Thursday, March 24, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are in the parliament lobby and are watching the proceedings. Patel is seen laughing. Nehru does not appreciate it and looks angrily at him)

Nehru. Look Patel. This is not any place of comics. This is parliament. The respected one too. Better behave.

Patel. Oh You are speaking out today. What a surprise it is?

Nehru. What is wrong in it? Can’t I speak?

Gandhi. You are most welcome.

Patel. Iam only laughing at the proceedings here.

Nehru. What is there to giggle?

Patel. It is everything.

( In the house opposition members are seen shouting at pitch of voice denouncing the PM Dr Man Mohan singh. He appears least bothered. He reads from a text as usual)

Gandhi. Look guys. He is not even lifting hi eyes from the papers and continues to read.

Patel. If he looks up he forgets everything..

Gandhi. Will he be able to tell his name without looking into his papers?

Patel. I doubt seriously. Hee..heee,,haa

Gandhi. The guy says they are not to be blamed. He says previous house was given full confidence by winning elections. More over the gained the trust of the house.

Patel. Issue is about the way they gained confidence

Gandhi. He says WIKI can not be believed.

Patel. It is a matter of convenience. Earlier Rahul was also put into trouble by WIKI leaks. What happened to him. There was some shouting in the house. Then all forgot about it. Even RSS is cool now. In love and politics all is fair. No one is eternal enemy or eternal friend. Every guy is an opportunist . hee..hee

Gandhi. Very well said patel. Haa,,hhaa..haa (sings)

All the guys in politics are big nuts
No one has some real guts
They play band to the situation
While they shout out of frustration

These are games of mere tricks
None is serious of this nation
The leaders are busy in looting spree
Everything they want only free

Patel. Hear . hear Well sung Bapu. How correctly you summed up the character of these guys!

Gandhi. That I do and I am an expert at it.

(In the mean time there is a melee in House and some members rush to the well and shout and dance too. Marshals are called and the respected members are forcibly taken out. They shout Down with PM.. hoo..hoo..hoo)

Gandhi. Tamasha for today is over. There will be again a show tomorrow.

Patel. True. Bapu. Let us go. Enough for today.

Nehru. Let us go.

( The trio slowly walks out of the house and get on to the road)

Patel. Bapu. How long this tamasha will go on?

Gandhi. How do I know. I know as much you guys know.

Patel. But this tamasha has been going on since long.

Gandhi. In democracy this is the only past time for the respected members of house. Fault finding is the main job. For those who are in power saving themselves is the main job. This is like a cricket match. Opposition tries to bowl out the ruling party members in different ways. It can be LBW, run out , stump out, catch out, clean bowled, Hit wicket or retired hurt. Most of the members try to cover up so that LBW decisions are in their favor. PM is an umpire. Speaker is another umpire. There will be another unknown third umpire. LBW decisions are always manipulated. Poor opposition again can not see wickets and keep bowling. There are very few clean bowled cases. Rather they are none.

Patel. Now they are trying to bowl out PM on wiki leak case and he is trying to cover up wickets.

Gandhi. Haa..haaa.. well said. Dr Man Mohan singh is a seasoned cricketer. He knows well to cover up his wickets.

Patel. Why not. The guy got so much practice in this murky games.Some guy has recommended him for national Chipko award too.

Gandhi. I know that.

Patel. If the award was Instituted when Jawaharlal lived, he was the most suitable candidate for it. I think now we must v award Chipko Ratna like Bharat Ratna.

Gandhi. That is very good and most befitting. You may alos include lesser grades as Chipko rattan, Chipkoram, Chipko nandan, Chipko hari that may be awarded to lesser should as we have Padma awards.

Patel. Very true. Bapu. Now some AP guys are demanding Bharat Ratna posthumously to NT Rama Rao. Like wise we must give Chipko Ratna to this Jawaharlal. He really deserved it.

Nehru. I do not need any award like that.

Patel. It is not that you are liking it and you are being given. In fact It is an honor for you,. Plesae take it Chipko sahib. Who can be most befitting than you when awarded to the guys who are no more on earth?

Gandhi. True. You deserve it. Even after Chinese debacle you did not resign. You hung on like Chipkali.

Nehru. You guys are insulting me in fact.

Gandhi. No .. No.. In fact if we take opinion of people you shall surely get.

Ptael. Ha..haa.. Bapu. Enough for today. This guy is getting worked up much. Let us leave him.

Gandhi. True Haa..haaa

( The trio walks away. )


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