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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( Retired)

Head Quarters of Al Qaeda the most notorious outfit along with its leadership was dislodged from Afghanistan after 9/11 and since then they are hiding in the North Western province of Pakistan. Sadly Pakistan has no control on this province and the lawless tribesmen are out of control and Pakistani government is rather helpless in containing them. Though Pakistan was a close ally to USA in the war against Taliban and AlQaeda all these years, it has failed to show worthwhile results to the world. It swindled American money while terrorists reemerged. The seriousness of the problem is fully evident from the occupation of certain areas by them very close to national Capital Rawalpindi and it has alarmed entire world. Strong local anti American hatred combined by the instigation of fundamentalist Mullahs and clergy surely abetted by ISI and Pak army has no doubt helped Al Qaeda to regroup and strengthen itself in the past few years. Al Qaeda has strong bases in various countries world wide ranging from Europe, Philippines to Indian sub continent and Africa. In most of the Islamic countries it is present in some form or other. At many places local terrorist groups are acting as proxy. Al Qaeda has sizeable presence in countries such as (1) :

Afghanistan ,Azerbaijan, Algeria, America, Britain, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Canada, Chechnya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Egypt, Jordan, India, Kosovo, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Uruguay, Uganda, Yemen.

After the 9/11, USA has tightened internal security and has taken stringent measures to prevent any type of Al Qaeda inspired actions in the country. America has world wide interests and it has many civil and military installations all over the world at strategic locations and these too are threatened. Attacks on American embassies in past at various places is the proof of American vulnerability to the terrorist actions. Al Qaeda in all probabilities would aim at following conventional attacks:

1. Attacks on American embassies in various countries mostly by bomb blasts, car explosions, and Commando attacks. The security of these installations is the responsibility of host countries and in spite of security in past attacks took place.

2, Attacks on American battle ships and commercial sea going vessels berthing at various ports are likely to be carried out. Earlier American battle ship was attacked in the port of Yemen some years ago.

3. Hijacking US bound American planes or attacking them at air ports and causing mid air explosions by suicide bombers. America has already experienced such mishaps in 9/11.

4. Targeting US military installations by suicide attackers. I It experienced such aatcks on Pearl harbor however by Japanese forces in WWII. Such attacks by AlQaeda can not be ruled out once it acquires missile power.

5. Apart from above conventional tactics of destruction, Al Qaeda would try to acquire weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons that could be the ultimate danger. This would be possible from taking over control of failed state such as Pakistan that is already fighting Taliban in it’s own country. Whole world is very much apprehensive of the danger of taking over of Pakistan by Taliban ( A proxy for AlQaeda).If this materializes Al Qaeda would be equipped with nuclear weapons and the delivery systems too. President Obama on one hand assures that Pak nukes are safe with Pak army and Taliban has no chance of taking over them. On the other hand he is funding Pak nuclear programmes by granting more aid that would srely be diverted to stock pile nuclear bombs. Thus American President in one way paving the way for more crisis in Subcontinent. Taliban has grown very strong in NWFP in Pakistan and evenformer governments including the English men could not control the tribes men effectively. Englishmen waged many wars with the tribes men and brought some discipline. However the aspect of Islam plays the card now. Al Qaeda too would bolster their efforts and attract fundamentalist scientists into its fold and could also develop such weapons clandestinely. Nuclear science has no more remained the prerogative of West and Dr Khan has blown the myth apart from Indian scientists. Chinese have done it. Now it is the work of Arabs and Iranians. People such as Dr Khan of Pakistan would be too happy to do such things. There is a great risk of fundamentalists getting trained in some good universities undetected under false names and then switching over to AlQaeda to develop such weapons. Money surely is no problems for AlQaeda apart from technical know how. The rogue nations will be too happy to transfer the technology to these thugs. It is most probable that Al Qaeda would build its own bomb in the region of Waziristan
and blackmail the world in very near future if it fails to swallow Pakistan. The apathy of US government till date in dealing with Pakistan firmly would be the sole factor for such outcome and then it remains fait accompli. It becomes therefore essential to be very careful in admitting students into sensitive training programmes at various universities by all nations who do not subscribe to terrorism..

6. Al Qaeda could also transport a dirty bomb into US port through a sea going vessel to cause destruction in American main land.

7. AlQaeda in its latest plan could introduce biological weapons into American Main land through Mexican tunnels that were made by underworld dons some time ago (2).This was recently disclosed by an AlQaeda detainee.

Al Qaeda succeeded in attacking American main land by plunging American hijacked airliners into WTC towers and it was most unexpected and took the country by great storm and surprise. Although there was great indignation, power of America has not been lost or reduced by the act of 9/11. In fact, it made America more determined to fight these thugs world wide in spite of severe financial drain. It is different that Americans subsequently were vexed up with Iraq war and continued war in Afghanistan and voted out President Bush who led the war in most difficult times after World War II.. It continues to fight them world wide. Al Qaeda probably aims at another sensational attack on America to make its presence felt, this time with more serious ramifications. Nothing can be taken easy. Carrying a nuclear weapon into USA main land is probably improbable through tunnels as foreseen by some experts ( Pseudo ?) and biological weapons could be easier to carry and cause devastation that too silently. This could be the main reason for such tactics such as sneaking through the tunnels across the Mexican border with the connivance of underworld (2). Al Qaeda is looking to exploit weaknesses in U.S. Southern border security and also is willing to ally itself with white militia groups or other anti-government entities interested in carrying out an attack inside the United States, according to counterterrorism officials interviewed by The Washington Times. “Four pounds of anthrax — in a suitcase this big -= carried by a fighter through tunnels from Mexico into the U.S. are guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour if it is properly spread in population centers there,” the recruiter said (3)

In such scenario How America is going to protect its people from Al Qaeda that appears to be determined to execute much more devastating damage in American mainland. Causing damage to various American installations outside the main land is pursued by Al Qaeda without respite. However causing serious damage materially and in terms of human lives within main land of America appears to be the motto of Al Qaeda at present. The big question in front of Americans is how to prevent these actions?

Such actions will be possible by the connivance of some outfits that operate within America. Who are these likely outfits that want to harm the hand that feeds them. Even 9/11 could be executed by Al Qaeda with the help of internal agencies and there can not be any doubt about this fact . Therefore it is most essential for USA to fight its own enemies within its main land (4). Recent speech by President Obama in Egypt calling for mutual understanding between America and Muslim world although is welcome can not make much difference to Al Qaeda. Although President was apologetic towards certain American policies towards Arab world, in the past, good things done by America in the past has been sidelined. Although the speech goes in good humor is unlikely to eliminate threat from Al Qaeda. America can not lower its guard and if it does it would invite Al Qaeda attack sooner or late in a devastating manner. Al Qaeda is not an organization that is open to logic and is driven by medieval Muslim Wahhabi thought calling for Islamization of world and restoration of Caliphate. This threat has to be fought with much more vigor till each and every member of the outfit is eliminated.


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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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