Thursday, December 10, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Under hand dealings
And rampant corruption
What else and what not
All around you
Or you are around
Everywhere they are
In the corner
Or in the street
In shops
In hospitals
At bus stations
And at railway stations
They stare at you
While you develop swine flu

The corrupt stare at you
At municipal office
And at transport office
At air ports
In schools and at colleges
Bus depots or
At food depots
At Mandal office
And at Ration shops
At Collectors office
Everywhere and around
The corrupt snare you plumb
And helpless you suck your thumb

Hunger deaths on left of road
Food godowns locked
Tightly locked an sealed
The express trains on vintage tracks
Meet miserable fate
Ministers charged in crimes
Yet sticking to their seats
As if with gum and glue
Shady deals in arms sales
Scams abound in chopper sales
The guys have swindled nation
The thieves kept tons of money locked abroad
While the poor are running around
Just for a single square meal
Look at the share market scams in lots
And peoples money in shit pots
Make me think why was I born
Only to be swallowed as pop corn

Violence here
And violence there
That is a mans nightmare
Bomb blasts in railway stations
Extremists attack police stations
Let loose freely to alls glee
While the poor struggle and flee
Atom bombs are the order of theday
All are running to eat Hay
The miseries of Hiroshima
Leaves me in great trauma
I feel sorry for living
Can’t help being a human being

Slogan shouting
Waving flags black or red
All for drawing blood
Put others on a run
Just for fun
Life is a spinning top
None can bring it to a stop
Army children once strangled to death
While police is busy collecting wealth
Police once was hammered by army
And that took place in right in their station
Army is busy collecting free rations
Makes my head hang in shame
While are not free from blame

Criminals thrive in politics
Politics in crime also thriving
All the good are on roadside
And being taken on camel ride
Schools named after great saints
However managed by devilish giants
Militants are busy in world
Killing those on roadside
Mafia gangs are running the roost
Those in Delhi are drinking boost

To be continued

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