Saturday, December 19, 2009


DR K Prabhakar Rao

Subhas once said you give me blood I shall give you freedom
Our leaders get scot fee after committing crime
Government offices are dens of corruption
While children are happy with nursery rhymes

Buddha’s teachings have disappeared long ago
Terrorists are now at us with a cutlass
Pundits in Kashmir are cut and put in a basket
While leaders of the state look on like a stupid ass

Naxalites are running roost in the states
Where they run their law without any hindrance
People at the top remain mute to the crimes
While poor are yet to get the deliverance

The leaders are busy in eltion gimmicks
While common man suffers great pain
Only aim in elections is to win
While their hands are covered with victims blood stains

Soon Naxals would roam free with guns
Making mockery of Indian laws and codes
Rule of law would finally vanish
And history woul record our insane episodes

The day is not far off when hoodlums need no gun license
While you and me have to follow the law
Cheats and killers get Scot free
It would be the final and last straw

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