Thursday, December 10, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Mafia gangs are running the roost
Those in Delhi have milk and rich boost
Fathers for kids reserve school seats
And then make their wives pregnant
Tonnes of money are down the dirty drain
Truth is simple very sour and plain

Medical seats are sold to the nuts for cash in Lakhs
And then produce only killer dangerous quacks
Engineering seats are filed with rotten stuff
From which come out only a big bluff
Militants are dragged to road side hillocks
And then shot as dumb bullocks
No tear drop is shed for these souls
They pass into history in meeting their goals
People are killed in police lockups
While girls get pregnant in social welfare hostels
All these crooks get Scot free
And innocents are shot point blank at a nearby tree

Cinema halls were burnt to cinders
When a leader was blown with a Lankan bomb
Women are killed by their spouse
Then they are burnt in a roadside stove
Yet they enjoy corners of power
Lauded by those sitting on a tower
Crooks enjoy ticket less cricket
Yet they obtain the party ticket

Many are with a concubine as a mate
They become leaders of the state
Where all we being led?
By these thugs, thieves and crooks
Who are there to capture political power
The nation is doomed
To eternal disgrace and shame
The crooks rule all over
While the army is shit scared to take over

You and me are fully shaken
Poor Gandhi hysterically weeps
In far off heavens away from us
Assorted leaders cross moat of elections
Having cheated people to the hilt
Then make a group of concoction
To steal the chair with great grit
They do tight rope walk all the time
Already they crossed their prime
These men have no plans
Aim is to hold together all their clans
Pathetic living they lead
As enemies cause us to bleed

Pakistanis kill innocents in Kashmir
Their leaders call it a war of independence
Spineless men are at the helm of affairs in India
They bow to the enemy to win their grace
The Pak General under the garb of President
Made mockery of Indians at Agra
The man who caused India to bleed without a stop
Deprived mothers of their valiant sons
And created many India widows
Was honored with Indian army salute in our own land
Shame on Indians whose spine is bent like a bow
While the Pakistani terrorists have taken a vow

India has not learnt any lesson
In spite of years of back stabbing
We extend a warm hand with a wide grin
While Pakis play the same old band
The nation is on a crash course
Those at top have no remorse
The enemy is to be pad I same coin
To make them realize they face a sturdy lion

Scores of scams are the order of the day
Those in upper houses can only bray
The scamsters get Scot free
After enquiries as big as a tree
Our nation is full of scamsters and cheats
In al fields we have scores of gangsters
India has earned dubious distinction
And also as one of the leading corrupt nation
Poor old and bald Gandhi weeps and sleeps
As rich are happy to sleep with their fleshy keeps

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