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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are relaxing in a park in Hyderabad near Tank Bund and The park is known as Indira Park a joint for lovers. It is right in the centre of Hyderabad city right close to the secretariat where so called leaders, thinkers and administrators of the State waste their time throughout the day producing nothing but creating just chaos and financial crisis in the state.)

Gandhi. This park is really cool while the state is burning with Telangana agitation and crisis.

Patel. True Bapu, You aid very correctly. Now Andhra and Seemites are taking up the cudgels after seeing the Telanganites scoring runs.

Gandhi. Is it cricket match? Nehru. Probably this is like a Cricket match while people are watching Tamasha.

Patel. Hee..Hee..heee.. well said Jawaharlal for a change.

Nehru. Thanks dear for compliments for a change.

Patel. I am not that bad as you think.

Gandhi. Guy!. Better stop fighting. Patel. I learnt that state govt employees have withdrawn the agitation and non co operation movement.

Patel. Govt knows how to twist their tails. They linked their pay to some twist. Bapu, You know , How difficult for thee guys to prolong the agitation. They were like fish out of water. They were really struggling. Every guy has some loans, Credit card bills up to their necks. They were desperate that some how Govt would accept their demands. They got a chance and they withdrew. Next time they will think thousand times before doing such things again. These activities are like India and pak wars. Each country after fighting war for few days keep looking for some country to call for peace talks and cease fire and these countries will take a long breath and declare cease fire.

Gandhi. Hee. Hee.. Haaa.haaa. Well said Patel.

Patel. Thanks Bapu for appreciation. Bapu, There is some strange award to be implemented soon.

Gandhi. What is that? Already Bharat Ratna, Seva Medals of all types and Padma awards are there are there

Patel. Bapu. This is the national Chipko award declared by some Gum manufacturers in India.

Gandhi. What is so great about it. The best gum manufacturer will surely get it.

Patel. It is not like that. It will be given to a guy who Chipkos to his seat of power

Nehru. What nonsense is this?

Patel. Why are you getting cut up? In fact you chipkoed ( as of stuck by glue) yourself to seat of PM for 17 long years right from 1947 to 1964 till you breathed your last.

Nehru. What nonsense is this? Did I Chipkoed myself? I won elections after every five years and my party came to power and formed govt at Delhi and every time I was made PM by my party MsP.

Patel. Did at any point of time in your life you thought of giving power to any other guy>

Nehru. No one does like that.

Patel. I am sorry. You claim to be a great Historian. Please know that great emperor Chandragupta Maurya of Magadha in past ( before BC) handed over power to his son in old age and he retired to forests. It is learnt that he went to Sravanabelagola in Karnataka, a great Jain center even now. If he wanted he would have continued till he died.

Nehru. That was long time ago. Now no one does. Look Patel. Karunanidhi the CM of Tamil nadu is continuing as CM in wheel chair even now. NTR continued although he was old and was pushed out by Naidu in AP state. In medieval times even Akbar the great reigned till he died. All Mughal emperors did it. No one sacrificed in favor of sons. So why should I do it?

Patel. Therefore you would have won this award surely if it was instituted during your tenure. The greatest Chipkoer you would have been.

Nehru. You may say anything.

Gandhi. Patel. Please say you will win this award now. Who could be the most suitable candidate?

Patel. Bapu. I think there is only one guy who can qualify very well for this award. He has these qualifications. Please accept this as a puzzle.

( Patel reads out from a paper)
1. He can not win elections on his own as he has no mass appeal
2,He can not inspire people with his address either directly or over TV. He is a very poor orator. He can only read through text without lifting eyes. What goes on is a mockery.
3. He is a mere specialist in ( So called) economics as generally agreed, but has no administrative skills.
4. He is not strong in administration or team and confidence building
5. He carries on his government not by his ability but by the high command fear
6. He has not been able to monitor his ministers and their ill doings all these years and turned other way.
7. He himself declared that by virtue of his alliance with other parties he had to adjust to situation.
8. His ministers knew that they are being led by a misfit in the chair. They took him for a ride.
9. He is a safe bet for the high command who can keep PMs seat warm for prince Rahul.
10. At calling by a bell he will hand over his PM chair to a guy from Popular dynasty even in midnight and would be ready to work under the chota Raja till now.
11.He has recently accepted that he would take responsibility for appointing CVC chairman who is believed to be a guy with disrepute.
12. In no other party, he would have become a PM and therefore he is Yes master to high command. He will dace to the tune of high command. He is always ready with a stamp and stamp pad.
13. He has more time attending meetings abroad, in conferences and time pass activities than real governing. In fact there is no governing. Country runs by gods blessing.
14. He is leading the most corrupt government and the most inefficient ministers manning various posts.
15. He is being gloried as the only second PM to have the longest tenure. There is no great achievement in this because he is the safe bet for passage to Rahul. Pranab will not be trusted in PM seat by high command.
16. He has miserably failed to contain terrorism and the Bombay attack and failed to react to uphold national pride and glory. He was meek and inefficient and has lack lustre disposition to occupy such a place in the nation. The only and the only plus point that he is academically was probably brilliant. It is not relevant to PMs Position. Deve Gowda, Chandra Sakhar, Gujral, Charan singh ( Aya Ram and Gaya Ram PMs) were much better as PM.
Nehru. I know whom you are hinting at.
Gandhi. I also can make out.
( In the mean time a Bird jumps down from a tree and goes to the trio hopping. It speaks in human voice)
Bird. Good morning gentlemen. Iam Firki the sparrow. I live on this tree. I herad your conversation.
Gandhi. it is very surprising. You are able to speak in human voice.
Firki. That I do.
Patel. What you have to say?
Firki. I heard there is puzzle for the national Chipko award.Hee..heee
( A monkey from a tree top laughs loudly. It is sitting with some of his friends. All the monkeys jump from the branches and go to Gandhi and sit very comfortably)
Gandhi. You monkeys appear to be highly disciplined.
Monkey. Sir, my name is Hanuman. In previous birth, we were party workers from your party.
Gandhi. That is fine. I am happy to hear that. We were disciplined. So you atleast were born as monkeys after your death. I can not say in which form the present guys will be born.
Hanuman. I am sure they will be garden lizards and chameleons.
Patel. Hee..heee. Well said.
Firki. Bapu Can I say the answer to your Puzzle.
Gandhi. Plesae go ahead.
Firki.The Chipko award has to go to the present Pm of the country. No one can be a better Chipkoer than him.
Gandhi. Haa..haaa.. ( Claps loudly)
Patel. Hip Hip Hurry ( Claps loudly)
( Firki the bird and Monkeys dance while the Gandhi and patel claps loudly. Nehru gets upset and walks away)
Gandhi. Jawaharlal appears to be annoyed.
Patel. He can not be sportive.
Gandhi. True Bapu. Enough Bapu for to day. Let us go.
Gandhi. OK. Hello Firki and Hanuman Thanks for your visit and solving the puzzle.
( Firki and Hanuman and other monkeys go away chattering )
(Gandhi and Patel also walk off while Nehru slowly follows them dejected)

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