Sunday, November 29, 2009

into the past with pain.LXXVI

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen near Obulapuram mines where iron oremining is going on at breakneck speed..lakhs of lorries are seen parked at the sites and feverishly loading is going on.)

Gandhi. Look Patel. Se the activity. It is so feverish. Do they need so many vehicles

Patel. It appears strange

Nehru. What is so strange here. It is a mine. Vehicles will be there. It is a very large mine

Gandhi. I read in news papers that some illegal mining is going on here in areas not covered in the contract

Nehru. There will be always some allegations by opposition parties

Patel. But it is not like that

Nehru. Then what it is like?

Patel Mr Jawaharlal. Please do not get worked up.

Gandhi. I suspect some mischief here. Why the activity is going on at odd time with so many vehicles. By looking at the site we can say that some mischief is going on

Patel. Bap. Recently a committee set up by the Hon Supreme court has indicted the state government on the actions regarding this mining company

Gandhi. Ramm. Ram.What happened to these rulers in the state government? Have I brought freedom to see this day ( Cries) eee..eee..aa…aaa.. Mera Bharat .. Mera Bharat..( He picks up a stone and hammers his head and sits down tired.

( In the mean time a worker sees them and comes to them. He sees Gandhi holding a stone )

Worker. Hey old man. Leave that stone. It is a iron ore. It is expensive. Leace it. I shall take it
Pate;. Can’t we even break our head with this stone

Worker. No.. The stone is precious. You guys go away from here. Soon blasting will take place here.

Gandhi. We shall stay here

Worker. You will die if you stay here.

Gandhi. We are already dead. We can not die again
Worker. Are you mad. How you have died earlier. Then how you are talking to me?

Patel. You shall not understand this. It is beyond your understanding.

( In the mean time a supervisor arrives there and asks the worker why he was there leaving his work)

Worker. Look Sahib. These men are not leaving this place. I told them it is dangerous to stay

Supervisor. True Why you guys are here. What work you have here

Gandhi. We learnt that illegal mining is going on here

Supervisor. Who told you. That is all cock and bull story.

Patel. You can not mislead us. We know everything

Supervisor. What you know? Even if you know what you can do? Get out from here

Patel. That you can not do. We know that AP Government has issued orders to stop miming immediately.

Supervisor. So what. We will not stop.The orders are illegal . we were told. Our Boss said the oreders wil be challenged

Patel. Bapu. The AP CM Rosiah ordered CBI Probe

Gandhi. That is good.

Patel. Hee..hee. CBI probe means it will never be completed. That is a trick in India to bail out the offenders

Gandhi. Why?

Patel. Bapu. In which world you are living?

Patel Bapu. We had so many CBI probes. Has any one seen the light of the day? It will go one for years and years and after soime time all will forget it. Look Bapu. What happened to Bofors case? Has any one been sent to gallows?

Gandhi. Leave alone gallows. No one has been jailed. So this is the rule that goes on here in India.

Patel. Bapu. You did a great mistake of your life time

Gandhi. What is that?

Patel. Getting independence to India is the greatest mistake you did.

Gandhi. But how long would Indians suffer under foreigners

Patel. Bapu. It suits us Indians

Gandhi. Come on Patel. Plesae do not be sarcastic

Patel. I am at least Sarcastic, and not caustic. Indians work well under external rule and we are habituated to get kicked well and then work well. We do not have national spirit. Whole nation is corrupt to the core.

Gandhi. Is it so bad?

Patel. Yes . Bapu. This was very well judged by sir Winston Churchill before India was granted freedom

Gandhi. Yeah I knew. He said India a would be handed over to a bunch of rascals.Patel. I think you are a bit more critical and stronger.

Patel. Fact I have told you. Look What is happening hewre. The guys are mining in areas in areas which do not fall in contract. They are greedy and are looting the state. They will strip the state till it gets naked.

Gandhi. Shall we do hunger strike here in protest

Patel. Nothing will work here. This is a dangerous site too.

Gandhi. Why/

Patel. They shall blast us off and can show that were killed in mine blasting.

Nehru. True. It can happen; Covering up is very easy here. There will not be any evidence. Let us escape from here. Hell to this mine

Patel. Jawaharlal. Please do not be scared guy. You faced English men’s guns.

Nehru. They were gentlemen to some extent. Inspite of great opposition and struggle they did not kill us in encounters

Patel. What you said is true. Now in India encounter is is the easiest way of getting rid of guys who oppose.

Gandhi. Strange indeed. But we must always fight injustice, misrule and corruption.

Patel. Bapu, Your days were over long ago. Now we are in different India. Your name is used only to catch votes. Otherwise you are not required. Gandhi in practice is a big head ache for them.

Gandhi ( cries) eee..eee…aaa…aaa

Patel. Bapu. Plesae do not cry. Things have changed

Gandhi. What shall we do now? Can’t we stop this mining?

Patel. Wisdom lies in our going away from here. Nothing will come out of the scam here. What happened to Ramalingarajus case. Case still goes on. They have not even charged him in the court. The case will go on for another two decades. By the time all evidence including Raju might die natural death. As it is he is very sick. Some time witnesses will die mysteriously. Finally nothing will come out of the case. Same thing will happen here too.

Gandhi. How sad/ then what happens to our struggle of establishing Rama rajya in India?

Patel Haa..haa.haa. Do you believe that Ramrajya can be established in India

Gandhi. Why not?

Patel. Bapu. It shall be Ravana Rajya, Mareecha Rajya, Hiranya Kasipa Rajya, Hiranyaksha Rajya, Duryodhana Rajya. Any one of these or all will work here

Gandhi. Patel. You are unfair

Patel. I told you fact. To accept or not is your headache

Nehru. Pate. Is this the way you speak to bapu, our great bapu

Patel. What I can do. The old man does not listen. He is still living in his past

Nehru. That is not his fault.He wishes good for the country

Patel. Only wishing will not work. The country is in the grip of cheats, rascals, criminals and thieves. Therefore these scams are taking place

Gandhi. Why blame Patel. He told truth. I failed to see truth in fact.Let us go from this shit pot affair

Patel. Thanks Bapu. Let us go

(The trio barely goes away and the site is blasted by big explosion and cloud of dust rises and darkens the entire area.)

( The trio hastily escapes from the site and disappear)

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