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Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Gandhi, Nehru and patel are seen walking on parliament street in Delhi in the evening hours. They see some guys singing a song and playing band too. They listen carefully)

Gandhi. Patel. Listen to that song carefully.

Patel. Yes Bapu. I am at it.

(Singers sing the song…)

Ham layen hai toofan se kashti nikaal ke
Is deshko rakhna mere Bachho sambhaalke
Tum hee Bhavishya ho mere Bharat vishaal ke
Is desh ko rakhan mere Bachho smabhal ke

(We have brought the boat out of the great tempest to safety
Oh Children now take care of the country and manage it safe and well
It is you who are the future of this great and big nation
Oh Children now take care of the country and manage it and that we tell )

Gandhi. That was a great song indeed. We really gave the Indians the befitting freedom at that time, that is in 1947.

Patel. Bapu, the present nuts leaders and guys in India have screwed up everything.

Gandhi. The song should be changed now. It should be:

Ham laye hai toofan se kashti nikal ke
Is deshko dubodi Bachho usse khoob lootke
Tumhee Lutere ho iss deshke mere Bachho suno
Is deshko dubodia mere Bachho usse khoob lootke

Patel. Hee..hee

Nehru. Bapu. This is too much insulting to our present generation and leaders.

Gandhi. Why? What wrong I have said. Has I not spoken truth. Iss Deshko loot liya janata ne.. Leadero ne.. sabhee badmaashone.

Nehru. Bapu. This is not befitting from you.

Gandhi. What I said is hundred percent true. You guy is part of it as you failed to arrest degradation. You promoted your daughter too. Soon she rose and screwed up every Institution.

Patel. She imposed emergency and did not resign after Allahabad court verdict.All democratic process was thoroughly screwed up. Complete collapse started from then onwards.

Gandhi. True.hee..hee

Patel. Hoo…hooo.hooo

Nehru. I am much upset with your talk. Better I go from here.

Patel. Where you will go? Why do you want to run away from truth? How far you will run?

Gandhi. Look Jawaharlal. See what happens in Parliament and state assemblies now. Is it of some respect? They fight like urchins at garbage dump. See how many scams have taken place. In the present government every day some scam is being revealed. That too of the order of millions of rupees. Some run into billions. This looks like scamsters glory. Better we call it as crooks galore.

Patel. Hee. Hee Well said Bapu. Mere (My) Bapu.

Gandhi. And the funniest part is that PM does not know any thing. What is the use if he is honest by himself? He personally may be above the board. But he has failed to contain and administer. His ministers have made billions and siphoned off money somewhere. He also says the names of such crooks can not be revealed due to international agreements. What fun this is. These strange investigations will go on eternally. Every one knows the outcome and the end result.

Patel. Very true. ( sings and does jig)

Look at the scamsters around
And the investigators shall go round and round
Nothing will come out by dear friend
This is the only and usual trend

Gandhi ( Claps) Hear ..Hear. Very well sung dear. Iam impressed

Patel. Bapu, Bapu I am no match to you.

Nehru. Yu guys keep praising each other. It is I scratch your back and you scratch mine

Patel. Please do not get worked up. Truth is always painful.

( In the mean time the group playing the song change the song and sing)

Dekh tere sansaar ki haalat kya ho gayee Bhagawan
Kitna badal gaya insaan
Aaya samay bada be danga..
Aaj aadmi bana lafanga
Kahi pe Jhagda Kaheen pe danga
Naach raha nar hokar nanga
Chal our kapat ke hatho apna
Bech rahaa eeman
Kitna badal gaya insaan

(Look at the world that you created Oh God
How the man has changed
The bad times have come
The man has become a rogue
Fights here and there and riots too
The man is dancing naked
Crookery and mischief is the order of the day
And he sells his self respect
How the man has changed )

( Patel gets inspired and does fast jig while Gandhi Claps. The singers get inspired and the too dance in the usual filmi style. Nehru hold his head and sits on a roadside stone. The dance goes on vigorously and every one gets tired)

Patel. Bapu. Now we are tired. Better we take rest

Gandhi. That is fine.

