Sunday, December 27, 2009



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Pakistan is the nerve center of terrorism today in the world and all fingers point towards this nation. It has become center stage for all nefarious terrorist activities. But it has managed to stay on his right side America in spite of being exposed several times. President Bush patronized it fully like any other past Presidents. Even though Barak Obama occasionally is strong in words towards Pakistan, the actions are not that strong. He threatens that soon Drone attacks could push into other interior regions apart from Waziristan. But will he violate his friend a sovereign nation? In all probabilities surely no. If he antagonizes Pakistan, he may loose grip in the region. India is of no help because it has no common border with Waziristan or Afghanistan. So the game will be blow hot and blow cold. Pakistan fully understands this weakness of USA and thus exploits it fully and grabs billions of dollars as aid out of which most of the money is spent towards developing its military capabilities and nuclear weapons. That is the truth. Thus Pakistans is an Achilles heel for USA and has to live with it. If Pakistan falls to Taliban which looks likely one day soon, the way for USA will be clear. It can go for all out war against this murky nation. USA no doubt has helped in rearing a dirty serpent Hydra in the region that is called Pakistan and it has engulfed the area an even threatening the world. USA has to come out of its hold and slay it soon. Certain facts in this direction are ennumrated that has resulted in todays situation.

1. Pakistan is born out of hatred towards Hindus. It is against all Kafirs more so about Hindus

2.Eversince it was born, generation after generation grew with anti Hindu philosophy and Jihadi thought. Even a small child will utter anti Hindu slogans there. They are brought up in that way.

3.Pakistan has no base for rule of democracy and leans towards religious Islamic state. Out of its 60 years of Pathetic survival more than 70 percent of time was under military dictatorship. Its army is completely politicized.

4. General Ziz ul Haq the dictator was the inspiration for anti India tirade and he has successfully converted Pakistan into a state of Madrasa where Jihadis are produced. It is good that this guy perished in air craft explosion and that was the will of Allah in correct direction. One must thank Allah for it.

5.They created Taliban to counter Russian occupation and let them loose into Afghnaistan. USA abetted the drama. Finally USSR pulled out from the region and Taliban became the devils on the earth.

6.Afghanistan under Taliban became the nerve center for cheats, thugs, drug peddlers,arms smugglers, killers and terrorists. Al Qaeda grew there and planned anti US activities while Pakistan watched things.

7.Although AlQaeda was thrown out along with Taliban from Afghanisrtan they are taking assylum in Pakistan. this is Waziristan the den of thugs for many years.

8. USA had to sleep in the bed of Pakistan by compulsion as it is next to Afghnaistan and is unable to come out of the embrace.

9. To keep regional balannce, Pakistan is supported by USA in all matters. Thus India is given lip sympathy and Pakistan gets maximum chunk of help from USA.

10.Pakistan has been harboring all types of terrorists while swallowing US aid and billions of dolars and US is literaly helpless . Occasionally USA waves the sword and does saber rattling. It is fuly confirmed that AlQaeda leadership is entrenched in Pakistan and it is unable to capture them.

11. While USA attacked a sovereign Taliban ruled Afghnaistan after 9/11, it is unable to attack Waziristan in full strength.

12. Pakistan can never capture AlQaeda leadership and its survival depends on the continuing terrorist groups on its soil.

13. Pak nukes are hanging in balance and can land into the lap of terrorists. All ready three times they attacked nuclear depots. Taliban came very close to Pak capital.

14. Pak army too has links with the thugs and one will not be surprised if they abet Taliban.

15.Unles Pakistan is strongly disciplined amounting to nuclear disarming them, success for USA is unlikely

16. Remember, Pakistan is the sole mischief maker and needs to be fixed once for all. It needs to be dismembered without any mercy.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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