Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pencil sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Field Marshal KIETEL. German  army ( Wehermacht)chief , Tried, sentense and hanged at Nuremberg by IMT.of Field MARSHALL kietel who was the chief of army staff and directed the operations . He was the staunch supporter of hitler. He advised H itler against invading Russia And France too earlier.but he fell in line soon.He issued several orders that are against standard military norms in war like killing captured pilots of enemy, prisoners of war, civilians, shooting political commissars.These orders issued by him later became written evidence against him when he was arrested at the end of WWII. His fellow officers in army considered him to. Be the stooge of hitler who allowed Hitler to take control of army. Ad. That he I did not advise H itler on factual capabilities.He was tried at Nuremberg trials and was found guilty of all war crimes charged and was sentensed to death by hanging? He was hanged in 1946. He walked to the gallows with military gait without any remorse.
Martin Borman. Top Nazi,  Committed suicide by swallowing cyanide pill  .Bormann was a very important aide of H itler. He was the personal secretary to Hitler and wielded great influence and power.He was part of most of the decisions. When Germany fell he tried to escape to Russia, but committed suicide at a bridge and was buried. His where about were not known. HE was Tried in absentia and sentensed to death by hanging.However in 1972 the remains were dug out and identity established by dental examination. In 1998 his skull was subjected to detailed examination and tests and identification finalised. However a section did not accept this.It was also alleged that he was a russian spy.H e was on the list of most wanted persons on allies list. However his admirers believed that he escaped.
Alfred Joseph  Ferdinand Jodl . Tried, sentenced and hanged at Nuremberg  by IMT  He was the chief operational staff officer of high command of German army and he was chosen and appointed by Hitler. He was very optimistic about winning Battle of Britain .Denmark and Norway were swiftly occupied When he was the chief operational officer.hitler did not interfere in their functioN most of the time.He signed the infamous commissar order and commando order in 1941 and 1942. As per these orders, Russian political commissars were to be shot when captured without trial. Allied commandos in uniform and civilian clothes were to be shot without any trial if captured behind German lines. These are against War ethics and he was found guilty of war crimes. After occupation of Germany by allies. He was arrested after signing the instrument of surrender . He was tried at Nuremberg trials and was convicted for war crimes and hanged. H e was cremated and his ashes were disposed off in a river. However his family erected a memorial at their family park Much later probably in late fifties.It is important  to note that Col General JODL was sentensed to death and was hanged after Nuremberg trials although the highly reputed French judge member of the tribunal declared him not guilty. however in 1947 he was declared not guilty posthumously. In 1953 the special court constituted by west Germany declared him non guilty and returned his confiscated property to his widow. How sad. it is easy to take out life of a person . But can not give back. This happened to JODL.in that way nuremberg I trials needs debate to establish whether the court was in hurry to seal the fate of the accused.P rob ably many of the accused deserved lesser punishment or acquittal.Judges know better.However no judge is alive probably now to reply
J Goebbels , Top Nazi, . Committed suicide with wife and six childrenof Paul Joseph Goebbels who was an ardent fan of Hitler and served him as the propaganda and cultural affairs minister. Hitler took some time in elevating him to the position. He was a successful orator. He earned his PH D from Heiten burg university in Germany in 1921.H is propaganda was effective and he ensured that the world countries believed that all was well in Germany and people supported the Hitlers regime. He was anti Jew .Hitler appointed him as the chancellor before he committed suicide After Allied armies entered Berlin Outskirts. Goebbals was in that office for a day and the next day he and his wife committed suicide after poisoning his six children. He saw no life without H itler.It is learnt that first he shot his wife and then shot himself. As per his earlier directives a soldier shot several times into his body to ensure that he died. it is very unfortunate that six innocent children for none of their fault also died in his reckless act.Allies were denied the chance of capturing him and hanging him after a trial as war criminal.


Dr K Prabhakar Rao said...

Sadly Jodl was hanged by allies after war. However soon later, he was found not guilty. The govt returned all the property confiscated to his widow. But life can not be returned. This was a serious mistake by the International military tribunal at Nuremberg trials. Jodl was a staff officer of senior rank and he issued certain orders as per the directives of higher ups.

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