Saturday, March 5, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Dr Manmohan singh very greatly deserves this prestigiously maligned and shameful award. Reasons are :-
1. He can not win elections on his own as he has no mass appeal
2,He can not inspire people with his address either directly or over TV. He is a very poor orator. He can only read through text without lifting eyes. What goes on is a mockery.
3. He is a mere specialist in ( So called) economics as generally agreed, but has no administartive skills.
4. He is not strong in administration or team and confidence building
5. He carries on his governmnet not by his ability but by the high command fear
6.He has not been able to monitor his ministers and their ill doings all these years and turned other way.
7. He himself declared that by virtue of his alliance with other parties he had to adjust to situation.
8. His ministers knew that they are being led by a misfit in the chair. They took him for a ride.
9. He is a safe bet for the high command who can keep PMs seat warm for prince Rahul.
10. At calling by a bell he will hand over his PM chair to Rahul even in midnight and would be ready to work under the chota Raja till now.
11.He has recently accepted that he would take responsibilty for appointing CVC chairman who is believed to be a guy with disrepute.
12. In no other party, he would have become a PM and therefore he is Yes master to high command.He will dace to the tune of high command. He is always ready with a stamp and stamp pad.
13. He has more time attending meetings abroad, in conferences and time pass activities than real governing.In fcat there is no governing. Country runs by gods blessing.
14. He is leading the most corrupt governmnet and the most inefficient ministers manning various posts.
15. He is being gloried as the only second PM to have the longest tenure. There is no great achievement in this because he is the safe bet for passage to Rahul. Pranab will not be trusted in PM seat by high command.
16. He has miserably failed to contain terrorism and the Bombay attack and failed to react to uphold national pride and glory. He was meek and inefficient and has lack lustre disposition to occupy such a place in the nation. The only and the only plus point that he is academically was probably brilliant.It is not relevant to PMs position. Deve Gowda, Chandra sekhar, Gujral, Charan singh ( Aya Ram and Gaya Ram PMs) were much better as PM.

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