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Prof Dr Colonel K Prabhakar Rao ( retired)

( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen triple riding on a motor cycle on the streets of Hyderabad. It is like Pulsar Bajaj 150 cc bike and Gandhi is seen driving while Nehru and Patel are pillion riders. They are at Bashir Bagh cross roads and they want to go towards Tank bund)

Patel. Bapu. Be careful. Red light is about to come

Gandhi. Ok Thanks. I shall take care

( In the mean time red light glows and Gandhi applies brakes and the bike stops with a jerk. Nehru is holding Gandhi’s stick cross wise and it hits another bike standing next to them. The other bike is driven by Mujahid )

Mujahid. Hey old man. Is this the way you drive bike on the roads?

Gandhi. What is wrong in this? How one rides?

Mujahid. Why are you carrying such a long stick and you are three on the bike

( Nehru finds that Mujahid is carrying a goat on his back between him and pillion rider Ghouse)

Nehru. Hey ! Behave. Is this the way you carry a goat on your bike ? Why are you trying to teach to others?

( Other guy now keeps quiet after giving a dirty look to Patel. The crowd builds up and many vehicles stand near Gandhi, every one blowing horn. There is some delay in signal. In the mean time some beggars pester Gandhi who is trying to balance the bike)

Gandhi. Oh Bhai. Is this the place to beg? How can I give some thing even if I want to give?

Beggar. Sir ! I shall wait

Gandhi. Look Patel. Give him a rupee

( In the mean time the signal turns green and all vehicles are trying to go forward. Gandhi is till trying to find a rupee from Patel and people from behind are cursing him. In desperation Gandhi accelerates bike and it jumps up and front wheel lift off. Patel cries and holds Nehru precariously. Bike goes forward for some time and becomes normal. The bike races towards Tank bund. Police man at the crossing blows whistle loud while Patel and Nehru hold on to Gandhi precariously balancing the stick . On lookers laugh loudly)

Gandhi. Ohfo. What a place to drive. Crazy place indeed.

Patel. Bapu. You are great really. Bapu. To day we are lucky . The signals are functioning. Most of the times they do not perform well. Some times all signals show green at one time and there is great confusion. There will be great traffic jam.Every one wants to go every where.

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. There is a guy riding a camel in this traffic. Ohfo. You can also see another guy on a horse

Patel. Bapu. He is taking the horse for a marriage function. Bapu. The bride groom in normal times can not even sit on a goat and the guy wants to ride a horse for the event. He also holds a sword as if he is a warrior..heee..hee

Nehru.. hooo…hooo…haaa

Gandhi.. Au..auu..auuu

( Suddenly a traffic police man stops the bike of Gandhi at Tank bund crossing)

Constable. Please get down from Bike ( He takes away the key). Come to police SI

( Gandhi and Nehru and Patel go to SI)

SI. Why are you three sitting on one bike? Where are your vehicle papers and why you guys are not wearing helmets?

Gandhi. All of us have to go together. So we have to sit together at one place. I have vehicle papers , but do not know where they are. We do not have helmets because we are already more than 70 years old and more so because we are already dead. We can die again if we fall from bike.

SI( gets worked up), Shut up. How can be dead people when you are driving and talking too ?.

Gandhi.heee..heee.. That is the mystery you shall not understand.

Patel. Look Mr SI. If you want you can challan us, but do not abuse us It does not go well for you.

SI. What shall you do buddhe ( old man)

Constable. You guys behave. You do not know our SI Sahib.

Patel. We are only telling him to behave properly

SI. OK Take this challan.Your bike will be with us till you get papers.

Gandhi. What will you do with our bike. Do you make spare parts out of it?

Patel . Probably. Bapu. These guys take away bikes and are kept Goshamahal for may months. Slowly parts vanish from them. When finally one gets it nothing will be left from them. Only fame will be there

Gandhi. Is it so? That is bad. Look Inspector. You can not take away our bike.

SI. Can you stop. Show us.

( Bapu , Nehru and Patel sit on vehicle. Suddenly the bike rises in to air and flies like a chopper while the police guys keep watching astonished. It keeps circling around the police guys. By standers look with wonder and laugh. The police guys keep hopping to catch the vehicle. The SI manages to catch apportion of the bike and he is also lifted off into air. The bike rises 50 feet high and the SI looses hold and falls with a thud and falls into a truck carrying some cows. The cows get scared and trample him. One of the cows gets angry and bites off the ear of SI. Whole ear is lost and cow swallows it and laughs at him. SI cries loudly . Bacho.. bacho..Margaya….eeeee…aaaa..waaaa. The constables run after the van and rescue the SI who is very badly shaken up with torn dress. He takes his mobile and rings up Police Head Quarters. In the Mean time Gandhi and others vanish with bike. Some papers fall from the bike and these are taken by the constables and they hand over to the inured SI.

SI. Hello. This is SI Zalim Singh from Taffic. Sir I am injured trying to catch a strange guy violating traffic laws. Just now I got the vehicle papers.

DG. I know. I came to know about it. Other constables gave a compete picture of your valor. Some time ago I spoke to Home Minstry and they have awarded Ashok Chakra to you for outstanding bravery in peace time after taking OK from the President.. Well done my son. Our Department is proud of you.

SI. Thank you sir. In future I shall become more Zalim ( Cries in pain.. aa…aaaa..waaa)

DG. Keep it up.

SI. Let me see what is there is these papers ( He reads them).. MK Gandhi is the vehicle owner. Bike number is VAIKUNTA 0 /2354/ ZAWRSTKBEDSR---! IIWEDSREDF/RTEDERSAERD..2335/ ADEREDRESDER/ 12341321341514131213114151
Capacity 15000000000 cc, Mode of action… Helicopter mode on request. Fuel type.. air only, Seating capacity.. any number, Make is Pushpak, Address.. MK Gandhi.. C/o 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1—1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-ooooooooooooooooooo…….Nandeeswara marg, Hanuman lane, Oposite to Hayagreeva towers, Next to Narada enclave, Vaikuntaha, Celestial State.. District Narayan pur, State Gobind nagar, Heavens( ( Cries) eeee….eeeee… shit really…( His head reels and falls down while all constables pour some water on him)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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