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Pencil sketchesof Nazis by Dr K Prabahakr rao

 BRUNO TSECHBruno Tesch was a chemist by profession and he was the co inventor of pesticide Z yclon B. And by 1942 he became the D I rector. And owner of the industry producing the pesticide. Karlweinbacher was his aide. He supplied the pesticide which was issuedto concentration camps at Asuchwitz ,i! and nenegame where the pesticide was used to kill the Jews and others in gas chambers. Zyclon B is the trade name of the pesticide which is a cyanide based product generating hydrogen cyanide which is highly dangerous killer. Tscech knew for what the pesticide was used and he also trained SS soldiers in the use of the pesticide.thus he was an accomplice in the human tragedy perpetuated by the nazi regime Along with his aideAfter the war he was arrested along with his aide and distributor joachinDroshin, They were tried and found the distributor not guilty as he had no knowledge of the chemicals use. Tsech and his aide were sentensed to death by a British military court and were hanged in 1946
HORSTH SCHUMANNDr HORST SCHUMANN a SS major was a medical doctor and was posted to Auschwitz concentration camp where took up experiments on inmates under AKTION T4 E uthnasia programme to eliminate the Jews. He used X rays on men and women to sterilize them that caused severe burns on groin, thighs, buttocks and torso. The persons suffered greatly while those who could not work were gassed And killed.He also did experiments on inmates by injecting them with blood affected by typhus and tried to cure them? many. Died. Sfter the war he fled to Egypt and Sudan. When a survivor of Auschwitz recognised him he fled to ghana where president N krumah gave him asylum. Once the president was ousted in 1966 he was extradited to Germany and due to poor heart condition and general health he was released in 1972. His case was not further taken up and he died in 1983. He thus escaped trials.
 CARL CLAUBERGDr Carl Clauberg was initially a reputed gynecologist researching on female fertility at university of Konisberg . Eventually he asked Heinrich himmle whether he could conduct medical experiments at concentration camps and himmlers readily agreed and was posted to Suschwitz concentration camp. he worked along with dr Josef Mengele the most evil doctor. Dr clauberg experimented by injecting Formal dehyde into uterus of women that caused inflammation of Philippians tubes which closed . most of the women died. many women were killed for aurtopsies. He also conducted experiments on 300 women by artificial insemination. he used to mock at the women that he inseminated them with animal sperm and monsters would grow in their wombs. After war he was arrested and tried bya soviet court and sentensed to 25 yeras jail. He was released on1955 but was re arrested for fresh trial after he boasted about his medical experiments at auschwitz camp. However he died in 1957 before he was tried again
JOSEF MENGLEJosef Mengele during WW II was an SS medical doctor.H e initially worked as Battalion medical officer of a panzer division and for gallantry was awarded I ron cross I ts class and wound medal.However during combat he was seriously injured and was declared unfit for combat service and on request he was transfered to service at Auschwitz concentration camp. before joining SS service, Mengle obtained doctorates in Medicine and anthropology from Goethe and Munich universities respectively . And his research work was accepted as genuine and of high quality even outside Germany before war broke out. At the camp he proved to be the cruellest nazi doctor. On arrival the persons were examined and those who could work were kept in camp and all children, pregnant women, women with babies, old and infirm were gassed immediately. While identifying members to be gassed Megle whistled and smiled often and took it as a sport and was. Inhuman. he spared those whom he wanted for research. his research included, hereditary effects on humans, different colors of eyes in same person, various experiments on twins, on pregnant women and these experiments were unethical and against humanity. he injected chemicals in eyes of persons to examine effects on eyes and they were gassed if developed complications. Twins were stitched back to back to examine the effects. in most of the cases they were gassed later if they developed infections .some skeletons and heads were sent to Berlin for further research? dr memgele escaped to South America at the end of war and evaded arrest. whole world believed that he died. but Initially he lived in A rgentina with help of his SS comrades and escaped to Paraguay in 1959. All effort to extradite him to west Germany, and capture him by Mossad of Israel and individual nazi hunters were unsuccessful and he could not be arrested. he returned to Brazil and died while swimming due to stroke in 1979. he was sixty seven. He was buried under false name. However his grave was identified and his remains were exhumed and Established that they belonged to him and the remains are still held in store of an I netti tuition as the family did not accept sending of remains to Germany.H is son declared that his father had no remorse about his deeds during WW II

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