Saturday, March 5, 2011


Dr K Prabhakar Rao
( Gandhi, Nehru and Patel are seen in Libyan streets roaming freely. They are confronted by somemen.They are armed. They are Shahariyar, Munawwar, and Suleiman.)

Suleiman.Hey oldman.Who are you? You do not appear to be a Libyan. You look like an Indian.

Gandhi. I am an Indian. Is it a crime to be an Indian?

Suleiman. Did I say that? You are imagining. Why are you roaming around? You may get shot.

Gandhi. Bullets will not kill us.

Munawwar.That is something great. Are you wearing a bulletproof jacket? You guys are poorly dressed.

Patel. That you can not understand. By the by why are you creating trouble here? Gaddafi was in chair since long. Why this sudden upsurge.

Suleiman. There is no democracy here
Gandhi. Do you know meaning of democracy? Why do you want it?

Suleiman. Is it something great that you only know it. You appear to be a proud guy like any Indian.

Patel. It is fine we are Indians. But democracy has many perils. You know we gave democracy to India in 1947.

Gandhi. We are feeling sorry for it now.

Suleiman. Why? The guys must be happy.

Patel. In India democracy has been mis understood. They think it is free for all. ( sings and does jig)

Indian nuts practice democracy
They feel it is free for all
Indians are the greatest hypocrites
And however they make claims very tall

Clowns now rule India at every corner
And they feel on top of the tower
They are mere nuts of first order
And always they are after money and power

Suleiman. This is some thing we did not know.

Nehru. Better know it now.


Nehru. Bapu. What is there to laugh.

Patel. My dear friend. There is everything to laugh.

Nehru. In fact you guys are making mockery of Indian democracy in a foreign country.

Gandhi.We are not doing anything. Whole world is laughing at us. The way our Members of Parliament and Members of legislature act in Parliament and the way the ministers behave is atrocious. Is there anything to feel proud about them?

Nehru. But they are our men only.

Gandhi. Who said they are not ours? They are our own nuts of first order and of infinite degree.

Suleiman. Here we are fighting for democracy after throwing out Gaddafi. But you guys already have democracy and you are not happy with it.

Patel. Dear friend What we have in India is One family democracy. The family of Nehru only will rule. People are crazy. The party members of ruling party have no voice. They are like sheep and shout sheep every minute. Chief ministers are appointed by high command and they are not elected by members of legislature. They are like a big bunch of sheep and shout ..we authorize high command to choose the CM and the high command chooses a nut and yes master without any backbone. They are like earth worms and always struggle to sit. They are thrown out if they speak. The leaders are clueless and at all costs want to retain power. Our PM does not know how scams are taking place right under his nose. He says he had to adjust. I do not know what is the compulsion for him to hang on. After all he is a great economist. Why should he bow down? Strange indeed. .

Suleiman.Ha..haaa..hee..hee.. So this is your democracy.


Gandhi.hee..hee Dear friend Still do you want democracy in your country.

Suleiman.Never..never..Our Gaddafi was far better. Thanks for enlightening us Thanks. Long live Gaddafi.

Gandhi. Thanks dear .Here we go. We may come again after sometime.

( The trio walks away)


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