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Hyderabad the nerve center of mischief... Thanks to pseudo secularism


Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Hyderabad city, the capital of Andhra Pradesh State was founded nearly 400 years ago by the Kutubshahi poet King Mohammed Kuli Kutubshah (1580-1611) who ruled at impregnable fort Golconda fort that is just few kilometers from the city. The city earlier named by the king as Bhagyanagar was named- after his wife Hydermahal who was earlier was known as Bhagmati, a Hindu village girl. The city has seen many ups and downs. Golconda and the Hyderabad city were invaded by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 17 th century and the reigning popular king Abul Hassan Kutubshah ( 1672-1687) was defeated by treachery that was the hall mark of personality of religious bigot and fundamentalist Aurangzeb. The fort was captured on 21 September 1687 by treason committed by Abdullah Pani, a low level commander of Army. The fort was over run and kingdom was annexed to Mughal provinces and the king Abul Hassan Tanasha Kutubshah was exiled and pensioned off to Daulatabad fort now in Maharshtra State where he died in a course of time in captivity (1). The city remained under Mughal rule under a Deccan Subedar (Governor) Chin Qiliz khan. In subsequent years, the governor declared independence in 1724, once the central rule at Delhi became weak and the Mughal rulers became pleasure seeking debauches, worthless, weak, spineless and powerless. He assumed title as Nizam- ul- mulk Asif Jah.
In subsequent years, Hyderabad State was ruled by seven rulers of this Asafjahi dynasty from 18 th century till 1948 when the State was annexed by the Indian Union after a Police action ( Infact Indian Army invaded Hyderabad) when the last ruler Nizam 7, Mir Osman Ali Khan Asif Jah Bahadur, (Brave), Fateh Jung( victor of battles) refused to integrate with India and was perpetuating crimes on local Hindu subjects wrongly advised by his cabinet by unleashing armed Razakar (Volunteers) force with the aim of Islamizing the State and remaining an independent and sovereign ruler in the heart of India duly abetted by Pakistan (2).
The princely State was subsequently trifurcated and Andhra Pradesh was formed merging Telangana areas of the princely State with coastal and other Royalaseema areas of former Andhra State. The city of Hyderabad is cosmopolitan and represents rich culture and tradition and now it has become a popular IT hub competing with Bangalore. It has obtained international recognition due to IT activities. There are many software professionals from Hyderabad working in USA and also sizeable number of students pursuing studies at US universities. Yet, it has become the hub of criminal activities, distinguished itself as the most polluted city and nerve center for all types of crimes, scams and mischief. You name any mischief in India; the origins are always traced to Hyderabad. This is something disgraceful and shameful to the distinguished city of international repute (3).
After merger of princely State Hyderabad with Indian Union, the local Muslims have lost the power as rulers in Deccan and could not reconcile to the new situation till date. Unable to digest the fact of living side by side with Hindus in Hindu dominated India (Although all are equal), they withdrew from main stream of the society and mostly limited themselves to the old city and formed rather ghettos. Religion and hatred plays dominant factor at these places. Poverty and lack of education among people dominates the scene. Most of the people live by small time business and odd jobs, as auto rickshaw drivers, rickshaw pullers, dealers of old news papers, auto mechanics, street vendors, scarp dealers, car mechanics, welders, painters, artisans, fruit vendors, tea shop owners and push cart vendors. Automatically they become victims of criminal influence out of deep frustration due to inability to rise in the life.
Hyderabad was the center stage for communal flare ups in India from time to time and earned disrepute in this category. Whenever Israel and Palestine clashed with each other results were also felt in Hyderabad. Hindu temples and properties were attacked. Pro- Pakistani sentiments, sympathy to Taliban and anti Indian feelings thrive and ISI of Pakistan has found a gold mine in Hyderabad as a place for recruitment for their agents for carrying out all nefarious activities against the State. An Al Qaeda unit stationed in Bangladesh that is fast turning into a terrorist haven has close connection with terrorist network stationed at Hyderabad. A portion of population is pro Pakistan, pro Saddam Hussein during his life time and even display the emblem of Saudi Arabia on their vehicles and roams around. When Saddam was hanged there were protests too. Some of these Muslims take more pride in identifying themselves with Arab cause than India’s well being where they live, eat, breed without control and die and get buried ultimately. National spirit is found missing with such characters and they become easy victims to the agents of foreign powers for destabilizing India (4).Arab sheikhs dupe innocent young Muslim brides in the city and it has become a more social problem. Now other terrorist out fits such as Lashkar e Toiba, Student Islamic Movement of India, Dargahs e Shahdat, Jaish e Mohammed, Harkat ul Mujahedin, Deendar e Anzuman and many other anti people Islamic outfits thrive in Hyderabad.The congested lanes of old city are haven for criminals and anti social elements. This is over and above the Naxalites, Armed communists of Communist party of India ( Marxist and Leninist) (CPI ML) who are creating great disorder in Andhra Pradesh by their continued armed rebellion against the State who are committed to the Maoist ideology to establish a communist State in India (5). They believe in the outmoded Mao’s slogan of Power flowing through barrel of a gun. Clandestine gun running is very common now a day and country made single shot/ double shot smooth bore pistols and revolvers find their way from northern States such as Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in to Hyderabad. Even standard brand revolvers and magazine pistols are allegedly freely available for reasonable price in under world. The youth take pride in possessing these weapons and the crime in real estate has helped this business to grow (6).

