Thursday, December 17, 2009


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Hills in Kargil trembled with booms of guns
While leaders in Delhi were having funs
Those on top were busy with papers and files
Lo, the enemy was grinding his swords sharp with files

Indian intelligence men were made big duds as asses
While enemy sneaked in through mountain passes
Those in Delhi were down with booze
As neck of India was getting into a strong noose

Guys on top were busy sacking Naval Chief
And they failed to detect the sneaking thief
Navy chief was said to be a great security risk
While Pakis were getting ready to give us a mighty kick

Missiles and mortars sneaked in across the border
While intelligence agencies were out of order
Enemy was found deeply entrenched
While navy chief was sadly retrenched

The army at last woke up from sleep
As citizens in Kargil ran like flock of sheep
Enemy rifles rattled in high hills
While those in Delhi were having midnight thrills

To be continued

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