Monday, December 14, 2009




Dr K Prabhaakar Rao

Assemblies in states are dens of noise and shrieks
Where the leaders assemble to shout at each other
Each and every one has looted the nation and Indians
And promoted their wives, sons and brothers

The Prime minister of nation was blamed in scams
Although he put a brave face
Nations money is swallowed by dubious men
Who chant the name of Gandhi to keep up in race

Poor Gandhi must be surely cursing the fate
Having been shot and killed by Godse’s bullet
Poor old man I am sure is happy to die
Or else would have cut his own feeble gullet

Leaders who chant Gandhi’s name
Are the biggest frauds on the nation
They aim at swindling the people
While army wants more and more of peace stations
Crooked devils lurk at the corners of power
With sole aim of making a fast buck
Common man is running from pillar to post
As every one is trying to catch a flying duck

India that was a mighty nation
Presently has fallen from great heights
Leaders in India get fat with cheese and butter
While the state has been made their family right

Greta were the days when Gandhi treaded
Morals were said to be at a peak
All are now greatly frustrated
While the hoodlums play hide and seek

The land of sages and poets is now a confused state
Nation has been turned into a fire grate
Periodic elections promote crooks and devils to power
Who like mongrels run after a hot bitch to mate

Criminals loot passengers enroute
An set the bus and inmates on fire
The culprits then escape the gallows
While the souls of the dead look at distant haze

The killers were part of down trodden caste
And they claim for mercy after killing the innocent
The top most man saves them from the hanging ropes
As law of land goes down to depths from his men

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