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How long the appeasement of Muslims would go on

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hospital services in Hyderabad were adversely affected by the strike of Government doctors some time ago. The government hospitals in the city that cater for the poor mostly faced serious problems with the doctors resorting to strike protesting against assaults by goons of patients including members of legislature on them and the patients were turned away. This resulted in untold Dr K Prabhakar raosuffering to humanity in the city where majority are poor and depend on the services of Government hospitals. Private hospitals and nursing homes are very expensive and beyond reach of a common man.
What went wrong actually? Why the men and women from the most noble profession and seen as saviors (In fact Gods) are on the war path? They went to the extent of demanding of Arms licenses to protect themselves from the goons. What made them to demand arms to protect themselves? How the government that is responsible to protect its people failed to protect its own citizens and employees discharging duties? Hyderabad was internationally recognized IT center and enjoyed great reputation among world cities. However with the episode of Ramalinga Raju of former Satyam computers, the prestige nose dived. Now no one in west believes a Hyderabadi. They think all Hyderabadis are scamsters. Raju has done greatest damage to Indias reputation since 1947 even much more than the political leaders who brought shame to India in Chinese war in 1962.. Why it is getting into trouble? These are some of the questions need answering. Is the problem result of politics and politicking as usual? Why doctors need hand guns while on duty in particular? Are they so highly threatened? Has police failed utterly to protect people from hoodlums and goons. Are we soon going to see the white apron clad doctors with a stethoscope in the hand or neck or side pocket with a loaded pistol or revolver at the belt on side or kept in the hand bags of lady doctors? What a change? The whole thing finally turned to appeasement of a section of people as usual and culprits got free from law (1).

On December 02, 2007, a patient died at Niloufar Hospital that takes care of children health. On hearing the news, local Members of Legislature Afsar Khan ( formerly also he was the MLA) from the All IndiaMajlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen ( AIMIM ) reached the hospital along with some of his supporters. There were arguments over the death of the patient and some junior doctors were beaten by the supporters of the MLA and he was also reportedly involved in the incident. This has resulted in the lightening strike by the doctors of the hospital and there was wide support among medical fraternity in the state. On 15 December 2007, a doctor Dr Narsimha Rao was beaten up at Employees State Insurance Hospital (ESI) in Hyderabad by the relatives of a patient Ram Naik injured in a mishap. The doctor reportedly refused to refer him to Nizam Institute of Mediccal sciences (2). Consequently Indian Medical Association that represents Doctors from Government and private Hospitals called for a statewide strike on 16 December 2007. In the latest incident junior doctors at Niloufer Maternity Hospital at Naya Pul in Hyderabad were attacked by a mob on December 14, 2007 in which a lady junior doctor was badly beaten indiscriminately when a woman patient died at the hospital. The junior doctors of the Niloufer hospital immediately went on strike suspending services.
The AP Government Doctors association (APGDA) stated that it would boycott all services including emergency services at Nayapul hospital and would attend to emergency services at Osmania, Gandhi, Niloufer and ESI Hospitals from December 17 onwards. Worried over the attacks and inability of the Government to take effective action in controlling this menace the junior doctors at Gandhi and Osmania Hospitals left their quarters and went home.Obvioulsy there were differences over the mode of agitation. Thus the medical services in government hospitals have been very badly affected and resulted in the deaths of infants allegedly due to non availability of services (3). As per the reports the number of infant deaths at Nilofer Hospital increased to 23.