( Patel and Gandhi sit on roadside rocks and relax. The singers too walk away. In the mean time a police van arrives and an Inspector approaches them.)

Inspector. Hey. Who are you guys? Why are you sitting here? This is a secured zone. VIPs stay here. Better go from here

Gandhi. Look Inspector. We are harmless. See us. What harm can we do to them? Most of these VIPs are crooks themselves. Most of them are involved in scams, land grabbing and in some kidnappings and rapes too.

Inspector. Shut up. You are speaking too much. Are you so great that you talk like this?

Patel. Whole nation knows about them

Inspector . What they know?

Patel. Think of the land scams, Mining deals, Stamp scams in past, Mafia deals, and many more. Every where they are involved.

Inspector. Enough of this talk. Now go away from here.

Patel. What will you do if we stay here?

Inspector. You will know it soon.

Patel. OK. Please see. We are staying here.

( Inspector gets a message over Walkie Talkie that he is required at Head Quarters.)

Inspector. I have to rush urgently. I shall take care of you soon. Better learn to behave. You might have escaped from me know. You will not get second chance.

Patel. Thanks. Take care of your self first. Hee..hee

( The desperate inspector goes away in patrolling car looking backwards repeatedly)

Patel. Bapu. That guy was stubborn too.

Gandhi. They are always like that. Otherwise they will not make good police men

( Suddenly they see a large group of people rushing from a side lane and they assemble on road. They shout Jai Telangana..Jai Jai Telangana. Few leaders in the group are seen arguing. Tension is building up. Leaders are naganna, Chandranna, Reddayya, Yadgiri, Maisanna and Mallesham The trio goes to them)

Gandhi. You guys appear to be Telangana agitators.

Mallesham.. Yes. We are leaders. We have some differences over some issues.

Patel. How can you lead agitation if there is no unity among you?

Reddayya. Unity can never be there.

Patel. Why?

Reddayya. If unity is there only one or two guys get into lime light. Rest will be suckers

Gandhi. This is strange.

Reddayya. What is so strange in this?

Patel. Every thing is strange. Look. I am Patel. This guy is Gandhi, MK Gandhi, Father of India,. During our time no one differed with Gandhiji. He was the undisputed leader.

Mallesham. We know everything. Subhas Bose surely differed.

Gandhi. You know what happened to him.

Mallesham. We learnt that he was hounded out of congress after he won as Congress president defeating PattabhiRamayya, Gandhis Candidate.

Gandhi. I am happy that you know history backwards.

Mallesham. I have done MA in history from Osmania University.

Patel So some study goes on in Osmania University. In recent times I learnt that there are no studies there.

Reddayya. Osmania was always like that. It is known for that.

Patel. God bless that university and poor students.

Gandhi. By the by , why you guys are fighting over some thing or other.

Naganna. If everything is quiet how we get publicity? We have to get some coverage in news and Tv channels

Patel. That is good too.

Nehru. What is good in this?

Patel. Every guy wants to get into fame. If all follow one guy, only that guy gets into lime light. Rest will be in darkness. They will be treated as.. they also ran..

Gandhi. well said.

Mallesham. Oh fo.. In our talk with these guys we forgot to fight it out.

Gnadhi. Better we stay at a distance. Patel. Let us watch from a distance.

Patel. That is fine Bapu.

( The trio walk to some distance while the leaders argue violently and then get to blows. The crowd splits into three groups. Some shout Nangana ki Jai.. Jai.. Others shout Chandranna ki Jai.. Some also shout Yadgiri ki jai.. There is great pell mell. Every one forgets Telangana slogan. There is free for all. Shirts are torn, slippers are thrown all-around. People fight each other tearing clothes.)

Gandhi. Good Joke. How can they win their battle when they can not struggle together. May god bless them. Let us go. We have better things to do.

( Gandhi and Patel start walking away and Nehru too joins them limping)


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