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Prof Dr Colonel ( Retired)K Prabhakar Rao
India copied its constitution from Western democracies. But in practice has made a mockery of it. The country boasts as the largest practicing democracy in the world at all world forums. But the truth is far from it in real sense. There are many scamsters, cheats and anti social elements facing court cases and some were convicted too who are continuing in the government. Family rule has become a right. When a leader dies, his son or wife or daughter succeeds him to the position. It is a game of rehabilitation. In fact, the highest house of elders has become the place of political rehabilitation and to appease some old horses who can not run.... Indians suffer from slavish mentality and degradation and do not display any self thinking and prefer to act like a flock of sheep devoid of thinking brains that is the usual practice. The puppet show at central government goes on .. In fact, it is a mockery of democracy in spirit and action and apology to the word of democracy....These are expressed as poems:

India that was once a great nation
Presently has fallen from lofty heights
Leaders get fat with rich rations
And the state has been made their family right

Great were the days when Gandhi treaded
Morals were said to be at their peak
You and I feel greatly tired
While ruffians play hide and seek

Noble was Gandhi who died in a state of despair
While leaders took a sigh of relief
Political rot that is beyond repair
Has brought us misery and great grief

Great was Churchill who spoke the truth
That India would in the hands of crooks
State of the nation across the girth
Shows that crooks rule India at every nook

Leaders have made the mighty nation
Part of their flourishing real estate
The country is looted by the shady clans
As the nation is plunged in to a sorry state

Violence in India is at it's peak
Where men blown into tithering titbits
Leaders on top slip and sneak
As the innocents loose their worldly wits

Nation was looted on Bofor sales
Copters procured in sdhady deals
Those on top cover up these tales
As the poor are denied a single meal

Leaders who loose at their places
Contest from an unnown land
Party workers get their solace
While shouting slogans in a party band

Elected leaders gangup at nights
Digup graves for their dearest chiefs
Mighty Titans with lofty heights
Fall and fade in a moment brief

Ethics, morals and values are lost
Sunk in a sea of filth and mischief
Dishonest the corrupt and the crooked the most
Quickly rise to other's disbelief

Noble dance of Indian origin
Lost to the greedy five star culture
Dance as Kathak@ has met it’s doom
As dancers gyrate for lusty vultures

(@ Kathak is an Indian ancient traditional Dance with origin in Orissa State )
Dancers display their swinging breasts
And show off their fleshy thighs and arms
All those in hotel watch with lust
And I feel sorry for the fallen norms
Crooked devils lurking in a corner
Plan and kidnap innocent dames
Helpless parents turn into mourners
As the police twist it into a political game
Merit in India is already buried in a sump
Deep in the pits at a garbage dump
Caste is the basis for ones rise
It is high time the youth rise and be wise
College seats are sold to the worthless
Who are ready to pay in Lakhs
Bright and needy remain jobless
And move about with empty sacks

The bright and smart leave the country
They settle down in foreign nations
The guys take a vow never to return
And this has become today’s fashion
Gandhi the apostle of peace was shot and killed
Leaders have wiped off his memory and are thrilled
Indian future is in shambles and bleak
As criminals smuggle at Mumbai’s creek
Poor Gandhi who brought us the freedom
Never thought, it would be a family fiefdom
Political parties gang up after election battle
While Pakistani rifles at border always rattle
When a leader in a blast kicks the bucket
His wife is sure to get the assembly or parliament seat
The parties remain a family right
As the cadres are suppressed with all might
When Indira Gandhi died to the sten gunsof the body guards
Rajiv was pushed into her mighty chair
He also died in blast of a Lankan suicide bomber
And Sonia’s claim to the chair was thought to be very fair
The nation is in midst of crooks galore
As pseudo secularists enjoy dames, money and fanfare
Age old values of Gandhian era
Have gone down the drain without an aura
1. Prof Dr Colonel ( Retired) K Prabhakar Rao, Anguish of an Indian ( Engish poetry), Cow Books, Sindhu printers, Shop no. 20, Municipal complex, Medak, AP, India..502110, PP 23-25

Real mockery
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 07:30.
The real mockery in the Indian parliamentary system arose during the election of the President. Invariably people do not want a contest for the post and the candidate should be acceptable to every one. The country had some great men as the Presidents in the past. Some were mere politicians while some were people of distinguished merit in literature, philosophy and academics and labor movement. Dr Abdul kalam was an internationally recognised scientist of great caliber and is known as missile man of India. He earned great admiration from the world all over. His tenure was getting over and he sensed that his time was up and should step down gracefully and also declared accordingly. Some opposition parties however approached him and compelled him that he would be able to get support from all and he acceded for running for the post provided he was sure of winning. However opposition failed to get all parties to support him. Communists were vehemently against him because Dr Kalam once said that India must have two party system to prevent horse trading. This was not palatable to the communists. They said they wanted a President well versed in politics than one who wrote poetry and stories. Finally Dr Kalam realised the futility and withdrew. Congress managed to get Pratibha Patil elected to the post being the first lady as the President. India was denied the second term for Kalam as President by the selfish politicians who could not rise over their selfish interests. What other example is required to establish mockery of Indian democratic system?
Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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