Tuesday, June 3, 2014


                                                       INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN…308
                                                                 Dr K Prabhakar Rao
(Telangana and Andhra states are formed. Modiji became PM. Hyderabad is the common capital for next 10 years. Gandhi is seated in a chair in his room in heavens  while Patel and Nehru are standing n front of him. Nehru is gazing through the window.)

Gandhi. Bhai  Jawaharlal, What happened to congress party?

Nehru. Why do you ask me? You know it.

Gandhi. I am not mocking at you. Such a great party has been destroyed. Are you not feeling bad?

Nehru. I do. But what can I do.?

Gandhi. Were you not part of the game?

Nehru. How bapu?

Gandhi. You inducted your daughter as President of congress in your time. Was it a correct thing to do. When I was alive where were my sons? Did they get any posts. After my death  did they get any post?

Nehru. Am I responsible for these things. It is democracy. Any one can become any thing.

Gandhi. So , Finally democracy has been understood this way. How bad ..

Nehru. Did Indira become PM after my death?

Gandhi. It was on cards. But there as some discipline and Shastriji was elevated. Poor guy died within two years.

Nehru. Who is to be blamed for this?

Gandhi. People are still not satisfied with the  enquiry committee reports on shastris death. They suspect foul play. A large section of Indians believe that it was  foul play in a distant land. Indira was elevated soon. Your dynasty started running the nation. Indira ruled. Then her son ruled,Then  rajivs wife ruled as high command. She tried her best to make her so Raul as PM.

Nehru.Inpolitics one has to hold the grip firmly.

Gandhi. That means there are no ethics.

Nehru. What are you talking bapu. World has changed a lot. Your ethics no more hold now. Make hay while sun shines.

Patel. Bapu. What jawahar said is true.Your values are dead long ago.You are still hanging over to dead wood.

Gandhi. Pch..pch.. what  adownfall? My original congress was reasonably good. We had stalwarts. Indira destroyed it. Now Sonia has completely destroyed it.

Patel.Her over ambitions and love for son did the damage. Raul had no capabilities. Yet he was projected as the PM. Man mohan singh was a silent movie actor. He became a cartoon figure.

Gandhi. Now what will congress do.

Patel. What they can do? Keep mouths shut. It is good if Sonia retires from politics. Let Raul go to school.

Gandhi. Now Modi is in chair of PM and he has already ordered for an enquiry for digging out black money from Swiss banks.

Patel. True. If the list is revealed  one day heavens will fall.

Gandhi. Some guys must be already trying to flee the country.

Patel. Not so early I am sure.

Gandhi. Can you expect some big names in the list?

Patel. Surely. They have to be. During the last 10 years so many scams took place in India.Where the money would go? It is any ones guess. Many fingers point in certain directions.

Gandhi. Be clear

Patel. Not now.

Gandhi.  Are you scared?

Patel. Not that way. It is premature.

Gandhi . Then let time come. Vomiting and delivery after pregnancy will not stop for  any one
Nehru. How crude you are bapu!

Gandhi. What is wrong in it? I tell frankly. Congress collapsed and got destroyed by its own folly.This happened as there was no inner party democracy. For everything high command hadto be consulted. Even if a dog in congress party  has to wag its tail, it must be referred to high command and permission taken. Haa..haaaa.heeee..heeee

Nehru. Bapu. Do not exaggerate.

Gandhi. Please accept realities. lump it down your throat. The real congress party of mine died long ago. What existed now is a  murky party using  the past name without any virtues. The party has a symbol of hand. Giving a hand in reality means cheating in daily parlor. Naturally people  threw it in a dust bin.

Patel. Bapu. It is getting late.We shall discuss again. Asit is Jawahar is getting upset.

Gandhi. OK ,Fine. Let us go to bed

Nehru and Patel. Bye

                                                                                   CURTAIN  FALLS  

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