Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

PAUL WERNER HOPPE Paul werner hoppe was anSS obersturmbann and was the camp commandant of stuthoff. He married the daughter of a camp commandant Herman Baranowski. After the war he was arrested ny British army at holstein in Apr 1946. he was sent to a prison camp in scotland. But he was later sent to falling bostel prison camp in british occupied west germany. He escpaed while he was Awaiting extridition to poland in 1953 and entered switzerland. he worked as gardner there and after three yeras later returned to west germany. he was again arrested and tried in 1955.the district court in 1957 sentensed him to 9 yeras in jail. He was released in 1960. he passed away in july 1974 In germany.
JOST HEINZHans Heinge was basically a lawyer and a SS brigade fuehrer and G en major of police.He was mostly involved with espionage activities in security serices and was section chief of office VI of R eich ministry security office.H e was responsible for genocide during his command of Einsatzgruppe A in 1942" He was arrested at gardelegenin April 1945 and was tried for war crimes.He was sentensed to life but was released after six years in 1951 from landsberg prison.he claimed that genocide if done was before he took command of the group. But this was not accepted by trial court which stated that as a leader he knew the purpose of the organization.He became a real estate agent later and died. At the age of 60 years in 1964 at Benshem in west Germany.
HEIRICH MATTES Heinrich Mattes was a SS sergeant and worked in once concentration camps before he was sent to the infamous SOBIBOR camp for extermination of Jews and others. He had a fad of cleanliness and even shot the persons who did not do the cleaning job to his satisfaction.He thus shot dead several inmates at his will. He had expressionless face and was responsible for many deaths in the camp. After the war he was tried in 1965 trials and sentensed to life. Details are not known about his death. After the war and till 1965 where he was is yet to be ascertained. like many nazis he must have escaped  and worked under false names. but he paid for evil deeds. should have been hanged as he shot Jews at his will for fancy.
KURT FRANZKurt Franz was a SS officer during WW II. After Joining SS at low level he was sent to Buchenwald concentration camp as a cook where he became a corporal. In 1939 , he was sent to T 4 programme euthanasia and went to Lublin. later he was sent to infamous camp at treblinka in Poland. He became dy commandant soon . Franz. Had a baby like innocent face but he was the most cruel Nazi going around. He looked after movement Of Prisoners from undressing rooms to gas chambers, Work commanders etc. he frequently shot few among new arrivals while they were still in wagons or Trucks For fun. usually he selected bearded guys. He even killed babies in mothers arms. when few prisoners tried to escape he took themto lazarett and shot Them. He took part in killing. About 300000 camp inmates mostly Jews. There were several murders committed for fun and play And for repression. After the war he merged in society and did Some odd jobs as cook. H e was arrested in 1959 and was tried in 1965 for war crimes and sentensed for life. He was released in 1993 due to poor health. He died in 1998 at the age of 84 years.

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