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Dr k Prabhakar Rao

( It is Hyderabad city and a public meeting is going on at Bashir Bagh Nizam college grounds. An youngster is addressing the crowd. He is clad in white clothes typical of AP Politicians. Every two minutes he is raising his both hands above his head and saying Namaste to the crowd with very sad looks. He is tired and occasionally a side kick ( A confidant ) standing next to him is helping by holding his hands above his head. There are many on lookers and Narsimha and Yadgiri are among them )

Yadgiri. Anna.( brother) Eedu alsi poyinde ( this guy is tired).Mati matiki chetulettutunnadu .Dannam betdunnadu.Zara soodu . Inkemautadi ( repeatedly he is lifting hands.Saying namste .Look. What else will happen?

Narsimha. Au malla. (True,) Hoiga intikada undi business sooskoka eedikochhindu.Enjaddamani?(Instead of nicely staying at home taking care of business he came here. What he can do here?.

Yadgiri. Emledubai. Eeayannu pakkanollu baaga ekkichhinru. ( there is nothing. The side kicks have instigated him)

Narsimha.. Ou Malla. Nijam. Papam. Poradu allaraipothunnadu gade. ( poor guy is ruining himself)

( suddenly they find some old guys standing behind them and listening to them)

Yadgiri. Who are you guys. Why are you listening to us

Gandhi. I am Bapu, Gandhi, MK Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi. We came to listen at the meeting.

Narsimha. You said you are Mahatma Gandhi.

Bapu. Yes

Narayana. You should not say yourself that you are Mahatma. Others should stay about you.

Gandhi. True. I am sorry

Yadgiri. That is OK . Relax. But you were dead long ago, before my dad was born. How are you here? Other two guys with you look like Pate and Nehru.

Bapu. True. They are not looking like them. They are actually they.

Yadgiri. I am not convinced. Any how I am least bothered.

Patel . That is fine.

( In the mean time the young leader speaks in mike)

Leader. This is the new hope for you. You know how much my dad has done for you and the state. But I am not made CM. But this can not go on eternally. I am sure to become CM. No One can stop me from becoming CM of this state.

( The side kicks standing close shout hip- hip hurray. Long live YSR and Long live his son. All of you clap loudly and cheer him up. All the guys in the crowd shout Zindabad.. Zindabad.. YSR and his son Zindabad. Some guys yadiah and Saidulu are not seen clapping. Others Ramnarayan, and Chotu ram get upset. They are raising abuses)

Ramnarayan. You.. Yadiah. Why are you not clapping ? You are paid Rs100 for this show and free lunch, Shame on you. Take this ( He punches on the cheek of Yadiah. And Yadiah retaliates)

Yadiah. You scoundrel Who are you to tell me. They promise Rs 100 and only gave fifty. There was no breakfast since morning ( He thrashes Ramnarayan)

Saidulu. We do not know all this shit. We were told to just sit in truck and were brought here. No one told us to clap.

Ramnarayan. Are these to be told? You guys are just jokers. You know that the side kick standing next to the leader is clapping. So you must do that exactly.

Saidulu. Now we understand. We do whatever he does.

( The leader is continuing to speak and the side kick finds a guy sitting right in front and dozing off. He gets annoyed and throws a small stone at him to wake him up as it was embarrassing for him and the leader)

Saidula. Anna Yadgiri. That guy is hit with a stone by the side kick. What shall we do?

Yadgiri. We must also do same thing. But others are not doing any thing.

Saidulu. We must be prompt.

( They search around and do not find small stones. They pick up big stones, the size of a coconut. They go to the front and pound the guy with the stones. The guys name is Ellayya)

Ellayya. Amma.. Margaya. Champesinde.. Naa. Koduku. Wammo.. Wayyo. Donga Sachhinoda Rallato kothao bay. Mammalni theeskochhindi smapanikena.. Arey…L… Oh Mother I am dead. I am killed. Who is the son.. of B… stoning me. Am I brought here to be killed?..

(Ellayya bleads and faints. All others gather around him and no one listens to the leader. There is an utter chaos)

Leader. ( Looking at the side kick) Why that guy was hit with stones? The whole show is ruined. No one will now listen to me. Let us go from here)

Side kick. True

( Both of them rush out from the dais and go away in a car waiting for them . In the mean time police men arrive and lathi charge the large crowd who gather around Ellaih and not allowing him to be removed to the hospital. )

Gandhi. Patel. Come on Let us escape. Probably ellaih is dead. The police men have not spared us. They hit me with lathis. Look here ( He shows hands)

Nehru. Bapu. This ellaih will surely be give Ashok Chakra if this new leader becomes CM of AP.hee..heee

Patel. True……haaa. well said Jawharfor first time… Bapu. I have also not escaped. They hit on my head with boots. But I am iron man of India.

Nehru. I actually was hiding behind a bush. No one has seen me.

Patel. You are a true political leader. You escape all episodes while others suffer.

Bapu. Come on ! Enough now. Let us go .

( The trio slowly walk away limping while in the back ground abuses are heard from police men thrown at the crowd who were clashing with police using stones)

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