Monday, December 21, 2009



SCENE.. 81 Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is a hunger strike camp in Hyderabad in AP statA e and there is a great rush with hundreds of supporters and on lookers. Many are holding congress flag Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in the crowd)

Gandhi. Patel. What is happening here Plesae find out

Patel. Bapu please stay here only. I will return in few minutes. Jawaharlal, Kindly take care of Bapu in this crowd

Nehru. Ok Please do not worry

(Patel goes to some onlookers)

Patel. Mere Bhai, What is happening here?

Appa Rao. My name is A. Appa Rao. Here a leader is on hunger strike up to death.

Patel. What for?

Appa Rao. He does not want this state to be bifurcated into Telangana and Andhra regions. He wants united Andhra as existing now

Patel. I see. Can I go and see him?

Appa Rao. You may. But the organizers are not allowing many people to come close

( Patel goes to Bapu)

Patel. ( sings and does jig)

Bapu, oh my bapu
There is a guy here on fast
He is lying in a cozy bed
I do not think he is counting his last

Gandhi. I see. Why he is on fast?

Patel. ( Sings and does jig)

Andhra Pradesh is being split into two or three
And Telangana as a state is emerging out
The Andhra guys are very angry and sore
They are getting ready for a duel and bout

( Looking at Patel doing a jig and also singing many on lookers gather around them and leave the fasting guy. They clap when Patel does fast jig)

Gandhi. Look Patel. Is he really doing a sincere fast? Please find out.

Patel. I have found out. He is sleeping on a very cozy bed with al comforts like AC, Telephone facility, with nearly 20 doctors attending him and monitoring his health. Saline bottles are also being used

Gandhi. Is this the fast. What a joke indeed.

Patel. Bapu. I was told that all types of vitamins and medicines are being sent into him through saline and injections. Now where is the fast?

Gandhi. Hee..Hee.Plesae find out whether that guy is coolly eating idlis clandestinely in the night . his party friends must be helping him in that way.

Patel. That I can not say. May be true too. These fasts are the latest joke in India to blackmail government and drive passions in people.

Gandhi. Such men must be forcibly fed through mouth. Any how let us wait and watch the tamasha

( In the mean time there is a lot of commotion around and Patel runs to the crowd to find out and he returns after some time)

Patel. Bapu. Have you heard this?

Gandhi. What is that?

Patel. The guy who fasting has ran away in a car. His supporters brought hundred cars of same model and color and he vanished in it while police men were watching.

Gandhi. Haa…haaaa.. Poor guy could not withstand hunger and ran away

Patel Bapu. Some guys are saying that in the car he was seen eating pastries and samosa

Gandhi. God save the nation. These are not leaders but just tricksters fooling all

Patel. True

Nehru. True, Such men should be taken to task. Such guys must be deprived of the parliament seat for life time.

Gandhi.. True. Patel. Enough of the tamasha. The administration is just missing in India. It is all crooks galore. The guy has made mockery of my fast. Let us go

(The trio hold hands and start singing and does jig)

Oh fools of India and my dear sons
Better wake up, think, know and also see
You are being fooled by your leaders
You elect some jokers who behave as busy bee

( All the onlookers clap and also do jig)

(The trio slowly walks off singing Ramdhun after thanking the people)


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