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Prof Dr Colonel Prabhakar Rao (Retired)

( It is Hyderabad city and the roads are slightly free of traffic as it is the day of elections results and people are keeping themselves to their houses fearing trouble on the roads. In the center of Roads many cows are seen squatting while lazily dozing. At corners of the streets small groups are seen discussing the results. Many are seen smoking while some are chewing Pan and spitting on the road. Some Dogs are seen chasing each other. Gandhi along with Nehru and Patel are also seen at a corner and sipping tea at a stall..)

Gandhi. I was told today Election results are being declared ( sips tea).

Patel. True. But how does it make any difference to any one in the country?

Gandhi. What do you think Jawaharlal? Will congress return to power again?

Nehru. Surely they will. Dr Man Mohan Singh has done well. He has held fort well and guarded the seat for Rahul all these years. He has been a nice yes master for the high command. People call him the greatest Puppet PM. ( Sings)

The non Gandhi PM has to say only yes
Yes…yes… yes,,……. and nothing more
Or else you will not be in the chair
And soon would develop many internal blood sores

Patel. True, poor guy is dubbed as the puppet PM dancing and doing jig to the tune of high command. He must be also upset although in politics one has to be thick-skinned.Only thing is he can not peak. One should have hide and not skin. But PV Narsimha Rao although a non Nehru family PM after Rajiv Gandhi was killed by LTTE did not toe the line of high command blindly. He had individuality and had his own strong personality and self dignity. That’s why he was put aside once he stepped down as PM. Even after his death, he was insulted. Those on top never wanted him to be cremated after his death on the side of River Jamuna and sadly it is reserved for Nehru and Gandhi family. You can find series of ghats one after the other. I also remember how Narsimha Rao’s body was half burnt and left on the road and it is a disgrace to all Indians.

Gandhi. True. I am lucky. My body was burnt completely. People must have feared me or else I would have become alive. So they ensured I was burnt to smallest particle of ash and it was thrown over the world in different places so that they can never get together.(.Laughs) hee…hee..hee…hooo…hooo…heee…haaaa…haaa ( Sings and does jig holding his stick)

One should have thick skin in the game of politics
Where murkiest guys take part in this shitty game
All types of mischief one has to do to win elections
But every one wants to be free of blame

Patel. Excellent Bapu. What a poem? In fact you deserve noble prize for English literature if not for peace.

Gandhi. Shall I recite another one? I am getting motivated.

Patel. You may do if you think so.

Gandhi. Jawaharlal . You have not said anything about Rahul as the new PM

Nehru. In fact Rahul really deserves the post as PM. He has waited long. He is from my family. Naturally he deserves the post of PM. Who can dare to stand and oppose him? Did it happen earlier? It can not also happen now. Many say Rahul is a kid ( Bachha). Poor Pranab has reconciled to his fate. Arjun Singh and Pawar have gone into the bin. Pranab is sucking thumb already. Recently he said he can not speak Hindi well. So he has not been elevated to the post of PM.The guy is desperate and sad too. I am sure. In fact no one can become PM of India from Congress party when there is a member from my family. Heee….heeee….haaa..( Does jig laughing)

Gandhi. True to a great extent although I never fore saw this. Who will think in advance that succession of PM will be there from your family?

Nehru. Bapu! Is it my fault?

Gandhi. Usually people in India like hero worship and they are used to family domination. Most of the time India was ruled by Royal families. The slavish attitudes are thoroughly embedded in Indian blood and genes. The rank and file in Congress party can never think of the country with out a Gandhi at the top. Even if the congress does not come to power, the grip over the party is always with them. Although I never patronized my family members, the opposite is true now.

Patel. Bapu. It is more important to catch votes now. How does one catch votes is the main question now. If some other guy is given the key post and if he can not get votes, what is the use? Congress party to day suffers from this syndrome. It can get votes only on Gandhi’s name. Most of the guys think Gandhi means it is Bapu. But sadly Bapu’s connection with the party was over once he was shot dead by Godse . Many thought he was probably becoming a pain in the eyes for most of the guys. It was OK till we got independence. But after 1947 he became irritant to many. Please do not misunderstand me. It is a general talk.

Nehru. Bapu. I was told that Man Mohan Singh would be the next PM. Rahul is not being elevated.

Gandhi. It could be a strategy. Now I doubt Dr Man Mohan Singh would continue as PM. I think one fine day he would pull himself out on health grounds and Rahul would be pushed in as they did for Rajiv Gandhi. Even at that time Pranab Mukerjee was sucking thumbs and crying in silence in corner.

Patel What else he can do? Even now he can suck thumb. That is the only option left for him.( Sings)

Non Gandhi guys in congress can suck their thumbs
While Rahul would be soon given the throne
Stalwarts of decades would only remain clappers
While those raising eye brows would be dumped and thrown

Into history’s dust bin they would be thrown
While family rule gets restored soon
Oh the bald and Sick old guys!
Better it is for you to remain in line with a fork and spoon

Gandhi. Patel ! Well said. You are also picking up good poetry .But what is this fork and spoon?

Gandhi. Fork and spoon means chamchagiri, Applying butter to the leaders and those on top.

Nehru. That was good no doubt. But I see some sarcastic overtones.

Patel. There is a saying that guilty would touch their shoulders.

Gandhi. Originally the makers of Constitution thought that there would be two or three parties in the country. Who would foresee that there would be hundreds of parties? Any how, this country has a democracy of it’s own. Father has a party and his wife too has one. Then his son also would have it soon. Hee…hee. It is all fun. It is card game with complete jokers and with no other card.

Patel. Haa…haa… It is a fun politics.

