Sunday, November 15, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

( It is Washington and President Obama and George Washington are seen sitting in the lawn of White House. They are smartly dressed and are found having drinks while guards are all over the place protecting the area)

Washington. Mr President ! How are things. It is almost one year since you came to white house.

Obama. True sir. Look How time has flown. It appears as if I cam here few days ag.

Washington. Hee…heee.. True. Time flies. Time and tide wait for no man.

Obama. Wells said sir.

Washington. Earlier we never had so many guards around here. Even when Bush was here we never had so many marines around .

Obama. Probably you are correct. Things appear to have changed. Intelligence says there is some increased threat around. So they are taking care.

Washington. Why not? Presidents must be well protected. We have sadly lost some very good men earlier.

Obama. True sir

( In the maen time a guard arrives smartly salutes)

Obama. What is the matter boy?

Guard. Sir. There is a strange man waiting to see you .

Washington. What is so strange about him. Doesn’t he have two legs and hands. Two eyes and one year?

Obama. Does he have one nose on the front of his face below the eyes and in between eyes

Washington. I hope he is not like Cyclops

Guard. He has all the things at proper places like we have. But he is strangely dressed. He has wrapped a white clothe around his groin and has no shirt. He has a blanket draped around him. He is also holding a long stick and wears strange round glasses from antiquity

Washington. I got it . haa..haa..hhaaa. He must be Gandhi; Indians also call him Mahatma Gandhi. He is from India. They call him father of India

Obama. Guard. Plesae bring him in.( looks at Washington) Sir This character must have come earlier here

Washington. True. He keeps coming here some times. He has strange ideas that he wants to implement here too. He wants to still live in past.

Obama. Sad. He may need some counseling to draw him out of the sickness

Washington. True.

( In the mean time Gandhi arrives into the lawn escorted by the armed guard. Guard sautés smartly and goes back)

Gandhi. Hello Friends. Good evening to you

Washington. Welcome Mr. Gandhi. We are honored wit your presence

Gandhi. Nice to see Mr. Obama too here.

Washington. It is other way. He stays always here. I some times visit him

Gandhi. True. Well said.

Obama. Hello Mr Gandhi. I am sure you are keeping well and taking care of yourselves

Gandhi. I am perfectly well and kicking around

Washington. Mr Gandhi. What are the news? You visit many places.

Gandhi. Things are as usual. Terrorists are playing havoc in Pakistan and India is crossing fingers expecting another major attack in very near future. Pakistan is having tough time controlling Taliban and Al Qaida

Obama. True. They are paying for their deeds. They created Taliban and now getting well screwed by them.

Washington. Ha..haa.. well said.

Gandhi.( Sings and does jig)

These Pak guys need such kicks
Because they have been playing many tricks
Indians are finally the sucking lot
Their heads are weary and very hot

Washington. Yaa..yaaa. Good poem. Well sung. Mr Gandhi. You also dance well along with that stick

Gandhi. Thanks for the compliments. Shall I do more?

Obama. You shall get tired. Please relax. Do you care for a drink?

Gandhi. No thanks. Mr Obama I must congratulate you for the Nobel peace prize awarded recently

Obama. Thanks. I am obliged

Gandhi. You are very lucky. You hardly did any thing and were in office for one year and you banged the prize. I struggled for decades and nothing came my way.

Washington. Just bad luck Gandhi. It is not that you do not deserve

Gandhi.Even my pal Jawaharlal Nehru struggled with Panch sheel and Hindi Chini Bhai bhai.. and non alignment for decades and he was left out

Washington. All think Nehru died of shock after betrayal by Chinese.

Gandhi. May be so Finally he was much unhappy and disillusioned.

Obama.In that way I am very lucky. I hardly did any thing and I got it.

Gandhi. It is not that I am unhappy that you got it. Afgha war is still going on. Americans are still there in Iraq. Recently some crank American Arm officer shot his colleagues ina military center in Texas showing frustration.But they should have given you after you did something concrete. It is good that a black guy got it. It is a silver line in black hair

Washington. Hee…hee..hee.. Mr Gandhi. Such things happen in al countries. Do you know that in your country many army officers were killed by own troops regularly ? Frustrations are there everywhere.

Gandhi.. I heard so. Any how I congratulate Mr Obama for the nobeprize

Washington. I think they do not award these prizes posthumously

Gandhi. If so I must get and Nehru too.

Washington. Then Jesus , Buddha, Lincoln,Roosvelt, Gorbochev, All apostles of Christ, Vivekananda, Shankaracharya also must get.

Obama. I shall propose such things.

Gandhi. Don't you think these nobel prizes have become controversial?

Washington. I do not think so.

Gandhi. then why people around the world are commenting on Obamas achievement? Every one is feeling that Obama did not have achievements to get the award.

Washington.Better on emust the Nobel committee.

Obama. hee..hee..

Gandhi. Any how nothing can be done. things appear to be not

Washington. That is sir your view

Gandhi. i think there must be a rule that indian should not get Nobel peace prize.

Washington. Mr Gandhi. Why have hard feelings. You are termed as Mahatma that is great soul.

Gandhi. It is fine. Thank you sir. I shall see you again. Plesae enjoy your drink

Obama. Thanks for the visit

Washington OK Mr Gandhi. Bye. see you

Gandhi. Bye

( Gandhi walks away with his stick prodding the ground)


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