Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pencol sketches of Nazis by Dr K Prabhakar rao

 PHILLIP BOUHLERPhilip Bouhler was an SS senior officer working in the HQ of Hitler  . He was. Involved in. Mass murdes of Jews in organizing and execution of the orders .H e was responsible for execution of 70000 handicapped Jews and others as part of Nazi action T. 4 programme He was arrested after the WWII but he committed suicide while in  American Custody at Zella's see in A ustria on 19 may 1945 before the trial began still while in custody By biting a cyanide pill.He was of the rank obergruppen fuhrer.
JOSEF CRAMERHe was an aSS officer of the rank of captain rising from the position of SS guard. He was at the concentration campB erg in Belsen And known as Belen's beast. He was responsible for many deaths . He personally gassed 86 men and women at nalzweiler struthof .. camp. these skeletons were sent to Berlin for reserach by August Hirt at research medical Indstitutete.H e was transfered to Aushwiz where conducted many killings. He was arrested at the end of war and tried by British court at Luisberg and sentensed to death and was hanged on 13 Dec 1945 at Hamelin.
FREIDRICK FLICK H e was a leading industrialist and he was the director of united steel limited and he contributed Seven million marks to nazi party and to SS organization he gave every year 10000 marks. He used slave labour to a tune of 48000 and used them very harshly. Most of them died due to brutal treatment. He supplied weapons, guns, tanks armaments etc to nazi war machine. After war he was arrested and tried but was sentensed to only seven yeras in jail. But Us commissioner if west Germany later released him pardoning in 1951 witha view to improve steel industry. He got back all wealth from govt and with in no time He improved the steel industry and brought it to past glory. He became the wealthiest man in G ermany and fifth richest in the world. But the slave labour who died under him never got a cent .H e passed away in 1972.
AUGUST HIRTAugust Hirt was a medical doctor and was of German Swiss nationality. He took part in WW I as a boy and received bullet injury on his jaw but he recovered. He studied medicine and also got D litt. He joined SS and became the chairman at Reichuniversity of WW II, between 1939 ..1941 he was the medical chief with SS and fought in battle of France. Later he took to resaerch on mustard gas at natzweiler struthof concentration camp.With himmlers permission he took up experiments on racial characteristics of humans and collected specimens of Jews, he got 86 Jews of Aushwitz gassed by Josef Kramer and sent to him. These were to be the specimens at the Institute, at the end of WWII when defeat was at sight himmlers ordered everything to be destroyed without trace but they failed to achieve. allies found the dead remains at Strasbourg... Robertsam and dug out the remains. Later they were buried at Jewish cemetery at strasbourg cronenbourg Hirt escaped capture and went underground at Tubingen in Germany . he committed suicide on J une 2 , 1945.

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