Monday, March 14, 2011



Dr K Prabhakar Rao

We are here to screw this beleaguered nation
And deny poor of the country simple rations
We always stick to chairs with fevicol like glue
At the call of elections we get immediate flue

We made great promises at elections
Spent crores of rupees and won the selections
We run for influential posts and berths
And without any work we want all perks

We promote daughters, concubines sons and wives
Under our clothes we have hidden sharp knives
We do not hesitate to stab friends in the back
And in all types of morals we surely lack

Once elected we care for hoots
To our fans we show our worn out dirty boots
The electorate keeps sucking their thumb
While our mental faculties get always dud and numb

We tour our areas to show our shady presence
Although we lack mere commonsense
At these places we are fed with chicken and booze
While terrorists with our help escape the noose

In day time we speak morals without stop in spate
While in dark hours the plans are made to loot the state
Tons of money is stacked away from the mother land
And in all types of scams one can find our dirty hand

Let the nation go to dogs and hogs
And most of us become dead logs
The world laughs at us for our miserable conduct
While our senses have become dull from the closed ducts

Like nuts we try to show off to the visiting heads of state
They surely laugh at our country’s fate
We bend and brush shoes of the party bosses
Although many feel they are mere simple asses

Once in an year to Gandhis greaveyard we go to spin yarn
In the evening all are busy munching pop corn
The nights are spent in drinking dancing and booze
While we are all busy with our heads gone loose

Foolish Indians vote for us again and again
They are like simple clowns dancing in rain
Indians can be fooled eternally by guys like we
They can be purchased at a price whatever it be

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