Friday, March 11, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Patel and Nehru are seen approaching Tank bund in Hyderabad when they are stopped by Rapid action force personnel heavily armed. Gandhi gets irked up )

Gandhi. Bhai what is the matter now? Why we are not being allowed? Why this trouble every day?

Inspector. To day there are serious restrictions every where. You just can not go on to Tank bund.

Patel. Look brother. Are we appearing to be miscreants. We are simple old men.

Inspector. That I know. But I am helpless. We will not allow even a cat on to this road.

Patel. Can we sit some where here and watch things.

Inspector. Better do not do that. You may get hurt. We expect some trouble from agitators. But if you get screwed up we have no objection.

Patel. Hee..hee

( In the mean time hundreds of agitators climb the tank bund using all types of ladders and reach to of the bund. Police men are taken by surprise. They try to chase away the crowd while the agitators throw stones at police.)

Gandhi. Patel. Look. Now the tamasha for the day has started. These are Telangana agitators. Read the banner. It says they are on million- march.

Patel. Bapu.. Day by day things are getting worst. I do not know why Govt is delaying Telangana issue.

Gandhi. There is saying that if we neglect the problem it will die its natural death.

Patel. Bu this is not applicable every time. The mutual hated is spreading like wild fire. Some trouble makers are spreading hatred too.

Gandhi. I know it is there. Patel . Look . Police are firing tear gas shells. Cover your eyes with wet cloth. Jawaharlal Plesae you also do that.

Nehru. Bapu. Thanks.

( In the mean time some students pick up the tear gas shell and throw at the police. It lands very close to Nehru. He cries loudly.)

Nehru. Bapu. Let us go from here. Things are getting hot.

Patel. Jawaharlal. Do not get scared. We have faced any such things. Have you forgotten our days.

Nehru. Now we are old.

Gandhi. True.

( In the mean time some agitators collect near statues on tank bund. Some are Narsimha , Yadiah, Ramu, Laxman, Raja, Maisayya. They are throwing stones at the statue.)

Maisayya. Come on. Look at this statue. He is not from Telangana. Pull it down. Break it. Hoo..hoo. This is the only way the guys will learn to leave Telangana

Raja. What we will get by breaking the statue. They were dead long ago.

Maisayya. Their memory is still there. Break it.

Ramu. Correct. Break it and throw it in lake

Maisayya. Hoo..hoo..Haa..haa..

( The agitators pull down the statue and kick it. They use hammers and sickles to break the pedestal. The statue falls down with great sound. The police guys watch helplessly. )

Maisayya. Now lift up the statue guys and throw it in lake. Hoo..hooo

Raja. Hoo..Ho.ho.ho Jor laga ke haisso… Jorse Uthho Haiosso.

Raja. Uthake phenko Haisso. Pani me phenko Haisso..

( The guys lift the statue and throw in water)

Gandhi. What nonsense is going on here. They have broken nearly 18 statues and defaced many. All these statues of Andhra guys erected by NT Rama Rao. How sad!

Patel. Telangana sentiment is very high now. Some guys are spreading hatred. Govt has to act.

Gandhi. Govt will again erect statues. But this will cost money and it will be public money.

Patel. Poor guys do not realize that. Hee..Hee

Nehru. Bapu. The Tamasha has gone off long. There is nothing left on Tank bund now. It looks like a battle field. Let us go Bapu from this shit place.

( ( Gandhi goes to a police officer and takks )

Gandhi. Sir. You appear to be an honest man. They guys have been breaking statues. You have not done any thing to stop that.

Officer. Let them. If we strike at them they may jump into lake and some could die. They are breaking only statues. They can be rebuilt easily.

Gandhi. But this is an insult to those great men

Officer. They are already dead and have seen many such insults in their life time. Gurram Jashua the Dalit Poet suffered great humiliation when he was alive. This is not greater than that.

Gandhi. You appear to be a wise man in police force.

Officer. Even singer Annamayya suffere at the hands of King Achutha Raya and was imprisoned an d humiliated. This is noit agreater insult. Brahmanna was humiliated by Nagamma many times. Thuis is nota greater humiliation. Krishan Deva Raya was also insulted several times and was called son of a Dasi. He did not care and became a great emperor. He is least bothered by this Tamasha.

Patel. Sir Probably you are a misfit in this force. You appear to be learned too.

Officer. Iam an IPS officer.

Patel But all IPS guys are not as intelligent as you are. Many are made from Mill.

Officer. If we take strong action there will be serious actions. We will be suspended from Job. Some could be transferred and might loose promotions. Bad remarks will be written in our confidential reports. Why we should spoil our careers.

Gandhi. It is also true. Why you should you risk your necks. These Tamasha will be always there. Best of luck to you officer. Take care of yourself.

Officer. In fact I must say this word to you. Now it is other way. What a fate!

Gandhi. OK officer. We are happy that we are not hurt. Now we go.

( The trio walks away while the police is still is seen firing tear gas shells at the crowd and chaos continues without a stop)



iamintown said...

I am very much impressed with one of your blog on Sikh philosophy network regarding the the old-city Hyderabad, "Poor muslim girls in hyderabad are cheated by arab sheikhs"

I am from old-city hyderabad, and this is first time somebody has revealed the true picture on the topic.

If possible please send this article to the Siasat Urdu news paper or Deccan Chronicle to print on their and news papers. The new generation from old-city are very open and very understandable.

Thank you.
Salam Osman

Dr K Prabhakar Rao said...

Dear Mr Osman,
I am happy to see your comment on my old blog that was also kept on Sikh net.You may also please note that the news papers that are published at Hyderabad are mostly politically oriented and toe the line of rulers. They are scared of writing truths.These papers are after collecting advertiseemnts from govt agencies and so are influenced. The article under reference was very much appreciated at other sites like faith freedom and some also do not take it sportively. most of the people do not want face truths. Therefore my earlier attempts to post such factual articles in local news papers diode not meet success. More over I do not have any political leaning and god father in society and I am a straight forward engineer and Ex army colonel.
Dr K Prabhakar Rao