Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pencol sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

FRANZ WALTER STAHLECKER He was a member of SS. And police and rose to the rank of B rigadier in SS and as major general in police. He took control of some of soviet areas captured after invasion of USSR. his killing units killed thousands of Jews and soviets. He was killed during a fight with soviet partisans In 1942.
WERNER NAUMANNnaumann was an SS officer with the office of G obbels in the ministry of propaganda and public relations. Originally he was an state secretary and He was made Head of the propaganda department when Goebbels was promoted. he was in the hitlers bunker in late April 1945 when he committed suicide along with his wife. He was in the breakout group 3 along with Bormann! Axmann, D r Ludwig Stumpfegger , Hitlers surgeo, artur Axmann and Werner Naumann were the only two escaped to west Germany breaking through soviet encirclement While others committed suicide on the way. Naumann lived under false names for four years and surfaced when. General amnesty was declared in 1950. however he was taken into custody by British police charging that he was trying to form a neo nazi group with an intention to infiltrate west German political class. He was later released after one and half year and he took up emplpayment in the factory of goebbals cousin as a director. Naumann passed away at the age of 73 In 1982. He wrote his experiences as a book.
 FRITZ TODTFritz todt was a senior SS officer and was a reich minister for Armaments and ammunitions before Albert spree took over. He was the organizer of Todt organization that won Hitlers admiration. he however distanced himself from Herman goerring commander in chief of L uftwaffe the German airforce and German army commanders.The Todt organization he found combined the efforts of govt organizations, private organizations and govt labour to build a west wall I.e Siegfried line for defense of rErich territory.He died in an air crash accident after the plane took off from an airfield at Rastenburg during war on 8 Feb 1942 and it was suspected that the plane was sabotaged. But there was no evidence to prove it.
RICHRD GLUCKS Richard glucks was an high ranking SS officer and he was of the rank of gruppen fuhrer.. ( major G eneral ). He was the highest ranking inspector of concentration camps and was close to Heinrich himmlers. He was directly responsible for forced labour, Human experimentation in the camps, medical atrocities and mass murders. He was directly responsible for total extermination of Jews from nazi occupied countries. When Germany lost war and was defeated he consumed capsule of potassium cyanide and committed suicide To avoid capture.If caught alive He would have Ben surely hanged by the trial court.

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