Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

 LORENZ HACKENHOLT Lorenz hackenholt   was a nazi sergeant and he was posted at beltzec concentration camp in occupied Poland and development of gas chambers for killing Jews was entrusted to him. He accordingly enveloped and in the course killed hundreds of thousad of Jews.he was also associated with operation T4 the forced Euthanasia extermination programme and Operation rein hard the deadliest phase. In all these he was associated with mass killings. He was sent to Italy at Trieste to kill remaining Jews there.After the war he vanished and was never traced. It was believed that he was executed in Italy for selling arms to partisans. But there was no confirmation.He was declared dead by the West German court at the request of his wife on 31 dec 1945. However Hermann Erich Bauer who was traced in 1961 claimed that he met hackenholt after war and the element of his death remains very doubtful. A Sobibor guard too claimed that he met hackenholt . Afte war and he lived on false identity of a dead soldier.He must have escaped and lived in fakes identity.
AUGUST BECKERAugust Becker was a SS officer of the rank of lt col. Ad chemist.He was a gas van specialist in murdering scores of Jews, political dissidents, during action T 4 programme , mobile nazi death squads of Einsatz gruppen in nazi occupied. European countries. He gave mostly tech support but Atleast once he gassed 20 people. Invalids, physically handicapped Were freely murdered.He was with Central Riech office RSHA. after war, he was tried and jailed for three years and Released. He worked as a sales man in a seed company. And later at a precision machines industry and in 1959 he was tried again. He was awarded ten yeras prison term. he suffered a stroke and was admitted to a nursing home in upper hessin. He was shifted to another nursing home and the police had to issuea search warrant for him. However he died on 31 dec 1967 in the nursing home.
 FRANZ NOVAKFranz Novak the SS member was the railway time table expert for Adolf eichmann for transporting the Jews to concentration camps and extermination camps? after war he lived under a false name and came out only when the special law was withdrawnin 1957 in resect of nazis. But when Eichmann was caught and brought to Israel, arrest warrants were issued in 1961 against all the members who worked under Eichmann . Nova was arrested in Vienna at his work place where he managed a printing shop. His conviction and sentenses had to be reconsidered again and again due to technical flaws and finally Supreme Court of Austria sentensed him for seven years on 13 April 1972. He already served five years in custody. He was pardoned by the hon president rudolf kirsch lage of Austria and he was set free. He died on 21 October 1983 at the age of seventy years. ,
THERESE BRANDLShe was a woman nazi and was member of SS. She was posted to ravers brack concentration camp where she was trained by J khnanna langefeld. She was sent to auschwiz concentration camp in March 1942.she soon became E rstaufseherin (. Ist guard ) under M ania mandl and Margot Dreschel. She was responsible for selecting women and children to be sent to gas chambers. She was noted for abusing prisoners and children in particular.. in 1944. She was sent to Muhldorf forest sub camp of D achau along with M andal In view of Soviet approach during the war. She fled on 27 April 1945 but was arrested on 29 August 1945. She was tried by Polish court and was sentensed to death and was hanged on 28 J an 1946

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