Sunday, December 6, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(There is a large crowd at a hospital at Khammam in Andhra Pradesh. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are also seen in the crowd. There are thousands of police men armed to the hilt. An atmosphere of war is prevailing at the site.)

Gandhi. Patel. What is the problem here? Why so much of crowd? Has any leader gone very sick? Is he counting last minutes?

Patel. I shall find out. Oh Bhai, What is the problem here? Why so much rush ad why police is present?

Narsimha. I am Narsimha, not Bhai, A Telangana leader is fasting here. He was arrested at Karimnagar and brought here.

Patel. Bapu. Have you heard what he said? There is a guy following your path. He is on fast up to death.

Gandhi. What is troubling him?

Narsimha. He is a leader of TRS party that is fighting for Statehood for Telangana.

Gandhi. Oh I see. I think I am in Andhra Pradesh the land of Telugu who speak Telugu language

Narsimha. True. But we are not Andhrites.We are Telanganites.

Gandhi. This is strange. Although all of you are Andhrites you have some differences in speech depending on the regional effect. But all are Andhrites.

Narsimha. You old man. Behave. We are Telanganites and do not call Andhrites

Gandhi. Ok. Ok . Please do not get annoyed.

Patel. Bapu. Plesae do not involve yourself in arguments. The atmosphere is highly tense. The guys may harm you if you unnecessarily speak.

Gandhi. True. Let us watch.

( In the mean time, the crowd starts shouting Chanrsekhar Rao Zinabad. Telangana Zindabad.. we want Telangana.. Andhra guys go back. Idli Sambar go back.. Go back)

Gandhi. Patel. In the morning we had Idli Sambar at a Udipi Hotel. Why they want Idli Sambar to go back?

Patel. Idli sambar is the preferred breakfast of people from Andhra Region, i.e. beyond Vijaywada. It was earlier called Bezwada. The Englishmen called it Blazewada due to high summer heat. Slowly the word changed to Bezwada and to Vijayawada.

Gandhi. Hee..hee..hee

Narsimha. Why are you laughing? What is there to laugh?

Patel. Is laughing a crime too?

Narsimha. You are mocking at Andhrites and their breakfast.

Gandhi. We do not mean it. We are sorry if we have hurt you.

Narsimha. That is OK.Next time better behave.

Patel. Bapu. Let us go from here.

Bapu. No Not now. I want to see Mr Rao and bless him.

( Gandhi tries to go past the crowdi to the hospital and he is topped by the police)

Gandhi. Bhai. I am MK Gandhi. I want to see Mr Rao who is fasting

Inspector. We can not allow you. He is on fast and his condition is not very good. Plesae go away from hee

Gandhi. Look Inspector. Did you not recognize me. The Bapu. Your Bapu, father of Indian nation

Inspector. He died long ago. From where you have come now?

Gandhi. True I died long ago. I came from heavens

Inspector. Please do not waste my time. Why are you playing these tricks. You are so old and looking sick. Why don’t you take rest at home? But I must appreciate. You took great efforts to dress up like Gandhi

Patel. He is not dressed up. He is MK Gandhi in real.

Inspector. Whu are you now speaking in support of this old man

Patel. I am the iron man of India . Sardar Patel

Inspector. haa..haaa..hee..hee. Good joke indeed. Get lost

( In the mean time there is a commotion in hospital as Chandrasekhar Rao is trying to get free and escape)

Nurse. Pkdo..Pakdo ( catch .. catch). M Rao is trying to run away He has removed saline pipe

Attender. Pakdo..Pakdo

( In the mean time Me Rao finds a broken window glass and holds it)

Rao. If any one comes near me I shall cut my throat with this

Inspector. Sir. You can not do this. Please cool down and go back to bed.

Rao. No I shall kill myself.

(suddenly a police man holds Raos hand and takes away the glass piece and Rao is take back to the bed. The crowd shouts jai Telangana.. Rao zindabad. Polive Murdabad. Andhra Police Murdabad.. Hoi..hoi..In the commotion Gandhi manages to sneek into the hospital and reaches the bed of Rao)

Gandhi. Hello. Mr Rao.. I am Gandhi. I am happy you are on fast and fighting for a cause

Rao. Sir. Thank you. I am following your path

Gandhi. Good. Keep it up. Be Brave

Rao. Bapu, We waited for long. Look. These Andhrites are dominating us. This Telangana problem is very old one. This was never part of Andhra. We were with Nizam state. Initially Andhra state was formed from Madras state. This Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1956 against all wishes. The struggle is going on. In 1956 itself there was Idli sambar go back agitation against forming AP

Gandhi. That si good. I am sure you will succeed.

Rao. Thanks. How come you are alive?

Patel. Great men never die

( In the mean time Police steps in and try tocatch Gandhi and patel . The can not hold them). Their hands move in air)

Gandhi.Look guys. You can not feel us. It is a futile attempt

Inspector. Are you some ghosts. You are tricksters. Ishall see you

Patel. Please see us thoroughly through and through

Gandhi. We are transparent. You can see us . Bur you can not feel us. So you can never catch us

Inspector. Bhhoot.Bhoot. Run from here

( He runs away with his men The crowd laughs).

Gandhi. OK Boys. Pray for Rao’s health and success. God bless him. Patel. Let us go

Patel. OK

Nehru. OK Bapu

( the trio walk away slowly singing Ramdhun while the crowd shouts jai Telangana)



Raj said...

Hi Uncle,
I seriously doubt if KCR is following Gandhi's path for attaining the Telanaga ?? but you have supported KCR !! Little Strange !!

Dr K PrabhakarRao said...

Dear Raj
thanks for the comment. In fcat KCR started fast in Gnadhian way and soon the agitation got onvolved in violence, police excesses, student self immolation. Such things are common now. There is no real non violence. Even in past, Gandhis fasts were also got involved in violence. Anti social elements also get involved in this. So life is like that.Thanks for your interest. In fcat Telangana agitation is the poutcome of selfish interests of some disgrutels elements. In that way Andhra Nd Sema leaders are no less. The state is a cess pool in which all atre struggling like dirty insects and swimming in shit pot.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao