Monday, March 14, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis, Eichmann, Hess,Goerring by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

 ADOLF EICHMANN.This is a pencil sketch of Adolf Eichman who was a nazi SS officer of colonels rank. He was responsible along with his staff for emigration of Jews from Germany  and  other parts of occupied E urope. Emigration never occurred. He took care of concentration camps for Jews at Aushwitz in Poland where maximum Jews nearly 437000 of Jews were eliminated by gassing. After the fall  of  Germany Eichman fled to Austria where he stayed till 1950and then he shifted to Argentina using fake papers. His whereabouts were traced by Mossads secret agents of Irsrael and Eichmann was secretly smuggled out of  Argentina in 1961. His trial was held at Tel aviv and was sentensed to death and was hanged. Seventeen years after WW II.
 RUDOLF HESS.Pencil sketch of Rudolph Hess was one of the top aides of H itlers deputy fuehrer in WW. II . He fought in WWI and was wounded several times , in thick of war, He landed himself by parachute in Scotland After ejecting out of the fighter plane that he flew solo and he wanted to make a peace move by meeting some top E nglish leaders. He was quickly arrested and was put in custody. The tried to get as much as information as possible from him during war. He was In custody till the war was over in 1945 and then was tried at Nuremberg trials. He was awarded life imprisonmemt and thus was spared. However he was not released later. He died in 1987 at the age of 93 years While he was in prison. it is learnt that he committed suicide by hanging himself by a wire and his son claimed that he was killed in prison by the English men.He was cremated and his ashes were confined to a river. the building in which he was imprisoned was demolished so that at later date no one would have a chance to make it into a shrine. World leaders differed on his release and many are of opinion that he was not dealt fairly And punishment awarded was in humane although Hess made sincere efforts for a peace. it is believed that Russians were against his release As the peace proposal by hess stated that Germany would be at peace with England while Germany would be supported by England for the war against Russians.
GOERRING Hermann goerring was the most powerful man in hitters cabinet and he was also the commander in chief of German airforce Luftwaffe being himself an ace pilot. He won highest award and hitler made him the senior most commander of all and also nominated him as his successor. Goerring founded the dreaded Gestapo in 1933. And later handed over it to Himmler. After the reverses Hitler communicated to him that he would commit suicide, Goerring requested permission from Hitler to assume command of the Reich. Hitler got annoyed and remove himself from all posts and expelled him from the party. After WW II Goerring was tried at Nuremberg along with others and was sentenced to death. However he. Managed t o smuggle in a cyanide capsule into prison and died a day before he was to be hanged

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