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                                                              INTO THE PAST WITH PAIN...307
                                                                   DR K Prabhakar Rao
(Gandhi,Patel and Nehru are standing at a traffic  junction in Hyderabad near Dilsukhnagar and watching the guys. Bapu is holding a large cloth sack under his arm)

Gandhi, Patel , Look at the guys. Every one appears to be very busy. Look , all have cell phones in their hands including the beggars.

Patel. Bapu, recently the beggars with voter cards have been given cell phones by a candidate contesting local polls.

Patel.Some of the  junior college students have latest phones costing  Rs35000.Look Bapu, How they are talkig all the while. They are at tiffin center and do not attend class.

Gandhi. That is their  funeral.You can take a horse to pond to drink water but can not force it.

Nehru. True Bapu. How well you said. You can not  modify world to your ways.Bapu we must start moving.

Gandhi. True. Let us move,

( The trio  start walking. They hardly move   20 yards  and a constable pounces on them. Gandhi is taken to the SI)

 SI. Hey Old man  how me your sack. What are you carrying?

Gandhi. Son, What will be there. You can see.

SI. This is election time. Are you carrying money for distribution?

Gandhi. Why should I ? I do not belong to any party.

SI. Every one says same thing. Constable.  Open the sack.

Patel. SI sahib, instead of wasting time on us catch the real guys.

SI. I know what todo. Do you know I am a direct selectee to this post.

Patel. Congrats to you.

Constable. Sir, There may be some bomb too  inside

SI. Eee..eee.. We have to be careful. Let us take a chance. Open the sack with a blade slowly,
(Constable brings a blade and cuts open the sack. They find only old cloths, a book of geetha, )

Gandhi. Did’nt I say that we have no money.

SI. OK ,OK,But we have to do our duty.

Patel. Look  SI sahib. You were after us and four SUMO vans sped fast with some ruffians in them. Surely they are rogues and must be carrying money. They are all dressed in Kurta pyjama with bracelets  on the wrists, All were looking like bullies.

SI. Why are you telling now?

Patel. You are not ready to listen. What we can do.

SI. Shit. I lost a golden chance. OK you clowns get off from here.

Patel. SI sahib. Please learn to respect others . This uniform is not given to you to be a bully.

SI. You old guy, Have you seen the three lions on my cap

Patel. Yeah

SI. You have not seen the fourth lion. I shall show it.

Constable. Bhai. Please go away from here.

( The trio walks off from the place and stop at a tea stall, They order tea and are seen sipping. In the mean time, the constable also arrives at tea stall)

Patel. Now what is the problem bhai.

Constable. There is nothing. Bhai. My SI is a mental case. We are suffering with  his behavior. He tells us also that he will show  fourth lion to us.

Patel. Why don’t you guys tell your Circle Inspector or  ACP

Constable. They are no less. ( He beats his forehead)

Gandhi. You belong to police force. What other can be expected?

( In the FM radio in the stall ,a song is heard)

Ye jag hai pardes, bande
Ye jag hai pardes
Jana hai jeeke dekh ,bande
Ye jag hai pardes bande …………………………….Surendranathji ( From Maya machindra 1951)

(Gandhi wipes his tears)

                                 CURTAIN FALLS

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