Gandhi. Here Parjarajyam claimed that it would get majority. It hardly got some. Just double figures below twenty seats. What a failure? Chandrababu did not do bad. Luck is not with him.

Patel He should not have clubbed with reds and that chameleonTRS. He almost gave them thirty seats each to contest. Otherwise he would have gained another twenty each at least. These reds have ditched him.

Gandhi. Who will vote for communists in India? They are spent cartridge cases. They have sunk along with Naidu. Otherwise Naidu would have been in better position and probably made to the throne..

Nehru. Chiranjeevi was very vocal about he becoming the CM.

Patel. Hee,,,hee. He was over confident. He did not have the base. Neither he was like NTR. He had to fight two fronts. Any how he made some impact in the state. He had bad lieutanants. He has to now improve.

Gandhi. Poor KCR. He ran to Adwani to get Telangana State. He is finished now, Who will give him Telangana State? He can not do any thing. In center, they will not allow him to come close. Poor guy. His chameleon politics caused his fall. It is good all Telugus would stay together. Probably Telangana agitation would die as it happened after 1968 when Chena Reddy ditched them. Ditching is Andhra past time in politics.

Nehru. True.. heee….heee…heee..haaa…hhaa..

Ptel. Hooo…hooo…hooo

( In the mean time a procession arrives there and they burn crackers on the road. Some buffaloes are brought decorated and urchins dance on the road shouting Congress ki jai. ..jai..jai. Buffaloes too do jig blaring..baa…aaa…baa….aaaa.. Congress ki jai. Some camels are brought in the show. He clumsy looking animal passes urine on the road it falls on every one)

Gandhi.. Look Jawahar. What is so big about it? It does not make any difference whatever party wins. All are of same feather. One is a family party. Other is no different. Even Telugu desam is full of NTR family members. Even Parja Rajyam is dubbed as a family governing. So it does not make an inch of difference in India. India has to suffer like this till Taliban occupies it.

Nehru. What do you mean Bapu. How can Taliban occupy India?

Gandhi. It is very simple. Congress can not fight terrorists. It has been proved conclusively in the past. They could not hang Afzal Guru till date. Even Kasab who is facing charges now in India will not be blamed. Finally I am sure that guy will be handed over to Pakistan. Or else Pakistani terrorists would kidnap some one from top and demand release of terrorists held in India and there is no way. We are bunch of spineless lot. Clueless and gutless too. Next five years, Islamic forces in the country and outside would become strong and cause more damage. Student Islamic Movement in India ( SIMI) will soon join up Taliban and would build India model Taliban in our Madrasas or our own men will get trained in Pak schools. What can you do? These guys in the name of false secularism and vote bank politics are pampering minorities. This would be the dig Nehru. That was good no doubt. But I see some sarcastic overtones.
digging of own grave. False secularism would rule the roost. Unless we are strong against internal terrorist forces nothing can be done.

Patel. Bapu. You remember in Hyderabd Kasim Razvi was the commander of Razakars. They did so much damage to the Hindu community in Hyderabad state. Finally I had to be strong and I put an end to that danger. I was told the same forces are slowly rising again in its former place.

Gandhi. Is it so? I never knew. That is too bad.

Patel. In the game of vote politics and appeasement of minorities, some dangerous men from minority community are being pampered again in Hyderabad.

Gandhi. That is bad and should be condemned. Now the old party has returned in Andhra Pradesh, the same tricks will be played. I am getting upset the present leaders are taking the country to disaster and doom. Winning elections does not mean they got the real mandate from people. Every one in the country knows the tricks of present elections. Money and caste play greatest role in elections. On paper it is true, the party has returned to power in center and state. The most tragic democracy in the world is India. It is not like America or Britain. It is entirely different.

Patel What can we do? No one would listen to us

Gandhi. True

Nehru. Please do not get desperate Bapu. There could be some solution for this

Patel. What could it be?

Nehru. Bapu has to take rebirth and grow and lead the country for a change and this could take another thirty five years

Patel. By that time India would be occupied by Taliban

Gnadhi. Patel . Do not be pessimistic

Patel. I am not pessimistic. I am telling the truth, rather naked truth and real truth.
You guys never listened to me and my words. You were adamant at every point of time. I said if Pakistan was to be made, all Muslims must go to Pakistan. You never agreed. You wanted this country for every one Tam Dick and Harry. You are seeing the problems. I also said if the Muslims had to remain in India after voting for Pakistan they must have loyalty to India. They can not have dual loyalties. Bapu. Have you seen what is happening today. Have you learnt about SIMI and other fundamentalist organizations in India. They want to convert India into Dar ul Islam. The poison has grown in whole India. Although there are many sane persons in minority community, their numbers are less and they are throttled.

Bapu. What can I do now. My days are over. I can not undo what I have done( Sings and does a jig)

What is done can not be undone
Please know this truth very simple
Do not burn your blood and heart
Or else you will get scores of internal pimples

Elections are part of the game
In this way or that way we have to face
Crooks also would come to power now
If you can not remove them please embrace.

These elections are played on caste card
All stray guys contest in this drama of evil
You have to suck your own thumb
And wait and join the dance of the devil

Patel. True Bapu.. Let us go I do not want to see this shit going on in the name of democracy.

Nehru. That was good no doubt. But I see some sarcastic overtones.

Gandhi. True. I will also come. ( Looking at Nehru) Jawahar . Do you want to stay around and take part in celebrations and do not want to come with us?

Nehru. Bapu. It is not like that. I want to see Rahul going in procession one day after becoming PM. I am coming.

( Gandhi, Patel and reluctant Nehru hold hands and sing Ramdhun and walk into distance)


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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