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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is air port and helicopters are parked there. There are some maintenance men, police men and others in civil dress too. Security people are Dhondu nath, Phirki Ram, Lallu Singh and Panju Ram. Maintenance mechanics are Khatara singh and Phaltu das.)

Khatara singh. Ho Bhai, Phaltudas. Get ready fast. We have to chech the chopper in next two hours for fitness. Some guy is likely to travel from here. We have very short notice
Phaltu das. Who is going? Any idea

Khatara singh. That they will not tell us. It is kept secret.

Phaltu das..hee…hee

Khatar singh. Why are you saying hee…heee. What is there to laugh?

Phaltu das. It is only we do not know who is going where. All jokers in the world know it. Even ants, cats and bats know it

Khatar singh. Ohfo How does it matter to us? We have to check the chopper. That is our job

Phaltu das. Let us go. ( they carry some tools and go to the chopper)

( At the chopper some constables stop them. They are Phirki ram and Dhondu nath)

Dhondu nath. Hery. Who are you guys. What is there in the small box? Hey Phirki Ram. Better cock your AK 47 and take position,. We never know. These guys may be some crooks

( Phirki Ram cocks his AK 47 and takes position aiming the gun at the mechanics)

Khatra Singh. Oh Bhai. This is too much. Are we looking like terrorists? We are maintenanace men of choppers. Better ask him to remove guns. I can not trust you guys and your ability in handling those latest guns. You may accidentally shoot us

Dhondu nath. Show your Identity card.

( Both put their hands in their trouser pockets to remove the cards)

Dhondu nath. Stop. Stay there. You may be having pistols in the pockets.

( He slowly comes to them and puts hands in their pockets and does not find any thing, but I cards are found_

Dhondu nath( Sweating profusely) Oh fo. What a job? OK Bhai you may do your job. Phirki Ram.. Uncock your gun. Aaraamse.. Relax

Phirki Ram Tries to uncock and forgets the procedure. The gun goes off giving big sound. It was in automatic mode and bursts of fire takes place. Phirki Ram gets more confused and swings around in confusion with the rifle and Khatara Singh and Phaltu das are both hit by bullets. They fall down bleeding. Both are hit in chests. They shout loudly.. margaya.. haye… Mardiya hamko.. ye saalene..aa…a…aaa…

( Dhondu nath and phirki ram are aghast and do not know what to do. Hearing the sound the chief security officer Jhoota singh runs to the chopper. He has a pistol in hand)

Jhoota singh. What is all this? Who are these.?

Dhondu nath. Sir . We were on duty nd we saw these fallen men coming to us with a box. They said they were mechanics when we questioned. They dddddid not show identity cards. Suddenly one of them tried to snatch the weapon of Phirki ram and he shot both of them

Phirki ram. True sir. They are some terrorists posing as mechanics..

Jhoota singh. Very good. You are very brave indeed. I shall recommend you for Ashok chakra award for bravery of excellence

( In the mean time Gandhi, Nehru and Patel walk in..)

Gandhi( Looking at Jhoota singh) Hello. Good morning sir. I am Gandhi, Bapu, Father of nation.

Jhoota singh. Good morning. But this not the time for begging. You have dressed well like Gandhi. I appreciate it

Patel. We are not beggars. We are real Gandhi, Nehru and I am Patel.

Jhoota Singh. Hee..Hee. Ok Fine. So What?

Gandhi. WE were around here watching from distance. This guy ( Showing Phirki ram) shot the men for no reason.I am sure he could not handle the gun

Jhoota singh. How do you know that? Are you expert in weapons?

Patel. That is just commonsense. One need not be an expert for this.

I heard this man ( pointing Dhondu nath ) ordering to uncock the rifle and phirki ram just could not do that. It appears to be accidental firing

Jhoota singh. What are you trying to bring up? It is not your business

Gandhi, But we have seen what happened. These dead men are innocent.

Jhota singh. Your advice is not needed.

Patel. Come on Mr Officer. Is this the way you conduct?

Jhoota singh. First tell me how you trespassed into this security zone. I can arrest you for this crime

Nehru. Hee..Hee…OPlease do it. We shall be happy. We will tell all these things in court

Jhoota singh. Hee…hee. You can not reach court unless we send. You can be easily shown dead in an encounter.

Patel. Oh I see. You are too clever.

Jhoota singh. I am from IPS

Patel God bless the nation.

Gandhi. Look officer. You have to be just. These jokers do not deserve awards. They should be punished for being careless and for killing innocents and more so for telling lies to yopu

Jhoota singh. You guys appear to be clever. I am sure you are the accomplices of these dead men. It is time I take on you

Patel. Are you mad? Are we looking like terrorists?

Jhoota singh. Why you should take so much interest in a matter that does not concern you.

Gandhi. It is just being humane

Jhoota singh. That means I am not humane

Patel. Sure. You area nut and swine too.

Jhoota singh. Be careful a bout the language.

Patel. That isi OK when you are straight and polite.

Jhoota singh ( looks at other sentries lallu singh and Pamju ram ) catch these guys. Shoot if they try to run away.

Gandhi. Hee…hee

Nehru.. Ouu..ouu..ou

Patel. Haa..haa..hhaa

( Gandhi looks straight into them and stiffens and shows them his thumb. Suddenly all the security men and Jhoota Singh become stiff and turn into mass of cement statues.

Patel. These jokers really deserve this treatment. See how arrogant they were particularly Jhoota Singh

Gandhi. It happens with power and uniform. Power corrupts men. Absolute power turns them into tyrants. That was Jhoota Singh and others. Let us go. We shall come again.

( the trio sing Ramdhun and walk away feeling sorry for the dead mechanics)

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