The striking doctors have been agitating for the arrest of the concerned MLAs Afsar Khan and Qadri Pasha who allegedly led that attacks apart from the demand of providing protection at the hospitals. They have also demanded issue of an ordinance that would make the offence as non bailable. The Government reportedly believed to be ready with such provisions for providing security at Government hospitals (4). The government was caught between the strike of doctors and the political situation in the state. It did not want to hurt the Muslim legislators due to the vote bank politics.
In fact the attacks on doctors are not isolated case. Such attacks have been going on at hospitals particularly in the city over the years and state has not taken much notice of such incidents. Few years ago, the students of a local Private Engineering college attacked a Government Hospital at Musheerabad in Hyderabad city and ransacked the premises and man handled the staff following the treatment to a student who was injured in an accident. It was a major incident. At private nursing homes too, such attacks by the relatives of patients who died undergoing treatment took place in past. In fact such types of attacks were causing anxiety to the doctors and members of the medical profession.
On the otherside the leadership of AIMIM party said Afsar Khan the MLA from MIM had not committed any offense. This was stated by Legislator Akbaruddin the leader of MIM in the legislature. He said, “Infact the doctors had to pay apologies to the poor in the state. He also stated that AIMIM would organize free treatment to the needy at Owaisi Hospital to the suffering patients at the Niloufer and other government hospitals.” (5).
The courts in the city were at grips with the problem that is tormenting the city in particular. The highest court also reprimanded the students for holding the society to ransom and said it does not go well with their profession. At one of the hearings at the highest court the student doctors present clapped and applauded the speech given by the leader of its association. The court had reacted sharply to this and said the type of behaviors amounted to contempt of court and they could face arrest and detention. Their admissions also could be cancelled. The junior doctors on the other front are adamant about the failure of government in arresting the MLAs from AIMIM.
The most important aspect and the worrying aspect is that the junior doctors asked for issue of gun licenses to them to protect themselves from the attackers as Government has failed to protect them. This of course was turned down by the government. Under any case it was most unlikely that such large number of junior doctors would be given arm licenses. But the projection of such requirement to the government itself is a matter of serious concern and has to be seen as a serious government failure in governing. This shows that the section of people have lost confidence in the ability of the government to protect them. The situation is very tricky indeed. There is also logic that when government can not protect some one he has to protect himself from attackers. Will Gandhian policy of showing second cheek work with the goons? Gandhian policies no more work now. It is a changed scenario. Can government deny this fact?
AIMIM party dominates the Muslim community in Hyderabad. Earlier it was also involved in the attack on Tasleema Nasreen the Bangladeshi writer at Hyderabad. The concerned legislators who threatened her and organized attack are free and no action was taken by the law (6). Even if some cases were booked these are not pursued and would die natural death. In the present case too inability of the government in taking action against the concerned MsLA is out of fear of alienating AIMIM from the ruling party. In fact the appeasement policy of the government has sent wrong notes across and there is a general feeling that they are above law and can get away easily. This is the usual feeling among them. This shows the weakness of the ruling party who are more interested in clinging to their seats than do proper governing. Culprits should be taken to task irrespective of the political affiliation. That should be the motto of the government and should abide by it if it has to get admiration of people as a true government. But present situation appears different. The doctors demanded weapon licenses to protect themselves that were however denied. They also knew that they will not get. This is not America where bearing a weapon is their constitutional right. In India getting beaten( Or even killed) appears to be the right of individuals.This also shows that they are prepared to go to such extent of arming themselves to deal with their attackers in future if required. This also represents the incompetence of government. This should be seen as a lesson to the government and it should not rub it off as a silly matter by the aggrieved youngsters. This could be the signal for the type of things to come soon in the society. There is also a chance of twisting the entire situation in communal color. MIM sources have alleged that the doctors have not agitated at the incident of ESI hospital where attackers were Hindus while the doctors have went on agitation where MIM was involved. It also asked for the withdrawal of the ordinance on non bailable arrests. The government should take all steps to prevent twisting the situations into communal problem by the vested interests and should curb it initially. Those who are involved in the attacks should be punished as per the law irrespective of party affiliations and standing in the society.
Strikes automatically lower standards at teaching hospitals that are most important. Government should not consider the present problem as a law and order alone. It has wide revivifications in the society and national well being. Pseudo secular policies must stop and no one is above law and such people must be punished if found guilty. It is very tragic that right from the days of independence Muslim appeasement is going on and it is driving the country into disaster ( Rather already driven into disaster). The rise of various Islamic outfits preaching sedition in the country and abetting Jihad is the direct result of such policies.

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