead
While Jahandar shah made to the throne
Zulfikhar khan the noble gave all the help
And all enemies were killed and thrown

The Emperor was lost in drinks and dance
And all types of dancers had a field day
Minstrels, singers, dancers of all types
Enjoyed and were given a permanent stay

Prostitures , pimps and whores had a field day
While the court was swarmed by the evil and lost its fame
Basic decorum too vanished from the royal court
While sex was the most sought out game

Lal kumari was his favorite ladylove
Day and night the emperor was drowned in drink
Orgy of sex and pleasure was his favorite past time
The court soon turned into a place of filth and stink

Once the shah went out in a chariot
Late in the night the horses retraced steps to the palace
Lal kumari vanished into the palace rooms in the night
And there was no trace of Emperor’s worthless face

In chaos and Confusion all ran around for the ruler
No where he was found in the dreadful night
At last he was found lying drunk in the cart
To see the emperor was a miserable sight

On a pleasant evening the shah and Lalkumari were on a stroll
While the wind blew light in whisper
At close by to the fort wall Jamuna River flowed
With flood waters hitting the nearby spur

A boat was carrying many people in the river
Men women and children were huddled in the boat
Lal kumari looked at the boat with interest
And glanced at the emperor who was looking down the moat

“Oh my dear love do you look at the boat nearby
That carries scores of men-children and women?
The boat is ploughing through deep waters in Jamuna
And I am yet to see a boat sink with all children and men”

Lal kumari thus spoke to the shah who looked at the boat
And he atonce ordered his soldiers to sink the boat midstream
They soon ran gaily shouting and waving their spears
And Lal kumari watched to fulfill her cherished dream

The soldiers soon boarded their boat in the river
And rowed soon to the passenger boat full of lives
They sank the boat with all their efforts midstream
While men and children sank along with their wives

Chaos, confusion shouts and shrieks were all over
While Lal kumari clapped in great pleasure watching the scene
Innocent lives vanished into deep blue sky
While her eyes were covered with murderous screen

Jahandar shah could not rule at Delhi for long
He was deposed and strangled at the orders of a rebel cousin
The crown passed to Faukhsiyar the new emperor
While murder and mayhem continued with great sin


( the story reveals how wretched these Mugahl rulers were although they have been displayed by the pseudo historians as most benevolent, tolerant, god fearing and disciplined showing equality to all in their kingdom. Shame indeed)

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