Friday, March 11, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(It is a heavily guarded building with many weapon wielding guards around I Tripoli, the capital of Libya That is trouble torn. Gandhi , Nehru and patel land up at The gate .Some tanks are also seen parked near the building in which soldiers are seen aiming machine guns They are stopped by sentries)

Sentry. Who are you. What do you want?

Patel. We came from India. We want to see Mr Gaddafi the Libyan ruler.

Sentry. You can not see him. He is highly busy and this is highly secured place. Plesae go away. This is not the time to see him.

Patel. We came from such far off place. For us there is no place to go here. Plesae tell Gaddafi that we came from India and want to see him..

Sentry. Do you have appointment to see him?

Gandhi. Invariably we do not seek pass and we do not believe in taking prior appointments.

Sentry. You are very strange indeed. Any how I shall ask the security officer

( In the mean time the Security officer arrives and enquires)

Security officer. What is the matter? Who are these guys? They look like Beggars. What do they want? Why they are waiting here?

Sentry. They want to see the President immediately.

Gandhi. We are not beggars. In fact I am father of Indian nation.

Security officer. It is strange indeed. You claim to be a father of nation. Why are you in this pathetic state. You do not have even shoes. Are you so poor?

Patel. It is not that he is poor or rich. He represents India where poverty is maximum.

Security officer. We can not permit you to see the President of Libya when you are in this dress.

Gandhi. Plesae allow us in.

Security officer. I shall arrange some suits for you guys . Plesae wear them. In the mean time I shall get permission from the president

Patel. This is not a bad idea.

( In the mean time the trio are given dark suits and hats and shoes. They wear and sit in the lounge and keep waiting and the officer goes in to see Colonel Muammar Gaddafi )

Gaddafi. What is the matter? Is there any problem? Is there any risk for me immediately?

Officer. No sir. It is not that. There is a guy called MK Gandhi and claims that he is father of India. He along with his two friends is waiting to see you. Shall I get him here.

Gaddafi. Is that essential?. Hope they are not some revolutionaries trying to topple me. They may kill me.

Officer. We have taken all precautions

Gaddafi. Please allow him in. .

(After some time the security officer sends the trio and they arrive into the hall where Gaddafi is seated in a posh Sofa. Heavily armed security personnel are seen at important places guarding Gaddafi. Gaddafi receives Gandhi and his friends)

Gaddafi. Welcome Mr Gandhi. It is nice to see you. I know you died long ago. I can not believe that you came alive. What is this magic?

Gandhi. Sir. This is a strange phenomenon and probably you can not understand.

Gaddafi. What is so big about it that I can not understand?

Gandhi. Sir. It is correct that I died in 1948. But I Due to my good deeds I am still in heavens and probably I shall be there for many years further. In Hindu philosophy things are different. After death Hindu souls reach heavens or hell to suffer or enjoy depending on their deeds before they take re birth.

Gaddafi. In Islam things are different. Dead Muslims are buried and they rise at the time of Kayamat ( day of judgement) and their destiny is decided then. Either they remain with Allah in heavens or eternally go to hell. There is an exception. Muslims who die in the cause of religions will go to Heavens directly to enjoy all perks.

Patel. That means the Jihadis who claim that they are dying for Islam will go to heavens.

Gaddafi. I am sure they will. By the by why are you here? What d o you want?

Gandhi. I learnt that your country is in chaos now. After eruption in Egypt the Arab countries are having trouble. People are revolting against dictators.

Gaddafi. Very correct. These jokers have been instigated by vested interests. Iam sure West is to be blamed .

Gandhi. Look Mr Gaddafi. These countries were under dictatorships since decades and ambition for democracy has been suppressed all these years. How long one can suppress them. Therefore there is trouble.

Patel. Mr Gaddafi. We learnt that you have been killing your people using tanks, air craft as if they are enemy soldiers.

Gaddafi. True. Some soldiers too have joined them and they are armed. So they have to be fought. I am fighting for my survival.

Gandhi. But that is not good. One day you have to go. Why don’t you step down gracefully? Then people may forgive you.

Gaddafi. Am I that weak. I shall screw these guys. What they think of me. I am Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the supreme authority.

Gandhi. But I advice you to see reason. Every where in world democracy is thriving except in Middle East. Plesae exclude Turkey.

Gaddafi. Look Mr Gandhi. Islamic law is autocratic. Islam and Democracy do not go together. It has to be dictatorship. Turkey is. strange nation. Can Saudi Arabia and Iran be democratic places? It will never happen.

Gandhi. entire world is condemning your military action against your own people. One day US will attack you and free your people. You will become like Saddam Hussein.

Gaddafi. I shall fight to last drop of blood.

Patel. Please do not be rigid. Listen to us.

Gaddafi. I may think of stepping down if no cases are booked against me and if my money is not touched. There were reports in pres that such negotiations are being made.

Gandhi. People may not accept your conditions. Better you flee the country like Shah of Iran .

Gaddafi. Mr Gandhi. why are you condemning me. Plesae look at your own country. Your govt is killing people in Kashmir who are revolting against authority. Mine is a legitimate govt. I have all the rights to put down lawlessness.

Patel. Mr Gaddafi. Please do not compare Kashmir ad Libya. Yours is dictatorship. In Kashmir too there is democratically elected state govt and some miscreants want secession from India. The have to be fought any way. In Kashmir all people have all democratic rights. It is not like Libya.

Gaddafi. Still I maintain that Iam right.

Gandhi. Plesae think over it gain before it is too late. We are your well wishers. It si time for you step down and install democratic govt.

Gaddafi. Sorry gentlemen. You have wasted your time coming all the way here.

Gandhi. It is OK. It is our duty to advise you correctly.

Gaddafi. OK Guys thanks for the visit

( Gandhi and his friends take leave of Gaddafi and walk out of the room. They are escorted out of the building not before they change over to their original dresses)

Security officer. OK Guys. Thank s for the visit. You are free to go now. I hope you kept your pass ports safely.

Patel. We do not need passports any way

Security Officer. Why and how?

Patel. You shall not understand this. We can go wherever we like.

Security.Officer. It is strange. Some where some one will put you behind bars.

Patel Please do not worry about us. Here we go

( The trio walks away singing Ramdhun)

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