With expansion of IT business in the city and new International air port and new modern western type facilities coming up at outskirts, real estate business has reached sky high and with this, crimes have also sky rocketed. At some places, an acre of land that was available for few thousands of rupees has now gone up to a Rs a crore per acre. The explosions of 2006 in trains in Mumbai have origin in Hyderabad as the culprit Naveed linked to the terror act has planned the act at Hyderabad. Gulam Yagnani who was shot dead in an encounter at Delhi is a Hyderabadi. The local criminals have been linked to the murder of Minister Haren Pandya of Gujarat few years ago. Naseeruddin a local criminal is under custody for the offence. Hyderabad is also famous for the nationally famous scam involving the forged Stamps for land registration documents running into crores of rupees. The culprits are Hyderabad based and one of them disgracefully was also a member of State legislature. They were tried in Maharshtra State. Hyderabad has also become the nerve center for pass port racket to carry out human trafficking involving legislators and members of parliament.. This has sullied the image of the nation internationally. Rashid a key offender in the pass port racket is local and even legislators are involved in this scam. With growth in real estate business, rivalries also are growing and kidnappings and revengeful murders due to land disputes are most common. Notorious race horse owner involved in great scams is an Hyderabadi and thus the list is endless bringing disgrace to the city. Murders involving sexual offences, extra marital relationships, rapes of minors and dowry harassments and murders under the guise of fabricated suicides are regular features in Hyderabad. Co Operative banks in the city have mastered the art of hoodwinking the government and the investors and in the past few years many of these Banks have closed their shutters and the Directors of these Banks have vanished into thin air there by duping crores of rupees from the gullible investors. Now no one really believes a co operative bank in Hyderabad. The government has lost credibility in controlling these scams. Similarly, there are many Chit fund business ( A typical financial business peculiar to India) companies who duped investors to a tune of Crores of rupees. Thus Hyderabad has gained distinction as the capital for financial mischief and as a den of scamsters too (7).
As a highlight, recently Gujarat police has arrested few of their very senior police officers for committing murder of Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausar Bee (Murdered to erase evidence) as encounter on the suspicion of being a terrorist. It is also linked that the AP State police personnel were part of this act and investigations are going on. What a shame? The highest court in the land is monitoring the investigations. The Supreme Court has directed that the Gujarat State’s Director General of Police has nothing to do with the investigation and the investigating police officer would directly report to the court (8). Thus courts in India by and large have lost the confidence in Police organizations. For this state, many confide that only police has to be blamed.
Hyderabad has witnessed a serious bomb blast few days ago at Mecca Masjid a 400 year old historic mosque in old city. A timed device was planted in the mosque when thousands of devotees were conducting prayers and was exploded with the help of a cell phone. Nearly thirteen people(Muslims) died in the explosion and in the police firing that had to be resorted- to in order to quell the mob that went on rampage and rioting subsequently in the old city(9).
An average person in the city is greatly disturbed at the turn of events and about future situation. Obviously Police force is inadequate to enforce law and order in the city. The growing disorderly traffic has no parallel in the world and narrow roads and old buildings, graves and mosques on the road and religious sentiments are the bottle necks for any stream lining activities for traffic. Muslims are highly allergic to frisking and checking at the mosques when they enter for prayers. This is one of the reasons for dispensing with this practice by police. Remote cameras installed for scanning at mosques were damaged by hoodlums. It is alleged that Police personnel are more busy collecting fines from the vehicle drivers than regulating traffic and controlling crime and disorder. The Muslim leaders and opposition parties shout at pitch of the voice that intelligence has failed and Government was responsible for the failure and also for the excessive use of force by the police who went berserk and shot people indiscriminately. There was news in the press that the post mortem reports have revealed that people were shot in the chest that indicates that police shot indiscriminately without any control. Like any other incident, enquiry would be ordered and it would take years to be finalized and probably nothing concrete would come out of this. No one can prove who died by which bullet and who fired it (10). The matter would gather dust and be forgotten and go into the dark pages of Hyderabad history sullying its glory further. Thus Hyderabd has slipped into dark depths of modern history under the practice of pseudo secularism. Who is to be blamed? Obviously governance, any child would say without any hesitation.


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Dr K Prabhaakr Rao


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