Thursday, December 10, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

The ways of Indians are weird indeed
One has to feel sorry for their deeds
Look back into the days of freedom struggle
To know the facts and on face show a dirty giggle

Great souls who fought for freedom are forgotten
While history books are filled with stuff rotten
Netaji Bose is pushed into a state of oblivion
His acts of valor are not liked by selfish men

Netaji said he would give us freedom if we gave blood
Freedom is cherished only when it comes out of flowing red
British have left us vexed with the worldly state
Leaving us to our miserable and condemned fate

Deeds of Netaji are no less than that of Gandhi the great (?)
Although he was unlucky owing to the Japanese fate
He mighty National Army that he raised in Japan
Made the English men to grant freedom in two years span

He rulers who ruled India after getting freedom
Ensured that Subhas was denied the deserving stardom
His deeds are shown as cursory line in the books
While true history is denied to children by the selfish crooks

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